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No, iPhone location tracking isn't harmless and here's why

AnalysisIt didn't take long for the blogosphere to pooh pooh research presented on Wednesday that detailed a file in Apple iPhones and iPads unknown to the vast majority of its users that stored a long list of their time-stamped locations, sometimes with alarming detail.
Dan Goodin, 22 Apr 2011

Brit outfit rolls own virtual server appliances

A British consulting company that specializes in server virtualization was so frustrated by the mismatch between general purpose x64-based servers and what the popular hypervisors from VMware and Citrix Systems required that it has rejigged itself into a hardware vendor pushing what it calls virtual machine appliances.
Portal 2

Portal 2

Review“The best solution to a problem,” says GLaDOS, “is usually the easiest one.” She's right, of course. But then she always is. Portal players know all too well how inadvisable it is to disagree with Aperture Science's sociopathic AI caretaker, but it's surprising how often her maxim proves true during the sequel to Valve's much-loved Orange Box puzzler.
Andrew Bailey, 22 Apr 2011

Floating website, hidden 'get' bills

WAR on the Cloud, Part 2In my last piece, I took the first steps in moving part of my own homegrown website's "cloud" into Amazon's commodity AWS cloud, using the pretty front-end in Eclipse.
Damon Hart-Davis, 22 Apr 2011

How to build a national cellular wireless network for £50m

A team of 20 developers in Cambridge wants to build a new radio network covering the entire country, but plans to cut costs by only offering connectivity to silicon-based customers.
Bill Ray, 22 Apr 2011
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BOFH: People get annoyed when you try to debug them

Episode 4
Simon Travaglia, 22 Apr 2011

'Real' JavaScript benchmark topped by...Microsoft

Douglas Crockford - the man who "discovered" JSON and a senior JavaScript architect at Yahoo! – has released a new benchmark designed to test the "actual" performance of the major web browsers on "real" JavaScript applications. And according to the test, the browser with the speediest JavaScript engine...is not Google Chrome.
Cade Metz, 22 Apr 2011

Samsung countersues Apple on new ground

Samsung has countersued Apple in response to the raft of patent- and trademark-infringment lawsuits that Cupertino launched against it earlier this week.
Rik Myslewski, 22 Apr 2011

Amazon cloud still on fritz after 36 hours

Amazon's cloud is still on the fritz, a day and a half after the company first reported connection problems, latency issues, and increased error rates across the service. But on Friday morning, the company said that full service should be restored for a "majority" of users by the afternoon Pacific time.
Cade Metz, 22 Apr 2011

Google location tracking can invade privacy, hackers say

If you've got a Wi-Fi network, chances are Google has used its top-selling Android mobile operating system to store your router's precise location and broadcast it for all the world to see.
Dan Goodin, 22 Apr 2011

ET, phone back: Alien quest seeks earthling coders

It was the year of Star Wars and Close Encounters, and in the flatlands of Ohio, a man stumbled upon something possibly alien in origin.
Gavin Clarke, 22 Apr 2011

Greenpeace spies soot lining in cloud data centers

Cloud computing may have a silver lining, but it's apparently covered in soot.

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