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Oz teachers lugging obsolete lappies

A change to government policy in Victoria will see teachers saddled with old and discontinued laptops under a four-year lease that they have to pay for out of their own pockets.
Richard Chirgwin, 01 Sep 2011

Antitrust nemesis accuses Google of 'WMD program'

Foundem – the UK-based vertical search engine that sparked antitrust investigations into Google on both sides of the Atlantic – has accused the web giant of demoting vertical search competitors with the latest major update to its famous search algorithms, an update officially aimed at reducing "webspam".
Cade Metz, 01 Sep 2011
Samsung Tocco Icon S5260

Samsung Tocco Icon budget mobile

ReviewWhile smartphones grab the headlines and an ever-increasing slice of the market, cheap 'n' cheerful feature phones that focus on the basic job of communicating have had to raise their game. Indeed, the Tocco Icon builds on Samsung’s Tocco Lite, upgrading the touch screen from resistive to capacitive and adding Wi-Fi.
Dave Oliver, 01 Sep 2011

Sony Android tablets in-bound

IFA 2011Sony will bring its Android tablet and would-be iPad beater, the 9.4in, 1280x800 Tablet S, to Europe this month.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2011

Scotland Yard cancels £20m IT tender

The Metropolitan Police Authority has cancelled its tender for a new custody and case-preparation system in favour of using a framework run by the Government Procurement Service.
Sony CDX-DAB700U

Sony drives DAB+ motoring

IFA 2011Sony has announced its first DAB+ car radio that’s due to hit the road early next year. The CDX-DAB700U is touted as a CD receiver with DAB/DAB+/DMB-R support as well as FM/AM reception.
Bob Dormon, 01 Sep 2011

UBS tells IT contractors: Take a 10% pay cut ... or 100%

UK contract IT staff at Swiss bank UBS have been given the choice of taking a 10 per cent pay cut or receiving four weeks' notice.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 01 Sep 2011
Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S

Sony Ericsson launches Xperia Arc S

IFA 2011Sony has given its Xperia Android smartphones range a boost with the Arc S, it’s fastest model yet featuring a 1.4GHz CPU.
Bob Dormon, 01 Sep 2011
Ford Focus 2011

Ford readies in-car Sync for 2012 release

IFA 2011Ford today re-iterated its plan to bring its voice-activated in-car navigation and entertainment system, Sync, to the UK next year.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2011

Haiti study: Mass mobile phone tracking can be laudable

A new study uses the movements of mobile phones during the Haiti earthquake, and cholera epidemic, to accurately show where people went during the disasters, and where help should be delivered.
Bill Ray, 01 Sep 2011

The real reason Google bought Motorola

AnalysisI think we all know that Google's pretty good at, um, obeying tax laws to the letter. For example, they've paid an entire £8m in UK corporation tax on revenues of some £6bn from 2004 to 2010.
Tim Worstall, 01 Sep 2011
Ford Evos cloud-connected concept car

Ford unwraps Evos cloud-connected concept car

IFA 2011Now, we're not sure we entirely approve of a cloud-connected car capable of resetting your alarm clock - also net linked - because a colleague has delayed a meeting, but that's the vision Ford pitched today at IFA.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2011

US judge tells Levi's to take its Euro problems to Europe

A US court has said that it did not have a duty to rule whether an online trader had breached EU trademark laws.
OUT-LAW.COM, 01 Sep 2011
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iOS App of the WeekI often use the camera on my iPhone to take quick snapshots of telephone numbers and other bits of information that I see when I’m out and about during the day. When I get home, I have to write the info down somewhere, or maybe enter it into my contacts or some other app on the iPhone.
Cliff Joseph, 01 Sep 2011

UK-US corporate world slams 'dot-brand' domain plans

Lobby groups representing a majority of US advertisers and online media companies have demanded that domain name overseer ICANN slam the brakes on its controversial new generic top-level domains programme.
Kevin Murphy, 01 Sep 2011

Apple Store newspaper headlock may be slipping

CommentThere was praise aplenty last week when Steve Jobs stepped aside as Apple CEO. Jobs was lauded as the saviour of newspapers and the man who halted the "inevitable" trend towards unpaid or low-paid production of free digital media. But like the Marshall Plan aid, the Jobs Plan aid came at a very high price.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Sep 2011
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Samsung's Galaxy Tab 7.7 gets aired

IFA 2011At IFA in Berlin today, Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Tab 7.7 Android tablet and, with its 1280 x 800-pixel touchscreen, claimed a world’s first for display resolution on a 7.7in tablet.
Bob Dormon, 01 Sep 2011

Tricky Xbox 360 hack claimed to work 1 try in 4

Hackers reckon they have come up with a way to circumvent the security of Xbox 360 gaming consoles via an attack that allows them to inject unsigned code into the heart of the system.
John Leyden, 01 Sep 2011

Deciphering the secrets of network encryption

Modern data centres are pools of shared resources and segmenting the data in them has become a requirement as much for regulatory as for security reasons. It is no longer enough simply to provide access and expect individual users to take care of security themselves.
Trevor Pott, 01 Sep 2011

Prototype iPhone 5 lost in bar, right on schedule

Apple has to wonder if it's really hiring the cream of the crop when another of its employees manages to leave a another prototype iPhone in a bar.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 01 Sep 2011

Vivendi ponders EMI buy, as its games biz rivals music

The world's biggest record company, Vivendi-owned Universal Music, is looking at EMI – but is non-committal about an acquisition.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Sep 2011
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IBM builds biggest-ever disk for secret customer

AnalysisFlash may be one cutting edge of storage action, but big data is causing developments at the other side of the storage pond, with IBM developing a 120 petabyte 200,000-disk array.
Chris Mellor, 01 Sep 2011

UK to make White Space devices legal

The feedback from Ofcom's consultation on White Space has convinced the regulator to push ahead of Europe and get deployments by 2013 – if the technology can be shown to work.
Bill Ray, 01 Sep 2011
Philips Fidelio Headphones L1

Philips extends Fidelio sound quality to headphones

IFA 2011We've rated the quality of the sound pumped out by Philips Fidelio family of iPod docks - now Android friendly, thanks to the micro USB docking tech into the new AS111, AS351and AS851 speakers - and we have to give an initial thumbs up to its first Fidelio headphones too.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2011
Crystal Video WHDI dongle

Crystal Video wireless HDMI kit

ReviewWHDI really can send HD video across a house at 1080p resolution and without compression. But for the same money you could get a pair of Blu-ray players, so you've got to really care about streaming that content.
Bill Ray, 01 Sep 2011

Rugby World Cup reporters swap identities in login glitch

The Rugby World Cup has hit a security snag just over a week before the eagerly awaited tournament kicks off in New Zealand.
John Leyden, 01 Sep 2011
Samsung Galaxy Note new smartphone concept

Samsung outs 5in Galaxy Note as new smartphone concept

IFA 2011We now know what the Samsung Galaxy Note - the product name leaked last week alongside the Galaxy Tab 7.7 - actually is. It's a "new type of smartphone", apparently.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2011

Openwave sues: Asks for halt on iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry

Mobile pioneer Openwave has launched action against Apple and RIM, claiming patent infringements and asking for a ban on US imports of Apple and RIM's infringing kit as well as the traditional damages.
Bill Ray, 01 Sep 2011

TomTom fights falling satnav sales with iPad app

TomTom has released an app for Apple's iPad as sales of its flagship personal navigation devices (PNDs) continue to fall.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 01 Sep 2011

LG backs Sharp, Philips would-be TV apps standard

IFA 2011LG has joined an initiative established by Philips and Sharp to create a standard platform for television apps.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2011
Sharp 8K4K hi-res prototype TV

Sharp shows off 8K4K hi-res prototype telly

IFA 2011At IFA, Berlin Sharp set about wowing its press audience with a European premiere of it Super Hi-Vision 8K4K, 85in LCD TV, developed in collaboration with Japanese broadcaster NHK.
Bob Dormon, 01 Sep 2011

Microsoft delivers 'copy Apple' Windows 8 message

With Windows 8, Microsoft is joining Apple and Linux-shop Canonical in trying to make its signature operating system mouse-free and more touchable for use on devices like tablets.
Gavin Clarke, 01 Sep 2011
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You like Flash, you like cache: Put 'em together to form ...

Wasting no time in following the trend, Fusion-io has integrated recently-acquired ioTurbine flash caching software with its hardware to create ... ioCache.
Chris Mellor, 01 Sep 2011

All WikiLeaks' secret US cables are on BitTorrent in full

Wikileaks has accused a Guardian journalist of negligently publishing the passphrase for a database of unredacted secret US diplomatic cables in a book. The encrypted database is available on BitTorrent.
John Leyden, 01 Sep 2011

Twitter to serve unsolicited ads in Facebook style

Twitter is to start pushing adverts from companies which Twitter users are not following into their tweet streams, but only ones it has decided they will be interested in: so that's OK then.
Bill Ray, 01 Sep 2011

Lawsuit alleges that Windows Phone 7 tracks users

Microsoft is facing a lawsuit that claims it tracks the location of its smartphone users, even if they ask not to be followed.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 01 Sep 2011
Toshiba Excite AT200 Android 3.2 tablet

Toshiba outs 'world's thinnest, lightest' tablet

IFA 2011Sneaky Toshiba. A day after saying its thick Thrive tablet is coming to Europe as the AT100, it unveiled a 7.7mm fondleslab, the AT200 - set to ship in the States as the Excite.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2011
Toshiba 55ZL2 glasses-free 3D TV

Toshiba: Europeans to get specs-less 3D TV by year's end

IFA 2011Toshiba's specs-less 3D TV, the 55ZL2, will be out in Europe by the end of the year.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2011
fingers pointing at man

TMS adds software services to RamSans

We have heard from a reliable TMS source that the company is working on a "software services solution".
Chris Mellor, 01 Sep 2011
Cloud desktop

Google App Engine exits preview and ups prices

Google App Engine is taking off its training wheels and charging real money from the second half of September.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 01 Sep 2011
Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook

First Ultrabooks surface at IFA

IFA 2011While Toshiba was announcing the Portégé Z830 - a 18mm-thick 13.3in notebook matched to Intel's Ultrabook spec - Lenovo was taking the wraps off the IdeaPad U300s - also an Ultrabook.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2011

Big Blue's math shows Algorithmics worth $387m

IBM has embiggened its Software Group for the second time this week with the $387m acquisition of Algorithmics. The company is a specialist in risk analytics software, which it will cram into its ever-bulging quiver full of business analytics arrows.

VCE goes for Zaphod Beeblebrox management style

Two heads are better than one: Cisco and EMC's VCE joint-venture is moving forward with a chairman and a president, but no CEO.
Chris Mellor, 01 Sep 2011
Samsung NX200

Samsung unveils 20Mp EVIL shooter

IFA 2011At IFA today, Samsung upped the ante on the EVIL (electronic viewfinder, interchangeable lenses) marketplace by introducing the NX200, sporting a 20.3Mp APS-C CMOS sensor. Besides being a stills shooter capable with RAW support, the NX200 captures video at full HD 1080p at 30fps with stereo audio.
Bob Dormon, 01 Sep 2011

'Anon member' claims credit for WikiLeaks takedown

A Twitter user who claims affiliation to the infamous Anonymous hacktivist collective has claimed responsibility for launching denial of service attacks that floored WikiLeaks on Tuesday night.
John Leyden, 01 Sep 2011

Apple blasted for toxic waste spewed by iDevice suppliers

Apple has come under blistering criticism after Chinese environmentalists accused Cupertino's Chinese partners of discharging toxic metals when manufacturing iPhones, iPads, and other must-have products.
Dan Goodin, 01 Sep 2011

Apple girds loins for 'obscene iPad sales surge'

If you need any further proof that the iPad will continue to dominate the tablet market, here's a bit of news that should remove all doubt: Foxconn, the Chinese supplier of Apple's fabulously successful fondleslab, will ship 20 million iPad 2s this quarter.
Rik Myslewski, 01 Sep 2011

Judge kneecaps Oracle's $1.3bn triumph over SAP

A federal judge has tossed out a November jury award would have seen SAP pay $1.3 billion to arch-rival Oracle for theft of its intellectual property.
Cade Metz, 01 Sep 2011

Did NBN Co’s recruiters miss CFO's accident prone past?

The sudden exit of NBN Co’s CFO, Jean-Pascal Beaufret, raises doubts over the original selection process by which the French executive was given charge over the purse strings of the Australian government’s most ambitious infrastructure project.
Natalie Apostolou, 01 Sep 2011

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