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iPhone 'Do Not Disturb' bug to self-destruct on Monday

Users of Apple's iPhone will have to wait until Monday for its latest bug to fix itself.
Rik Myslewski, 03 Jan 2013

Eric Schmidt heading on mystery mission to North Korea

Google chairman Eric Schmidt is heading to the least internet-friendly country on the planet, according to AP, with a forthcoming trip to North Korea on his schedule.
Iain Thomson, 03 Jan 2013

Microsoft says Google trying to undermine Windows Phone

Microsoft has admitted that Windows Phone 8 doesn't work as well with some of the internet's most popular properties as do other smartphone platforms, but it has pinned the blame on a surprising culprit: apparently, it's all Google's fault.
Neil McAllister, 03 Jan 2013

Al Jazeera buys Al Gore's Current TV news network

Pan-Arabic news network Al Jazeera has acquired Current TV, the small cable news network cofounded by one-time presidential hopeful Al Gore, for an undisclosed sum.
Neil McAllister, 03 Jan 2013

Aw grandad, I asked for an iPad and you got me an iPod

You'd think Brits receiving Apple products for Christmas would be happy to find the pricey kit in their stockings, but not all of them were.
Anna Leach, 03 Jan 2013

Tiny Brit island stranded after £10m undersea fibre plea sunk

Days after walking away from the ITU treaty on global communications, which asked nations to connect up their islands, the UK confirmed it will not readily stump up the cash to do just that.
Bill Ray, 03 Jan 2013

30 years ago, at flip of a switch, the internet as we know it WAS BORN

AnalysisThirty years ago this week the modern internet became operational as the US military flipped the switch on TCP/IP, but the move to the protocol stack was nearly killed at birth.
Gavin Clarke, 03 Jan 2013
Some network cables

Soz, switch-fondlers: Doesn't look like 2013 is 10Gb Ethernet's year

It is becoming increasingly unlikely that 2013 will be the year that sees widespread adoption of 10 gigabit Ethernet. Of course we'll be told it will be, just as we have been told for years that wholesale shift is right on the horizon. The reason? It's not a question of technological capability – the technology for 10GbE has been solid for quite some time – but rather a simple question of cost.
Trevor Pott, 03 Jan 2013

Hey, Apple and Google: Stop trying to wolf the whole mobile pie

Open ... and ShutIt's become a truism that the way to win in mobile is with an end-to-end, hardware-to-software-to-cloud strategy. I just wish this were as good for consumers as it seems to be for vendors. If I could get any wish fulfilled for 2013, it would be to have Apple and Google, in particular, go back to doing what they do best - rather than doing "all the things" in an attempt to squeeze out maximum value from a captive consumer.
Matt Asay, 03 Jan 2013
1983 PCN/MRIB UK home computer charts teaser

MEGAGRAPH: 1983's UK home computer chart toppers

ArchaeologicHow popular - relatively speaking - was your early 1980s home computer? Thanks to some old chart data, we can tell you.
Tony Smith, 03 Jan 2013

Malware SNEAK dons cunning disguise, opens creaky back door to servers

A malicious backdoor designed to infect web servers poses a severe threat, Trend Micro warns.
John Leyden, 03 Jan 2013

Ofcom looks at contract opt-outs as users rage over price hikes

UK communications watchdog Ofcom is consulting on whether Brits should be allowed to pull out of any communications contract if the price changes, following widespread outrage at the practice.
Bill Ray, 03 Jan 2013

Newborn planets spotted slurping up gas from young parent star

Astroboffins have seen a key stage in the birth of giant planets for the first time, as the streams of gas and dust guzzled by newly forming worlds are spotted around a young star.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 03 Jan 2013

Windows Media Center EPG has SWITCHED OFF, wail Euro users

Europeans using Windows Media Center to watch TV have been upset to find that all TV programme guide data has disappeared from the service as of 1 January.
Anna Leach, 03 Jan 2013

Google WON'T ink consent decree with FTC on search - reports

Google failed to reach a settlement deal with the US Federal Trade Commission before Christmas festivities kicked in, but reports are now suggesting that the lengthy regulatory Stateside investigation of the ad giant's business practices could be tied up by the end of this week.
Kelly Fiveash, 03 Jan 2013
Craig Mundie, Microsoft

Open-source attack dog enters Ballmer's inner ring

The head of Microsoft’s research has quietly stepped aside ahead of his retirement next year to join CEO Steve Ballmer's inner circle.
Gavin Clarke, 03 Jan 2013

Microsoft snaps up Slingbox mastermind's home control biz for Xbox

Microsoft has slurped up small home-entertainment firm id8 Group R2 Studios to tie in with its Xbox business, according to sources.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 03 Jan 2013

US military nails 'best ever' Microsoft deal, brags size does matter

US Department of Defense personnel will get their hands on Microsoft’s latest software in a deal officials claim is their best yet from Redmond.
Gavin Clarke, 03 Jan 2013

Earth's anemic IT budgets to bounce back in 2013 - Gartner

Now that the US Congress has avoided going over the fiscal cliff, at least for now, the prognosticators at Gartner are ready to talk about IT spending last year and make some projections for the next two years.

Traffic app Waze 'turned down Apple's $400m, wants $750m' - report

After asking users to fix it, its own retail staff to fix it, and finally deciding to fix it in-house, Apple is looking to buy its way into maps dominance and is rumoured to be sniffing around Waze, a Israeli maps company that specialises in car journeys and live traffic information.
Anna Leach, 03 Jan 2013

Imation snaps up Nexsan for $120m

Struggling tape, disk, and optical media maker Imation has found its salvation: it's Nexsan, the maker of block-and-file storage systems based on flash storage that Imation is shelling out $120m to acquire.

Apple loses round to Amazon in 'App Store' name dispute

A US judge has ruled in Amazon's favor in a case in which Apple accused the online retail giant of false advertising in its use of the term "app store" in its Amazon Appstore for Android.
Rik Myslewski, 03 Jan 2013

FTC clears Google in anticompetitive probe

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced that it is ending all investigations into Google, clearing the search giant of bias in its results and doing a deal that will see key mobile patents licensed out to the rest of the industry.
Iain Thomson, 03 Jan 2013

Brit boffins build projectile-vomiting robot to kill norovirus

VidBioboffins at the Health and Safety Laboratory in Derbyshire, UK, have developed a robot that can projectile vomit on command as a tool for studying the spread of the highly infectious norovirus.
Neil McAllister, 03 Jan 2013

Ruby on Rails has SQL injection vuln

The maintainers of Ruby on Rails are warning of an SQL injection vulnerability which affects all versions of the popular Web framework.
Richard Chirgwin, 03 Jan 2013

Facebook continues to CONQUER THE WORLD

Facebook continues to extend its global social-networking hegemony, having established itself as the most-used such service in the vast majority of countries surveyed in a recent study.
Rik Myslewski, 03 Jan 2013

Samsung confirms Tizen-based mobes to debut this year

Samsung says it is pressing ahead with plans to release mobile phones running the Linux-based Tizen OS, with more than one model due to arrive in 2013.
Neil McAllister, 03 Jan 2013

EMC backs Iomega up into Lenovo partnership

The first fruits of a global technology partnership between storage giant EMC and server upstart Lenovo have ripened as the two companies have launched LenovoEMC Limited, which pairs EMC's Iomega entry-level network-attached storage (NAS) arrays with Lenovo's ThinkServer product lines.

Graphene plus molybdenum oxides yields faster electronics

A group of materials scientists at Australia’s CSIRO and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology believe they have found a way to make graphene more usable in electronics applications.
Richard Chirgwin, 03 Jan 2013

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