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Oracle stumps for community support for Java strategy

JavaOne 2012"Make the future Java" is the official slogan of this year's JavaOne conference in San Francisco, but if there was a central theme to Sunday's keynote presentations, it was that moving Java forward is not just an Oracle project but a community effort.
Neil McAllister, 02 Oct 2012
Facebook logo

Facebook digs in over Jill Meagher page

A Facebook page dedicated to directing hate at an accused murder has sparked a legal row in Australia, after Facebook declined to take down the page despite Police appealing for its removal.
Richard Chirgwin, 02 Oct 2012

Apple slapped with patent lawsuit over iOS 6 Passbook app

Apple has been named in a patent lawsuit by a poker and restaurant software developer who claims that Cupertino has infringed upon four of its patents in the recently released iOS 6 Passbook app.
Rik Myslewski, 02 Oct 2012

Pirate Bay site sinks, Swedish police raid its ISP

Rumors are flying after the Pirate Bay's website took a dive on Monday just as news broke of a raid by Swedish police on its hosting company PRQ – but the group says the two facts are not related.
Iain Thomson, 02 Oct 2012
X-Factor Branded Handset

Simon Cowell plans X Factor for Tech

The man responsible for unleashing Il Divo, Susan Boyle and Sinitta on the world will now apply the same star spotting eye to finding the next tech superstar.
Natalie Apostolou, 02 Oct 2012
Screen grab of the original Asteroids

Boffins suggest orbital dust-up to combat climate change

A researcher from Scotland’s University of Strathclyde has suggested what looks to El Reg like a fairly radical proposal to combat climate change: asteroid dust.
Richard Chirgwin, 02 Oct 2012

Microsoft releases JavaScript alternative

Microsoft has released a new JavaScript development environment, dubbed TypeScript, and says it is designed to help developers write more complex apps with the popular scripting language.
Simon Sharwood, 02 Oct 2012
the red underpants are bugging from buechertiger's Flickr feed of Bonn street art

Conroy wants telcos to wear undies on heads

Australia's Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy Stephen Conroy has bragged of his unfettered power to command local telcos, saying it gives him the power to compel them to wear red underpants on their collective heads.
Simon Sharwood, 02 Oct 2012
Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 game review

ReviewI’ve just been reigning supreme on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 playing Panda and knocking out the advanced bear fighting moves while I wait to play a Panadrian Monk in the mother of all MMOs World of Warcraft. I wasn’t planning on playing Guild Wars 2, as I was worried it might become a distraction in couple of weeks when I need to dedicate all my time on leveling. But since its release I started hearing whispers that this was the WoW killer and finally I was convinced to give it a whirl.
Lucy Orr, 02 Oct 2012
Whiptail's Dan Crane and James Candelaria

Whiptail lifts flash-array skirt: We're ready for bigness

Whiptail, the self-proclaimed first shipper of an all-flash array, opened up to a press briefing party in Whippany, New Jersey, and spoke of its future plans, saying it is ready for hyper-growth.
Chris Mellor, 02 Oct 2012

UK brings in small-claims court for intellectual property

Small-biz bosses in England and Wales will find it easier and cheaper to protect their intellectual property from today.
Anna Leach, 02 Oct 2012
hand with thumb up

Sanbolic pulls out FLASH liquid, scrubs vigorously round data bowl

Enterprises are snapping up flash storage to solve IO bottlenecks in their infrastructure. But they can easily screw up tidy and controlled overall application workload management software by placing flash performance silos outside the controlled infrastructure they have relied upon. Sanbolic is hoping to attract this messy crowd by updating its app workload management software to take account of flash, in a partnership with Fusion-io.
Chris Mellor, 02 Oct 2012

EU, US edge closer to mega-transatlantic patent system

The US and European Patent Offices have moved a step closer to a universal patent system by officially publishing their new Cooperative Patent Classification system.
Anna Leach, 02 Oct 2012

Varonis pushes out cloudy file transaction-tracking snitch

I was on a storage start-up press tour of the eastern USA, taking in Miami, Boston and New York – don't ever say this business doesn't have its moments – and a supplier had cancelled, so we went to see Varonis instead. The company's Data Goverance Suite has a DatAdvantage set of modules which look at file transactions: creations, reads, writes and deletes by users.
Chris Mellor, 02 Oct 2012
Ubuntu RHS teaser

Ubuntu 12.10: More to Um Bongo Linux than Amazon ads

ReviewA second beta of Ubuntu 12.10 has arrived and its biggest feature has proved its most controversial: the integration of Amazon.com search results on your desktop.
Scott Gilbertson, 02 Oct 2012

Ofcom tries to chop months off EE's 4G exclusive

Ofcom is asking Arqiva to shift Freeview out of the 4G spectrum bands ahead of time, in the hope of appeasing the mobile operators who are still livid about EE's exclusive.
Bill Ray, 02 Oct 2012

Adele's Skyfall poised to fall from sky

Brit chanteuse Adele is poised to make her bid for Bond movie glory, as the clock counts down on the release of her theme for Skyfall.
Lester Haines, 02 Oct 2012
NImble CASL schematic

WSJ bigs up Nimble and Coraid, massages their VC backers

The Wall Street Journal has decided hybrid disk array vendor Nimble Storage and Ethernet storage array biz Coraid are going to be The Next Big storage Things.
Chris Mellor, 02 Oct 2012

Ex-HP printer veep's job deal inked, jets off to outsourcer

Former HP printer veep and industry vet Vyomesh Joshi has joined the board at Indian outsourcer Wipro.
Paul Kunert, 02 Oct 2012

Pastafarians: Get your noodly appendages off that Facebook suspect

Greek Pastafarians staged a protest in Athens on Friday, days after a man was arrested for running a Facebook page that satirised a revered monk.
John Leyden, 02 Oct 2012
VoLTE compatible: LG Revolution

WTF is... VoLTE

FeatureHow are the UK's mobile network operators going to handle voice calls when they switch on their 4G LTE networks? Possibly not very well.
Tony Smith, 02 Oct 2012

Op Tuleta officers cuff 2 more computer hacking suspects

Scotland Yard cops investigating criminal breaches of privacy manacled two men early this morning.
Kelly Fiveash, 02 Oct 2012

Amazon UK: We're hiring 3,000 Xmas temps? Make that 10,000

Amazon UK has tripled the number of temp box packers it will hire in the Christmas run-up: 10,000 short-term packaging jobs will now be created at the company's UK shipment centres.
Anna Leach, 02 Oct 2012

From Russia with gov: PM Medvedev glad-hands Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg ditched his trademark hoodie getup and pulled on a suit for a meeting with beaming Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev yesterday.
Kelly Fiveash, 02 Oct 2012

Oregon farmer devoured by own hogs

Authorities in Coos County, Oregon, are investigating just how a 69-year-old farmer ended up being eaten by his own monster hogs.
Lester Haines, 02 Oct 2012

Amway daddy to flog wireless charging pioneer

The technology behind the Qi charging standard, so recently adopted by Nokia for its Lumia handset, is being sold off by its owner – which was only using it to power a water filter and sell some makeup.
Bill Ray, 02 Oct 2012

BYOD trend could kill off role of CIO – SCC

The traditional role of the CIO is under threat as the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) phenomenon crosses into the mainstream.
Paul Kunert, 02 Oct 2012

New study: 'Fraud behind two-thirds of pulled medical papers'

Medical boffins are rarely wrong when they publish in journals - but some are prepared to lie quite a lot, according to a new study on retracted scientific papers.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 02 Oct 2012
HTC One X+

HTC outs Jelly Bean running One X revamp

HTC has updated its One X smartphone, pledging the handset will be faster, more capacious and run for a longer duration.
Tony Smith, 02 Oct 2012

US court lifts ban on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Galaxy Tabs will go back on the shop shelves in America this week, as Samsung got one piece of good news from the patent court in California where its battle with Apple saw it handed a $1bn fine.
Anna Leach, 02 Oct 2012

Adobe bets on cloud collaboration for Acrobat XI

Adobe is upgrading the Acrobat platform to include cloud collaborative editing of PDFs and PowerPoint decks, as well as the touch and mobile friendly features and automatic form generation it says customers have been demanding.
Iain Thomson, 02 Oct 2012

Is Oracle squeezing the MySQL lemon too hard?

Open ... and ShutDespite what many feared, Oracle has not abandoned development of MySQL. Indeed, as announced at Oracle OpenWorld this week, Oracle just released MySQL Release Candidate 5.6 with a host of new features.
Matt Asay, 02 Oct 2012

OK - who just bought a biz PC? Oh wait, none of you did

A revival in fortunes for desktop makers evaporated this summer as shipments across Western Europe collapsed.
Paul Kunert, 02 Oct 2012

RIP Psion PLC: You're with Motorola now

Motorola Solutions - the profitable bit of Motorola that wasn't gobbled by Google - has completed its acquisition of Psion PLC, and can now start integrating the company.
Bill Ray, 02 Oct 2012

Hackers leak 120,000 student records in raid on world's top unis

Hackers have attacked the world's top 100 universities in a protest against tuition fees and what's deemed to be a falling quality of education.
John Leyden, 02 Oct 2012

Juniper chops workforce by 5.3 per cent

In July, Juniper Networks reported a 50.1 per cent drop in net earnings for the second quarter and said that it would be restructuring as well as forming a partnership with Riverbed Technologies. We now know a bit more about exactly what they meant by "restructuring".

Samsung adds iPhone 5 to patent battle v Apple

As expected, Samsung has added the iPhone 5 to its patent infringement case against Apple, coincidentally just after a California judge lifted the ban on importing the Korean electronics giant's Galaxy Tab 10.1 fondleslabs.
Rik Myslewski, 02 Oct 2012

Oracle Linux honcho 'personally hurt' by Red Hat clone claims

OpenWorld 2012Oracle has taken its share of knocks for marketing a version of Linux that's package-for-package compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), but according to Oracle senior engineering veep Wim Coekaerts, Oracle Linux's reputation as a copycat is entirely undeserved.
Neil McAllister, 02 Oct 2012

Oracle claims complete cloud suite

OpenWorld 2012On Monday, Larry Ellison told attendees at OpenWorld 2012 in San Francisco that Oracle was a reluctant entrant into the cloud market, pushed on by the wishes of its customers. Just one day later, his company claimed its new public cloud applications suite is the biggest in the business.
Iain Thomson, 02 Oct 2012

Paul Allen: Windows 8 'promising' yet 'puzzling'

Billionaire investor Paul Allen says he's bullish on Windows 8, but it seems even the co-founder of Microsoft has struggled with what he describes as some of the more "puzzling aspects" of the new OS.
Neil McAllister, 02 Oct 2012

Rapper rips up Microsoft's Atlanta store during performance

UpdatedIt must have seemed like such a wonderful idea – have an up-and-coming rapper perform at Microsoft's store in the Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta Georgia. It all ended in tears, however, with trashed computers, claims that the police were called, and embarrassing videos circulating on YouTube.
Iain Thomson, 02 Oct 2012

Level 3 named as possible Nextgen buyer

Australian telco industry newsletter Communications Day is reporting speculation that America’s Level 3 Communications might be considering acquiring Nextgen Networks, put up for sale by parent Leighton Holdings last week.
Richard Chirgwin, 02 Oct 2012

Intel spreads $40 million investment love to 10 companies

Intel Capital has announced $40m worth of investment in 10 companies headquartered from Silicon Valley to Shanghai.
Rik Myslewski, 02 Oct 2012

ACT Pirate Party outlines Lego manifesto

The Pirate Party has outlined a manifesto … in Lego and on video.
Simon Sharwood, 02 Oct 2012

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