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Gun-toting meth addict gets 12 years for ID theft

A California man has been sentenced to more than 12 years in prison for his role in an international phishing ring that stole the identities of more than 38,000 people.
Dan Goodin, 29 Jul 2011

World needs needs Tequila power: report

Agave produces a highly-efficient intoxicant, as anyone who’s woken up “Wasting Away in Margaritaville” can attest. According to a joint Sydney University / Oxford University study, the plant could also be a highly-efficient feedstock for biofuels.
Richard Chirgwin, 29 Jul 2011
From Dust

From Dust

ReviewMicrosoft’s Summer of Arcade has become something of an institution these last few years, ushering in the release of some of the best seen download-only games yet seen; the likes of Limbo, Braid, Shadow Complex and last week’s Bastion to name but a few. Up next is From Dust, a release with a pedigree all of its own in the gaming world, having been developed by none other than Eric Chahi, lead developer of the seminal Another World, which wowed the games-buying public back in 1991.
Mike Plant, 29 Jul 2011
IBM Selectric Golfball

IBM chips in with Golfball anniversary

IBM's Selectric typewriter - the text processing tool that replaced traditional font with the 'Golfball' - will be 50 years old on Sunday.
Tony Smith, 29 Jul 2011

NotW 'targeted' phone of Sarah Payne's mum

The mother of murdered eight-year-old girl Sarah Payne reportedly had her mobile phone targeted by the News of the World's private investigator Glen Mulcaire.
Kelly Fiveash, 29 Jul 2011

Hitachi GST plugs its areal hole with shingles

Hitachi GST, in the process of being acquired by Western Digital, says Shingle Magnetic Recording is a necessary gap-filler before advanced disk recording technologies come on stream. It is currently talking to Facebook and Google about this.
Chris Mellor, 29 Jul 2011

Scottish TV news pumps goatse link

Viewers of Scottish TV news were treated to a close-up of a link to internet super-meme goatse in yesterday's lunchtime bulletin.
John Oates, 29 Jul 2011

Sci/tech MPs want peer review, not pal review

The House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee has called for greater integrity and data disclosure in peer-reviewed literature. It recommends that all UK research institutions should have "a specific member of staff leading on research integrity".
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Jul 2011
vulture tv reporter

Alcatel Lucent goes black

Alcatel Lucent returned to profit in the second quarter on the back of cost-cutting and some market share gains in IP and optics.
Paul Kunert, 29 Jul 2011
vulture tv reporter

Retail meltdown bitchslaps Ingram Micro profits

Weakening consumer demand and a botched ERP system migration dampened Q2 profits at broadline giant Ingram Micro but a currency updraft lifted sales.
Paul Kunert, 29 Jul 2011

BT on site-blocking: Every case will need a court order

BT's head of retail Simon Milner came out swinging after the legal setback over web-blocking. While admitting the company is "not deliriously happy", it welcomes a clarification. And BT won't be appealing the decision.
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Jul 2011

APP OF DEATH plots local fatalities on demand

A new smartphone application helpfully plots murders, and traffic fatalities, on an interactive map of the local area, showing you at a glance how many people died nearby in the last 18 months, and what killed them.
Bill Ray, 29 Jul 2011

BSkyB hands out £1bn, board backs James Murdoch

BSkyB, which is 39 per cent-owned by Rupert Murdoch's media empire News Corp, coughed up £1bn to investors today and threw its full support behind its embattled chairman James Murdoch.
Kelly Fiveash, 29 Jul 2011
Exogear Exomount

Exogear Exomount universal gadget mount

Accessory of the WeekI’ve been after an affordable and reliable way to stick an HTC Desire HD to a windscreen or desk for some time. Yes, there are plenty of options out there, but they have all been too expensive - HTC’s own car mount will set you back £50 - too fragile, too wobbly or just too cheap and nasty.
Alun Taylor, 29 Jul 2011

LightSquared and Sprint, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Sprint has agreed to run LightSquared's US Long Term Evolution (LTE) fourth-gen mobile network operation, in exchange for $9bn cash and roaming rights, while LightSquared customers will be able to use Sprint's 3G network in a deal benefiting everyone except Clearwire.
Bill Ray, 29 Jul 2011

Murdoch muscles BBC out of Formula One driving seat

BSkyB has snatched the full Formula 1 broadcasting rights from the BBC, which had been the exclusive channel showing the live races since 2009.
Kelly Fiveash, 29 Jul 2011

Aussie ALDI withdraws infected greybox offering

The Australian branch of supermarket chain ALDI has withdrawn a range of hard drives from its stores following the discovery that the hardware was infected with malware.
John Leyden, 29 Jul 2011

LOHAN spaceplane project starting to shape up nicely

We at the Special Projects Bureau have been mulling just how our Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) project is going to work and, having looked at your suggestions and ideas, have put together our initial thoughts.
Lester Haines, 29 Jul 2011
WinPho 7

WinPho 7.5 captured in action

The world's first Windows Phone 7.5 has been outed in a fresh video showing a Toshiba-Fujitsu IS12T handset. The OS, better known as Mango, gets a show off its new tricks in this three minute movie.
Caleb Cox, 29 Jul 2011

Google TV box flop costs Logitech $34m

AnalysisPoor sales of Logitech's Google TV box Revue have hit the company in the wallet. More Revues were returned by dealers than sold, and Logitech is slashing the price from the original $299 to $99 and taking a $34m one-time charge in Q1. Chairman Guerrino De Luca returns as interim CEO, with Gerald Quindlen stepping down.
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Jul 2011

Nokia's cheapies strategy bombs

For a decade after 1998, when it first grabbed the top spot, Nokia was a bellwether of the mobile handset business. So much so, that small modulations in Nokia market share caused earthquake scale upheavals across the industry. That's because Nokia was credited with understanding (and blanketing) the world with phones so comprehensively that a stumble may perhaps indicate the market signaling something important.
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Jul 2011

Scumbags get sneaky with new self-robbery trojan

Malware-peddling scumbags have developed a particularly sneaky banking Trojan that attempts to trick victims into transferring funds into bank accounts controlled by cybercrooks or their partners.
John Leyden, 29 Jul 2011
Canon EOS 600D

Canon EOS 600D 18Mp DSLR

ReviewThose looking for a new DSLR haven’t had a decision this tricky in years. In one corner, Nikon’s D5100 and in the other, Canon’s EOS 600D. Both offer similar specifications, and neither is exactly lacking when it comes to both image quality and platform support.
Dave Stevenson, 29 Jul 2011

Chinese giant Alibaba offers 'Cloudphone'

Chinese internet behemoth Alibaba is getting into software with the launch of a mobile operating system and handset.
John Oates, 29 Jul 2011

Oracle warns hybrid sales model could force down revenue

Oracle is prepared to risk a reseller revolt over a planned hike in direct sales and expects relationships with some to "deteriorate" as a result, despite acknowledging the go-to-market strategy may not be a hit with some customers.
Paul Kunert, 29 Jul 2011

Facebook honeytrap used in Belgian hypermart blag

Belgian crooks used a Facebook relationship lure to trick a hypermarket manager into a trap, kidnapping him and obtaining keys to the store's safe before making good their escape.
John Leyden, 29 Jul 2011

Lumbering STEC struggles to turn corner

STEC shares sank like a stone after it predicted a depressed outlook in its quarterly report. It never really recovered from last year's EMC over-purchase fiasco, and has suffered from over-priced product and missing PCIe flash.
Chris Mellor, 29 Jul 2011
Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung gets it white with Galaxy S II

Samsung has announced a white version of its Galaxy S II Android smartphone. Lucky that Jobs & Co. don't have a patent on this particular colour or the move could be lengthen the love lost litigation list with Apple.
Caleb Cox, 29 Jul 2011

Ubisoft insists DRM 'a success'

Ubisoft has responded to backlash over the company's determination to use an Internet-at-all-times DRM policy, insisting it is a success and does protect its products from piracy.
Caleb Cox, 29 Jul 2011


Demand for IT jobs in London grew by 18 per cent in the last quarter compared with the same period in 2010.
Team Register, 29 Jul 2011

Jesus Phone saved from being man-in-the-middled

Apple has released another security update for iPhones and fondleslabs less than a fortnight after a security fix intended to prevent the tightly controlled devices being jailbroken.
John Leyden, 29 Jul 2011
For Sale sign detail

Ingram Micro considers job cuts on EMEA slowdown

Ingram Micro will likely initiate a redundancy and cost-cutting programme in EMEA if the consumer market remains stuck in a rut.
Paul Kunert, 29 Jul 2011

HTC delays Evo 3D release

HTC has confirmed reports that the HTC Evo 3D has been pushed back to September, two months from when initially proposed.
Caleb Cox, 29 Jul 2011

'Missing heat': Is global warmth vanishing into space?

New research from satellite man Dr Roy Spencer, principal research scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and maintainer of the UAH temperature record, sheds some light on climate science's "missing heat" mystery.
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Jul 2011

Shetland 'Topiary' suspect extended in custody for 3 days

The Metropolitan Police has been granted another three days to question the suspected hacker arrested on the Shetland Islands yesterday.
John Oates, 29 Jul 2011

Yahoo! ends! row! with! Alibaba! for! $6bn!

Yahoo!, Alibaba and Softbank have signed a framework agreement to settle their long-running row over payment service Alipay.
John Oates, 29 Jul 2011

Spotify smacked with patent suits in US and Netherlands

US company PacketVideo has filed patent infringement lawsuits against Spotify with courts in the Netherlands and the US.
Jan Libbenga, 29 Jul 2011
Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty heats up for $1m showdown

Are you one of those saddoes who sits around all day with mates playing first-person shooters, bragging on-line about endless kill streaks and how you 'PWN' every soldier in sight? If so, then maybe it's time to put your money where your mouth is.
Caleb Cox, 29 Jul 2011

SpaceX set to send supply ship to ISS in November

Space Exploration Technologies – SpaceX – is one small step closer to producing the world's first commercial taxi cab to drop off astronauts and cargo at the International Space Station (ISS).
Paul Kunert, 29 Jul 2011

Google gobbles Big Blue IP stash

Having been rebuffed earlier this month in its effort to buy the patent portfolio from defunct telecom gear maker Nortel, search engine giant Google went trolling to fill its patent war chest and made a call to IBM, which has boatloads of IP.

CA catches WatchMouse for SaaSy monitoring tools

Ever-acquisitive CA Technologies has bought WatchMouse for its monitoring tools for cloud, Web, and mobile applications.

Isilon's iSCSI here to stay, insiders insist...quietly

Rumours of EMC Isilon abandoning iSCSI support in its scale-out filers have been denied by an EMC source
Chris Mellor, 29 Jul 2011

Firefox maker moves towards a browser-free world

Open...and ShutSomething interesting is brewing at Mozilla, and it appears to have very little to do with browsers.
Matt Asay, 29 Jul 2011

Truck nuts swing onto US freedom of speech agenda

NSFWThe lower portions of the US are distracting themselves from the Washington debt-ceiling car crash by asking whether the use of "truck nuts" constitutes obscenity or is a question of free expression.
Joe Fay, 29 Jul 2011

Fujitsu fluffs COBOL, Java on Azure clouds

Fujitsu customers who use its COBOL and Java application development and middleware software can finally run that code on the Fujitsu Azure clouds, significantly enhancing their appeal in Japan.

Facebook dangles cash rewards for bug reports

Facebook has joined Google and Mozilla in paying cash rewards to researchers who privately report vulnerabilities that could jeopardize the privacy or security of their users.
Dan Goodin, 29 Jul 2011

It's official: IE users are dumb as a bag of hammers

Update: This survey discussed in this story was apparently a hoax. You can read more here.
Rik Myslewski, 29 Jul 2011

Amazon cloud hosts nasty banking trojan

Amazon's cloud storage service has been caught hosting services used to control the notorious SpyEye banking trojan, researchers said.
Dan Goodin, 29 Jul 2011

Obama drops Twitter bombs on debt-ceiling foes

The US debt-ceiling legislative dogfight ratcheted up a notch on Friday morning when President Obama's campaign staff launched a Twitter-bombing run on US legislators.
Rik Myslewski, 29 Jul 2011

Ellison's NetSuite still not making money

Sales for the Larry Ellison–backed online-application software peddler NetSuite shot up over 20 per cent in its most recent quarter, but despite that increase it still managed to lose nearly $10m.

AT&T: 'Eat too much data and we'll strangle you'

If you're a heavy downloader with an unlimited AT&T wireless data plan, you have two more months of full-speed all-you-can-eat before your service may be throttled.
Rik Myslewski, 29 Jul 2011

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