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Saudi oil minister praises renewable energy

A call to acknowledge concerns over global warming (aka climate change aka climate disruption aka pseudoscientific fraud) has come from a most unlikely source: Saudi Arabia's oil minister.
Rik Myslewski, 01 Feb 2012

Mozilla releases Firefox 10, adds developer tools

Mozilla has released version 10 of its Firefox browser as part of its accelerated six-week build cycle, and has also included a pack of developer tools aimed at simplifying life for website operators.
Iain Thomson, 01 Feb 2012
Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone 7 smartphone

Nokia Lumia 710

ReviewLate last year, I reviewed the Nokia Lumia 800 – and I've just spent a week with the 710, its cheap and cheerful sibling, as my main phone. I actually preferred using this budget model to the much-hyped 800.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Feb 2012

Whitehall hopes to shave 'conservative' £100m off PC bill

The government expects to cut at least £100m off its annual personal computing bill under an HMRC led standardisation program.
Gavin Clarke, 01 Feb 2012

Trojan smuggles out nicked blueprints as Windows Update data

Security watchers have uncovered a new highly targeted email-borne attack that uses a supposed conference invitation as a lure - and disguises extracted data as Microsoft Update traffic.
John Leyden, 01 Feb 2012

Gov's 'open data' strategy: It'll cost too much and won't work

The Cabinet Office has revealed "concern" over whether the public sector's IT is up to the job of supporting more transparency, from responses to last year's open data consultation.
Looking Glass Studios System Shock

System Shock

Antique Code ShowWe've come along way since Looking Glass Technologies released System Shock in 1994, which earned it the distinction of being first first-person game with an engine able to render sloping walls. Before then, gaming environments were limited to verticals and horizontals.
Lucy Orr, 01 Feb 2012
Bill Gates and Johnny Ixe's Donkey.bas

Bill Gates' ass slams into iPhone

Bill Gates' best-known attempt at a videogame is now available on the… er… iPhone.
Tony Smith, 01 Feb 2012

Expert to finger air steward commentards who 'harassed' pilot

A trade union has been ordered to let an independent expert examine its computer database to try to identify anonymous users of a forum it operated who allegedly defamed and harassed an airline pilot.
OUT-LAW.COM, 01 Feb 2012

Ofcom needs you... to carve up 37GHz of spectrum

Ofcom has launched a public consultation on the management of 37GHz of radio spectrum, looking for better ways to manage licensing of fixed wireless links.
Bill Ray, 01 Feb 2012

Samsung says no to MWC Galaxy S III launch

Samsung is emailing World+Dog to say that it won't be announcing the Galaxy S III at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) industry shindig later this month.
Tony Smith, 01 Feb 2012
European Union Flag

Reading Reding: Pouring water on DP draft bill

It's been a busy few days for the future of data protection at a European level. However, the celebrations and commiserations are well and truly over for policy wonks, internet businesses and watchdogs who have all been eagerly poring over the Justice Commissioner's freshly-tabled draft Data Protection (DP) bill. Now the real work begins.
Kelly Fiveash, 01 Feb 2012

RIM restyles next-generation BlackBerry

Research in Motion's upcoming BlackBerry 10 handset, the London, has been been spotted ahead of release, this time with a different look from the last time it was said to have leaked out.
Caleb Cox, 01 Feb 2012

Zuck plots carefully considered Facebook IPO

Mark Zuckerberg seems to want Facebook's public debut to be as dull as his bluey-grey t-shirts. The dominant social network is widely expected to file regulatory documents with the US Securities and Exchange Commission later today. But the company's CEO is reportedly hoping to play down the whole affair.
Kelly Fiveash, 01 Feb 2012
Advertising Standards Authority

LG 3D TV ads misled buyers, judges watchdog

LG has had is knuckles rapped by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) following a complaint made about its 3D TVs by consumers arch-rival telly maker Samsung.
Tony Smith, 01 Feb 2012

Serial killer PYTHONS stalk Florida's Everglades

Pesky pythons are wiping out mammals and birds – some of which are protected species – in Florida's Everglades National Park, according to a new study.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 01 Feb 2012

Sony confirms 'tough-minded' Hirai as new CEO, president

Sony has announced that a new president and CEO will take over from Howard Stringer on 1 April, while Stringer becomes chairman of the board.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 01 Feb 2012
Kia Rio 1.1 CRDi EcoDynmics diesel car

Kia Rio 1.1 CRDi EcoDynamics

ReviewA Kia? Reviewed by Reg Hardware? No, we’ve not taken leave of our senses, because the new Rio EcoDynamics is being pitched as the most fuel-efficient and least-polluting car - when it comes to CO2, anyway - you can buy without an electric motor poking its nose into the drive train.
Alun Taylor, 01 Feb 2012

40,000 Apple fanbois demand ethical iPhone 5

Favourite aggregator of anti-corporate campaigns, SumOfUs, has started a petition calling for an "ethical" iPhone 5, and has already garnered more than 40,000 signatures.
Bill Ray, 01 Feb 2012

Nikon stretches Coolpix focal-range beyond belief

Nikon clicked into focus today with the launch of the Coolpix P510, a bridge camera that boasts a whopping 42x optical zoom.
Caleb Cox, 01 Feb 2012

Berkeley boffins crack brain wave code

Scientists have reconstructed the words people hear by using a computer algorithm to decode electrical signals in the brain.
Adam Smith, 01 Feb 2012

Nikon brightens up Coolpix compact collection

Nikon snapped into action further today, refreshing its popular P300 range with a 16Mp creative compact, basic in design and bold in functionality.
Caleb Cox, 01 Feb 2012

Airbrushed Rachel Weisz gets watchdog hot under the collar

The Advertising Standards Authority has ordered skincare outfit L’Oreal to lay off the Photoshop, after it ran a magazine ad showing Rachel Weisz in improbably good form as a result of slapping on Revitalist Repair 10.
Lester Haines, 01 Feb 2012

Cisco Nexus ports stretched to take 40GE and 100GE loads

If you want 10 Gigabit Ethernet to take off on servers, then you need fat backbones on the campuses and in the data centers to absorb the increase in traffic. And so Cisco Systems is ramping up the bandwidth on its Nexus 7000 series of end-of-row converged Ethernet switches as well as on its Catalyst 6500 campus switches.
Wi-Fi Alliance

Hands off our brand, Wi-Fi body warns 'white space' tech firms

Don't call wireless networks that operate at frequencies formerly reserved for TV transmissions "Wi-Fi", the owner of the brand has warned.
Tony Smith, 01 Feb 2012

Nokia signals NFC for future Lumia handsets

Nokia has announced it will include NFC tech in next-gen Windows Phone handsets and hinted at a connector-free future for pairing smartphones with other devices.
Caleb Cox, 01 Feb 2012

Groupon's pants 'Weight Loss HOTPANTS' ad banned

Groupon has got into fresh trouble with the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA), this time over pants.
Anna Leach, 01 Feb 2012

Romanian cops cuff suspected serial hacker TinKode

Romanian police have arrested a man suspected of breaking into the websites of NASA and the Pentagon in a series of high-profile hack attacks.
John Leyden, 01 Feb 2012

Swedish Supreme Court chucks out Pirate Bay appeal bid

The four founders behind The Pirate Bay saw their final attempt to appeal against an earlier ruling rejected in Sweden's Supreme Court today.
Kelly Fiveash, 01 Feb 2012

EFF helps MegaUpload users claw legit stuff back from Feds

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a self-proclaimed people's champion in the battlefield of digital rights, has waded into the controversy around the MegaUpload site, hoping to help legit users of the site to recover their 'lawful' content.
Anna Leach, 01 Feb 2012
Sony PS Vita handheld games console

Sony PlayStation Vita offered for 80 quid

Gamestation has revealed a list of trade-in deals which will see the retailer hand over the upcoming Sony PlayStation Vita handheld console for as little as £80.
Caleb Cox, 01 Feb 2012

Cabinet Office moves step closer to killing Directgov

A beta build of the Cabinet Office's single domain website project has now been opened up for public scrutiny.
Kelly Fiveash, 01 Feb 2012

Fraud baron forced henchmen into S&M orgies to prove loyalty – cops

A US card cloner forced would-be gang members to take part in group sex sessions as part of an initiation ceremony designed to weed out undercover cops, according to a detective.
John Leyden, 01 Feb 2012

Cosmic rays blamed for Phobos-Grunt fiasco

Russian space boffins have come up with a new reason to explain why duff Martian probe Phobos-Grunt fell out of the sky - cosmic rays.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 01 Feb 2012

OFFICIAL: Smart meters won't be compulsory

VidSo-called 'smart meters' will not be mandatory, the energy minister has confirmed. The pledge was made by Charles Hendry last Thursday, and confirmed to us by the Department of Energy and Climate Change today.

TripAdvisor: OK, not all our reviews are trustworthy or real

Online travel review site TripAdvisor has been forced to admit that not all of the reviews posted on its site are trustworthy or real.
Anna Leach, 01 Feb 2012
The Register vulture logo (black)

The Register Comments Guidelines

The Register operates a hybrid moderation policy. Here's how it works.
Joe Fay, 01 Feb 2012

MasterCard joins Visa in pushing PINs into America

MasterCard has published its roadmap for getting Americans to use chip-and-PIN cards in stores, following Visa's lead in proposing to replace swipe cards by April 2013.
Bill Ray, 01 Feb 2012

Drink diet pop all the time? Look forward to VASCULAR DEATH

News today calculated to disgruntle many a Reg reader – and some Reg hacks – as it has been revealed by boffinry that the daily glugging down of "diet" soft drinks increases the risk of "vascular events such as stroke, heart attack, and vascular death".
Lewis Page, 01 Feb 2012

Kinect for Windows ships with SDK 1.0

Microsoft started shipping Kinect for Windows hardware today alongside version 1.0 of the official Kinect for Windows SDK, expanding the company's motion-control operation from Xbox 360 gaming to desktop computing.
Caleb Cox, 01 Feb 2012
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Court defies Apple demand to ban Samsung tablet

The Munich Regional Court has chucked out an Apple request to impose a ban on the sale of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1N tablet and on the South Korean giant's Galaxy Nexus smartphone.
Hard Reg, 01 Feb 2012

Microsoft ad campaign savages Google over privacy

UpdatedMicrosoft is launching a three-day advertising campaign in the US, offering itself as the privacy-respecting alternative to Google.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Feb 2012

Portland Jedi jailed for lightsabre rampage

The Portland man who defeated a police Taser with a Jedi lightsabre has been jailed for 45 days.
Lester Haines, 01 Feb 2012

Ex-Apple engineer emits Zevo ZFS for Mac OS

An ex-Apple engineer's startup has produced Zevo: ZFS for Mac OS.
Chris Mellor, 01 Feb 2012
homeless man with sign

Seagate slam-dunks flood-hit rivals with triple-profit Q2

Seagate, the world's numero uno disk drive manufacturer, notched up a brilliant second 2012 quarter with revenues and profits soaring up above flood-diminished rival WD.
Chris Mellor, 01 Feb 2012
Broken CD with wrench

Oracle reels off one exabyte in tape storage

Oracle has been boasting about its dominance in tape, saying it has now shipped more than an exabyte's worth of media for StorageTek T10000C tape drives in the nine months after its release – a faster ramp than for any other StorageTek product.
Chris Mellor, 01 Feb 2012

Japan takes second shot at extraterrestrial sampling with Hayabusa 2

The Japanese space agency (JAXA) has confirmed a new mission to collect samples from an asteroid and return them safely to earth, and has set the target as 1999 JU3 - one of the damper asteroids in range.
Iain Thomson, 01 Feb 2012

Fairfax bunkers down after alleged hack

Two Fairfax sites remain offline this morning after they were apparently compromised, with the possible loss of credit card information.
Richard Chirgwin, 01 Feb 2012

Optus trumps Telstra in war for digital PVR freedom

Optus has vanquished Telstra and its claims on a multi million dollar rights deal for the online broadcasting of National Rugby League (NRL) and Australian Football League (AFL) footage.
Natalie Apostolou, 01 Feb 2012

Facebook files for IPO, seeks $5bn

As expected, Facebook has announced the terms of its initial public offering and is looking to raise $5bn.
Iain Thomson, 01 Feb 2012

Telstra joins global video cabal

Telstra has teamed with eight other international carriers to form the Global Meeting Alliance, a group that aims to support the commercial interests of business video services.
Natalie Apostolou, 01 Feb 2012

Researchers pitch switch to electronic prescriptions

Sydney health researchers are calling for the rapid implementation of electronic prescriptions in the country’s hospitals, to try and cut the rate of errors resulting from doctors’ poor handwriting.
Richard Chirgwin, 01 Feb 2012

Ukraine file-sharing site disappears

Microsoft Ukraine has disclaimed responsibility for the shut-down of Ukranian file-sharing site Ex.ua, which that country’s government has shuttered for copyright infringement.
Richard Chirgwin, 01 Feb 2012

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