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Currency flux incapacitates IBM's Q4 sales

The fact that IBM's $29.5bn in sales in the fourth quarter (up 1.6 per cent) was about $200m shy of Wall Street's expectations was not as big a deal to the company's top brass as the fact that net income of $5.5bn was up 4.4 per cent and higher than the Street anticipated.

Google shares tank after disappointing financial report

Google’s share price fell sharply after the company released results that underperformed market expectations, with after-hours trading seeing the stock price fall by nearly ten per cent.
Iain Thomson, 20 Jan 2012

Microsoft blames poor Windows sales on PC slump

Microsoft has released its quarterly results, and reports that Windows revenues are down 6 per cent when compared with the previous quarter.
Iain Thomson, 20 Jan 2012
Iomega TV With Boxee and Network Storage

Iomega TV with Boxee

ReviewI’ve reviewed various models in Iomega’s ScreenPlay range in the past and, to be honest, haven’t been wildly impressed by any of them. Weaknesses such as the inability to list album tracks in the correct order suggested that Iomega’s designers hadn’t exactly thought things through properly.
Cliff Joseph, 20 Jan 2012

Online ad body: Let's slather 'opt out' icons everywhere

An advertising icon that explains to internet users about online behavioural advertising (OBA) should be displayed alongside almost every ad regardless of whether they themselves are targeted ads, an industry body has said.
OUT-LAW.COM, 20 Jan 2012

NASA shuts off Voyager 1's central heating

NASA has switched off a heater on a part of the Voyager 1 probe, plunging the temperature of its one functioning instrument to below minus 110° Fahrenheit (minus 79°C) – well below the minimum temps of minus 31° Fahrenheit (minus 35° C) at which it was designed to operate.
Adam Smith, 20 Jan 2012

NHS has to pay docs to put life-sign sensors in patients' digs

An NHS Trust is having to pay GPs to use its new cost-cutting Telehealth project - which sticks sensors in patients' homes to monitor their life signs.
Anna Leach, 20 Jan 2012
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Coraid schmoozes Euro Nexenta distie sextet

Six European Nexenta disties are setting up EraStor to sell pre-built Nexenta/Super Micro storage servers, and there is a Coraid Ethernet storage array connection.
Chris Mellor, 20 Jan 2012

Hold on a sec - leap seconds granted a last-minute reprieve

A decision to kill leap seconds and permanently change how time is measured has been deferred until 2015 by the International Telecommunication Union.
Gavin Clarke, 20 Jan 2012
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Avnet: Server thieves snatched our privates

UpdatedAvnet Technology Solutions has admitted that server hard disks stolen during a break-in at one of its offices contained confidential data on staff, reseller customers and vendors.
Paul Kunert, 20 Jan 2012
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Quantum physics to encrypt clouds of the future - boffins

Boffins looking for the perfect alliance between science and technology have married quantum computing to the future of IT - the cloud.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 20 Jan 2012

Nike fuels fitness with fresh workout wristband

Nike continued to put the swish into fitness trackers this week, unveiling its latest wristband to aid the conscious calorie consumer.
Caleb Cox, 20 Jan 2012

Sony squares up with Walkman refinement

Sony has spruced-up its MP3 player collection with another refresh of its Walkman music clips.
Caleb Cox, 20 Jan 2012
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Poll: Linux's big data guzzling worries melt away

Concerns about using Linux on servers to crunch huge data workloads are evaporating, according a survey.
Gavin Clarke, 20 Jan 2012

American search team fails to find women's G-spot

US researchers have concluded that there's little evidence to support the existence of the legendary Gräfenberg Spot - a bundle of nerves located in the front wall of the vagina which can supposedly cause the earth to move.
Lester Haines, 20 Jan 2012

'Why would I make any more Star Wars movies?'

QuotwThis was the week in which Google tiptoed into the weird end of the news when it patented tracking your fridge - yes, your fridge. The designs describe registering the change of ownership of an appliance as well as storing info about its usage in a communications card.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 20 Jan 2012
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RM cuts loose Easytrace, flogs AMI biz as top boss legs it

Education technology provider RM has cut loose its loss-making access control and cashless catering system wing of its AMI business, known as Easytrace.
Team Register, 20 Jan 2012

Apple to take sales space in posh people's shop Harrods

Apple is set to open a shrunken version of its Apple Store in the toffs' shopping establishment, Harrods.
Caleb Cox, 20 Jan 2012

Twitter gobbles news-foraging mobile app startup

Twitter has bought news-hungry Canadian startup Summify for an undisclosed sum. The upstart biz, which developed a mobile app that automatically rifles through articles being shared across social networks and gathers them together, will up sticks to Twitter's San Francisco office.
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Jan 2012
Samsung NX200

Samsung NX200 20.3Mp APS-C compact system camera

ReviewSamsung's NX200 compact system camera (CSC) is not a mere upgrade of its predecessor but a game-changer for the company’s place in the mirrorless cameras market. Not only does the NX200 look completely different to the NX100 but Samsung has also upped its game and provided this newcomer with head-turning specs designed to attract enthusiasts and semi-pro users.
Catherine Monfils, 20 Jan 2012

Iranian coder faces execution 'for building smut websites'

A programmer faces imminent execution in Iran after the country's supreme court upheld his conviction for "developing and promoting pornographic websites".
John Leyden, 20 Jan 2012

BT biz broadband staggers to its feet after 4-hour titsup

BT suffered what it described as a "major business broadband problem" today, which kicked off at about 07.25 GMT.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 20 Jan 2012

Ancient tulip-like stomach-onna-stick creatures found in Rockies

Fossil-boffins probing into the remains of a soft-bodied tulip animal that lived in the Rockies 500 million years ago have just published a paper revealing the secrets of the weird creature.
Anna Leach, 20 Jan 2012
Nokia Lumia 800

Windows Phone to overtake iOS in 2015

Nokia's ever-expanding friendship with Microsoft means that come 2015, the Windows Phone platform will overtake Apple's iOS as the world's second most-favoured operating system after Android.
Caleb Cox, 20 Jan 2012

Mozilla pushes browser-based alternative to passwords

Mozilla is promoting a browser-based alternative to usernames and passwords for website logins.
John Leyden, 20 Jan 2012

Page won't show his ring to prove Google+ 'engagement'

AnalysisMountain View is still struggling to explain exactly how many of the people who have at least signed in once to its social network are actually sticking around and sharing posts with other users.
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Jan 2012

Use iBooks Author, only Apple can ever publish the result

Budding authors attracted to Apple's latest content-creating tool should tread with care lest the small print locks them in tighter than they'd imagined.
Bill Ray, 20 Jan 2012

Boffins cook up transparent solar car roof

Like the idea of a car that has the all-round clear viewing of a convertible but doesn't let the rain in? Philips and chemicals giant BASF are working on the basis for just such a notion, using OLED technology.
Hard Reg, 20 Jan 2012

Feds: Apple, Google, Adobe, Intel, Pixar had wage-fixing no-poach pact

Emails between Apple, Adobe, Intel and others are making them look bad as the US Justice Department mounts a case against them for setting up "anti-poaching" deals in which they allegedly agreed not to hire each other's people away.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 20 Jan 2012

Sci-tech cheerleader NESTA spared from quango bonfire

The government has secured the future of the science and tech quango NESTA, which was previously uncertain. Like the Design Council, NESTA will be reconstituted as a charity, the Department for Business said today.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Jan 2012

Supremes: Congress can extend copyright terms if it wants to

The US Supreme Court has rejected a case that argued that works whose copyright terms have once expired should remain in the public domain, even if the term of copyright is subsequently extended to cover them again.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Jan 2012

Ingram Micro supremo logs off for good

Ingram Micro chief exec Greg Spierkel is today standing down after nearly six years in charge.
Chris Williams, 20 Jan 2012

Microsoft admits graphical glitch with Xbox dashboard

Microsoft today confessed there are graphical issues surrounding the latest version of its Xbox 360 UI, Dashboard, but insisted an update to fix the problem is already in the works.
Caleb Cox, 20 Jan 2012

German court shoots down patent gripe against Apple

A German court in Mannheim has ruled against one of the patents in a suit brought by Samsung against Apple, one of the many battlegrounds in the tech titans' patent wars.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 20 Jan 2012

Micron buys PCIe extender Virtensys, backers trouser hefty payout

SSD maker, Flash and DRAM fab operator Micron is buying Virtensys, a startup selling PCIe-sharing appliances
Chris Mellor, 20 Jan 2012
Intel Sandy Bridge Xeon

Intel's Xeon E5 to (finally) launch in Q1

Intel's president and CEO Paul Otellini said in a conference call with Wall Street analysts after the market closed yesterday that the "Sandy Bridge-EP" Xeon E5 processors and their related "Romley" server platforms, are now in volume shipment and due to be launched during the first quarter, as was widely speculated.

Iranian gov mouthpiece Press TV finally gets taken off the air in the UK

Iranian government-backed broadcaster Press TV has finally got its fondest wish and lost its UK broadcast licence, but its martyrdom is self-inflicted rather than the result of any government conspiracy.
Bill Ray, 20 Jan 2012

Alcohol DOUBLES LIFESPAN, helps resist stress

Pour yourself another one, quickly, as scientists have proven that alcohol can double life-span.
Anna Leach, 20 Jan 2012

Congress puts PIPA and SOPA on back burner

Political leaders have cancelled plans to vote on the SOPA and PIPA legislation currently before Congress, saying more time is needed to examine the issue.
Iain Thomson, 20 Jan 2012

Intel stirs up management team

Management changes at Intel make it more clear who might end up running the company – after the current execs decide to retire many years hence – and who is going to be leading the fight against ARM processors at the bottom of the Intel line and RISC processors at the top.

Intel chieftain outlines broad tablet, smartphone blitz

Intel CEO Paul Otellini sees his company moving into all levels of the tablet and handset markets, from Android and Windows 8 fondleslabs to smartphones, feature phones, and what he dubbed "value phones".
Rik Myslewski, 20 Jan 2012

Redmond campaigns for gay marriage rights

Microsoft has thrown its political weight behind a new law in its home state of Washington that would set up equal marriage rights for LGBT couples, an effort joined by local employers RealNetworks and Nike.
Iain Thomson, 20 Jan 2012

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