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Can your cloud balance supply and demand?

Private cloud involves a multi-layered approach to architecting IT systems and delivering services to the business, making the most of virtualisation to provide a separation between the two.
Nathan Coates, 18 Jun 2012
international telecommunications union (ITU) logo

ITU to G20 leaders: Follow Australia's broadband policy

Western economies buffeted by the Great Recession and subsequent Euro-crises can accelerate out of their current fiscal fug if governments invest in a jolting dose of fast broadband, says the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).
Simon Sharwood, 18 Jun 2012

Voyager ticks one box for interstellar arrival

The venerable Voyager 1 spacecraft seems to be a little closer to leaving our Sun's neighbourhood behind and entering interstellar space, says NASA.
Simon Sharwood, 18 Jun 2012
Parrot Ar.Drone

'Jogobot' lures lonely lardies

The lonely life of the lazy runner need not be desolate or uninspired ever again thanks to a new companion robot from RMIT’s Exertion Games Lab, the Joggobot.
Natalie Apostolou, 18 Jun 2012

Japan and Vietnam push on with rare earth mining plans

Fears the global technology supply chain could be throttled by China's interest emerged over the weekend after Japan and Vietnam announced the inauguration of a rare earth technology centre in Hanoi, as the two countries look to accelerate their mining plans.
Phil Muncaster, 18 Jun 2012
Androids on skateboards

Six in Tokyo slammer after Android smut scam

Six men including three IT executives have been arrested in Tokyo in connection with an Android malware scam which netted them over 20 million yen (£160,740).
Phil Muncaster, 18 Jun 2012

Mozilla plans multi-engine search results, native iOS browser

Mozilla wants to resume its role as a disruptor in the browser world and has started work on a trio of projects it hopes can help it regain market share.
Simon Sharwood, 18 Jun 2012

Linus Torvalds drops F-bomb on NVIDIA

Linus Torvalds has exhorted GPU-maker NVIDIA to indulge in sexual intercourse with itself, and angrily raised his middle finger to the company to re-enforce the suggestion.
Simon Sharwood, 18 Jun 2012
Baidu Logo

Baidu eyes up UCWeb deal to spur mobile growth

Chinese search giant Baidu is set to take another important step towards expanding its mobile footprint in a tie-up with leading domestic mobile browsing player UCWeb.
Phil Muncaster, 18 Jun 2012

China goes Alt with root proposal

China Telecom has only our best interests at heart, which is why it’s proposing that a Balkanised DNS system would save us from the disastrous effects of failure to scale.
Richard Chirgwin, 18 Jun 2012

Korean telly factory power cut costs Samsung $30,000+ per second

Samsung Display has suffered a power outage at one of its LCD plants that could cost the firm tens of millions of dollars.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 18 Jun 2012

IBM: Our kit needs to be sold with '-as-a-Service' on the end now 

IBM is warning that mid-market customers are now spending as much with managed service providers as they are with the classic value-added reseller that deploys tech onsite.
Paul Kunert, 18 Jun 2012

Habbo Hotel to 'unmute' chat so users can show they love it

UpdatedTeen social network site Habbo Hotel is going to allow its users to chat again soon, as its parent company removes the restrictions imposed after allegations of inappropriate sexual content.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 18 Jun 2012

Want to meddle with IP rights? Use the law, not amended regulations

Government plans to change the law so that future reforms to the copyright framework can be made through regulations rather than primary legislation could create problems for businesses, an expert has said.
OUT-LAW.COM, 18 Jun 2012

Health dept puts off NHS 111 helpline roll-out for 6 months

The government has extended the deadline for the roll-out of NHS 111 to make sure areas have enough time to plan for the service.
Tim Worstall

iOS was SO much more valuable to Google than Android - until Maps

OpinionSo what about this Apple Maps thing then? Isn't it just so wonderful that Cupertino wants to improve the fanboi experience and thus has decided to replicate a perfectly serviceable alternative from a competitor? Sorry, become a competitor to its previous supplier...
Tim Worstall, 18 Jun 2012
Smarter Memory

Buy Smarter: what you need to know about... HDDs

Buyer's GuideDespite advances in other kinds of storage, hard drives are the backbone of the vast majority of desktops and notebooks.
Simon Williams, 18 Jun 2012
IBM Sequoia super

IBM US nuke-lab beast 'Sequoia' is top of the flops (petaflops, that is)

ISC 2012For the second time in the past two years, a new supercomputer has taken the top ranking in the Top 500 list of supercomputers – and it does not use a hybrid CPU-GPU architecture. But the question everyone will be asking at the International Super Computing conference in Hamburg, Germany today is whether this is the last hurrah for such monolithic parallel machines and whether the move toward hybrid machines where GPUs or other kinds of coprocessors do most of the work is inevitable.

America's X-37B top-secret spaceplane returns to Earth

Super-secret spaceplane the X-37B landed back at Vandenberg Air Force Base on Saturday after 469 days of mysterious missions in space.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 18 Jun 2012
SMAP water scanning satellite

Lightsquared cremation postponed

Troubled cellular disrupter LightSquared has apparently managed to extend its debt burden again, potentially keeping the company afloat until September next year.
Bill Ray, 18 Jun 2012
IK Multimedia iRig Mix

IK Multimedia iRig Mix

Geek Treat of the WeekThe iRig Mix is the latest IK Multimedia accessory aimed at iPhone and iPad-toting musicians and DJs. It’s a three-channel mixer that can be used to combine input from two iOS devices and either a microphone or guitar.
Kenny Hemphill, 18 Jun 2012

Can't watch Flash vids in Firefox? It's not just you

The latest update to Adobe's Flash has been crashing Mozilla Firefox users on Windows since last week, but the firms behind the products are still searching for a fix.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 18 Jun 2012
Xbox Live

Microsoft next-gen Xbox details leak

An allegedly leaked Microsoft presentation which details next-gen Xbox plans, has been removed at the request of the software company's lawyers, adding weight its authenticity.
Caleb Cox, 18 Jun 2012
Sky's Sainsbury's iPad shopping trolley

BYOD: The great small biz security headache

After surveying more than 1600 IT professionals late last year, the analyst firm Freeform Dynamics concluded that the consumerisation of IT is a real thing, and it is not just down to those pesky young people and their shiny iPads.
Lucy Sherriff, 18 Jun 2012

Steely Neelie: EU is crippled by its clueless tech-ignorant workforce

Half of Europe's workforce is too tech-challenged to fill all the extra ICT jobs that will be knocking around in the next few years, the European Commission has said.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 18 Jun 2012
Mobile Broadband - T-Mobile

T-Mobile outs low-cost mobile data roaming bundles

T-Mobile is the latest UK cellco to announce a revamp of imobile data roaming charges ahead of the introduction of Europe-wide billing rules on 1 July.
Tony Smith, 18 Jun 2012
Apple MacBook Air 11in 2012

Apple MacBook Air 11in 2012

ReviewThe 11in MacBook Air took top spot in El Reg's recent round-up of the best Ultrabooks – even though, strictly speaking, it isn’t actually an Ultrabook, according to Intel’s proprietary definition of the term. This 2012 model doesn’t tamper with the winning formula, but it does provide a respectable update that should keep it at the head of the pack.
Stephen Dean, 18 Jun 2012

Olympic Phone touch-payment details revealed

UpdatedSamsung's "Olympic" Galaxy S3 is being posted out to athletes and game officials next week, complete with pay-by-bonk functionality and a customised interface for those who need to know how great Samsung is.
Bill Ray, 18 Jun 2012

Python wraps its coils around the enterprise

Open... and ShutThe enterprise, long the stodgy bastion of mainframes, Oracle databases, and Windows servers, is starting to look a lot more like the consumer technology companies that eschew it.
Matt Asay, 18 Jun 2012

Facebook shells out $10m for using users faces in adverts

Facebook has settled a suit that could have seen it compensating 150 million people in the United States.
Anna Leach, 18 Jun 2012
Nokia sign dismantled, with letters rearranged to spell 'ONKIA'

Nokia after the purge: It's so unfair

AnalysisLast week Nokia did exactly what analysts have been begging it to do for years - it took an axe to the company's bureaucracy and purged the leadership. The latest 10,000 redundancies leave the company with its smallest workforce since 1998. Nokia's reward was a further 18 per cent fall in its share price. Thanks, markets.
Andrew Orlowski, 18 Jun 2012

Chinese 'nauts reach Heaven after 8-minute coupling

Three Chinese astronauts floated into the Tiangong-1 lab module just after 11am BST, after the first docking of a manned spacecraft this morning.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 18 Jun 2012
Smarter Memory

Watch Smarter: video guide to... HDDs

Smarter MemoryHard drives are still the most cost-effective way of adding extra storage capacity to a desktop or laptop. They are cheap to buy, easy to use and remarkably robust in service.
Register Hardware, 18 Jun 2012

Dell spills its hot cache Fluid, hopes to beat off rivals

Dell recently lifted the lid on its "Hermes" project, named for the speedy chap from Greek mythology, at the Dell Storage Forum. The product, which Dell hopes will smack down EMC’s VFCache, will carry writes between flash caches in a Dell cluster to make sure they all carry the same data. That's a big deal, so project "Hermes" has to be quick.
Chris Mellor, 18 Jun 2012

'Kindness of America' snapper shot himself in 'act of self-promotion'

The hitchhiking photographer who captured the hearts of a nation after being shot while researching "The Kindness of America", has admitted administering the lead supplement himself and making the rest of the tale up.
Joe Fay, 18 Jun 2012

Google coughs up what it coughs up to govs - and what it suppresses

Canada asked Google to remove a video of a Canadian flushing his passport down the toilet and the US police wanted a blog that defamed a cop in a "personal capacity" taken down.
Anna Leach, 18 Jun 2012

Juniper Networks eyes up EMEA distributors, axe in hand

Juniper Network's recently installed EMEA distribution boss admitted he has a "big job of work" to untangle its web of wholesalers across the region and determine which it wants to keep on board and which will be jettisoned.
Paul Kunert, 18 Jun 2012
Crysis 3

Crytek says future is free-to-play

Crytek has revealed plans to leave traditional retail behind, with the developer set to go all out free-to-play for future games releases.
Caleb Cox, 18 Jun 2012

Tech boffins: Spend gov money on catching cyber crooks, not on AV

The UK government should be spending more on catching cybercriminals instead of splurging taxpayers' money on antivirus software, tech boffins have said.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 18 Jun 2012

CAPTCHA-busting villains branch out from spam into ID theft

The cybercrooks attempting to defeat CAPTCHAs are no longer just traditional junk-mailers who want to get around the test to send spam. In a recent study, security researchers have discovered that criminals are also using circumvention techniques in attacks that harvest financial or personal data.
John Leyden, 18 Jun 2012
Intel's Xeon Phi logo

Intel slaps Xeon Phi brand on MIC coprocessors

ISC 2012The name "Many Integrated Core" doesn't roll off the tongue – and even Intel doesn't know whether to pronoun MIC as "mick" or "mike" – so with the future "Knights Corner" x86 coprocessors intended to thwart the coprocessor plans of Nvidia and its Tesla family, Chipzilla is settling on the brand name of Xeon Phi to peddle its variation on the energy-efficient coprocessor theme.

Intel, Google ink patent deals with InterDigital, Magnolia Broadband

Both Intel and Google started the week in acquisitive modes, with the former announcing a massive $375m patent deal with InterDigital, and the latter acquiring over 50 patents from Magnolia Broadband for an unspecified amount.
Rik Myslewski, 18 Jun 2012

FunnyJunk lawyer doubles down on Oatmeal Operation Bear Love

FunkyJunk lawyer Charles Carreon has filed his own personal suit against Matthew Inman, creator of the popular internet cartoon site The Oatmeal and the charities Inman is raising money for, after the abuse Carreon received since filing FunnyJunk's claim.
Iain Thomson, 18 Jun 2012

TSA screeners spooked by Apple's 'futuristic artifact'

A glowing, cube-shaped Apple Design Award trophy prompted US Transportation Security Administration airport staffers to give one award winner special scrutiny when he tried to board a flight back to his Seattle digs.
Rik Myslewski, 18 Jun 2012

Facebook fesses up to Face.com face finder financing

Facebook has confirmed the acquisition of Israeli facial-recognition software vendor Face.com for an undisclosed sum.
Iain Thomson, 18 Jun 2012
Nvidia's Tesla K10 GPU coprocessor

Nvidia shows off Tesla K10 performance

ISC 2012The Top 500 supercomputer ranking is based on the performance of machines running the Linpack Fortran matrix math benchmark using double-precision floating point math, but a lot of applications will do just fine with single-precision math. And it is for these workloads, graphics chip maker and supercomputing upstart Nvidia says, that it designed the new Tesla K10 server coprocessors.
New telstra logo

Telstra's scoops in-house YouTube contender

Telstra’s Application and Ventures group, quietly created last year and headed by Deena Schiff, has made its first international play leading a US$35 million investment in video platform Ooyala.
Natalie Apostolou, 18 Jun 2012

Big layoff (singular) at Oracle on Thursday

The rumors are going around that someone high up in the organization was going to get the axe at software giant and systems playa Oracle when the company reports its financial results for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2012 on Thursday.

VLSCI's supercomputer passes acceptance test, lands in top 50

The Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative – VLSCI to its friends – is close to opening up its BlueGene/Q powerhouse for user jobs.
Richard Chirgwin, 18 Jun 2012
carbon_monoxide co2

Earthquakes will release captured carbon: Stanford study

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) won’t work, according to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, because underground earthquakes are certain to cause the carbon to be released too soon.
Richard Chirgwin, 18 Jun 2012

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