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El Reg's GAGA robot lawn-slasher loses its mind. For now

The weather has been working against us in the Hibernian branch of Special Projects: not only did it rain interminably for months but it then broke into blazing sunshine prompting an explosion of growth for which we were entirely unprepared. Location sensing is still under development, more on that later, but now we're racing to produce some kind of growth retardant while the grass is, quite literally, growing under our feet.
04 Jun 09:30 |

Big Data is now TOO BIG - and we're drowning in toxic information

Open ... and ShutUnless you have found a clever way of avoiding the internet completely, you no doubt have been warned that THERE IS A BIG DATA EXPLOSION! By many accounts, we are currently drowning in information - from log files to stock charts to customer profiles - and face a host of new products cropping up to help us manage the onslaught. Unfortunately, our fixation on hoarding and storing data may actually be making the problem worse, not better.
04 Jun 10:00 | 20

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