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Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 game review

ReviewI’ve just been reigning supreme on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 playing Panda and knocking out the advanced bear fighting moves while I wait to play a Panadrian Monk in the mother of all MMOs World of Warcraft. I wasn’t planning on playing Guild Wars 2, as I was worried it might become a distraction in couple of weeks when I need to dedicate all my time on leveling. But since its release I started hearing whispers that this was the WoW killer and finally I was convinced to give it a whirl.
02 Oct 07:00 | 39
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Sanbolic pulls out FLASH liquid, scrubs vigorously round data bowl

Enterprises are snapping up flash storage to solve IO bottlenecks in their infrastructure. But they can easily screw up tidy and controlled overall application workload management software by placing flash performance silos outside the controlled infrastructure they have relied upon. Sanbolic is hoping to attract this messy crowd by updating its app workload management software to take account of flash, in a partnership with Fusion-io.
02 Oct 08:19 | 1

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