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Apotheker prescribes transformation elixir for HP

As everyone knows by now, Hewlett-Packard is trying to buy the British software company Autonomy as it shuts down its webOS hardware business and hopes to spin off its Personal Systems Group.

Better sunspot forecasts on the way

With a solar maximum expected next year, predicting sunspot activity is going to be a hot topic. An international team of scientists has announced that it can identify emerging sunspots earlier than is currently possible.
Richard Chirgwin, 19 Aug 2011

Apple augments reality, tells you where to go

Apple has filed a patent application for putting a mash-up of augmented reality and turn-by-turn navigation onto your iPhone.
Rik Myslewski, 19 Aug 2011

HP chief bows to Jobsian cult

Why is HP killing its webOS tablet and hoping to spin-off its PC business?
Cade Metz, 19 Aug 2011

AES crypto broken by 'groundbreaking' attack

UpdatedCryptographers have discovered a way to break the Advanced Encryption Standard used to protect everything from top-secret government documents to online banking transactions.
Dan Goodin, 19 Aug 2011
RIM BlackBerry Bold 9900

RIM BlackBerry Bold 9900

ReviewWith Android steaming ahead of Apple in terms of sales, and Windows Phone 7 soon to launch on Nokia handsets, RIM has got its work cut out to make sure BlackBerry can stay relevant and desirable in these fast-paced times.
Dave Oliver, 19 Aug 2011

ISS 'naut shoots first ever 3D footage in space

3D VidThe European Space Agency (ESA) is chuffed as ninepence to release the first ever 3D video shot in space. The vid, which can be viewed in all its glory using a 3D TV or conventional red/blue stereo specs, was shot by NASA astronaut Ron Garan aboard the International Space Station using a futuristic shoebox-sized camera developed by the ESA.
Lewis Page, 19 Aug 2011

ID and Passport Service uncloaks 2012 online plans

The Identity and Passport Service (IPS) is to introduce a new online passport application service in early 2012 in an effort to improve its interactions with customers.
Luke Skywalker with binoculars

Sony preps Luke Skywalker-style digital binoculars

Now you too can hunt missing droids in the Jundland Wastes thanks to Sony - and its new "world's first" digital binoculars.
Tony Smith, 19 Aug 2011

Hits keep on coming: HP buys Autonomy for $11bn cash

HP has confirmed it is buying Cambridge-based enterprise software company Autonomy for $10.24bn (£6.2bn).
John Oates, 19 Aug 2011

Average sozzled Brit sinks 5,800 pints during life

A "shock" survey has revealed that the average Brit will sink 5,800 pints during a lifetime of hardened drinking, washed down with 8,700 glasses of wine, 2,900 bottles of cider, 5,800 shots of spirits, 1,450 cocktails, 1,450 glasses of liquor and a similar number of glasses of bubbly.
Lester Haines, 19 Aug 2011

Man builds gadget to silence annoying TV pundits

Whether it's Brian Cox telling you how amazing everything is or the Go Compare guy wobbling around to the rehashed tune he sings, television is awash with codswallop that can easily become annoying.
Caleb Cox, 19 Aug 2011

Dragons Den Jones to offload Data Select to management

Dragons Den star Peter Jones is understood to be in talks with the management team at Data Select to sell the mobile distributor, according to industry sources.
Paul Kunert, 19 Aug 2011

Sky Movies too expensive, says Competition Commission

Sky's movie business, enjoyed by a third of the households in Britain, may be devastated by a new competition ruling. The Competition Commission's investigation into the pay TV movie business has made a preliminary conclusion – and reckons punters are paying £50m to £60m more each year than they should.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Aug 2011

LOHAN will return to Earth by flying (open) sourcer

We at the El Reg Special Projects Bureau are delighted to welcome the OpenPilot initiative aboard our Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) programme.
Lester Haines, 19 Aug 2011
Optical Vortex

Scientists devise 260GB CD-size glass disc storage tech

Superman's "memory crystals" have flown out of the realm of fiction into fact now that boffins have found a way to store 50GB of data in a disc of glass no bigger than the screen of a basic mobile phone.
Caleb Cox, 19 Aug 2011

China Mobile pushes Jobs for Sino-flava 4G iPhone

China Mobile has 7.44 million iPhones on its network, despite not selling them or even offering a 3G network, so there's huge potential if it can get the iPhone 4 speaking Chinese.
Bill Ray, 19 Aug 2011

BOFH: Beer, shinies, death by fire, rats IN THAT ORDER

Episode 12
Simon Travaglia, 19 Aug 2011

Hundreds of Brit pubs to offer free WiFi

BT Openzone and Heineken are teaming up to offer drinkers in 100 UK pubs Wi-Fi access.
John Oates, 19 Aug 2011
Blade Runner

Ridley Scott confirmed for Blade Runner pre/sequel

Ridley Scott is to return to his vision of a futuristic Los Angeles by directing a follow-up to the 1982 SF classic Blade Runner.
Caleb Cox, 19 Aug 2011
Motorola Atrix Lapdock

Motorola Atrix Lapdock

Accessory of the WeekIf you had thought that Motorola’s Android offerings might have ended up as the also-rans in the mêlée of Googlephone handsets, then recent events in the mobile marketplace would suggest it could well be the standard bearer. The Chocolate Factory’s bid for Motorola’s Mobility division – the handset and tablet line – certainly seems to suggest that buying into Motorola kit might not be a bad idea. It's not like there haven't been a few temptations either.
Bob Dormon, 19 Aug 2011

T-Mobile JavaScript comment stripper breaks websites

Attempts by T-Mobile to speed up mobile data connections are breaking websites.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Aug 2011

Lib Dems want pirate-friendly, one-speed net

InterviewLib Dems are appealing to the vital online pirate vote at this year's party conference, putting the membership on collision course with LibDem ministers in the coalition government. In a new IT policy paper called "Preparing The Ground", a team of party activists led by Cambridge MP Julian Huppert calls for the Digital Economy Act to be gutted of its copyright measures. It also threatens new legislation to ensure all "traffic flows at the same speed", and wants the IR35 contractor tax suspended.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Aug 2011

Poor IT could leave Brit troops hanging in Afghanistan

Poor IT is threatening defence supplies until a new programme is implemented in 2014, a group of MPs has warned in a new report.
arrow pointing up

P10000: What HP wants to make instead of PCs, tablets

Recent rumours have renewed storage industry interest in a forthcoming topping-out of the HP 3PAR range with the P10000.
Chris Mellor, 19 Aug 2011
Amazon Kindle Lighted Cover

Brits buy more e-books than other Euro readers

Brits are embracing e-books more enthusiastically than anyone in Europe, the numbers show.
Tony Smith, 19 Aug 2011

New Apple move against Galaxy Tab on Euro front

Apple has told the Dutch court it expects Samsung to write to all its European dealers recalling Galaxy phones and tablets, with stock to be returned within 14 days at Samsung's expense.
Bill Ray, 19 Aug 2011
server room

Nexsan stuffs its box with Tosh flash

Nexsan's E5000 flash-accelerated NAS box uses new Tosh flash.
Chris Mellor, 19 Aug 2011
Sony NGP

Sony: PlayStation Vita will win gamers back from tablets, phones

Sony has hit back at analysts who say its PlayStation Vita will struggle in the face of smartphone and tablet gaming, insisting punters will in fact discard those rival products for the Sony handheld. Shocker!
Caleb Cox, 19 Aug 2011

Hardware-happy HP has swallowed a Sun death pill

AnalysisLeo Apotheker has joined a long line of Silicon Valley CEOs who have struggled to stop their hardware-centric tech companies slipping into the dustbin of history.
Gavin Clarke, 19 Aug 2011

Hedge fund agitator grapples for helm at Brocade

Brocade has reported its quarterly results with a disappointing outlook and found itself the target of an activist hedge fund investor, Elliot Management, scenting under-valued assets it can profit from.
Chris Mellor, 19 Aug 2011
graph up

Brussels objects to WD's Hitachi GST purchase

The European Union is objecting to Western Digital's proposed purchase of Hitachi GST on antitrust grounds.
Chris Mellor, 19 Aug 2011
DVD it in many colours

HP's WebOS mess: When smartphone assets go toxic

On Tuesday, HP was talking to the Wall Street Journal about putting WebOS in stoves, fridges and cars. By Thursday, HP didn't even want to put WebOS into smartphones and tablets. The platform has been cast adrift just a year after HP completed its $1.2bn purchase of Palm. While it works out what to do with WebOS, HP is canning all development of TouchPad and phones, as it abandons its consumer electronics ambitions.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Aug 2011

Apple, HTC trim phone forecasts as markets tank

Apple and HTC may be locked in mortal patent combat, but they do agree on one thing: the world economy appears poised to slide into the crapper. Again.
Rik Myslewski, 19 Aug 2011

Googlola's closed source Android temptation

Open...and ShutGoogle has long played Android a bit closer to the vest than some would like.
Matt Asay, 19 Aug 2011

SGI (almost) doubles sales, (almost) halves losses

Silicon Graphics' latest financial report shows that it's growing and moving towards profitability – but it's not quite there yet.

Insulin pump attack prompts call for federal probe

The hack of a commercially available insulin pump that diabetics can control wirelessly has attracted the attention of US lawmakers who oversee the safety of the nation's airwaves.
Dan Goodin, 19 Aug 2011
Broken CD with wrench

Lustre file system set for spit 'n' polish

Whamcloud, the startup created in July 2010 to continue development of the open source Lustre supercomputer file system, has secured a $2.1m contract from OpenSFS to spruce it up with new features and functions.

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