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Stanford boffins create light-powered artificial retina

A group of researchers led by Stanford University has created a prosthetic retina that works without an external power source. Instead, by combining a light sensor with photovoltaics, the implant is driven by light.
Richard Chirgwin, 18 May 2012

$US38 share price values Facebook at US$104b

Facebook has decided it is worth US$104b, valuing each of the shares that will go on sale early Friday US time at US$38.
Simon Sharwood, 18 May 2012
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Anonymous turns its DDoS cannons on India

Hacktivist collective Anonymous has turned its attention to India, taking down the web sites of the Supreme Court, the country’s two major political parties and several government sites in retaliation for a court injunction which led to the blocking of several video sharing and bit torrent sites.
Phil Muncaster, 18 May 2012

Twitter signs up for Do Not Track

Twitter has signed up to the US Federal Trade Commission's Do Not Track (DNT) initiative and now offers its users the chance to avoid having their data shared with third parties.
Simon Sharwood, 18 May 2012

Chinese 3G users top 150 MILLION but most still on 2G

China may boast staggeringly large internet and mobile phone user numbers but the latest government figures show that the quality and speed of the services most are receiving still leave a lot to be desired.
Phil Muncaster, 18 May 2012

Hey big spender: China set to take Asian IT spending crown

China’s ascent to the top of every conceivable tech rankings list is set to continue in 2013 when it becomes the biggest IT spender in Asia, leapfrogging ailing Japan as it prepares to fork out $173bn (£110bn) on tech kit, according to IDC.
Phil Muncaster, 18 May 2012
Diablo III Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo III

ReviewBack in 1997, I worked in a youth centre and some fool gave me the keys to the place. So I would sneak in every night to continue a degrading tryst with Diablo I, cutting down waves of monsters in anticipation of a loot splurge. It was a while before I worked out the portal system – I used to moan about the amount of walking – until someone pointed out I was a noob. Luckily, in Diablo III, the portal is shown as a small blue vagina on the user interface, so there's no risking sore feet now.
Lucy Orr, 18 May 2012
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Atlassian warns of critical security flaw

Atlassian has warned of a critical security flaw in its Confluence product.
Simon Sharwood, 18 May 2012

Will UK.gov crack down on itself for missing Cookie Law deadline?

Most government websites will fail to comply with new laws on cookies when the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) begins formally enforcing them next week, the Cabinet Office has said, according to reports.
OUT-LAW.COM, 18 May 2012

iPad factory towns in China to finally get Apple Stores

Apple will start selling fondleslabs in the Chinese cities where they are made, a job advert reveals.
Anna Leach, 18 May 2012

CSC's UK techies get one extra month to find new jobs

The Unite union claims it has succeeded in postponing compulsory layoffs by CSC in the UK in the aftermath of the NHS IT project fiasco.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 18 May 2012
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Scotland considers dishing out more iPads to schoolkids

The Scottish government has announced plans to "explore" the option of rolling out more mobile devices to education institutions in the country.
IK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast

IK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast

Accessory of the WeekIK Multimedia’s newest microphone is aimed squarely at podcasters. The package comes with a plastic stand which props up an iPhone at just the right angle for talking into the mic. You can use it with an iPod Touch too, though you’ll have to turn it upside down in order to plug the Mic Cast into its headphone jack.
Kenny Hemphill, 18 May 2012

SpaceX Dragon to smuggle SECRET package to the ISS

Just to add some icing to the SpaceX Dragon launch cake, the cargoship may be carrying a secret payload that nobody knows about.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 18 May 2012

Inside Nvidia's GK110 monster GPU

At the tail end of the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose this week, graphics chip juggernaut and compute wannabe Nvidia divulged the salient characteristics of the high-end "Kepler2" GK110 GPU chips that are going to be the foundation of the two largest supercomputers in the world and that are no doubt going to make their way into plenty of workstations and clusters in the next several years.
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The Great El Reg Private Cloud survey: Results are in!

We were surprised at the strength of positive feedback from the 570 readers who participated in our recent Reg reader survey on private cloud.
Dale Vile, 18 May 2012

Txt-speak is a sign of humanity 4 U

Something for the Weekend, Sir?It barely warranted a mention in Reg Hardware's recent Retro Week, but mobile telephony will be celebrating a couple of anniversaries this year. Groupe Spécial Mobil (GSM) was founded 30 years ago and the first commercial GSM networks came into service ten years later.
Alistair Dabbs, 18 May 2012
Suet, oats and onion - mealy pudding ingredients

Post-pub nosh deathmatch: Mealy pudding v migas

Following a long winter hibernation burning the fat reserves gained from a generous serving of Dutch delicacy kapsalon, our Special Projects Bureau post-pub nosh team has emerged blinking into the spring sunshine to bring you a further selection of quality international cuisine designed to soak up the excesses of a night on the town.
Lester Haines, 18 May 2012

Senator probes NASA airfield deal for Google's jets

A US senator has asked NASA (PDF) to cough up five years of data about Larry Page and Sergey Brin's personal jets – in the latest flare-up in the rumbling controversy over whether NASA is cutting Google bosses a soft deal by storing their private airplanes in a government-funded research airport.
Anna Leach, 18 May 2012
Amazon Kindle Fire e-book tablet

Amazon drops planned 8.9in Kindle Fire for 10.1in job

Amazon, it has been claimed, will be dropping a version of the Kindle Fire it might, maybe, put into production in favour of a different model that it could, possibly make in the future.
Tony Smith, 18 May 2012

'Facebook ads are very boring and not very imaginative'

QuotwThis was the week when investor interest hit ever higher feverish pitches as (not sure if you heard about this or not) Facebook prepares to go public.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 18 May 2012
Motorola Razr Maxx

Hands on with the Motorola Razr Maxx

First lookIn the time since Motorola's Razr was launched in 2011, rivals have released powerhouse handsets that make the Razr feel more Bic than Wilkinson Sword.
Caleb Cox, 18 May 2012

Can SMEs score those big gov contracts?

The UK public sector spends £230bn on goods and services a year, roughly 15 per cent of the UK economy and £1 for every £7 spent in Britain. The procurement of these goods and services is a massively complex undertaking, fraught with inefficiency accumulated over successive governments.
Michael Keegan, 18 May 2012

Facebook's Eduardo Saverin: I'm not a tax-dodger

Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin has insisted that he will pay taxes in the US and his decision to change his citizenship to Singapore had nothing to do with the country's more hospitable tax environment.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 18 May 2012
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Shoreditch's sparkle smokescreen leaves BBC journo 'tech-struck'

Analysis“I haven’t felt so good having spoken to a businessman for ten minutes in about 25 years. That’s not normally how I feel! So thanks very much!” And thanks to you, BBC presenter Fi Glover, for sharing the feel-good factor with us.
Andrew Orlowski, 18 May 2012

GM snatchback of $10m Facebook ad cash = amateur move

Open ... and ShutTalk about bad timing. Right before Wall Street set up to open the curtain on Facebook's $100bn IPO, General Motors (GM), which spends $40m on its Facebook presence, announced that it's pulling the plug on Facebook advertising. The reason? Advertising on Facebook apparently hasn't worked.
Matt Asay, 18 May 2012

Vulture 2 trigger triggers serious head-scratching

It's fair to say that the question of just how we fire the Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) Vulture 2 spaceplane rocket motor is a touch thorny.
Lester Haines, 18 May 2012

Iran threatens to chuck sueball at Google over missing gulf

Iran's Foreign Ministry has threatened to take legal action against Google because the web firm removed the name Persian Gulf from its Maps and left the stretch of water nameless.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 18 May 2012

Apple scrubs dirty iCloud data centre with second solar wash

Apple is flying the green flag on the North Carolina data centre that will power iCloud – the very same one that was slammed by Greenpeace for being dirty.
Gavin Clarke, 18 May 2012

Big Issue sellers could soon be flogging QR Codes

Glasgow-based INSP, which represents magazines distributed by the homeless, is planning to go digital - assuming it can raise enough cash to pay for some trials.
Bill Ray, 18 May 2012

UK prosecutions for hacking appear to be be dropping

The number of prosecutions under the UK's computer hacking laws may have declined over recent years, according to the latest available government figures.
John Leyden, 18 May 2012

UK.gov: ICT in schools ain't dead, it's just resting

The UK government denied today that it was dropping IT entirely from the national curriculum while adding that tech contracts would be more bite-sized and flexible at some point soon.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 18 May 2012

ICO on new Cookie Law: 'Don't expect torrent of enforcement action'

Amid criticism that hardly any UK government websites comply with the new EU-mandated "Cookie Law" that comes into force on 27 May, the ICO has announced that it will be sending out some letters, and then waiting for people to complain.
Anna Leach, 18 May 2012

Ethernet sales slump punches Brocade in the wallet

Ethernet sales slumped a bit and caused Brocade's second 2012 quarter results to stumble.
Chris Mellor, 18 May 2012

Some vendors know how to treat a channel

Market analysisCurrent research indicates that we are seeing vendor-channel partner relationships changing quite dramatically, and for the better.
Peter O'Neill, 18 May 2012

RIM-Moto sketch THIRD nanoSIM design as peace offering

RIM and Motorola reportedly hope to break the deadlock over the design of future SIM cards by offering a blueprint that'll either appease every party or alienate all sides equally.
Bill Ray, 18 May 2012

HP pumps cash into EVA range capacity boost

It's May and an time for HP to refresh its evergreen EVA storage line. HP said it would keep investing in the EVA when it bought 3PAR and has kept its promise, with two new models being announced, with larger drive support and better management SW.
Chris Mellor, 18 May 2012

Does Britain really need a space port?

AnalysisEveryone knows about Britain's soaraway space sector. It turns over £8bn a year – the same sort of money as the remaining automotive industry – it employs tens of thousands of people, and it's growing faster than the Chinese economy. And, famously, it has done all this without any significant government help.
Lewis Page, 18 May 2012

Next UK.gov CloudStore lumbers online

The second incarnation of CloudStore has floated, but don’t get too excited.
Gavin Clarke, 18 May 2012

Call of Duty hacker behind bars after college burglary

A Brit who distributed a Trojan horse that posed as a patch for popular shoot-em-up game Call of Duty has been jailed for 18 months.
John Leyden, 18 May 2012

What's on the cards at EMC's casino royale next week?

What news will be revealed to the 13,000 people attending EMC World in Las Vegas next Monday?
Chris Mellor, 18 May 2012

Facebook jumps then slumps in first few minutes day's trade

Facebook's shares debuted on the Nasdaq today at $42 and immediately skidded downwards to the original IPO price of $38.
Joe Fay, 18 May 2012

Apache OpenOffice security fixes emerge

Details have emerged about the security fixes that came bundled with Apache OpenOffice 3.4.0, the latest version of the open-source productivity suite.
John Leyden, 18 May 2012

Microsoft to devs: Don't ruin Win 8 launch with crap code

Microsoft has urged developers to only use approved Windows 8 software interfaces to avoid spoiling the launch of its new operating system with dodgy code.
Gavin Clarke, 18 May 2012

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