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Australia intros new IP regime

Relatively unnoticed amid the National Broadband Network hubbub, Australia has moved to update its patent system. The Intellectual Property Laws Amendment (Raising the Bar) Bill 2011 provides some key upsides for researchers – but at the same time, increases penalties for trademark infringement and product counterfeiting.
Richard Chirgwin, 24 Jun 2011
Samsung Series 470

Samsung Series 470 250GB 2.5in SSD

ReviewReg Hardware first reviewed a Samsung SSD - the South Korean giant's first, and a device aimed at computer makers rather than upgrade-hungry punters - way back in March 2009. Rather keen we were on it too.
Shaun Dormon, 24 Jun 2011
L.A. Noire

Rockstar shoots LA Noire onto PC

Rockstar Games is bringing the highly-rated detective title LA Noire to PCs this autumn.
Caleb Cox, 24 Jun 2011

Oracle aims to drop storage bomb

Oracle's anti-HP weapon, the Hurdster, is set to unleash Oracle's latest storage barrage on June 30th.
Chris Mellor, 24 Jun 2011
Pentax Q

Pentax Q takes mini system camera crown

Not long after Sony announced the NEX-C3, Panasonic revealed its Lumix DMC-GF3, as the two tech giants slugged it out to take the title for world’s smallest interchangeable lens camera.
Bob Dormon, 24 Jun 2011

Seagate gets a disk into Archos HD vid tablet

The Archos tablet has gone for a spin, being the world's first tablet computer to use a disk drive instead of flash memory. Seagate's single platter Momentus Thin is the lucky spinner.
Chris Mellor, 24 Jun 2011

Travelodge admits hack

Travelodge has told customers who've received spam email that the company has not lost their credit card details, which is nice.
John Oates, 24 Jun 2011
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10

Samsung names date for UK 10in Android tablet release

Brits will get their hands on Samsung's 10in tablet, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, in early August, the South Korean giant said today.
Tony Smith, 24 Jun 2011
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Brocade in bigwig bow-out brouhaha

Is something up at Brocade? The cloud and storage networking supplier has suddenly lost CFO Richard Deranleau, who has resigned to "pursue other interests".
Chris Mellor, 24 Jun 2011

So, how many rhinos does a tram weigh?

In case you were ever wondering, like you do, just what is the weight of a tram in rhinos, our friends Down Under have the answer:
Lester Haines, 24 Jun 2011

Galileo 'can deploy 24 satellites with existing funding'

The European Commission has announced a raft of contracts for the Galileo sat nav programme, and says that cost problems have been reined in to such a degree that the system will come close to planned operational performance without needing to request extra funding from European politicians.
Lewis Page, 24 Jun 2011

'Uncle of the internet' named ICANN chair

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has named internet veteran Steve Crocker as the new chairman of its board of directors.
Kevin Murphy, 24 Jun 2011

Future of the cloud is hybrid

CloudUnless hosting is your business, it is unlikely that the premises your organisation occupies was chosen with its use as a data centre in mind. Far more likely, space was carved out of the premises, bringing issues of power, cooling and square footage to the forefront when adding new equipment.
Trevor Pott, 24 Jun 2011

iPhone app remotely spies on Windows computers

Need help using your iPhone to spy on your spouse or children? Now there's an app which will show you just what they're typing, as long as they're on Windows.
Bill Ray, 24 Jun 2011
LaCie Cloudbox

LaCie drive jumps on Cloud bandwagon

LaCie has announced the CloudBox, its first "hybrid" storage device that keeps an on-line copy of files stored on the hard disk to maximise data security.
Bob Dormon, 24 Jun 2011

Winklevoss twins are back in Facebook's face

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss haven't backed away entirely from their epic row with Facebook, despite ending a Supreme Court appeal against an earlier ruling.
Kelly Fiveash, 24 Jun 2011

Number-crunching in the Cloud

Back in the mid-nineties every PC in your organisation potentially contained software that could destroy your company overnight. Not a virus, nor a Trojan: it was called the spreadsheet.
Chris Bidmead, 24 Jun 2011
Voltaic Spark

Voltaic solar charger takes tablets

Voltaic has opened the blinds on its latest eco-charger, extending its built-in solar panel love to the realm of tablet cases.
Caleb Cox, 24 Jun 2011

NASA's nuclear Mars tank arrives at launch site

NASA's new and improved, nuclear-powered, laser-toting Mars rover has arrived at Kennedy Space Centre in Florida to prepare for its launch towards the red planet this autumn.
Lewis Page, 24 Jun 2011
Dungeon Siege III

Dungeon Siege III

ReviewRecently, I battled through Dragon Age 2, Two Worlds II and spent some serious time immersed in Witcher 2. Now here comes Dragon Siege III. All these sequels - summer must have come early, I thought.
Lucy Orr, 24 Jun 2011

Kiwi gals swig shots of horse semen

The hard cases among you who subscribe to the "I'll drink anything, me" school are directed to the Green Man Pub in Wellington, which is serving up shots of apple-infused horse semen.
Lester Haines, 24 Jun 2011

Microsoft delays big changes to Gold partner programme

Microsoft has confirmed it is postponing planned changes to its Gold partner programme by 16 months, meaning that under-performing dealers will not get binned for some time yet.
Paul Kunert, 24 Jun 2011
Apple MacBook Air 11.6in

Apple anticipates Air sales surge

Sources in the component supply industry are talking of double the quantity of new MacBook Airs being delivered to Apple in Q3 compared to Q2. Digitimes has been working the numbers and reports that July will see the supply chain “run in full gear” at this time.
Bob Dormon, 24 Jun 2011
vulture tv reporter

Clustering SSD arrays for the Cloud

SolidFire has announced clustered solid state drive memory arrays for the cloud, which minimise cost/GB with thin provisioning, compression and deduplication.
Chris Mellor, 24 Jun 2011

Solar panel selling scam shown up by sting

Solar panel sales cowboys are - surprise! - exaggerating the benefits of the energy technology, a sting operation by consumer magazine Which? has found.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Jun 2011

Alpha.gov.uk preps for beta, prays for funding

The single government domain prototype being developed by a small team of coders is yet to secure any further funding and the clock is ticking on the deadline for feedback from British citizens. Despite that, Alpha.gov.uk is preparing to morph into a beta.
Kelly Fiveash, 24 Jun 2011

Woman dies of heart attack at own funeral

A Russian woman died of a heart attack at her own funeral, after waking up to find praying mourners filing past her coffin.
Lester Haines, 24 Jun 2011

dabs.com says sorry for delivery debacle

dabs.com has apologised to customers for months of delivery delays following the replacement of its back-end purchasing systems.
Paul Kunert, 24 Jun 2011

Software as a service: Separating the bells from the whistles

The most obvious attraction of software as a service (SaaS) is that it gives small firms access to software they could not otherwise afford.
Lucy Sherriff, 24 Jun 2011

Brits stereotyped by app popularity chart

Google Maps and Yahoo Weather are Britain's most popular apps, industry data reveals.
Caleb Cox, 24 Jun 2011
LG Optimus 2X

LG delays Optimus 2X Gingerbread update for Brits

LG has confirmed that British owners of of its Optimus 2X smartphone will have to wait until September for its promised Android 2.3 Gingerbread update.
Tony Smith, 24 Jun 2011

ITU Gen Sec: Why not speaking English can be a virtue

InterviewIf you want to make money on the internet without paying America, your best bet is to refuse to speak English, according to the General Secretary of the International Telecommunication Union.
Bill Ray, 24 Jun 2011
Virgin Media

Virgin mobile users get tariff tweak treats

Virgin Media has expanded its choice of tariffs today, with a new range of pay monthly and SIM-only deals. As usual, it benefits to be an existing customer.
Caleb Cox, 24 Jun 2011

All change in the Channel

A slew of management changes have swept across the channel as the silly season starts in earnest.
Paul Kunert, 24 Jun 2011

NATO site hacked

NATO is warning subscribers to its e-Bookshop service that hackers have likely stolen its customer database.
John Oates, 24 Jun 2011
Sony PS3 Slim

Sony to slim PlayStation 3 price

Sony is expected to drop the price of the PlayStation 3 this August, keeping the console within affordable reach of its rivals.
Caleb Cox, 24 Jun 2011
Mac OS X 10.7

Mac OS X 10.6.8 hails from Paleolithic era

Ask any seasoned Mac user and they’ll tell you to avoid using Software Update incremental download delivery approach for systems instals, but to use the standalone combo option every time.
Bob Dormon, 24 Jun 2011

LulzSec dumps hundreds of Arizona Police documents

Lulz Security's string of embarrassing hacks continued as the group released hundreds of internal documents belonging to various Arizona law enforcement agencies, including the Arizona Department of Public Safety.
Dan Goodin, 24 Jun 2011

US patent reform jumps through second hoop

The US House of Representatives has passed a patent-reform bill that supporters say will boost the development of American politicians' favorite four-letter word: jobs.
Rik Myslewski, 24 Jun 2011

Google battles MicroSkype with 'open' VoIP protocol

Google has moved its Google Talk VoIP infrastructure to Jingle, the voice and media signaling protocol that seeks to provide an open-standard alternative to the proprietary protocols used by the Microsoft-owned Skype and other VoIP technologies.
Cade Metz, 24 Jun 2011

Google Chrome extension busts Murdoch paywall

An extension has surfaced in the Chrome Web Store that lets you breach the defenses of one of the web's earliest paywall pioneers.
Gavin Clarke, 24 Jun 2011
fingers pointing at man

Microsoft pounces as Mozilla shuns enterprise

After one of Mozilla's core employees said that the open source outfit is not concerned with enterprise customers – and likely never will be – Microsoft's Internet Explorer team has jumped into the breach to proclaim its undying love for the enterprise.
Gavin Clarke, 24 Jun 2011

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