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Steve Jobs screws my wife (out of $944)

CommentI couldn't tell who was more excited about our new electronic toy: me or my wife.
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Quanta crams 512 cores into pizza box server

Quanta Computer – the Chinese manufacturer that builds the majority of laptops in the world and that wants to break into the server racket in a big way – has started shipping its first production machine based on massively multicored processors designed and manufactured by chip upstart Tilera.
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Windows Server pushed to the super limit

Server maker Silicon Graphics doesn't think it can take on the entire Windows server market, but the company – which is best known for supercomputers and hyperscale rack servers – does think it can chase and win deals in the evolving HPC market for windows.

Oracle's Itanium gambit: A play for HP's checkbook

CommentEverything Oracle does is about money. You have to look at any of its actions - no matter how peculiar or provocative they may be - through an economic lens, focusing on the benefit those actions will provide to Larry Ellison and the company he co-founded decades ago.
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Dell's storage vision: From reseller to innovator

CommentHaving bought storage technologies and companies to gain entry into new storage categories, Dell is now rolling out a unified storage architectural vision embracing file systems added to every storage offering, and Ocarina-deduplication everywhere. Compellent's fluid data idea is being applied across Dell's storage portfolio from entry level PowerVaults, through SME, and the enterprise out to the cloud.
Chris Mellor, 28 Mar 2011

120 Underground Wi-Fi hotspots will erupt in 2012

Transport for London is tendering for bidders to open Wi-Fi hotspots at underground stations, and possibly even at bus stations and stops.
John Oates, 28 Mar 2011
Apple iPad 2

iPad 2 3G price-plans compared

UpdatedPlanning to buy a 3G-enabled iPad 2? To help you choose the right package, here are how the UK operators stack up. We'll be adding other carriers as they announce prices.
Register Hardware, 28 Mar 2011

MPs now free to surf and tweet

MPs appeared last week to have overtaken the somewhat more cautious House of Lords, with the publication of new guidelines allowing MPs to tweet – and surf – during debates in the Commons, so long as they do it tastefully, and don't take up too much room.
Jane Fae , 28 Mar 2011

MoJ goes cloudy

The Ministry of Justice is spending £14m on a five-year cloud contract.
John Oates, 28 Mar 2011

Asus prices up netbook-convertible Android tablet

Asus' tablet-meets-netbook, the Eee Pad Transformer, will cost the best part of £500 when it goes on sale here on Wednesday.
Tony Smith, 28 Mar 2011

Curiosity kills 3D Cameron cams

NASA has decided to ditch plans to equip its Curiosity Mars rover with a pair of 3D cameras.
Lester Haines, 28 Mar 2011

Osborne tosses £3bn gift to the green elite

CommentSomething interesting is happening in politics at a quite seismic level, and as usual, the professionals haven't noticed. Let's start with the details.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Mar 2011

Sony Ericsson preps Gingerbread for Xperia X10

Sony Ericsson has changed its corporate mind and decided to upgrade its Xperia X10 smartphone's on-board software beyond Android 2.1 Eclair.
Tony Smith, 28 Mar 2011

MySQL.com hacked via... SQL injection vuln

MySQL.com was hacked over the weekend via an attack which used a blind SQL injection exploit to pull off the pawnage.
John Leyden, 28 Mar 2011

Internet pioneer Paul Baran dies

Paul Baran, one of the pioneers of packet-switched networking, the basis for the internet, has died in his home in California aged 84.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Mar 2011

iPad 2 tougher than iPad 1. True

The iPad 2 is more durable than its predecessor, at least as far as its glass face is concerned. The new model incorporates a much stronger, more flexible screen than the old one did.
Caleb Cox, 28 Mar 2011

Apple lands patent blow, but the slugfest continues

Apple has gained ground in the ongoing patent spat with Nokia. The US International Trade Commission (ITC) investigation judge has made an initial determination that Apple isn't infringing five Nokia patents.
Bill Ray, 28 Mar 2011

EU bodies schooled on ethical data-gathering

EU bodies should tell people that some personal information on them might be made public before gathering any personal data, the bodies' privacy watchdog has said. The bodies should adopt 'a presumption of openness' in certain cases, it said.
OUT-LAW.COM, 28 Mar 2011

Fire-quenching electric forcefield backpack invented

Boffins in America say they're on the track of a backpack electro-beam forcefield device capable of snuffing out raging fires without any need for water, hoses or other traditional firefighting apparatus. Apart from portable applications, they raise the possibility that the new technology might replace building sprinkler systems with ceiling mounted conflagration-squelching zapper terminals.
Lewis Page, 28 Mar 2011

Nokia talks Pure typographic cobblers

LogoWatchAs we announced last week, Nokia has unleashed its new "Nokia Pure" font on an unsuspecting world, but we seriously underestimated just how much whalesong and joss-sticks went into the creation of its "humanist sans face".
Lester Haines, 28 Mar 2011
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Nvidia flexes Tesla muscles

2010 was the breakout year for Nvidia’s Tesla division, according to Tesla VP Andy Keane, who spoke at the company’s Industry Analyst Day earlier this month. I think it’s pretty obvious that he’s right, and a quick review of the last year tells the story.
Dan Olds, 28 Mar 2011

Google in mobile payments ménage à trois

MasterCard and Citigroup will be deploying NFC payment applications into Google's Nexus S phone, with other handsets to follow, as part of the chocolate factory's bid to turn phones into wallets.
Bill Ray, 28 Mar 2011

Zomm wireless leash

ReviewThe Zomm is a pebble-shaped wireless ‘leash’ for mobile phones. It pairs to a phone using Bluetooth and if the two devices are separated by a few meters then the Zomm alerts you, first by vibrating, then flashing and a few seconds later by beeping.
Ian Calcutt, 28 Mar 2011

Lindsay Lohan ditches her surname

Bespeckled thespiatrix Lindsay Lohan has dealt a serious blow to the El Reg space paper plane bureau by announcing she's going to drop the "Lohan" and emerge as just "Lindsay".
Lester Haines, 28 Mar 2011

The Professionals set to abseil into cinema

Arse-kicking CI5 operatives Bodie and Doyle are to be brought out of retirement for a big-screen version of The Professionals.
Lester Haines, 28 Mar 2011
Hips X-ray

Mobile phones immobilise bones

Forget about brain tumours, mobile phones may also cause your bones to crumble, scientists in Argentina appear to have discovered.
Caleb Cox, 28 Mar 2011

Comodo-gate hacker brags about forged certificate exploit

An Iranian hacker has stepped forward to claim responsibility for the SSL certificate hack against Comodo, providing an insight into how the high-profile hack might have been pulled off.
John Leyden, 28 Mar 2011

Airship 'Sky Tugs' ordered from Lockheed for Canadian oilfields

The famous P-791 prototype airship - built last decade for a military transport programme which eventually came to nothing - is to give birth to new, mighty commercial versions of itself with Canadian financial backing.
Lewis Page, 28 Mar 2011

Facebook friends Obama's ex-press rep

Social networking giant Facebook is shortly to hire Obama's ex-press secretary.
John Oates, 28 Mar 2011

Spotify apologises for tainted ad kerfuffle

Spotify has promised to review its security following an attack that exposed users of the free version of its music streaming service to malware on Thursday.
John Leyden, 28 Mar 2011

HMS Ark Royal goes under the hammer

We at El Reg have always fancied our own navy, so we're seriously considering making a bid for the recently-decommissioned aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal.
Lester Haines, 28 Mar 2011

iOS 5 falls back to autumn, say moles

Don't expect iOS 5.0 to be available to download as early as June - it'll be out in September.
Tony Smith, 28 Mar 2011
Sad cloud

Hosts with the mosts: Getting to grips with SLAs for the cloud

When email is down, businesses cease to function. If the email goes down due to a mishandling of the Exchange server, the appropriate sysadmin is found and duly berated.
Trevor Pott, 28 Mar 2011

eBay splashes $2.4bn for ecommerce services firm

eBay has splashed out $2.4bn to buy ecommerce services outfit GSI Commerce in a deal will do little to dampen concerns about wonky valuations in the tech sector.
Team Register, 28 Mar 2011

Composers, songwriters feel squeeze from disappearing CD

Composers and songwriters are feeling the pinch as the CD disappears from the High Street, and tight-fisted internet giants refused to pay for music.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Mar 2011

Apple confirms dev conference, but not much else

Apple developers will be heading to San Francisco in June for a five-day beano of coding and fondle-slabbing.
John Oates, 28 Mar 2011

Intel gets spanking new SSD

Intel has replaced its mainstream X25-M solid state drive with the 320, which is more than two times faster doing sequential writes.
Chris Mellor, 28 Mar 2011

Kaminario drops DRAM SSD pricing drawers

Kaminario, which supplies DRAM-based solid state drives, has dropped its entry-level pricing and raised its maximum capacity.
Chris Mellor, 28 Mar 2011

Java daddy borged by Google

James Gosling, the father of Java, has joined Google – despite his previous criticism of the company's Java-happy Android operating system.
Cade Metz, 28 Mar 2011

Apple limits Design Awards to App Store residents

Apple has piled another brick onto the ramparts of its walled garden: to be eligible for this year's Apple Design Awards, Mac OS X developers must sell their apps through the Mac App Store.
Rik Myslewski, 28 Mar 2011

Bomb threat forces Apple campus evacuation

A bomb threat cleared an Apple facility outside Sacramento, California on Monday morning, but a subsequent search turned up no iXplosives.
Rik Myslewski, 28 Mar 2011
Broken CD with wrench

Arista punts 10/40 GbE juice-sipper

Arista Networks – the fourth major startup created by Andy Bechtolsheim of Sun Microsystems fame – has again pushed the 10 Gigabit Ethernet performance and efficiency envelope by pumping out a new switch that delivers a port for under two watts of juice when under load.

Oz parliamentary network breached

In a security breach that presumably now has Chinese spies trawling through the kind of letters MPs do their best to deflect or ignore, the Australian Parliament House network has been invaded.
Richard Chirgwin, 28 Mar 2011

Vocus buys Perth data centre

ASX listed data centre provider Vocus Communications is expanding its footprint to Perth, entering into negotiations to buy Perth data centre operator PerthiX.
Natalie Apostolou, 28 Mar 2011

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