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Spammers, phishers escape proper punishment

Australia has no data describing the sentences imposed upon criminals convicted of crimes enabled by phishing and similar scams and no guidelines for sentencing such crimes, leaving Judges with little guidance to fashion effective and appropriate punishments.
Simon Sharwood, 10 Sep 2012
Office 365 Portal

Office 365 turns Lotus eater

Microsoft has licensed Lotus-to-anything migration software from Binary Tree, and plans to use its partner's wares to lure Lotus customers away from IBM and into the cloud.
Simon Sharwood, 10 Sep 2012
Premiere Home Cinema chair

Oz cinema chain to stream new releases

Australian cinema chain Hoyts will launch its own video-on-demand streaming service in the first quarter of the New Year. Hoyts Stream, as the new venture will be called, will support multi-device access and offer consumers a pay-as-you-go model for new release as well as classic movies and TV content.
Natalie Apostolou, 10 Sep 2012

Taobao shoots pirates on Hollywood's orders

Digital piracy just got another kicking after China’s largest e-commerce marketplace Taobao struck a deal with the Motion Picture Association (MPA) designed to cut the number of copyright infringing goods sold on the site.
Phil Muncaster, 10 Sep 2012
Curiosity self portrait

Curiosity clears things up

Curiosity has dusted off the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) to take new snaps of the red planet's surface.
Simon Sharwood, 10 Sep 2012

Fanboi beats 'e-trespassing' rap after using GPS to find stolen iPad

An Australian magistrate has ruled that an iPad owner acted lawfully when he used Apple's Find my iPad app to locate his stolen fondleslab in a private home.
Simon Sharwood, 10 Sep 2012

China pushes green PCs to punters

It’s been a good few days for the green tech brigade as China announced a whopping 14bn yuan (£1.4bn) subsidy to encourage households to purchase energy-saving electrical appliances including PCs, while members of the APEC bloc agreed to slash import duties on over 50 green technologies.
Phil Muncaster, 10 Sep 2012

Apple chatting up labels for Fanboi Radio: Pandora, boxed?

Apple top brass have been chatting up music execs in efforts to get their backing - and tunes - for an Apple branded radio station, says the Wall Street Journal, also confirmed by the New York Times.
Anna Leach, 10 Sep 2012
Facebook connection map

Germany leads global enterprise social push

German firms were hailed as the surprise global leaders in social business, according to a panel of industry experts who emphasised the importance of process, measurement and cultural fit in enterprise social programs.
Phil Muncaster, 10 Sep 2012

Pasty munchers scoff at £300m council deal with comms kingpins

Cornwall Council says it remains committed to a £300m strategic partnership proposal with either BT or CSC that it insists will help it protect frontline services and reduce costs by at least £5m a year.
Government Computing, 10 Sep 2012

Was Russia Today hacked - or did it just forget to renew rt.com?

The website of government-owned news service Russia Today suffered intermittent downtime for two days in what some suspect is a hack.
Anna Leach, 10 Sep 2012

EMC's big kahuna Tucci threatens to cling on until 2015

Joe Tucci, the chairman and CEO of EMC, is staying on at least until 2015, dashing the hopes of company execs who have their eyes on the top job.
Chris Mellor, 10 Sep 2012
bls_jobs_image bureau of labor statistics

US job market sneezing, blowing nose: Will we catch cold too?

The way the US economy is adding jobs each month – or rather, not adding a sufficiently large number of new workers – Mitt Romney will be six months into his second term or Hillary Clinton will be a half-year into her first term before the unemployment rate comes back down to levels before the Great Recession hit in December 2007.

HP tempts EVA customers with low-end 3PAR array honeypot

HP is building a low-end 3PAR array with data migration software to convert the EVA customer base to a 3PAR customer base. We hear HP will use SAS disk drives instead of the more expensive 3.5-inch Fibre Channel drives.
Chris Mellor, 10 Sep 2012
Intel Poulson Itanium Chip, the sequel

Oracle hits reboot on Itanium software development

Software giant and systems player Oracle has restarted software development for Itanium-based machines. That sound you hear is a sigh of relief from HP-UX system customers the world over and from Hewlett-Packard, whose Integrity and Superdome servers fell off a cliff, in terms of sales, after Oracle pulled the plug on Itanium development 18 months ago.

Google Aurora hackers AT LARGE, launch 0-day bazookas

Security researchers have traced a continuing run of zero-day attacks to the hackers who infamously hit Google and other hi-tech firms three years ago.
John Leyden, 10 Sep 2012

Quanta leaps out in front with Centerton Atom microserver

Quanta QCT is revving up an Atom-based microserver using the future "Centerton" processor from Intel at this week's Intel Developer Forum, and the company hopes it can get some interest in the boxes for webby workloads ahead of their shipment later this year.

Sysadmins: Your favourite tool's now ready for, er, fondling

Spiceworks, the system-administrator's toolkit which thinks its a social network, now comes in a fondleslab-optimised flavour for BOFHs who like to oversee their empires from the pub.
Bill Ray, 10 Sep 2012

Health minister warns ISPs: Block suicide websites or face regulation

Telcos face being regulated by the government if they fail to block websites offering advice on suicide, the health minister Norman Lamb has warned.
Kelly Fiveash, 10 Sep 2012

Lovefilm Germany goes titsup for a FORTNIGHT

Lovefilm Germany's backend has been down for 14 days, leaving subscribers unable to access their accounts to rent films or use the video streaming service.
Anna Leach, 10 Sep 2012
Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 12

Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 12 voice recognition software review

Speech recognition has been a technology coming of age for an age. It got a shot in the arm recently with the launch of the iPhone 4S, where the S stands for Siri, the speech recognition company Apple bought. Siri may be trendy, but the most mature technology is on the PC and comes from the company Nuance bought.
Simon Williams, 10 Sep 2012

HP hires Youngjohns to head up Autonomy

HP has filled the Mike Lynch-shaped hole at the top of its Autonomy business with another Brit, Robert Youngjohns, the boss of Microsoft's North America empire.
Paul Kunert, 10 Sep 2012

Virus lab blogger collared by blundering copyright cop bot

A malware researcher's website was nobbled last week by an automated bot that accused her of breaching copyright law.
John Leyden, 10 Sep 2012
IDC Total Disk Storage Tracker Q2212

Top dog EMC crushes whimpering rivals in storage pack

IDC's Storage Tracker bloodhounds have tracked the vendors across the market in the second quarter and rated them, and it looks like not a lot has changed in the hierarchy of the storage pack. EMC's market share is rising, again. Most everybody else is down, again.
Chris Mellor, 10 Sep 2012

Nokia flagellates self further to quell fake cam ad Twitterstorm

PicNokia continues its efforts to defuse the Twitterstorm around its "fake" mobile phone camera ad. The handset maker had uploaded a YouTube video to illustrate the new image stabilisation technology in its Lumia 920, which was announced last week - but the advert was a simulation of the tech using a professional camera rig, and this was not disclosed to anyone watching.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Sep 2012

Amazon: Pay more for Kindle Fire, smoke ads from slabs

Amazon, in a surprise U-turn, has decided to start selling a more expensive version of its Kindle Fire model that will not stalk its customers with ads.
Kelly Fiveash, 10 Sep 2012

German Pirate party punters 'don't pay their membership fees'

The Pirate Party of Germany (Piratenpartei) achieved breakthrough success capturing the protest vote last autumn - but its appeal may be starting to wane.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Sep 2012

Broadband minister's fibre cabinet gripe snub sparks revolt

City of Westminster councillors are outraged by the new broadband minister's decision to cut red tape and hasten the arrival of on-street fibre-optic cable cabinets.
Kelly Fiveash, 10 Sep 2012

Apache man disables Internet Explorer 10 privacy setting

Apache HTTP daddy Roy Fielding has patched his popular server, telling it to ignore user privacy web settings in Internet Explorer 10.
Gavin Clarke, 10 Sep 2012

Mars probably never wet enough for life, nuclear bomb crater indicates

Spoilsport French scientists probing unusual clay deposits discovered in an old nuclear bomb crater say they have found that the planet Mars has never been - as previous researchers have hoped/suggested - wet enough to support Earth-style life.
Lewis Page, 10 Sep 2012

Open IPTV joins HbbTV in connected telly love-in

The Open IPTV Forum and the HbbTV Consortium will be sharing the connected television device-testing burden, with a view towards reducing the cost and increasing the speed of getting both standards integrated as widely as possible.
Bill Ray, 10 Sep 2012

Microsoft to comply with Brussels over browser choice gaffe

Microsoft has reportedly agreed to comply with any sanctions laid down by competition officials in Brussels, who are currently probing the software giant's allegedly mistaken banishment of a "browser choice" screen, which would have allowed European customers to pick which browser they wanted to run on their Windows-based machines.
Kelly Fiveash, 10 Sep 2012

HP throws an extra 2,000 staff onto chopping block

HP has added an extra two thousand workers to its mass redundancy programme, it confirmed today.
Paul Kunert, 10 Sep 2012

Foxconn: We're not FORCING interns to make iPhone 5

The production line turning out iPhone 5s at Foxconn will be manned by willing interns only, said the Chinese company in a statement, rebutting stories last week that the new mobe was being pieced together by conscripted work experience kids.
Anna Leach, 10 Sep 2012

Everything Everywhere 'to stuff Santa's sack' with 4G Lumia 920s

Industry sources expect mobile network Everything Everywhere to tie up an exclusive deal with Nokia's new flagship Lumia 920 phone - providing EE can make a volume commitment to the fallen Finnish giant.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Sep 2012

Infosys gobbles Lodestone for £218m

Indian outsourcer Infosys has coughed CHF330 (£218m) in cash for SAP consultancy Lodestone.
Paul Kunert, 10 Sep 2012
Stratus Technologies logo

Stratus girds fault-tolerant servers with Xeon E5s

When it comes to hardware-based fault-tolerant computing on x86 iron, there's really only two games in town: NEC and Stratus Technologies. For the past several generations of machines, these two companies have partnered, with Stratus essentially taking NEC's iron and weaving in its own system tools, packaging and pricing.

HP preps designer desktops for Windows 8

HP has announced the world's thinnest all-in-one desktop PC and remains prepared for Windows 8 with the addition a touchscreen model too.
Caleb Cox, 10 Sep 2012
Riverbed Whitewater

Riverbed sucks in more data for cloud gateway deluge

Riverbed has quadrupled the amount of data its Whitewater appliance can store in the cloud, and is gulping it in faster.
Chris Mellor, 10 Sep 2012

HTC's 4G patent beef could get iPhone 5 BANNED in US

Apple may be banned from importing its new iPhone into the United States if the International Trade Commission in Washington DC finds that Cupertino has violated an HTC patent for connecting to the 4G network.
Anna Leach, 10 Sep 2012
Mechanicals of the NEC R320c FT machine

NEC speeds up Gemini FT chipset, adds in Xeon E5s

Whenever Stratus Technologies touts a new fault-tolerant ftServer - as it did earlier today - partner Japanese server-maker NEC follows suit.

King Coyne snaps chains, escapes Western Digital

Under CEO John Coyne, Western Digital bought Hitachi GST and has become the world's number-one disk drive manufacturer. Now, leaving on a high note, Coyne is going to transfer the reins to HGST's ex-boss man Steve Milligan.
Chris Mellor, 10 Sep 2012
Intel fabric logo

Intel hints at weaving network fabric into Xeons, Atoms

IDF 2012If it wasn't immediately obvious to you, Intel thinks the future of the systems business is weaving interconnection fabrics onto server processors - thus consolidating yet another component of the data center onto the processor and bringing to bear Chipzilla's wafer etching process advantages on that unified chip. And, if Intel plays its cards right, giving it a sustainable advantage to keep arch-nemesis Advanced Micro Devices and up-and-coming rivals in the ARM collective.

Windows 8 to grab iPad market share wrested back from Android

Windows 8 will dent Apple's dominance of the tablet market, but it's biggest impact will be to hold Android's growth back.
Tony Smith, 10 Sep 2012

Vesa to enable backlight arrays on laptops, tablets

Display standards body Vesa has announced a new version of its Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) specification that paves the way for laptop screens and tablet panels with TV-like array backlighting.
Tony Smith, 10 Sep 2012

Google declares success for Kansas City gigabit broadband

After an intensive six-week registration drive, Google is reporting 180 out of a possible 202 districts of Kansas City have signed up for its 1Gb/s fiber network project.
Iain Thomson, 10 Sep 2012
So, how's my coding

Coding may not make national curriculum

Software development may not be taught in Australia's high schools, as it is not a core part of the nation's new national “Technologies” curriculum.
Simon Sharwood, 10 Sep 2012

Valve puts Steam on the TV

Valve will today update its Steam software to add a new, secondary UI for TV-connected Macs and PCs.
Tony Smith, 10 Sep 2012

Dolby sets Digital Plus to shine in UltraViolet

Cloud-based movie library UltraViolet is to gain Dolby Digital Plus sound technology, the audio specialist said today.
Tony Smith, 10 Sep 2012

GoDaddy stopped by massive DDoS attack

A lone hacker has claimed responsibility for an ongoing denial-of-service attack that may have knocked out millions of websites hosted by world's largest domain registrar GoDaddy.
Neil McAllister, 10 Sep 2012

Microsoft to open 32 pop-up retail stores for the holidays

Whenever Apple opens a new retail store, it's a major event with fanbois lining up to be the first to grace its stone tile floors. By comparison, Microsoft's foray into the retail market will be a quiet affair – almost tentative – beginning with 32 pop-up stores to open in the US and Canada for the holiday season.
Neil McAllister, 10 Sep 2012

E-publisher 'fesses up: 'Apple UDIDs were ours'

It seems both Apple and the FBI were telling the truth: the Apple UDIDs published last week didn’t come from either organization, with an American e-publisher posting a statement that the data was stolen from its systems.
Richard Chirgwin, 10 Sep 2012

NZ software giants join patent bill protest

Updated: govt says "no"New Zealand’s largest software exporters, Jade and Orion Healthcare, have lined up with the NZ Open Source Society, InternetNZ, and local industry lobby NZRise to ask the government to revise its proposed patent laws.
Richard Chirgwin, 10 Sep 2012

Scientists provide a measure of uncertainty

A group of Canadian PhD researchers claim to have obtained information beyond the “Heisenberg limit” using a technique called “weak measurement”.
Richard Chirgwin, 10 Sep 2012

Intel contextual awareness: 'We know what your wife is up to'

IDF 2012Intel Labs is working on a technology that uses what it calls "contextual awareness" to advise you of the best method to use when contacting others.
Rik Myslewski, 10 Sep 2012

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