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Ten... Colour laser printers

Ten... colour laser printers

ReviewThere are two main technologies that can put colour text and graphics on paper; inkjet and laser. Though inkjet makers like Epson and HP have tried to push inkjets into the lower end of the office market, it’s still dominated by colour lasers, due to their speed and the high permanence of solid toner over liquid ink.
Simon Williams, 26 Nov 2011
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Asda 'geekend' offers are for the birds

Asda is opening the doors to its bargain basement grotto this weekend with supposedly cut-price deals on internet access devices and mobile data tariffs.
Paul Kunert, 26 Nov 2011

TiVo subscriptions go up – for the first time in 4 years

TiVo in the US has definitively turned the corner, increasing the number of Tivo subscribers in the quarter for the first time in four years, turning a 33,000 deficit last quarter into a 117,000 gain this quarter. This long awaited milestone was greeted in the current US investment market with a yawn, and no significant rise in share value, partially because TiVo is still throwing off losses, a fact that is almost certain to change as its MSO based subscriber base continues to grow in the next few quarters.
Faultline, 26 Nov 2011

US Martian nuke-truck launches without a hitch, but...

UpdatedThe rig is up. NASA's Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission launched successfully and precisely on schedule – at 10:02am Eastern time on Saturday morning (3:02pm UTC), but within minutes ran into telemetry problems.
Rik Myslewski, 26 Nov 2011

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