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Surface camera on kickstand

Surface tablet's touch cover is ZX81 REBORN

FIRST FONDLEThe Surface tablet's Touch Cover is eerily reminiscent of typing on a ZX81, The Register can report after fondling one of the elusive (to non Microsoft-adoring press) computers at the Australian launch of Windows 8.
Simon Sharwood, 26 Oct 2012

TSA fails again with adjustable boarding passes

The reputation of possibly America's least-favorite fondlers, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), has taken yet another hit with the discovery that its shoddy security allows passengers in its PreCheck system to pick their own security status.
Iain Thomson, 26 Oct 2012

Apple CEO: Microsoft Surface 'compromised, confusing'

Apple CEO Tim Cook hasn't got his hands on a Microsoft Surface yet – which, frankly, would have been difficult, since it was formally announced just this Thursday – but he already doesn't like it.
Rik Myslewski, 26 Oct 2012
Windows 8

Australian Win 8 launch fails to mention business

Microsoft has officially taken the wraps of Windows 8 in Australia, without ever once mentioning a reason businesses would consider an upgrade or showing a single pixel of the 'classic' desktop.
Simon Sharwood, 26 Oct 2012

ITU signs off on modular power supply proposal

Members of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU_) have signed off on the organisation's proposal to make power supplies for electronic gadgetry more modular.
Simon Sharwood, 26 Oct 2012
Cellular antenna. Source: Vxla/Flickr

'Huawei partner' tried to sell US tech to Iran

UpdatedChinese telecoms kit maker Huawei narrowly avoided the wrath of US investigators last year after a business described by Reuters as a Huawei supplier* offered to sell American-made equipment to Iran in a deal that would have broken sanctions, it has emerged.
Phil Muncaster, 26 Oct 2012

Brainwaves hint at gamer glory

Boffins in Illinois say they can predict who will do well at a new computer game by reading their brainwaves.
Richard Chirgwin, 26 Oct 2012

China's largest rare earth supplier halts production

China’s stranglehold on the world’s rare earth supply appears to be relaxing, with its largest producer of light rare earths forced to halt some of its operations for a month in an attempt to stop prices slipping further.
Phil Muncaster, 26 Oct 2012
Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid car

Chinese e-cars to turn London cabs green

Chinese car manufacturer BYD will help to make the streets of London just a little bit greener after signing a deal with the capital’s second largest minicab service to supply the city’s first fleet of electric taxis.
Phil Muncaster, 26 Oct 2012
Microsoft Xbox SmartGlass

WTF is... Microsoft Xbox SmartGlass?

FeatureMicrosoft launches its Xbox 360 SmartGlass software today, a free app that allows the console's film, games and music services to be tapped from a mobile device. It becomes an informative second screen to display additional content, or simply acts as a helpful go-between twixt a user's console, mobile and PC platform.
Caleb Cox, 26 Oct 2012

Brace yourselves, IT suppliers: You'll be squeezed HARDER next year

IT law specialist Clare Murray of Pinsent Masons, the law firm behind Out-Law.com, said that cost-cutting requirements and the changing needs of organisations are behind a rise in the number of IT outsourcing contract renegotiations. She said she expects the trend to continue.
OUT-LAW.COM, 26 Oct 2012
Samsung Galaxy S III Android smartphone

Samsung ships two smartphones for every one Apple sells

We already knew smartphone shipments have never been higher, and now we know that, in Q3 at least, the beneficiary is Samsung.
Tony Smith, 26 Oct 2012

N00bs vs Windows 8: We lock six people in a room with new OS

The design of Windows 8's user interface - The Interface Formerly Known as Metro (TIFKAM) - leaves non-technical users yearning for the good ol' Start button.
Simon Sharwood, 26 Oct 2012

iPad Mini vs Nexus 7: inch makes all the difference, says Apple CEO

To Apple CEO Tim Cook, an inch is everything.
Tony Smith, 26 Oct 2012

4G: Bad coverage, crap battery life - but at least it's really expensive

CommentSix weeks ago Everything Everywhere EE announced the UK's first 4G network. "A new era dawned over London," Daily Telegraph writer Matt Warman told us. Mourners shuffled into the streets of Leicester and Stoke, and buried an enormous dongle in a mock funeral. That weekend, travelling football supporters from those cities were cruelly taunted with chants of: "You haven't got a 4G network - nah nah nah!"
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Oct 2012

Dr No, Thunderball, Casino Royale? Vote now for the best Bond film

PollOver the past couple of weeks, we've had an entertaining time deciding on the vilest Bond villain and the ultimate movie Bond, so the the time has come to pose perhaps the most critical 007 question: What's the best James Bond film?
Lester Haines, 26 Oct 2012

America mounts attempt to top the Register's world record spaceflight

It's come to our attention that a crack squad of US students is poised to make an attempt on El Reg's Guinness World Record for the highest launch of a paper plane.
Lester Haines, 26 Oct 2012
Alistair Dabbs

Kick your computer... before it kicks you

Something for the Weekend, Sir?My in-laws are a boisterous clan, or so it seems to a reserved half-Scot like myself. You see, they are French... well, more of a volatile Spanish-Italian-Latin mix with an explosive temper born from a Mediterranean climate, macho upbringing and unspeakable experiences in revolutionary Algeria.
Alistair Dabbs, 26 Oct 2012

UK.gov unzips, pulls out £100m wad for its favourite suppliers

The UK Cabinet Office says as much as £100m of public-sector IT contracts are now up for grabs for the 458 cloud services providers approved by Whitehall.
Paul Kunert, 26 Oct 2012

Surface RT: Freedom luvin' app-huggers beware

Review“It’s the ultimate expression of a Windows PC,” says Windows chief Steven Sinofsky... or “a compromised, confusing product”, according to Apple’s Tim Cook, who has not used one. This is Surface RT, Microsoft’s first own-brand tablet, which went on sale today.
Tim Anderson, 26 Oct 2012

Inventor sues Google Wallet over NFC loyalty patent

Loyalty scheme pioneer Peter Sprogis is taking Google to court, claiming that the search engine's NFC Wallet infringes his 2007 patent on adding loyalty to pay-by-bonk apps.
Bill Ray, 26 Oct 2012

Better luck next time Blofeld! Five Bond plot myths busted

Bond on FilmKeep it simple – if only the villains of James Bond had learned that lesson in Evil Medical School. All too often, though, the Ernst Stavro Blofelds and Karl Strombergs of 007’s world succumb to their maniacal tendencies and plot ridiculously complicated plans to off Bond or take over the world, where a simple bullet or well-targeted nuke might have worked. Never mind respect for the laws of society - these Einsteins have no respect for the laws of physics.

Cornwall chokes on £300m local gov deal with IT kingpins

Cornwall Council has stalled a £300m ten-year deal to outsource its call centres and other IT systems to the private sector.
Anna Leach, 26 Oct 2012
Microsoft Surface tablets

Microsoft: Just swallow this tablet ... the rest will take care of itself

Open ... and ShutThe clearest sign that Windows 8 may have a fighting chance has nothing to do with the software, and everything to do with hardware. Microsoft's hardware, that is.
Matt Asay, 26 Oct 2012

ICO fines council £120,000 for crypto email fail

Stoke-on-Trent City Council has been fined £120,000 for failing to use proper cryptography, resulting in the details of a child-protection case being shared with the wrong people.
Bill Ray, 26 Oct 2012

Wales: Let's ban Gibraltar-crazy Wikipedians for 5 years

You could be forgiven for thinking the front-page of Wikipedia is sponsored by the Gibraltar Tourist Board, with the territory given the kind of product placement large corporations can only dream of. Now Wikipedia's self-styled "spiritual leader" Jimmy Wales has publicly stated that he wants the Wikipedians' curious enthusiasm for the tiny British territory to be reined in.
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Oct 2012
Amazon Kindle Touch

Amazon lends e-books free to Prime subscribers

Amazon’s UK wing is now a lending library, albeit a private one exclusive to folk willing to cough up £49 a year.
Tony Smith, 26 Oct 2012
Apple's apology UK homepage, credit screengrab

APPLE: SCREW YOU, BRITS, everyone else says Samsung copied us

Apple has complied with a UK court order by admitting on its website that Samsung's Galaxy Tab did not rip off the patented iPad design. High Court Judge Birss had instructed Apple to publish a statement online and in print after ruling that the South Korean electronics giant had not infringed Cupertino's patent.
Anna Leach, 26 Oct 2012

Ingram's Monie on money: Murky outlook for IT world ahead

Ingram Micro - the world's largest technology distributor - doesn't expect the global economy or the IT industry to pick up anytime soon.
Paul Kunert, 26 Oct 2012

Added flash fails to get network adapters out of QLogic's doors

QLogic reported revenues of $117.9m for its second fiscal 2013 quarter ending 30 September, down 13.5 per cent on the year-ago quarter, and down 9.6 per cent on the first 2013 quarter. It made a profit of $11.9m, way down on the year-ago quarter's $28.7m and the preceding quarter's $18.4m. The business is shrinking.
Chris Mellor, 26 Oct 2012

GooPad's eight-incher gives Apple fans cheap relief

Knock-off iPad manufacturer GooPad has followed Apple and unveiled a mini version of its i-style slate. It packs similar specs, ish, but as you can imagine, has a far cheaper price than the real thing.
Caleb Cox, 26 Oct 2012

LARGEST BELCH EVER SEEN devastates gassy GIANT Saturn

A titanic storm wracking the atmosphere of Saturn, ringed giant planet of the outer Solar System, resulted in an "unprecedented belch of energy" and an associated super-enormous emission of ethylene gas "the origin of which is a mystery", according to NASA boffins.
Lewis Page, 26 Oct 2012
European Union Flag

EC watchdogs clear Tech Data gobble of SDG

Tech Data's acquisition of Specialist Distribution Group (SDG) has been given the green light from competition regulators in the European Commission.
Paul Kunert, 26 Oct 2012

Fujitsu to resell Violin 6000-series memory arrays

ExclusiveFujitsu has signed a deal to resell Violin Memory 6000-series networked flash arrays.
Chris Mellor, 26 Oct 2012
Emulex OneSecure encrypting HBA

Emulex squeaks into profit: Chew on that, QLogic, 0.7 big ones

A year ago Emulex recorded $118.4m revenues and a loss of $7.2m in its first fiscal 2012 quarter. A year later revenues are up 1 per cent to $119.3m and it has scraped a profit of $700k. Whew!
Chris Mellor, 26 Oct 2012

Samsung posts record profits as Galaxy sales crush Apple

Booming mobile sales have powered record profits at Samsung in Q3. Samsung published a preliminary statement of their financials yesterday [PDF] which shows a 91 per cent increase in net profit compared to the same three months last year.
Anna Leach, 26 Oct 2012
IBM logo big

REVEALED: IBM's new DS3000-killing Storwise storage beast

ExclusiveIBM has an entry-level Storwize V3700 array coming that, we are told, effectively replaces the existing DS3500 array.
Chris Mellor, 26 Oct 2012

Tumblr and Google App Engine down as US traffic plummets

UpdatedThere are a fair few people cursing their displays and tablets this morning after a series of outages took down Google's App Engine, as well as the Tumblr blogging site and a host of smaller operators.
Iain Thomson, 26 Oct 2012

The new Mac mini eviscerated with ease

TeardownApple's new Mac mini has been torn apart by the parts 'n' tools 'n' repair-advice folks at iFixit, who pronounce it highly repairable – a rare reversal of Apple's increasing tendency to create kit that's locked down tighter than Mitt Romney's tax records.
Rik Myslewski, 26 Oct 2012

Feds arrest Paul Ceglia over Facebook ownership claims

A wannabe billionaire who claimed to own 84 per cent of Facebook based on a contract Mark Zuckerberg signed as a student has been arrested and charged with fraud.
Iain Thomson, 26 Oct 2012

Headaches, delays plague Windows Store, dev claims

Microsoft needs apps. The success of the new, touch-centric Start Screen of Windows 8 and Windows RT depends on building a thriving app ecosystem to compare with the iOS App Store or Google Play. But if one developer's experience is any indication, actually getting an app into the Windows Store is a lot harder than you might expect.
Neil McAllister, 26 Oct 2012

Paintballs proposed as defense against ASTEROID ATTACK

An MIT graduate student has devised a plan to save the world from destruction by an inbound asteroid using a novel weapon: interplanetary paintballs.
Rik Myslewski, 26 Oct 2012

Yahoo! will! ignore! 'Do! Not! Track!' from! IE10!

Yahoo! has announced that it will ignore the default "Do Not Track" (DNT) signal broadcast by Microsoft Internet Explorer 10, on grounds that it does not accurately reflect user intent.
Neil McAllister, 26 Oct 2012

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