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Vodafone NZ swoops on TelstraClear

Telstra is shedding its struggling investment in New Zealand, TelstraClear, for $NZ840 million ($AU660 million) to rival Vodafone New Zealand.
Natalie Apostolou, 12 Jul 2012

Foxconn trumps Apple to sit pretty on Fortune 500

Contract manufacturer Foxconn managed to steal a march on its illustrious partner Apple this week after it was ranked several places higher than the fruity toy maker in the latest Fortune Global 500 rankings, with a whopping $117.5bn (£75.7bn) in revenues.
Phil Muncaster, 12 Jul 2012
Pure Contour 200i Air AirPlay wireless music system

Pure Contour 200i Air wireless music system

ReviewSometimes, the only way to appreciate what a new technology or product can do for you is to actually try it. So when Pure dropped by the office and left a Contour 200i Air – its latest AirPlay savvy wireless music system – I felt dutybound to use it.
Bob Dormon, 12 Jul 2012

UK.gov's cost-cutting 'shared services' went £500m OVER BUDGET

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has found that five government shared services centres cost a total of £1.4bn to set up, £500m more than expected, and in some cases cost more than the expected saving.

Huawei US bags defence biz strategist as new CSO

Huawei has appointed a former strategist for a US defence contractor as its new chief security officer, in what could be seen as an attempt to allay Congress concerns that the firm poses a national security risk.
Phil Muncaster, 12 Jul 2012

Web snooping bill an 'odious shopping list of new gov powers'

Tory backbencher David Davis has described the government's draft communications surveillance law as an "odious shopping list" of new powers demanded by the Home Office.
Kelly Fiveash, 12 Jul 2012

WD sees red, flogs NAS niche drives to SOHO punters

UpdatedWD has spotted a NAS niche in the SOHO (small office/home office) market and introduced its Red drive specifically for such customers, simultaneously bringing colour-code branding to the fore, ahead of its Caviar and Scorpio brands.
Chris Mellor, 12 Jul 2012

Expert: BA doesn't need permission to google your face

British Airways (BA) may not need passengers' consent in order to identify them using images available on the internet, an expert has said.
OUT-LAW.COM, 12 Jul 2012

Tosh spins up faster, longer-lasting head-turner for big biz

On the day WD saw red, Toshiba went faster with a 10,500rpm model of its enterprise-grade small-form factor disk drive and bumped capacity to 900GB.
Chris Mellor, 12 Jul 2012

Japanese IT glitch leaves foreigners' ID cards incomplete

A computer error has been blamed after countless foreign residents in Japan received new ID cards this week without the key addition of an electronic signature designed to prevent counterfeiting.
Phil Muncaster, 12 Jul 2012

O2's titsup network struggles to find its feet

O2's mobile network is struggling to its feet after a 19-hour outage left thousands of customers unable to make or receive calls. This morning 2G should be working again but 3G remains patchy.
Bill Ray, 12 Jul 2012

Religious wars brewing in ICANN gTLD expansion

Religious convictions are emerging as the key battle line in the massive domain name expansion currently in progress at internet addressing overlord ICANN.
Kevin Murphy, 12 Jul 2012

BBC mulls seizing the wheel of Local TV

The BBC is considering a bid for control of the Local TV multiplex, putting the national broadcaster in line for £25m from the pockets of the, er, national broadcaster.
Bill Ray, 12 Jul 2012

LOHAN to brew thermite for hot ignition action

The first rocket motor tests in our magnificent Rocketry Experimental High Altitude Barosimulator (REHAB) rig went with a whimper rather than a bang earlier this week, as both solid propellants failed to ignite.
Lester Haines, 12 Jul 2012

Instagram bug 'exposed' hipsters' private photos to strangers

A just-patched vulnerability in Instagram potentially exposed hipsters' private photos and more to strangers.
John Leyden, 12 Jul 2012

Yahoo! hack! leaks! 453,000! unencrypted passwords!

A Yahoo! service has apparently succumbed to a simple database attack that leaked 453,000 unencrypted account passwords online.
John Leyden, 12 Jul 2012
Apple MacBook Pro 13in mid-2012

Apple MacBook Pro 13in

ReviewShock horror – Apple laptop in so-so review scandal. The latest MacBook Pro with Retina Display may be setting a new standard at the top of the range, however, this modest update for the standard 13in MacBook Pro looks rather like it’s resting on its laurels.
Stephen Dean, 12 Jul 2012

Indian software pirating suspect faces US extradition

An alleged software counterfeiter from India faces possible US extradition.
John Leyden, 12 Jul 2012

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for iPad and Android hits 6-month delay

Mobile support for Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM suite has been delayed until the end of 2012.
Gavin Clarke, 12 Jul 2012
Avnet TS

Avnet TS swallows bite-sized Mattelli

Avnet Technology Solutions has devoured IT estate management small fry Mattelli as it builds out a services portfolio.
Paul Kunert, 12 Jul 2012

Asteroid miners to strap 'scopes to new Virgin Galactic rocket

Washington-based Planetary Resources is pursuing the dream of mining near-Earth asteroids, signing a deal with the UK's Virgin Galactic for payload services.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 12 Jul 2012

NASA launches iPhone spaceship app in 3D SPAAAAACE!

NASA has released an app that allows would-be rocket scientists get up close and personal with the agency's spacecraft.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 12 Jul 2012

Mountains of unsold tech? Ha ha, we're not falling for THAT again!

Global PC sales stagnated in Q2 as distributors and retailers - cautious of rising inventory levels - bought conservatively.
Paul Kunert, 12 Jul 2012

Er, you remember you tried to sell me that security package...

We all know a real world example can make all the difference when selling technology. Nothing mows down those objections like seeing the company's crowd jewels disappearing as fast as your broadband provider can upload.
Team Register, 12 Jul 2012

Rovio chucks up Angry Birds successor, hopes it will fly

Rovio has launched its follow-up to mobile gaming phenomenon Angry Birds, but this time even Android users will have to cough up to play.
Bill Ray, 12 Jul 2012

VeloBit beats big boys with SSD caching software – indie benchmarker

Two-year-old SSD software company VeloBit's HyperCache product can make Fusion-io flash run four times faster than SanDisk caching software, at least according to an independent benchmarker.
Chris Mellor, 12 Jul 2012

Move over Raspberry Pi, give kids a Radio Ham Pi - minister

Schoolchildren should be given simple radio kits to build so they can learn basic electronics, communications minister Ed Vaizey said yesterday.
Anna Leach, 12 Jul 2012

SAP trousers €1bn quarter in software sales, fumbles profit

Business is so good at software industry bellwether SAP that it felt compelled to pre-announce its financial results for its fiscal Q2. In the past three months, SAP broke €1bn in new software licence sales for the first time and posted its best second quarter ever.

Russia hands out 4G licences in an instant

The Russian regulator has skipped over all that auction nonsense to award 4G licences to the four network operators, denying licences to three others, but then Russia has had 4G for years.
Bill Ray, 12 Jul 2012

Google sued over mobile Chrome by patent firm

Google’s mobile Chrome browser is facing its first patent suit in a Texas court.
Gavin Clarke, 12 Jul 2012
IBM logo big

Big Blue uncloaks multitalented 40GbE RackSwitch

IBM wants to be a player in networking, and that means getting 40 Gigabit Ethernet switches out the door to compete with those from Cisco Systems, Mellanox Technologies, Dell, HP, and others.
Money FU

Oatmealer rubs Operation Bear Love cash in troll's face

The strange saga of the Oatmeal creator and the litigious troll has come to an end, with the public display of $211,223.04 arranged in a large FU.
Iain Thomson, 12 Jul 2012
Suitcase bulging with cash

Toshiba, LG pop $571m to end LCD price fixing suit – want some?

Toshiba, LG Display, and AUO Optronics are the latest companies to settle in the ongoing LCD price-fixing drama, and their combined $571m payout will put cash in the pockets of American flat-panel buyers.
Neil McAllister, 12 Jul 2012

Viasat lands NBN Co satellite tender

In a move sure to spark another round of Australian supplier angst, US corporate and military satellite provider ViaSat Inc has secured NBN Co’s coveted regional satellite tender, valued at an initial $AU280 million.
Natalie Apostolou, 12 Jul 2012

AMD slips modest speed bump into 'Abu Dhabi' Opterons

Abu Dhabi, the Middle Eastern country that created the investment vehicle that bought the foundry business from AMD, is likely a bigger deal to the future of the chip maker than the forthcoming "Abu Dhabi" Opteron processors, especially if you look at those CPUs' clock speeds.

Microsoft hatches Bing Fund incubator for startups

After weeks of dropping hints, Microsoft has finally taken the wraps off the Bing Fund, its new incubator for startup companies – and its website is already accepting applications, should you be in need of cash.
Neil McAllister, 12 Jul 2012

Early verdict on Intel Ultrabook™ push: FAIL

Intel's much-ballyhooed ultrabook effort is not working out quite as well as Chipzilla had hoped, with global sales of the thin and light laptops falling well behind expectations.
Rik Myslewski, 12 Jul 2012

Online retail drives card fraud in Oz

OK, so nobody uses cheques any more: as a result, fraud based on the venerable paper slip with a signature is now well-and-truly eclipsed by online credit card fraud, according to the Australian Payments Clearing Association.
Richard Chirgwin, 12 Jul 2012

Kiwi pooches turn into ROACH MUNCHING DOPE FIENDS

New Zealanders are being warned against letting the family dog at leftover whacky-baccy, with vets reporting a rash of hash-whacked pooches copping hypothermia and needing drip-treatment to survive.
Richard Chirgwin, 12 Jul 2012

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