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Cisco sued by East Carolina University

East Carolina University (ECU), which is based in the rural town of Greenville on the hatchet face of North Carolina, is probably the last organization you would expect to pick a legal fight with networking giant and server wannabe Cisco Systems. But late last week ECU, whose football team is pretty good and goes by the name the Pirates, accused Cisco of stealing the school's marketing slogan for a new marketing campaign.

Unbelievably vast quasar cluster forces universe-sized rethink

It’s there, but it shouldn’t be: the Sloan Digital Sky Survey has found a quasar cluster so large that it demands a re-assessment of theories about the universe.
Richard Chirgwin, 14 Jan 2013
The Taranis robojet at its rollout ceremony. Credit: Crown Copyright

Brit robojet ‘Taranis’ set for Oz test flight

Taranis, the British robojet unveiled in 2010, will reportedly fly in Australia during 2013.
Simon Sharwood, 14 Jan 2013

India's tough hacker crackdown: IT security leaflets with every device

India has reportedly concocted a plan to cut down on IT security problems: forcing hardware vendors to include a security awareness brochure with all desktop PCs, mobile phones and USB modems.
Phil Muncaster, 14 Jan 2013
Great Wall of China

Sorry for the censorship says Chinese chat service

Chinese web giant Tencent has released a statement blaming a “technical glitch” for problems that last week led to disruptions for international users of its popular WeChat app last week.
Phil Muncaster, 14 Jan 2013

With a few tweaks to 3PAR, HP might crash all-flash array party

Blocks and FilesTaking HP statements at face value, it would seem its flash array storage strategy is to extend its StorServe (3PAR InServ) disk-based storage arrays into the all-flash array world. This would mean taking on flash array start-ups like Pure Storage, SolidFire and Whiptail and facing down tech giant EMC - with its coming XtremIO product - and IBM, with its TMS RamSan line. Can this unique strategy work?
Chris Mellor, 14 Jan 2013

Biz barons jumpy over EU draft data protection reforms

An MEP's suggested reforms to EU data protection laws, which are to be put to a vote before the European Parliament, would damage the interests of businesses, an alliance of business groups has said.
OUT-LAW.COM, 14 Jan 2013

Hey, open sourcers: Who's your code's daddy?

Open... and shutSo-called "pre-invention assignment agreements" are a rite of passage when joining a company. For an open-source developer, they may also be giving away the keys to an open-source project, as VMware's recent legal action against the founder of the Vert.x project shows.
Matt Asay, 14 Jan 2013

Xyratex bleeds money, flogs HPC and Big Data arrays to survive

DataDirect Networks and Panasas, watch out: disk enclosure and test equipment supplier Xyratex has swung into a loss due to reduced demand from NetApp for Xyratex enclosures and the contraction of the HDD industry to just three manufacturers. Xyratex is climbing out of this revenue fall by selling HPC and Big Data arrays to OEMs and public cloud service providers. It also appears to have won EMC as a new OEM customer, although this has not been confirmed.
Chris Mellor, 14 Jan 2013

Apple raids Xerox YET AGAIN - for its chief beancounter

Xerox has announced that Apple has snaffled its chief financial officer Luca Maestri to be the new Cupertino corporate controller from the end of February.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 14 Jan 2013

Microsoft flings out emergency patch for Iatest gaping IE hole

Microsoft has announced plans to release an out-of-band patch today tackling a critical zero-day hole in Internet Explorer.
John Leyden, 14 Jan 2013

You know flash is king when disk giant Seagate grows its SSD line

Seagate is going to expand its solid state drive (SSD) line this year using co-developed Samsung controller technology and introducing its first multi-level cell drive.
Chris Mellor, 14 Jan 2013
Shot of a wee lass with headphones

CIOs: Don't listen to tech vendors on ICT skills, listen to US

An alliance of CIOs at some of the biggest companies and organisations operating in Britain has issued a call to action, saying that it's time the government stops listening to technology firms on IT issues and starts paying attention to the people that actually use the technology.
Lewis Page, 14 Jan 2013

Disney World slaps pay-by-bonk stalker cuffs on grown-ups

Disney World is going RFID, replacing tickets and wallets with pay-by-bonk wrist bands, and offering an enhanced service for those who want to be greeted by name around the park.
Bill Ray, 14 Jan 2013
Google Nexus 4

Review: Google Nexus 4

There are two numbers you need to keep in mind as you read this review. Firstly, 239, the remarkably small number of beer tokens Google wants in return for an unlocked, Sim-free 8GB example of the latest Nexus phone. And 2, which is the number of months it has taken me to actually get hold of one for a long-term test.
Alun Taylor, 14 Jan 2013

YOUR Cisco VoIP phone is easily TAPPED, warns CompSci prof

Computer scientists claim security vulnerabilities in Cisco VoIP phones allowed them to eavesdrop on calls and turn devices into bugging equipment.
John Leyden, 14 Jan 2013

Anonymous hacks MIT websites after Aaron Swartz's death

Hactivist collective Anonymous briefly took over some of MIT's websites earlier this morning to protest against the role computer crime laws may have played in the death of Aaron Swartz.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 14 Jan 2013
Twitter for Mac New

Twitter's Tweetdeck must 'file accounts or be struck off'

Tweetdeck Ltd could be closed down after repeatedly failing to file its financial accounts with the UK's Companies House, Sky News is reporting.
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Jan 2013

Now Microsoft 'actively investigates' Surface slab jailbreak tool

Microsoft is suddenly serious about tackling RT Jailbreak, a slick tool that unlocks Surface tablets using a hack publicised just days earlier.
Gavin Clarke, 14 Jan 2013

FTC chief fends off critics over THAT Google decision

The propriety of the US Federal Trade Commission's decision not to take action against Google over allegations of search bias has repeatedly been questioned, after FTC chairman Jon Leibowitz recently confirmed that the multi-billion dollar corporation would not face anti-trust charges.
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Jan 2013

Apple 'slashes iPhone 5 screen orders', tight-fisted fanbois blamed

Demand for iPhones is plummeting, according to two supply-chain sources. The suggestion of weak sales knocked about three per cent off Apple's pre-trading stock to just above $500 a share.
Anna Leach, 14 Jan 2013

Zuck on that! Instagram loses HALF its hipsters in a month

Think users don't care about copyright? Time to think again. The spectacular fallout from Instagram's photo landgrab continues.
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Jan 2013

Bubble baron treats Space Station crew to blowup model

NASA has enlisted Bigelow Aerospace to build an inflatable module for the International Space Station.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 14 Jan 2013

Adobe's Flex grabs top project slot at Apache

Adobe’s Flash-friendly Flex application development framework is now a grown-up Apache Software Foundation (ASF) project.
Gavin Clarke, 14 Jan 2013

How to build a perfect private cloud with Windows Server 2012

So you want to build a Microsoft-based private cloud. While using the latest software is not always the best move (never use version 1.0 of anything) Microsoft's 2012 stack of products is mature, stable and capable of meeting all your cloudy needs.
Trevor Pott, 14 Jan 2013
burning money

Stroppy investor to Xyratex: Pah... research! Who spends money on THAT?

So that's why Xyratex management erected a poison pill defence against hostile take-over attempts. The company's largest shareholder, activist investor Baker Street, which owns 23 per cent of the common stock, wants board changes to correct Xyratex's "flawed" HPC and Big Data array strategy.
Chris Mellor, 14 Jan 2013
HP Envy x2 Windows 8 convertible

HP maintains seat atop wheezing, spavined PC market

Hewlett-Packard has stayed at the top of the PC industry, fending off competition from Lenovo to remain the biggest PC vendor in the world with 16.2 percent market share. But the industry as a whole is shrinking, and new stats from research firm Gartner confirm the gloomy prognosis from IHS last week.
Anna Leach, 14 Jan 2013

'Red October' has been spying on WORLD LEADERS for 5 years - researchers

Security watchers have discovered a malware-based cyber-espionage campaign targeting diplomats, governments and scientific research institutions worldwide.
John Leyden, 14 Jan 2013

Lenovo said to release Intel and ARM Android convertibles

Lenovo will reportedly release Android-based convertibles in the first half of this year, and they'll be powered by your choice of either Intel or ARM processors.
Rik Myslewski, 14 Jan 2013

Scientists spin carbon nanotube threads on industrial scale

An international team of scientists has successfully found a way to spin tens of millions of carbon nanotubes into a flexible conductive thread that's a quarter of the thickness of human hair.
Iain Thomson, 14 Jan 2013

Rumors say Dell again thinking of going private

IT supplier Dell is rumored to be thinking about taking itself private, getting out from under the expectations of Wall Street and going under the thumbs of the private equity firms that would fund the self-acquisition.

Computers are 'electronic cocaine' that make you MANIC

Some human brains just can't handle the constant stimulation produced by computers and the internet thanks to our evolutionary history, a respected psychologist has warned.
Iain Thomson, 14 Jan 2013

John McAfee goes Hollywood with Warner Bros. movie deal

The story of antivirus pioneer–cum–blogging fugitive John McAfee could soon hit the big screen, with Warner Bros. reportedly having optioned the tale for a possible feature film.
Neil McAllister, 14 Jan 2013

DefenseCode turns up Linksys zero-day

With more than 70 million home networking devices in service, a zero-day for Linksys has a very wide reach. According to DefenseCode, an information security consultancy that’s just what turned up in a recent product evaluation for a client.
Richard Chirgwin, 14 Jan 2013
Using rice to dry out a flooded server

Dell PowerEdge boots up after Hurricane Sandy acid bath

It is not clear how many servers Hurricane Sandy wiped out, but at least one Dell PowerEdge box in the Maspeth neighborhood of Queens not only survived the flood sufficiently to allow for the company to boot up the box to get its data off, it managed to do that after being soaked in acid-laced salt water.

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