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European Space Agency to launch exoplanet-spotter

The European Space Agency (ESA) has selected a project called Cheops – short for CHaracterising ExOPlanets Satellite – as the winner of its new process for choosing fast, cheap, space missions.
Simon Sharwood, 22 Oct 2012

Samsung's Japanese iPhone block bid fails

Apple’s global patent dispute with Samsung took another twist at the weekend after it was revealed a Tokyo court rejected a request by the Korean electronics giant for an injunction to stop all iPhone sales in Japan.
Phil Muncaster, 22 Oct 2012

Alcatel Lucent battles unions in bid to slash 5,500 jobs

Ailing telecoms kit maker Alcatel Lucent is facing a typically robust response from French unions as it tries to slash costs, and over 5,000 jobs, in a bid to compete better - especially against low-cost rivals from China.
Phil Muncaster, 22 Oct 2012

Researchers find not all EC2 instances are created equal

Researchers from Deutsch Telekom Laboratories and Finland's Aalto University have claimed it is possible to detect the CPUs of servers powering at Amazon Web Services' (AWS') Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and that the fact the cloudy giant uses different kit in different places means users can select more powerful servers at the same cost charged for lesser hardware.
Simon Sharwood, 22 Oct 2012

Naughty Siri breaks law by listing Chinese escorts

Voice-activated digital assistant Siri has discovered a rebellious streak which could put it on collision course with the Chinese authorities, after appearing to answer user requests on where to find pornography and prostitutes.
Phil Muncaster, 22 Oct 2012
Apple iPod Touch 5G

Apple iPod Touch 5G review

It’s fitting that this is the fifth generation of the iPod Touch, because what you’ve got here is, in effect, an upgrade almost as ambitious as the recently launched iPhone 5.
Stephen Dean, 22 Oct 2012

Her Majesty's Secret Service opens a Q-Branch apprentice scheme

A scheme to recruit technical apprentices to work in MI5*, MI6** and UK communications spook central GCHQ*** is now open and accepting applications.
Anna Leach, 22 Oct 2012
VMware View for iPad touch pad

Nimble, Cisco gang up to hammer out VDI ref template

Hybrid flash/disk array startup Nimble Storage has effectively joined Cisco's server partner channel with a VDI reference architecture promising low-cost VDI serving off its arrays.
Chris Mellor, 22 Oct 2012

British sheep falling behind Continental sheep in broadbaaaand race

A sheep, 22 Oct 2012

TiVo: Cisco and pals could owe us BILLIONS over DVR patents

Since 2004, Faultline has been championing the idea that someone must have invented the DVR, and that it is a genuine invention, not a set of software patents like the flimsy patents filed by Apple, which we do not believe will ever stand up to scrutiny.
Faultline, 22 Oct 2012

Prosecutor seeks sports-bodies guidance on troll-hunting rulebook

The views of sports men and women about social media trolling cases are being sought by the director of public prosecutions.
Kelly Fiveash, 22 Oct 2012
Diver peers through sub window. credit: Alexander Rist  http://www.sxc.hu/profile/OwnMoment

EMC bigwig jumps overboard and gets gobbled up by Barracuda

EMC has lost its backup and recovery systems executive head after BJ Jenkins jumped ship for a role heading up Barracuda Networks.
Chris Mellor, 22 Oct 2012

IBM slices UK GTS contractor rates

IT contractors working for IBM Global Technology Services (GTS) in the UK are being hit with a 10 per cent rate cut from this week.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 22 Oct 2012

Windows 8: Microsoft will declare victory, but will anyone believe it?

If you’re having a hard time getting excited about Windows 8, you’re not alone.
Lawrence Walsh, 22 Oct 2012
Avnet TS

Avnet devours reseller BrightStar Partners

Avnet Technology Solutions (ATS) continues to expand its IT services biz after hoovering up an IBM reseller stateside that also houses a consultancy and software operation.
Paul Kunert, 22 Oct 2012

I just LOVE Server 2012, but count me out on Windows 8 for now

Sysadmin blogOverall, I think Windows 8 is a truly wonderful operating system. The under-the-hood changes make it a fantastic improvement over Windows 7. I am completely in love with Server 2012; I can't imagine the next few years without it. Despite being in love with the technology underpinning Windows 8, I ultimately have to walk away from Microsoft's new client OS.
Trevor Pott, 22 Oct 2012

SAP vows to unravel user snarl-up over software licensing

SAP is "actively discussing" ways to make its software licensing easier to understand, the software giant has told The Reg.
Gavin Clarke, 22 Oct 2012

Head of Facebook EMEA tentacle to become Tech City UK chief

London's Tech City has poached a top Facebook VP to become its new CEO.
Team Register, 22 Oct 2012

Four in ten Brits have had to change all their passwords to foil crooks

A survey of over 3,000 Brits has discovered that more than half (56 per cent) have been targeted by online criminals with a successful attack costing, on average, £247 per person.
John Leyden, 22 Oct 2012
TVOnics DTR-Z500HD

XBMC coders acquire TVonics brand

ExclusiveKey assets once owned by TVonics, the UK digital video recorder maker which collapsed into administration in June 2012, have been acquired by a UK developer with a view to create a set-top box based on the popular open source media player, XBMC.
Tony Smith, 22 Oct 2012

Boffinry group shakes tin for effort to build Babbage's Analytical Engine

The group behind the attempt to build Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine has started accepting donated funding for the first stage of the project, a 3D computer simulation.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 22 Oct 2012

IDC: Cloud really WILL save melting economy, just like the EU said

Only regulatory intervention by the EU will give punters the necessary comfort to dive into the cloud.
Paul Kunert, 22 Oct 2012

BT and Virgin sue over £10m state-funded Birmingham broadband

BT and Virgin Media have thrown another legal block in front of a £10m investment in Birmingham's broadband infrastructure.
Anna Leach, 22 Oct 2012
A storm is brewing (Mali, Sahel). Foto: F. Guichard & L. Kergoat, AMMA project, CNRS copyright.

US data centers get bigger, but there are fewer of them – survey

So how many data centers, server rooms, and data closets do you think there are in the United States? You guess maybe 20,000? Maybe 100,000? Try 2.94 million, at least according to the box-counters at IDC.

Boris 'games rot brains' Johnson hosts game art expo

City Hall - home of the London Mayor - plays host to a games-related art exhibition this week as the London Games Festival draws to a close.
Caleb Cox, 22 Oct 2012
Man wrinkles his eyes in an expression of pain, annoyance or dsicomfort

Windows 8 versions will confuse the punters, say OEMs

The various flavours of Windows about to hit the street will confound consumers, a panel of analysts and OEMs concluded at the recent Canalys Channels Forum.
Paul Kunert, 22 Oct 2012

Can climate change be changed back again? Maybe, say boffins

Climate boffins now reckon that solar geoengineering could be done safely by targeting specific regions.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 22 Oct 2012

Skype for Windows 8 is coming: Always on, always in your contacts

Microsoft has dropped the veil on the next version of Skype a few days before it launches on Thursday with Windows 8. The video chat service has been reworked to be always-on and compatible with the live tiles and asymmetric grid that are at the core of the new user interface.
Anna Leach, 22 Oct 2012
Amazon Kindle 4

Amazon accused of remotely wiping punter's Kindle

It’s bad enough that when you ‘buy’ an e-book, you’re really only renting it, but now we hear that at least one e-book seller will, it has been alleged, wipe your device if it sees fit.
Tony Smith, 22 Oct 2012

Cisco tames Hadoop with Tidal workload control freak

Hadoop WorldEverybody is trying to make a buck or two on Hadoop big-data munching, and Cisco Systems is no exception. It's trying to get the jump on others by making its Hadoop World announcements just as people are arriving at this week's New York event and figuring out what to do after all the yammering is done.

Gates: Microsoft will merge Phone and Windows platforms

The code-sharing between the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 operating systems is just the start of a long-term plan to merge the two into a universal OS, company cofounder and chairman Bill Gates has promised.
Iain Thomson, 22 Oct 2012

HP detunes Violin, tunes up 3PAR

HP has decided to curtail its reselling agreement with Violin Memory in favour of concentrating on 3PAR solid-state storage.
Chris Mellor, 22 Oct 2012

Astroboffins out FREAK 'BI' GALAXY

A team of astrophysicists have discovered the first celestial agglomeration that qualifies as both an old, settled-down ellipical galaxy and a young, vigorous spiral galaxy.
Rik Myslewski, 22 Oct 2012

Minnesota backpedals from online education ban

The US state of Minnesota has backed away from a policy that would have banned providers of free web-based higher education from offering courses to its residents.
Neil McAllister, 22 Oct 2012
A storm is brewing (Mali, Sahel). Foto: F. Guichard & L. Kergoat, AMMA project, CNRS copyright.

Amazon's Virginia cloud data center knocked out – again

Amazon Web Services' Ashburn, Virginia, data center is giving the retailing and cloud computing giant headaches again, and Bezos can't blame the fickleness and severity of the weather this time around as he could back in late June when a hurricane-like line of thunderstorms ripped across the Ohio Valley and knocked out power to 3.5 million people in several states for many days.

Aus student data stored for Google ads

Australian students may be spared potentially invasive digital data access from Google following the Privacy Commission’s decision to back the EU’s reforms regarding Google's new privacy policy.
Natalie Apostolou, 22 Oct 2012

Yahoo! treads! water! in! slow! third! quarter!

In her first full quarterly results since taking the helm of the good ship Yahoo! Marissa Meyer reported it was steady as she goes, with revenues and operations results bobbing up or down only a percentage point or two.
Iain Thomson, 22 Oct 2012

Samsung Display: Apple hasn't kicked our LCDs out of its garden

UpdatedRecent reports quoting a "Samsung Display spokesperson" saying its LCDs will no longer be part of the Apple ecosystem have been contested by the Korean company.
Richard Chirgwin, 22 Oct 2012
Brent Spiner signed photo saying 'Big Data'

Big data to be normal by 2020

Big data is big business right now, and it will not only be embiggening as this decade rolls on, but it will become normal, like enterprise resource planning, supply chain and customer management, and other perfectly normal parts of the corporate computing landscape.

NYU boffins demo tiny tractor beam

While using light pressure to move something in the same direction as light is well-understood, using beams to pull objects is a bit more difficult.
Richard Chirgwin, 22 Oct 2012
Amazon Kindle Touch e-book reader

Kindle Touch bites the dust

Just a week after removing the jumbo-sized Kindle DX from its range of e-readers, Amazon has erased the Kindle Touch from its catalogue too.
Simon Sharwood, 22 Oct 2012

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