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Dell chairman and CEO, Michael Dell

Dell wants to be more than your box provider

Dell World 2012If you are sitting around bored at work and you happen to keep a bottle of whisky in your desk, I have a new drinking game for you. In fact, you better switch to beer. The game is simple: log into the keynotes at Dell World 2012, which is being hosted by Dell this week in Austin, Texas, and every time one of the top brass says "solution", you have to down a drink. If one of them says solution twice in a sentence, the person to your left has to have two drinks.

Netflix names Google Fiber the fastest ISP in the US

Content streamer Netflix has released the first in a planned monthly listing of the fastest internet service providers operating in the US, and so far Google Fiber is the top dog.
Iain Thomson, 12 Dec 2012
Troll in cross hairs

After 50 years, Europe gets one patent to rule them all

Patent trolls have a new bridge to hide under, after the European Union (EU) today announced that it will now offer applicants the chance to win a single patent spanning 25 member nations.
Simon Sharwood, 12 Dec 2012

Dying to make greener batteries

A common and ancient plant dye could replace cobalt and help deliver greener lithium-ion batteries, according to a study out of America.
Richard Chirgwin, 12 Dec 2012
Patent files

Trolls and their ilk now file majority of patent suits

A study into the current state of patent litigation has shown that for the first time the majority of disputes have been brought by companies that predominantly hold and license patents rather than producing goods with them.
Iain Thomson, 12 Dec 2012
Microsoft Surface tablets

Microsoft Surface to hit third-party stores on Wednesday

Microsoft has confirmed that it has ramped up production of its Surface fondleslabs in advance of a new global retail sales push, one that should see the devices hit third-party retail store shelves as early as this Wednesday.
Neil McAllister, 12 Dec 2012

Asia’s chip giant MediaTek reveals quad core SoC

Taiwanese chip giant MediaTek is staking its claim to the high-end smartphone market with its first quad core offering which it hopes will give it an edge over rival Qualcomm in the high stakes China market and beyond.
Phil Muncaster, 12 Dec 2012

Broadcom's new chip aims NFC at every smartphone

Communications chipmaker Broadcom has made it easier and more cost-effective for smartphone manufacturers to include the new hotness of tap-to-communicate near-field communication (NFC) in their handsets with the release of a new quad-radio wireless chip that provides support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM, and NFC.
Rik Myslewski, 12 Dec 2012
Apple maps offers this route from Darwin to Mount Isa

Another Apple maps desert death trap down under

Just when Apple thought it couldn't get any worse for its beleaguered Maps app, which has been leading motorists deep into the desert when they try to find the town of Mildura, The Register can reveal another SNAFU that could send travellers to an even less hospitable destination.
Simon Sharwood, 12 Dec 2012
North Korea map on Google Maps

North Korean rocket works, puts something into orbit

North Korea has successfully launched a rocket that it claims is a peaceful vehicle, but which western nations suspect is a long-range missile.
Simon Sharwood, 12 Dec 2012
Intel 386

Linux kernel dumps 386 chip support

Linus Torvalds has announced the Linux kernel no longer supports Intel's 80386 processors.
Simon Sharwood, 12 Dec 2012
Four of EMC/XtremIO's Project X all flash arrays

Is EMC really jealous of these nubile storage upstarts?

StoragebodIt's kinda heartwarming to see an EMC veep publicly accuse a storage journo of misquoting him on XtremIO - but only because it feels like the spats of days gone by are back.
StorageBod, 12 Dec 2012
Apple iMac 21.5in late 2012

Review: Apple iMac 21.5in late 2012

I'm a sitting behind a 2010 iMac. You know, it's one with the dodgy Seagate hard drives that Apple is replacing en masse. I must get this sorted soon, but it hasn't died ye—.
Bob Dormon, 12 Dec 2012

Samsung's smart TVs 'wide open' to exploits

Samsung's Smart TV has a vulnerability which allows remote attackers to swipe data, according to security researchers.
John Leyden, 12 Dec 2012

Tweeting bankers warned: U better not mislead customers...LOL

Banks must remember regulatory compliance issues when interacting with customers via Twitter, says an expert.
OUT-LAW.COM, 12 Dec 2012

Russian space research org targeted by mystery malware attack

Security researchers have discovered a targeted attack against Russian hi-tech firm that appears to originate in Korea.
John Leyden, 12 Dec 2012

Microsoft licence cops kick in TWICE as many customers' doors as rivals

Microsoft audited far more customers on software licensing than its rivals managed during 2012 - and Redmond is expected to turn the screws further over the next two years.
Gavin Clarke, 12 Dec 2012

Revealed: The Brit-built GRAVITY-powered light that costs $5

VidAn ingenious gravity-powered light source has reached its first funding goal in four days. Co-invented by industrial designer Martin Riddiford - who crafted Psion's hardware - the cheap kit allows an LED to be run for 30 minutes from a three-second pull on a rope. Gravity does the rest.
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Dec 2012

Speaking in Tech: The day Dell's server guys said 'Cloud is bulls**t'

Team Register, 12 Dec 2012

London Blitz bomb web map a hit-and-miss affair

Last week a fanfare of press trumpets heralded the launch of Bomb Sight, an online map showing just where Luftwaffe bombs fell on London during the Blitz from October 1940 to June 1941.
Lester Haines, 12 Dec 2012
Mio Cyclo 300 bike satnav

Review: Mio Cyclo 300 cycling satnav

For some people cycling is about the exercise, for some it’s about the countryside and for some it’s about the gadgets. The carbon fibre water bottles and rare alloy spokes.
Simon Rockman, 12 Dec 2012
Apple Cinema Display with ATV UI

Apple TV demand may drive Samsung-sapping sales

The idea that Apple is working on some kind of smart TV refuses to die, the notion regularly refreshed by rumour and the occasional soundbite from senior company executives. CEO Tim Cook only last week expressed his “intense interest” in the evolution of the TV in a nudge, nudge, wink, wink interview with US TV channel NBC.
Tony Smith, 12 Dec 2012

UN's 'bid to wrestle control of internet' stalled by asterisk

WCIT2012It is day eight of the World Conference on International Telecommunications, the ITU conference that has Google so panicked, and more than 600 delegates are locked in debate over the significance of an asterisk with no compromise in sight and time running out.
Bill Ray, 12 Dec 2012
X-37B launches from Cape Canaveral

Top-secret US spaceplane sets off on another classified mission

The US Air Force has relaunched the first of its super-secret X-37B spaceplanes, the OTV-1, sending it on another mysterious mission in space. OTV-1's first mission was back in 2010.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 12 Dec 2012

Email is so last century

Over the course of the past year or two we have started to hear that email is becoming less relevant in this era of social networking.
Tony Lock, 12 Dec 2012

Avaya tosses 400 UK resellers overboard

Biz comms Avaya has made good on its promise to toss 400 bit-part channel partners overboard, and claims to have cut the cost and complexity of training as it looks to rebuild part of the base.
Paul Kunert, 12 Dec 2012

MPs: 'Chilling' new libel law will CENSOR THE TRUTH online

A proposed overhaul to the UK's stringent libel law could have "a chilling effect on those publishing material online", an influential human rights committee warned today.
Kelly Fiveash, 12 Dec 2012

Is this the sleek new BlackBerry mobe that will save RIM jobs?

PhotoA gallery of the first BlackBerry handset running RIM's new QNX-powered operating system has spilled onto the interwebs. Portions of the device, which are awaiting approval from mobile network operators, have been glimpsed for several months - but this is by far the fullest detail available.
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Dec 2012

Worldwide Gmail crash was due to Google Sync bug

It was a Googler misconfiguring a sync server that took out Chrome and Gmail on Monday, an engineer has stated on dev forums.
Anna Leach, 12 Dec 2012

Guatemalan judge orders McAfee released from detention

A Guatemalan judge has reportedly ordered the release of John McAfee, after ruling the anti-virus pioneer turned Belizean manhunt target was being detained illegally.
John Leyden, 12 Dec 2012
Ashlee Vance, Elon Musk: How the Billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is shaping our Future

Elon Musk's solar energy biz scraps IPO liftoff at last minute

Elon Musk's clean tech venture, SolarCity, has delayed its initial public offering at the last minute, putting the shares, which had been due to start trading today, on hold.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 12 Dec 2012

WCIT settles into a long night as deadlocks solidify ... into logjam

With the asterisk debate postponed, the delegates in Dubai have arrived at the meat of the proposed treaty on international telecoms and are hitting deadlocks which make one wonder if any of them have seen the proposals before.
Bill Ray, 12 Dec 2012

Feds smash international cybercrime ring with Power of Facebook

The FBI have said that with the help of Facebook, they've taken down an international crime gang who went on an $850m botnet spree.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 12 Dec 2012

Microsoft Santa gifts you with 5 critical fixes in Xmas Patch Tuesday

December's Patch Tuesday brought seven bulletins from Microsoft, five of which cover critical security vulnerabilities.
John Leyden, 12 Dec 2012
SolidFIre QOS

SolidFire bags blue chip execs, hopes storage street cred will follow

When a flash start-up gets a product for enterprise cloud service providers out the door it needs to become enterprise-like itself. SolidFire has done just that and recruited a trio of blue-chip storage execs.
Chris Mellor, 12 Dec 2012

Wait, what's that rumble in the storage jungle? Yes, it's Ceph

Open ... and ShutIn the open-source world, there are few enablers to success more potent than being distributed within the mainline Linux kernel.
Matt Asay, 12 Dec 2012

Facebook adding new privacy control tools for your 'stuff'

Facebook has moved swiftly to introduce changes to its privacy controls and settings and it will roll out new tools to restrict access to posted material and edit past posts in the next week or so.
Iain Thomson, 12 Dec 2012

AssangeTM spins Oz Senate candidacy again

Julian AssangeTM has proven yet again the international media's inability to use Google, generating a media flurry by re-announcing his intention to seek a Senate seat in Australia's 2013 election.
Richard Chirgwin, 12 Dec 2012

Xamarin tool lets devs build .Net apps for Mac OS X

Cross-platform developer tools vendor Xamarin has released Xamarin.Mac, a new toolkit that allows developers to build applications for deployment to Apple's Mac App Store using Microsoft's C# language and the .Net Framework.
Neil McAllister, 12 Dec 2012

GE boffins build micro-lungs to cool PC innards

Researchers at General Electric has developed a new air-cooling system based on human lungs that's half the size of conventional computer fans but just as effective at keeping things chilly.
Iain Thomson, 12 Dec 2012
Phone 8 Apps

Australian app inquiry launches

Australia’s Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Council (CCAAC) has kicked off its inquiry into apps, releasing the survey and an Issues Paper it will use to gather opinions and frame policy.
Natalie Apostolou, 12 Dec 2012
Every time you use Internet Explorer, god kills a kitten

Internet Explorer tracks cursor even when minimised

A security researcher has published yet another reason not to use Internet Explorer for anything, under any circumstances: it can track your mouse cursor movements, even when it’s minimised.
Richard Chirgwin, 12 Dec 2012
President Bill Clinton showing off his boots and his brains at Dell World

Dell shoots for number one in servers, adds OpenStack to public cloud

Dell World 2012It is Dell World day two, and company founder, chairman, and CEO Michael Dell took the stage a half-hour late to talk, once again, about the repositioning of the company that bears his name to be a bigger player in the IT racket.
Apptio logo

Apptio puffs up freebie cost control freak for public clouds

For the past five years, Apptio has been building and expanding a cloudy service to manage your IT the way the CFO wants you to: by counting the beans as well as the clocks and bytes so you can figure out what the services your data center provides actually cost lines of business. Now Apptio wants to count the cost of your public cloud capacity.

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