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Firefox support extended to older Android mobiles

The Mozilla Foundation would like to see its Firefox browser running on more mobile phones. But since almost no handsets ship with Firefox pre-installed, that means getting the software onto more of the phones that are already out there – even if they use older hardware.
Neil McAllister, 11 Sep 2012
Diagram explaining how to use Kindle as Raspberry Pi Screen

Hacker uses Kindle as Raspberry Pi screen

A hacker named Gef has rigged up his Raspberry Pi to use a Kindle e-reader as its monitor.
Simon Sharwood, 11 Sep 2012

McAfee: Emma Watson riskiest celebrity search

In McAfee's latest survey of the celebrity searches most likely to lead to malware infection, Emma Watson – perhaps best known as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films – has taken the top spot, knocking off model Heidi Klum from last year's most-likely-to-infect honors.
Iain Thomson, 11 Sep 2012
SeaMicro SM10000-XE chassis

AMD previews Piledriver, Ivy Bridge SeaMicro microservers

SeaMicro is not longer an independent company, but you would not have guessed that if you were dropped in from outer space to attend the launch of the new SM15000 microserver in San Francisco on Monday afternoon.

UK's loyalty set for £1.2bn Huawei reward

The UK economy is set to get a much needed boost on Tuesday when Chinese telecoms equipment maker Huawei announces an expected £1.2bn investment including hundreds of jobs.
Phil Muncaster, 11 Sep 2012
American Airlines Plane

iPad no flight risk says Federal Aviation Authority

Being asked to switch off your electronic devices during the takeoff and landing phases of a flight now looks even more anachronistic, after American Airlines announced it has been given permission to let its pilots use iPads in the cockpit “in all phases of flight”.
Simon Sharwood, 11 Sep 2012
Google Auto Match

Oz court to test AdWords' WHOLE BUSINESS MODEL

Australia's High Court, from which no appeal is possible, will this week hear a case in which Google stands accused of intentionally deceiving and misleading consumers by automatically placing ads according to advertisers' requested keywords.
Simon Sharwood, 11 Sep 2012

Samsung accused of sex discrimination in China plant

South Korean electronics behemoth Samsung has been hit by fresh allegations of impropriety at one of its manufacturing plants in China, this time involving purported sexual discrimination in its hiring policy.
Phil Muncaster, 11 Sep 2012
Archos 101XS 10.1in Android tablet

Archos 101 XS 10.1in Android tablet review

Archos has built a decent business making budget Android tablets, so I suspect the word 'merde' echoed loudly around the Igny HQ when Google pulled the rug asunder with its low Nexus 7 pricing. Archos hasn’t given up though and has now released a new device pitched as a budget alternative to the Asus Transformer Pad.
Alun Taylor, 11 Sep 2012
Screenshot of Windows Azure Mobile Services dashboard

Microsoft urges devs to 'lead Windows 8 app land grab'

Microsoft has urged developers to “lead the land grab” by developing Windows 8 apps ASAP.
Simon Sharwood, 11 Sep 2012
Streetfighter 2: The World Warrior

Ambitious Alibaba wants to take on Android

Not content with dominating the massive Chinese e-commerce market, local hero Alibaba now wants to chase Android into the sea by making its cloud-based Aliyun mobile operating system China's preferred smartphone OS.
Phil Muncaster, 11 Sep 2012

Apple's soon-to-be-slurped securo firm shrugs off crypto warning

AuthenTec, the security firm that's the target of an $356m acquisition by Apple, has denied reports that possible cryptographic weaknesses in its fingerprint scanner software pose a risk to the security of laptops.
John Leyden, 11 Sep 2012
WD RE4 Enterprise disk drive

WD to parade flash-disk mutant for Wall St moneybags this week

Western Digital will face investors on Thursday and tell them what the world's new number-one disk drive supplier is going to do to stay at the top.
Chris Mellor, 11 Sep 2012

Want to avoid another cookie law mess? Talk to EU bods next time

UK businesses should actively involve themselves in the debate over changes to EU law if they want to avoid problems stemming from the way those laws are drafted, an expert has advised.
OUT-LAW.COM, 11 Sep 2012

Gov IT bods must shield their budgets from gov's knife – Socitm

A report from the public sector IT directors' group Socitm has identified four ongoing priorities for ICT managers in the wake of continuing austerity.
Government Computing, 11 Sep 2012
US dollar

Array biz Nimble: Quick, lob us $40m before storage giants wallop us

Hybrid flash and disk drive array start-up Nimble Storage has been given $40.7m in venture capital funding to boost sales, marketing and engineering.
Chris Mellor, 11 Sep 2012

Kelway Holdings sales shoot up despite recession

Kelway Holdings sales shot up in fiscal year ended 31 March - no mean feat in he dire economy - but the acquisition of ISC caused costs to swell and working capital ratios were hit.
Paul Kunert, 11 Sep 2012

Blighty battles Oz for stratospheric supremacy

PicsThe friendly rivalry between Brit and Oz amateur High Altitude Ballooning (HAB) enthusiasts hit new heights over the weekend when the two nations went head-to-head in a stratospheric clash of high-altitude titans.
Lester Haines, 11 Sep 2012

Acer racks up Xeon E5s, picks fight with US server bad boys

It has been a while since Taiwanese server and PC maker Acer has made some noise in the server racket, but the company is plodding along after planting its seeds on United States soil in February 2011 with a revamping of its Xeon-based servers.

Trams crashes through £20m sales barrier

London-based reseller Trams breached the £20m sales barrier for the first time in its calendar 2011, a filing at Companies House shows.
Paul Kunert, 11 Sep 2012

What a card: Brit boffin Alan Turing stars in Monopoly tribute set

He may not have made it onto the £10 banknote, but the face of WWII code-breaking hero Alan Turing now adorns the back of the silly money that's boxed into a new custom Monopoly set.
Anna Leach, 11 Sep 2012

More 'iPad Mini' tat pics leak ahead of Apple's big unzip

Rumours that Apple will launch an "iPad mini" at its unveiling event tomorrow intensified today after more pictures of cases leaked online and retailers started advertising screen protectors for a 7in slab.
Caleb Cox, 11 Sep 2012

Everything Everywhere swept away by its own 4G hype tsunami

Everything Everywhere is no more: long live EE and 4G. The mobile operator now gets to watch its children, Orange and T-Mobile, starve to death as they're denied access to the 4G feast.
Bill Ray, 11 Sep 2012

Phone-hack saga: Prison officer cuffed in cop bung probe

A 31-year-old prison officer was arrested at his home in Northampton this morning as part of Scotland Yard's investigation into alleged bungs to cops. The probe is related to the Met's ongoing phone-hacking inquiry.
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Sep 2012

Laugh all you want at 'the cloud' - it'll be worth '$100bn by 2016'

Some $100bn will be slurped up by public IT cloud services by 2016, according to the crystal-ball gazers at IDC.
Paul Kunert, 11 Sep 2012

Windows 8? Nah: Win Phone 8 should give Apple the fear

Open ... and ShutWindows Phone 8 might spell the beginning of a climb to relevance for a desktop vendor breaking out its latest PC operating system at almost the same time.
Matt Asay, 11 Sep 2012

Backroom music streamer Omnifone palms first profit

Privately owned music services pioneer Omnifone boasted its first ever annual profit this morning. The company provides a platform for streaming services including that of Sony (Music Unlimited) and RIM (BBM Music) and operates in 28 markets. Omnifone was founded in 2003 and launched its first service, MusicStation, in 2007. It has notched up several firsts, including the first cloud streaming service and the first licensed scan-and-match service.
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Sep 2012

Google skids car insurance comparison engine onto rivals' lawn

Google is now offering to compare car insurance prices for Brits following the company's acquisition of BeatThatQuote.
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Sep 2012

Shuttleworth drops one million cluster bucks on Ceph upstart

Billionaire Linux kingpin Mark Shuttleworth has injected $1m into storage startup Inktank to bring the team's distributed file system Ceph to cloud computing.
Gavin Clarke, 11 Sep 2012
Downing Street road sign

Cable offers to shower UK biz in taxpayer gold to stimulate growth

Blighty's Business Secretary Vince Cable pulled back the curtains on his new biz investment bank this morning.
Anna Leach, 11 Sep 2012

There is life after the death of Microsoft’s Windows 8 Start button

CommentThe disappearance of the Start button in Microsoft’s new Windows has proved unsettling for users. “I want Start. Start I say,” said an early tester in a post entitled "Worst 60 minutes in my entire life".
Tim Anderson, 11 Sep 2012

Google's Nexus 7 tabs 'can't perform' if flash RAM crammed

Reports are filtering in that some Google Nexus 7 tablets slow to a crawl once the memory starts filling up, and require a hard reset to bring them back to the admirable speed expected of Google's flagship hardware.
Bill Ray, 11 Sep 2012

Zombie PC herders issue commands from Tor hideout

Security researchers have discovered a botnet that uses the Tor anonymiser network to hide its command nodes.
John Leyden, 11 Sep 2012

Who'll save the 100 most endangered species? Microsoft, apparently

Microsoft has pledged software and expertise in a battle to save the world's most endangered species - and we don't mean Nokia engineers.
Anna Leach, 11 Sep 2012

Viewsonic 22in Android 'tablet' hands-on review

First lookThere was birthday cake aplenty at Viewsonic’s 25th anniversary event in London today that also saw the introduction of three new products covering an innovative range of display options.
Bob Dormon, 11 Sep 2012

Pirate Bay co-founder named in probe into Logica, tax office hacks

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, a co-founder of download haven The Pirate Bay, is back in Sweden - and now faces allegations of playing a role in an attack on the country's taxmen and IT consultancy biz Logica.
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Sep 2012

UK.gov blacklists Fujitsu from future contracts - report

Japanese IT group Fujitsu is among several companies that have been "blacklisted" by the UK Government, claims the Financial Times.
Anna Leach, 11 Sep 2012

Al-Jazeera's mobe news feed hijacked by pro-Assad hacktivists

Pro-Syrian government hacktivists have cracked the mobile update service of al-Jazeera, the Qatar-based satellite news network.
John Leyden, 11 Sep 2012

Day-long outage 'not a hack,' claims GoDaddy

Domain registrar GoDaddy has commented on the daylong DNS outage that downed many of its customers' websites on Monday, saying that not only was a hacker not responsible, but that the service interruption wasn't the result of a DDoS attack at all.
Neil McAllister, 11 Sep 2012

Channel legend Howard Strowman dies

Howard Strowman, the colourful channel veteran and CEO at Westcoast Asset Management (WAM), has died from injuries sustained in a motorbike crash.
Paul Kunert, 11 Sep 2012

Microsoft betas System Center service pack for unified control

Redmond's been talking about how System Center will be at the heart of its reboot of the Windows franchise for months now, and now it has released the beta of its first service pack.
Iain Thomson, 11 Sep 2012

iPhone to account for half of US economy by 2030 - projection

Strange, terrible, yet curiously inevitable news today - the day before iPhone 5 day. Analysis based on figures from hefty Wall Street brains appears to show that the Jesus Phone is set to account for a large chunk - perhaps the majority - of US economic activity within a matter of decades.
Team Register, 11 Sep 2012

Touch tech firms tap Intel for factory cash

IDF 2012Intel has been pumping money into the touchscreen component business in order to encourage the production of panels of 13in and up to make sure there are enough of them for vendors to build all the touch-enabled Windows 8 notebooks Intel hopes World+Dog will want.
Tony Smith, 11 Sep 2012

Intel demos next-generation voice and gesture interfaces

IDF 2012Intel wants computers to be as smart as humans in how they understand voices and gestures – and it's offering $1m to the best idea that can help achieve that goal.
Rik Myslewski, 11 Sep 2012
Toshiba AT300 Android tablet

Intel to turn Ultrabooks, all-in-one desktops into giant tablets

IDF 2012Intel wants to turn laptops and even desktops into tablets in order to reverse the decline in the personal computer market. To that end, it unwrapped two form-factors it will be promoting to get tablet-hungry consumers back buying PCs.
Tony Smith, 11 Sep 2012

Thomas-Rasset faces $220,000 file-sharing bill after losing appeal

Nearly five years after being found guilty of file-sharing in the media industry's first jury trial on the issue, Minnesotan mother of four Jammie Thomas-Rasset is back where she started after the appeals court upheld the original verdict.
Iain Thomson, 11 Sep 2012

GNOME hacker: Culture isn't holding desktop Linux back

Open source bigwigs like Alan Cox, Miguel De Icaza, and Linus Torvalds can bicker all they want, says GNOME hacker Michael Meeks, but changing developer culture won't do a thing to attract more consumers to the Linux desktop.
Neil McAllister, 11 Sep 2012

Fuel VFX goes up in smoke

Australian visual effects company Fuel VFX looks set to be sold, just weeks after being placed into voluntary administration less than a fortnight ago.
Natalie Apostolou, 11 Sep 2012
Dr Who Asylum of the Daleks Promo Pic

Content convenience squeezes freetards: Swinburne Uni

The success of the ABC’s decision to offer an iView stream of the new Dr Who in step with its broadcast in the UK suggests how content owners could squeeze out P2P – and it comes at a time when new research suggests that P2P usage is already starting to decline in Australia.
Richard Chirgwin, 11 Sep 2012

NASA reports first sighting of dry ice Martian snowfalls

Scientists using the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have found definitive proof that flurries of carbon-dioxide snow are falling on the Martian South Pole.
Iain Thomson, 11 Sep 2012
Generic cloud picture

More cloudy goodness in NeCTAR funding round

The University of Tasmania is among the latest institutions to get cloud funding, announcing that it’s won two projects worth more than $AU2 million under the federal government’s NeCTAR program.
Richard Chirgwin, 11 Sep 2012
Particle collision in the Large Hadron Collider

Reviewers say ‘yes’ to Higgs boson data

Two months ago, CERN set the physics world a-fire with its Higgs boson announcement: the particle exists, they said, we’ve seen it, and it has a mass of between 122 and 131 GeV.
Richard Chirgwin, 11 Sep 2012
Steve Wozniak

Woz to visit Oz

Apple founder and geek legend Steve Wozniak will soon visit Australia.
Simon Sharwood, 11 Sep 2012

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