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Protect online retail, says eBay

eBay is undertaking a fully-fledged media campaign in Australia, securing an interview with the prestigious ABC Lateline Business programme. The online auctioneer-and-budding-mall has used the platform – and an extraordinarily soft interview – to call for Australia’s competition regulator to intervene in online retail in Australia.
Richard Chirgwin, 22 Mar 2011

Apple sues Amazon over 'App Store' name

Apple has sued Amazon.com, claiming the retail giant is using its "App Store" trademark without proper consent.
Cade Metz, 22 Mar 2011

Dozens of exploits released for popular SCADA programs

The security of software used to control hardware at nuclear plants, gas refineries and other industrial settings is coming under renewed scrutiny as researchers released attack code exploiting dozens of serious vulnerabilities in widely used programs.
Dan Goodin, 22 Mar 2011

Canonical's Dell and Lenovo love lets Ubuntu down

Open...and ShutYou probably didn't notice, but a mini-war has been brewing on the Linux desktop. While Apple, Google, Microsoft and others earn billions claiming ground in the mobile computing gold rush, lesser-known open-source organizations like Canonical, Banshee, and Gnome are fighting over sums as small as $3,000 and which desktop UI will win out on Ubuntu.
Matt Asay, 22 Mar 2011


Android App of the WeekSending information from your phone to someone else’s in real time while still talking to them is something most of us have wanted to do at one time or another. Now, thanks to Thrutu, you can.
Alun Taylor, 22 Mar 2011

NHS to share foreigners' data with border agency

The government has said it will introduce new processes to share data about foreign nationals who have outstanding debts for NHS treatment with the UK Border Agency.

Testers show MacBook Pro Turbo Boost oddness

Some unexpected benchmark results may show how Apple is implementing - or not - a key feature of Intel's second-generation Core i platform, 'Sandy Bridge'.
Tony Smith, 22 Mar 2011

4G über-auction coming next year

Ofcom has started consultations on how to run the biggest spectrum auction the UK has ever seen, though it seems maintaining the status quo is the name of the game.
Bill Ray, 22 Mar 2011

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook tablet release slips

RIM's PlayBook tablet will be out slightly later than planned.
Tony Smith, 22 Mar 2011

Texan charged over multimillion pump-and-dump spam scam

A Texas man has been charged with using spam from compromised machines to hoodwink potential investors into buying virtually worthless stock.
John Leyden, 22 Mar 2011

Play.com spam points to malware downloads

Multiple Reg readers were annoyed at receiving junk mail messages on Monday from addresses they had only registered with online retailer Play.com.
John Leyden, 22 Mar 2011

Pliant puts shiny new CEO to work

Enterprise flash drive start-up Pliant has brought in Richard Wilmer to run the company, replacing former CEO Amyl Ahola.
Chris Mellor, 22 Mar 2011
Jawbone Jambox

Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth speaker

ReviewIt’s a chunky little fella, the Jambox, and when you look at it, it’s not instantly clear what it is. Jambox is the creation of Aliph, the makers of the excellent and stylish Jawbone Bluetooth headsets, and the company’s noise-cancelling smarts come into this product, too. In fact, it turns out it’s a great wireless stereo speaker: wireless both because it connects to your music source by Bluetooth and because its rechargeable battery does away with need for a power cable.
David Phelan, 22 Mar 2011

China rejects Google snoop claims

The Chinese government has rejected claims that it is responsible for problems with Gmail in recent weeks.
John Oates, 22 Mar 2011

Dell takes x64 micro servers mainstream

Dell is taking its micro servers, which it first created on a custom basis for dedicated hosters last year, mainstream in the PowerEdge-C line of machines.
Duke Nukem

Duke Nuke goes misogynistic for multiplayer

As we get closer to the much-anticipated release of Duke Nukem Forever, it's inevitable to be fed more and more details on the game's features.
Caleb Cox, 22 Mar 2011
fingers pointing at man

HP revs NonStop blades with Tukwila Itaniums

Hewlett-Packard is moving its NonStop fault tolerant database and operating system up to the latest "Tukwila" Itanium 9300 technology from chip partner Intel.

BA jihadist relied on Jesus-era encryption

An IT worker from British Airways jailed for 30 years for terrorism offences used encryption techniques that pre-date the birth of Jesus.
Team Register, 22 Mar 2011

Southampton Uni shows way to a truly open web

Untangling the semantic webSouthampton is pushing to be the go-to place for expertise on linked data in the UK, and researchers at its main university launched a site earlier this month containing no less than 21 "non-confidential" datasets that underline that semantic web desire.
Kelly Fiveash, 22 Mar 2011

Beeb reworks Wuthering Frikkin' Heights

Middle England had better get ready to choke on its cocoa this weekend, because BBC Radio 3 is poised to unleash a "contemporary adaptation" of Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights.
Lester Haines, 22 Mar 2011

Fujitsu wins £15m Welsh supercomputer bid

Fujitsu has won the bid to power Wales's high-performance computing (HPC) ambitions with a £15m, four-year project to build a supercomputer grid using Primergy Xeon servers and InfiniBand.
Chris Mellor, 22 Mar 2011

Behind the Ofcom plan: four LTE networks, and not a lot else

The packaging of radio spectrum often makes a mockery of technical neutrality, and Ofcom's plan for the digital dividend is no exception though the regulator had surprisingly little choice in the matter.
Bill Ray, 22 Mar 2011

Vodafone takes orders for PlayStation phone

Vodafone is to give the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play - aka the PlayStation phone - away for nothing, provided you sign up for a two-year contract with £35-or-more monthly sub.
Hard Reg, 22 Mar 2011
Motorstorm Apocalypse

Motorstorm Apocalypse

ReviewMotorstorm Apocalypse's unabashed and riotous disregard for realism is the antithesis of most modern racing games – and it makes perfect sense. Who cares about traction control, sports intake manifolds and torque splits when you're taking a high-octane tour through the picture-postcard backdrops of the apocalypse?
Andrew Bailey, 22 Mar 2011

Virtual Facebook thief jailed for two years

A British hacker who funded his gambling addiction by stealing and reselling online gaming chips from Zynga has been jailed for two years.
John Leyden, 22 Mar 2011

MeeGo or MS? Nokia ponders tablet OS

Nokia's agreement to base future smartphones on Windows Phone 7 doesn't extend to tablets.
Tony Smith, 22 Mar 2011

Desktop options today

Dtop StrategyTomorrow's desktop is mobile. It's a phone, a smart device of some sort, a laptop - and there will of course be some fixed PCs in there too. But enterprises already need to cater for an increasing proportion of mobile workers, and that proportion is set to grow.
Manek Dubash, 22 Mar 2011

Steve Jobs must face the music in court

Lawyers will get two hours to question Apple supremo Steve Jobs as part of an anti-trust case brought against Apple and iTunes.
John Oates, 22 Mar 2011

Fukushima's toxic legacy: Ignorance and fear

Events at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear powerplant in Japan continue to unfold, with workers there steadily restoring redundancy and containment measures across the site. It remains highly unlikely that the workers themselves will suffer any measurable health consequences from radiation, and – continued media scaremongering notwithstanding – effects on the public look set to be nil.
Lewis Page, 22 Mar 2011

USB key to 4,000 vulnerable people's front doors lost

Leicester City Council has misplaced a USB stick containing personal details of 4,000 vulnerable and often elderly users of its care service.
John Oates, 22 Mar 2011

Cloud says 'no'

WorkshopApart from a few laggard evangelists and smaller vendors with nothing else to sell, most people with an interest in cloud computing have concluded that a wholesale move of everything IT into the cloud won’t happen any time soon.
Nathan Coates, 22 Mar 2011

UK iPad 2 to cost under £400

We're getting the iPad 2 a little more cheaply than last time.
Tony Smith, 22 Mar 2011
DVD it in many colours

'R' is for Revolution Analytics

BlogRecently I met the analytics firebrands Revolution Analytics at their Bay Area offices.
Dan Olds, 22 Mar 2011

Sensitive data easily swiped from eBayed mobiles

Second-hand mobile phones sold on by their owners often contain extensive personal and sensitive data that leave sellers open to identity theft and other privacy risks.
John Leyden, 22 Mar 2011
arrow pointing up

DataCore adds NAS head, high-availability

DataCore has added NAS acceleration and high-availability to its SANsymphony-V product.
Chris Mellor, 22 Mar 2011

Play.com: Only customer emails lost in data breach

Online retailer Play.com has named its marketing partner Silverpop as the guilty party behind the disclosure of customer names and email addresses.
John Leyden, 22 Mar 2011

BlackBerry users get free remote wipe, backup and location

BlackBerry users without an IT department behind them can now locate, back up and remotely wipe their handsets for free, as RIM bulks out its consumer offering.
Bill Ray, 22 Mar 2011

Converting between backup formats is possible after all

CommentI had always thought it was impossible to convert files from one backup format to another: to migrate files from Symantec NetBackup to HP DataProtector, for example. But actually, you can. A new product from Butterfly Software does exactly that.
Chris Mellor, 22 Mar 2011
Wind turbine photo via Shutterstock

Wrong kind of wind blamed for renewable red-ink FAIL

Windfarm operator the Renewable Energy Generation Group has blamed "abnormally low wind speeds" across the UK for greater-than-expected losses.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Mar 2011

Samsung intros 'skinnier than iPad 2' tablets

Samsung's newly introduced 8.9in Galaxy Tab tablet is a massive, unbelievable 0.5mm thinner than the iPad 2.
Tony Smith, 22 Mar 2011

NUDE WOMEN rally for imprisoned soldier Bradley Manning

PicsSupporters of Bradley Manning stripped down to their skivvies outside the office of US Senator Dianne Feinstein to protest the treatment of the suspected WikiLeaker, who is being held in solitary confinement, often without being allowed to wear clothes.
Dan Goodin, 22 Mar 2011

Firefox 4 debuts: The last kitchen sink release

Mozilla has officially released Firefox 4, the latest version of its popular open-source browser, after nearly a year of development.
Cade Metz, 22 Mar 2011
fingers pointing at man

US gov opposes Microsoft in i4i patent spat

The US government has thrown its support behind tiny i4i in its Office patent dispute with Microsoft.
Gavin Clarke, 22 Mar 2011

Apple showers love on Mac malware protection

For only the second time in 19 months, Apple has updated the signatures used to protect Mac users against malware attacks.
Dan Goodin, 22 Mar 2011

Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11 debut

Opera has released new versions of both its mobile browsers, offering improved scrolling, panning, and zooming on each.
Cade Metz, 22 Mar 2011

Judgment stalls Google book settlement

The 2008 settlement between the Authors' Guild and Association of American Publishers and Google is in limbo for a while, after a New York District Court judge rejected it as "going too far".
Richard Chirgwin, 22 Mar 2011

Interview: Unisys on the cybercrime treaty

Australia is working through the long process of acceding to the European Convention on Cybercrime. It’s a process that causes significant angst. Privacy advocates are concerned at the convention’s intrusive nature; ISPs worry about how much data they’d have to carry.
Richard Chirgwin, 22 Mar 2011

Facebook snaps up Snaptu

Facebook is acquiring Israeli mobile app start-up Snaptu for an undisclosed sum. Snaptu develops smartphone-like mobile applications for the masses who do not have high end handsets.
Natalie Apostolou, 22 Mar 2011

Googlebooks pact rejected by federal judge

A federal judge has rejected an amended version of Google's $125 million book-scanning settlement with American authors and publishers, a deal that threatened to rewrite American copyright law and give Google exclusive rights to so-called orphaned works.
Cade Metz, 22 Mar 2011

Japanese quake shakes semiconductor biz

Chip makers and the computer and electronic suppliers that depend on them are only now beginning to sort out the effect that the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan will have on their businesses.

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