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Oz astronomical observatory survives firestorm

An important Australian observatory appears to have survived a firestorm that really is best told in pictures. The fire destroyed twelve properties near the outback city of Coonabarrabran.
Richard Chirgwin, 13 Jan 2013
Aaron Swartz

Anger grows over the death of Aaron Swartz

CommentAaron Swartz's death has sent shockwaves through the internet community, but among the mourning and tributes there's a growing undercurrent of anger that an enormously gifted young man may have been hounded to his death.
Iain Thomson, 13 Jan 2013

Gillard makes tech key part of re-election bid

Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard has indicated technology-related issues will be at the core of her bid for re-election this year.
Simon Sharwood, 13 Jan 2013

Oracle patches Java 0-day, goes to Defcon 2

Oracle has patched the latest Java nasty, suggesting users of the increasingly-flaw-prone product visit java.com pronto to download a new version of the software that addresses the flaw and stops malicious websites gaining control of compromised computers.
Simon Sharwood, 13 Jan 2013

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