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Aussie nano tech project gets AU$15m in global VC funding

A Queensland-based nanotech start-up has secured AU$15m in funding from a group of international biotechnology investors.
Natalie Apostolou, 03 Aug 2011

Internet use ‘rampant’: ASIO boss

Australia’s national security is at risk, according to the Director-General of ASIO – the Australian National Intelligence Organisation – partly because of “rampant use of the Internet”.
Richard Chirgwin, 03 Aug 2011

Net economy bigger than Ben Hur

The Internet isn’t just a curiousity or a medium for transmitting videos of cats and naughty bits: according to a Deloitte Access Economics report, its aggregate impact on the economy rivals that of Australia’s retail sector.
Richard Chirgwin, 03 Aug 2011

Apple job post hints at office web apps

An Apple job listing may indicate that the company is building new web-based versions of its iWork office applications.
Cade Metz, 03 Aug 2011

Game graphics could be 100,000 times better

An Australian company claims to have developed technology to make computer game graphics "100,000 times better" than current-gen systems.
Caleb Cox, 03 Aug 2011
Pure Sirocco 550

Pure Sirocco 550 music combo

ReviewPure has pumped out tabletop digital radios and pocket portables for yonks, but largely avoided micro hi-fi. The notable execptions being its DMX and Legato products a few years ago, the inexpensive DAB-equipped Sirocco 150 in 2009, and this new 550 model.
Ian Calcutt, 03 Aug 2011

UK software and services market wedged in U-bend

The UK software and IT services (SITS) industry will limp along for at least the rest of this year and the next before staging a very gradual recovery.
Paul Kunert, 03 Aug 2011

HMRC online tax systems slammed by Private Forum for Biz

HM Revenues and Customs' sprawling online tax systems are not up to the job and small biz folk are paying the price, says the Forum of Private Business (FPB).
Paul Kunert, 03 Aug 2011

Reg readers ponder LOHAN's substantial globes

Our Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) project is beginning to work up a good head of steam, as we begin to consider the practicalities of launching a rocket-powered spaceplane from under a whopping helium balloon at a not inconsiderable altitude.
Lester Haines, 03 Aug 2011
Boy slurps watermelon. Credit: Shutterstock

EMC gets acceleration injection from Asankya

EMC is buying part of Asankya, an application acceleration start-up whose technology is good news for cloud storage suppliers.
Chris Mellor, 03 Aug 2011

Dragon Bannatyne threatens to break arms of 'Russian' bloke

Dragon's Den star Duncan Bannatyne upset the gentle sensibility of the twitterati yesterday, after he forgot he wasn't talking to one bloke down the pub when making empty threats to break the arms of a "Russian".
Team Register, 03 Aug 2011

Samsung dives into spin-transfer torque

Samsung is going to walk the spin-transfer torque by buying Grandis, and will use its capabilities to develop next-generation memory.
Chris Mellor, 03 Aug 2011

Acoustic trauma: How wind farms make you sick

Industrial wind installations are creating a serious health issue, and comprehensive research is urgently needed, says a former Professor of Public Health.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Aug 2011

Ofcom says no to web-blocking

Several decisions made today have far-reaching implications for every UK internet user. Telco quango Ofcom has effectively killed web-blocking reserve powers that were passed into law a year ago, by arguing that they probably won't work. The government also announced today that it is endorsing all the proposals made in Ian Hargreaves "Google Review" into intellectual property – which recommends a number of copyright exemptions, and weakening rights for individual creators, such as amateur and professional photographers. Further details for the implementation of the Digital Economy Act have been disclosed. And to add to your reading indigestion, the government has outlined an international IP strategy and a new IP crime policy.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Aug 2011

Columbia debris emerges from Texas lake

A drought in Texas has revealed a piece of space shuttle Columbia, destroyed on re-entry over the state on 1 February, 2003.
Lester Haines, 03 Aug 2011

Microsoft man saves drowning woman

The cries of a drowning woman were missed by headphone-sporting joggers, leaving her to be rescued by a Microsoft worker.
Bill Ray, 03 Aug 2011

Bullfrog Syndicate

Antique Code ShowBullfrog’s innovative titles gave me some of my best 1990s gaming memories. Who could forget Populous and Dungeon Keeper? The pre-cyberpunk aesthetic of Syndicate mesmerised me and gave us Agent Smith before anyone had even heard of The Matrix. This game isn’t complex but as long as I have a Persuadertron, I am going to do well.
Lucy Orr, 03 Aug 2011

State-sponsored 5-year global cyberattack uncovered

A five-year operation targeting more than 70 global companies, governments and non-profit organisations was probably the work of an intelligence agency, according to McAfee.
John Leyden, 03 Aug 2011

MPs slam 'unworkable' one-size-fits-all NHS care records' system

The Department of Health has failed in its attempt to properly integrate electronic care records across the NHS system, MPs concluded in a scathing Public Accounts Committee report published this morning.
Kelly Fiveash, 03 Aug 2011
Sony NGP

Sony Vita to control PlayStation 3

Sony is touting a new feature for PlayStation 3 that uses the forthcoming PS Vita as a controller, in a way that sounds suspiciously similar to Nintendo's next-gen console, the Wii U
Caleb Cox, 03 Aug 2011

Two solicitors fined and suspended for file-sharer letters

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has suspended two lawyers and fined them £20,000 each for sending out thousands of letters accusing people of illegally sharing files.
John Oates, 03 Aug 2011

First smut site erected on .xxx address

The first porn site to use a .xxx web address has gone live, and domain manager ICM Registry has announced another way to make internet perving a "safer" experience.
Kevin Murphy, 03 Aug 2011

RIM launches five BlackBerry smarties

Research in Motion launched five smartphones today that run on the BlackBerry 7 Operating System. This latest refresh represents RIM's largest ever global launch.
Caleb Cox, 03 Aug 2011
Patriot Memory Wildfire SSD

Patriot Wildfire 120GB Sata 3 SSD

ReviewPatriot Memory’s latest Wildfire Sata 3 SSDs come with the promise of read and write speeds in excess of 500MB/s along with read and write IOPS in the 60K region. All of this blazing speed is available in 120GB (£240), 240GB (£420) and 480GB capacities – a 60GB version is in production, but not currently available in the UK.
Shaun Dormon, 03 Aug 2011

Union talks up offshoring dangers to UK economy

The Public and Commercial Services Union is warning that a wave of private sector jobs will inevitably move offshore as the government forces IT suppliers to cut costs.
Paul Kunert, 03 Aug 2011

UK police warns off hacktivists

UK police have taken the unusual step of warning prospective hacktivists that they risk arrest and prosecution if they get involved in denial of service or other forms of cyberattack.
John Leyden, 03 Aug 2011

Apple resellers squeezed out of volume licensing model

Channel bully boy Apple has got its Premium Resellers second-guessing whether they will again feature in its plans for volume licensing after they were told no margin will be paid on the recently unveiled Final Cut Pro X.
Paul Kunert, 03 Aug 2011

Ofcom clears 4G for maritime navigation

Ofcom's investigation into the potential for 4G telephony to knock out maritime radar has concluded that it just won't happen, at least not in any significant way.
Bill Ray, 03 Aug 2011

Oops! Ofcom's DCMS's own blocking easily visible to world+dog

Technical klutz Ofcom* says web-blocking laws will be ineffective, and so should not be implemented. It did so today in a heavily readacted report – where the redactions were easily readable by the entire world. Ofcom has now removed the ineptly censored study and replaced it with a password-protected version.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Aug 2011

Facebook buys ebook startup

Facebook has acquired Push Pop Press – a digital book publisher – for an undisclosed sum.
Kelly Fiveash, 03 Aug 2011
Bitcoin punch cards

Twitter-control botnet mines Bitcoins

Cybercrooks have begun using botnets of compromised machines to mine units of the Bitcoin virtual currency.
John Leyden, 03 Aug 2011

Amazon Free Apps start to rile developers

Amazon app store isn't following its promise to kick back at least a fifth of the asking price, unilaterally deciding that free promotion is worth more than cash in developers' pockets.
Bill Ray, 03 Aug 2011

Yahoo! Mail! users! complain! of! server! flatline!

Many Yahoo! Mail users have been shunted off the service in the past few hours.
Kelly Fiveash, 03 Aug 2011

Exam results texted out early in Scotland

Almost 30,000 Scottish students got their Higher results this afternoon, instead of tomorrow morning as it should have been, potentially giving them early access to the university clearing system.
Bill Ray, 03 Aug 2011
graph up

Mainframers drop EU antitrust complaints against IBM

IBM's iron grip on its big iron business just got a little tighter. Three small companies that have been trying for years to carve out little niches in the System z mainframe market have all withdrawn their complaints with the European Union's antitrust authorities.
Pure Move 2500

Pure revamps portable DAB

With the proposed digital switchover stalling, digital audio broadcasting has yet to dominate the airwaves. Pure's dedication to the format appears undaunted though with its new portable DAB and FM radio player announced this week.
Caleb Cox, 03 Aug 2011

It's official: Journos are dumb as a bag of IE users

A recent online research study indicating that Internet Explorer users have lower IQs than other browser users was likely bollox.
Cade Metz, 03 Aug 2011
For Sale sign detail

OCZ jumps harder on enterprise PCIe bandwagon

OCZ has announced its third Z-drive refresh in two years, with the Z-Drive R4 going more than four times faster than the first version product.
Chris Mellor, 03 Aug 2011

Researchers poke gaping holes in Google Chrome OS

Black HatGoogle has billed its Chrome operating system as a security breakthrough that's largely immune to the threats that have plagued traditional computers for decades. With almost nothing stored on its hard drive and no native applications, there's no sensitive data that can pilfered and it can't be commandeered when attackers exploit common software vulnerabilities.
Dan Goodin, 03 Aug 2011

Google waggles free* Android phones at Americans

Google is offering Americans a free Nexus S Android phone from its rather popular homepage.
Cade Metz, 03 Aug 2011

Aussie court denies bail to accused hacker 'Evil' Cecil

Australian hacking cause célèbre, David Noel Cecil, who goes by the nickname of "Evil", remains behind bars after being formally refused bail yesterday at Cowra Local Court.
Natalie Apostolou, 03 Aug 2011

Turnbull lays out alternative architecture

Australia’s opposition communications spokesperson Malcolm Turnbull has outlined further details of his proposed model for the Australian broadband market.
Richard Chirgwin, 03 Aug 2011

Google claims 'bogus patent' conspiracy against Android

Google chief legal officer David Drummond has claimed that Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, and other companies have waged a "hostile, organized campaign" against Google's Android operating system using "bogus patents".
Cade Metz, 03 Aug 2011

Hobbyist killed by home-made hovercraft

A 40-year-old New Zealand man has been killed by a blade from a home-made hovercraft.
Richard Chirgwin, 03 Aug 2011

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