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Boffins build eye-controlled interface out of game-console cams

Neurotechnologists in London have invented a £40 device that lets you control computers with your eyes.
Anna Leach, 16 Jul 2012

Apple Store staircase flagged as Peeping Tom black spot

Apple’s flagship store in Hong Kong has been placed on a black list by the region’s biggest political party after fears were raised that its trademark glass staircase could provide Peeping Toms with a perfect vantage point for some sneaky up-skirt viewing.
Phil Muncaster, 16 Jul 2012

India preps craft for first mission to Mars

Not to be outdone by China in the space race, India is set to flex its muscles on the world stage, planning a mission to Mars late next year.
Phil Muncaster, 16 Jul 2012

Will the titans of storage decide to flash their bits?

The fundamental decision facing most of the online storage industry is whether to use spinning or flashing bits or both. Flashing bit growth, solid state NAND storage, is booming and set to grow strongly. Why aren't Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital, the spinning disk-supplying tri-opoly, as successful with flash drives as OCZ, LSI, Micron, SanDisk, Fusion-io and other flash storage suppliers? How come Toshiba is making more headway than Seagate and Western Digital?
Chris Mellor, 16 Jul 2012

Spotify coining it at home in Sweden: But are artists getting any?

New figures from the Swedish music market suggest that streaming services are good for music. Revenue from streaming services grew 79 per cent in the first half of the year, making up for declines in CD sales and digital downloads, according to local trade body GLF. Spotify launched in Sweden first, in 2008.
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Jul 2012

Ex-Google Books man hired to drive private MOON BUS

A man who was formerly in charge of scanning books for Google has transferred to a private space company and will be programming robots for trips into space.
Anna Leach, 16 Jul 2012

IBM's new Power7+ hotness - we peek through the veil

AnalysisA few weeks ago, El Reg told you that IBM was getting ready to start talking about its future Power7+ and System zNext processors at the Hot Chips conference at the end of August. Like you, I am an impatient sort when it comes to getting some insight into future processors from any vendor, and I like to poke around and see what I can find out about these chips as soon as possible because it is interesting and useful to know as much as possible as soon as possible.

Vodafone jumps into bed with Three in Ireland

Vodafone and Three will be sharing cell sites and support infrastructure in Ireland, reducing costs to both parties while each operator maintains its network independence.
Bill Ray, 16 Jul 2012

Prince Charles whips out jumbo red ball for Blighty's code-breakers

Prince Charles unveiled a ball of rose marble inscribed in binary and Morse Code on Friday - a tribute to the men and women of the British intelligence services over the last century who have worked at the "slog" of cracking, interception and security.
Anna Leach, 16 Jul 2012

Ex-gov man McCluggage on G-Cloud's slow descent

It’s a long march towards realising G-Cloud and releasing consistent data across government, says Bill McCluggage – who until recently helped lead the charge on cloud. He also spoke about how government would manage the release of Open Data from its data centres and on the public cloud.
Gavin Clarke, 16 Jul 2012
US DOE Office of Science logo

US Energy dept starts handing out cash for exaflop superputer quest

The Department of Energy is continuing to dole out cash to pay for some of the basic research that needs to be done if the United States is going to field exascale-class supercomputers by 2020 or so. This time around, Nvidia and Intel have taken down some contracts, and El Reg hears that Big Blue is getting some funding as well.

Web crams down 7 MEEELLION more domain names

The number of registered domain names on the internet increased by 7.5 million to stand at 233 million in the first quarter of the year.
Kevin Murphy, 16 Jul 2012

Patent scrap loser RIM ordered to cough up $147m

RIM has been ordered to pay up $147.2m (£94.3m) for violating a patent covering device management.
Gavin Clarke, 16 Jul 2012

Fukushima powerplant owner forced to cough teleconference vids

Japan’s troubled Tokyo Electric Power Co, Tepco, the operator of the Fukushima nuclear plant, will be forced to release hundreds of hours of in-house teleconference video footage revealing executive briefings to staff during the unfolding events of the nuclear disaster.
Natalie Apostolou, 16 Jul 2012

New 'nauts ride Russian rocket to shift change at the space station

Thee new crew are on their way to the International Space Station, successfully launching over the weekend to replace the three who made it back to earth earlier this month.
Bill Ray, 16 Jul 2012
Now TV logo

Sky launches movie, sports on demand service

Sky will begin offering pay-to-view films over the internet to non-subscribers tomorrow.
Tony Smith, 16 Jul 2012

GM to slash vast outsourced IT empire

You fire me? I'll fire you! It ain't that simple really, but GM CIO Randy Mott, sent into the cold, cold outside by HP's then CEO Leo Apotheker from his HP CIO post, has announced GM will stop outsourcing IT, bringing it back in house. The big loser? HP.
Chris Mellor, 16 Jul 2012

UK tech biz grinding to halt as Reg space programme sucks in talent

The Special Projects Bureau is raising a few pints of foaming real ale today in honour of Escher Technologies, which has kindly offered to probe the intimate inner workings of our Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) project.
Lester Haines, 16 Jul 2012

Lego ponders Portal pack

Lego may introduce a kit based on the Portal videogame series now that a petition to do so has gathered enough support to trigger consideration from an official tribunal.
Caleb Cox, 16 Jul 2012
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

ReviewJudging by the lawsuits flying around, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been the only Android tablet to seriously worry Apple. Quite why is a mystery, because it has sold in nothing like the numbers of the iPad. Will the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 prove more of a threat by being cheaper rather than better?
Alun Taylor, 16 Jul 2012

Wobbly Chinese telecom giant 'may sack 12,000', shares nosedive

Chinese telecoms kit maker ZTE is in for a rough ride: its shares fell to a three-year low on Monday amid a profit warning and rumours that it may axe up to 12,000 workers.
Phil Muncaster, 16 Jul 2012

Microsoft sells out of MSNBC.com, plans to open own news pipe

Microsoft’s sold its stake in the 16-year online news venture it shared with US TV giant NBC.
Gavin Clarke, 16 Jul 2012
Intel logo

Intel gobbles Lustre file system expert Whamcloud

Intel's ambition to dominate the exascale era of computing is a little closer to realisation, as Chipzilla has written a cheque to acquire Whamcloud, a company which develops and supports the open source Lustre clustered file system.

UK snoop system had 1,000 COCKUPS - including 2 duff cuffs

Police, security services and other public bodies bungled nearly 1,000 requests for citizens' communications data in a year, a new report has revealed.
Kelly Fiveash, 16 Jul 2012
Nokia Lumia 900 Windows smartphone

Nokia prunes Lumia 900 price

Nokia has cut the price of its Lumia 900 smartphone, halving the handset's upfront cost when punters sign up for a new contract in the US.
Caleb Cox, 16 Jul 2012

Olympics security cockup down to software errors - report

A computer software failure caused the security fiasco at the Olympics, the Independent on Sunday has said, after talking to insider sources at security contractor G4S.
Anna Leach, 16 Jul 2012
Raspberry Pi ARM PC

Raspberry Pi sales limits lifted

Hardware hackers and ageing coders have snapped up more than 200,000 Linux running Raspberry Pi gadgets, the charity behind the cut-price computer said today.
Tony Smith, 16 Jul 2012

Sleek new Macs violate fanbois' Retinas with display garbage

Buyers of Apple's "jaw-dropping" Retina display MacBooks are indeed picking their chins off the floor - in reaction to bizarre on-screen glitches blighting the expensive lap-warmers.
Anna Leach, 16 Jul 2012

It costs $450 in marketing to make someone buy a $49 Nokia Lumia

Every Windows phone Nokia sold in the US has been backed by a $450 slice of AT&T marketing cash, it's estimated.
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Jul 2012
100ml Dash

Slash for cash: boozers' bladders primed for Olympic pee game

British pub visitors will soon be able to 'sample' the Olympic' competitive spirit, by battling each other at the urinal in a micturation-managed game, the 100ml Dash.
Caleb Cox, 16 Jul 2012

Symantec update killed biz PCs in three-way software prang

Symantec has apologised after an update to its security software sparked repeated crashes on enterprise Windows XP machines.
John Leyden, 16 Jul 2012

Yes, you can be sacked for making dodgy Facebook posts

Ignorance about Facebook privacy settings is no excuse for complaining about the consequences of publishing off-colour online comments, a US judge has ruled.
John Leyden, 16 Jul 2012

Sage: Where's this double-dip disaster everyone's crying over?

Sage revealed the fragility of the Eurozone economy continues to give management sleepless nights as the recovery it touted didn't show up. Back home in Blighty, though, growth was described as good.
Paul Kunert, 16 Jul 2012

Cisco warns of major vulnerabilities in TelePresence kit

Cisco slipped out four security advisories on Friday warning of serious vulnerabilities in its high-end videoconferencing system – or TelePresence, as it prefers to call it.
Iain Thomson, 16 Jul 2012

Apple fails to block stolen iOS in-app content

Apple has moved to shut down a hack that allows users of iOS devices to download in-app content without paying for it – but the service is still operating and its creator remains defiant.
Neil McAllister, 16 Jul 2012
Ballmer Office 2013

Microsoft pops preview of 'biggest, most ambitious' Office yet

Microsoft has released the last preview of its latest build of Office – the first release of one of Redmond's biggest cash cows.
Iain Thomson, 16 Jul 2012

Yahoo! Poaches! New! CEO! From! Google!

In a surprise move, Yahoo! has named top Google exec Marissa Mayer its new president and CEO – the fifth in five years.
Neil McAllister, 16 Jul 2012

E-Cat pitching cold fusion to Australians

A company established in January 2012 is offering the Rossi E-Cat (“energy catalyzer”) to Australians. E-Cat Australia is offering pre-orders for a 1MW unit with “an estimated delivery time of 3 months”, and allowing people to pre-register for a domestic unit promising shipping in 2013.
Richard Chirgwin, 16 Jul 2012

Giant super-laser passes 500 TRILLION watts

The National Ignition Facility has followed up on its March firing with yet-another record, flicking the switch on a pulse that topped 500 trillion watts and 1.85 megajoules of UV laser.
Richard Chirgwin, 16 Jul 2012

Dell bundles up SQL Server 2012 data warehouse appliance

Dell might be chasing large enterprises like mad these days, but it has not forgotten the small and medium business customers that made the company a player in IT. SMBs need data warehouses as much as the big boys, but they have less money and less skills with which to slap one together. That's where, Dell hopes, its QuickStart Data Warehouse Appliance 1000 comes in.

More Steve Jobs iPad mini attacks from beyond the grave

Rumors of an impending Apple iPad mini continue to proliferate, with The New York Times being the latest to weigh in, and Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal already having had their say, so it's a good time to recount the late Steve Jobs's arguments as to why such a device will be doomed to failure.
Rik Myslewski, 16 Jul 2012

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