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Acer outs low-cost Androids

CES 2011Acer roster of Android smartphones grew by two handsets this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one a compact affair for ordinary punters, the other a more sober Qwerty keyboard BlackBerry wannabe.
Tony Smith, 07 Jan 2011

Google pinpoints bugs that send texts to wrong people

Google has acknowledged a pair of Android bugs that end up sending texts to the wrong recipients, saying it plans to deploy fixes for each.
Cade Metz, 07 Jan 2011

Researcher breaks security sandbox in Adobe Flash

A security researcher has found a way to bypass a measure in Adobe's Flash Player that's designed to harden it against hack attacks.
Dan Goodin, 07 Jan 2011

Ion readies book scanner for e-book buffs

CES 2011Fed up of paying through the nose for e-books? Ion, the company best known for its USB turntables, is readying a gadget that will help you digitise your paperbacks, hardbacks, magazines and comics.
Tony Smith, 07 Jan 2011

FCC dubbed 'Ministry of Truth' over net neut rules

CES 2011A senior telecommunications counsel to the House Energy and Commerce committee has blasted the Federal Communications Commission for laying down official net neutrality rules, comparing the FCC to Orwell's Ministry of Truth.
Rik Myslewski, 07 Jan 2011
Samsung Galaxy Player 50

Samsung Galaxy Player 50 Android PMP

ReviewAs a connected multi-function media player, Apple's iPod Touch has never had much in the way of competition. But that is changing. Archos has already launched an interesting looking range of Android mini tablets-cum-media players, including the impressive Archos 43, and now Samsung has today released the Galaxy Player 50.
Alun Taylor, 07 Jan 2011
Trying to catch money in a net

Min of Justice to crack down on dodgy compo claims

Claims management companies will be prevented from offering clients cash incentives to bring damages claims if a Ministry of Justice (MoJ) proposal to tighten up the rules comes into effect.
OUT-LAW.COM, 07 Jan 2011

OCZ exhibits semi-vapourware speed freak SSDs

CES 2011 The performance numbers are freaking fast with OCZ's latest road-rocket SSD, the Vertex 3 Pro. But they are semi-vapourSSDware, demo CES devices with no prices and availability.
Chris Mellor, 07 Jan 2011

Microsoft Kinect goes gangbusters

CES 2011During his annual keynote speech at CES in Las Vegas this week, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer revealed the company had sold eight million Kinect devices in its first 60 days - three million more than expected.
Caleb Cox, 07 Jan 2011

Zero-day backdoors to be left unplugged on Patch Tuesday

Microsoft plans to release two updates – one critical – as part of the next edition of its Patch Tuesday security bulletin cycle on 11 January.
John Leyden, 07 Jan 2011

Met confirms secret Gov forecast of Brass Monkey winter

The Met Office gave Government confidential weather advice that contradicts their published public statements, according to the BBC's Roger Harrabin. Harrabin says the Cabinet Office was told to expect "an exceptionally cold winter", and he sounds pretty certain about it. But back in October, the Met published maps showing a high probability of a warmer-than-average winter.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Jan 2011

Samsung launches 'world's slimmest' 3D Blu-ray player

CES 2011Samsung prides itself on making exceedingly thin Blu-ray players. Two years ago it claimed the slimmer's crown with the BD-P4600.
Caleb Cox, 07 Jan 2011
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Startup proposes cheap, printed NFC radio tags

NFC tags can be printed rather than built for a more egalitarian tracking system, according to tech start-up Kovio.
Bill Ray, 07 Jan 2011

Salesforce buys Dimdim, continues with Facebook-for-biz ploy

Cloud vendor Salesforce.com has bought messaging and screen-sharing outfit Dimdim for around $31m as it continues to out-Facebook Facebook for its biz customers.
Kelly Fiveash, 07 Jan 2011

Runaway hydroponic fungus attacks real-world Starship Voyager

The Leicestershire Trekkie who turned his flat into a replica of the Starship Voyager spent two years battling an alien mould attack, unaware that it was caused by a dope farm in the property below.
Lester Haines, 07 Jan 2011

Google battles Derby cops over access to Street View data

Google has turned the boys in blue red with rage by refusing to hand over private data except by court order.
Christopher Williams, 07 Jan 2011

Microsoft confesses to New Year Hotmail blunders

Microsoft's Hotmail saw the New Year in with a whimper, after thousands of its users were unable to access their web-based email accounts.
Kelly Fiveash, 07 Jan 2011

Mac App Store giving away pay apps for free

Security oversights mean that many of the applications in Apple's newly launched Mac App Store can easily be obtained without payment.
John Leyden, 07 Jan 2011

Apple denies reported plan to deep-six CFO Oppenheimer

Apple has reportedly been fishing around for a new chief finance officer, even though the iPhone and Mac vendor has strongly denied it is mulling a replacement for its current top bean counter.
Kelly Fiveash, 07 Jan 2011

Kinect blamed for Red Ring of Death outbreak

Some gamers are blaming Kinect, Microsoft's motion-controlled peripheral, for the loss of their XBox to the dreaded Red Ring of Death.
Caleb Cox, 07 Jan 2011
Huawei S7

Huawei S7 7in Android tablet

ReviewHard on the heels of Samsung's Galaxy Tab comes the S7 from Chinese manufacturer Huawei, an Android tablet that aims to tread the line between the pricey Galaxy and the wretched crop of £99 devices that you can find on the shelves of Netto and Asda.
Alun Taylor, 07 Jan 2011

Man charged in bizarre EXPLODING VIBRATOR plot

A Minnesota man has been cuffed on charges of "creating an explosive device and making terroristic threats" after allegedly rigging the worst Xmas present ever for an ex-girlfriend – an exploding vibrator.
Lester Haines, 07 Jan 2011

Ofcom preps 'digital dividend' selloff, kick in the (foot)balls for Sky

Ofcom has laid out its priorities for the next two years: mostly cost-cutting and working out how to best slap down bit torrent users, but kicking Sky too.
Bill Ray, 07 Jan 2011
Intel WiDi

Intel soups up Wireless Display tech

CES 2011Intel's Wireless Display (WiDi) technology entire failed to take off after it was launched a year ago during the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). One year on, and the chip giant has taken the wraps off WiDi 2.0. Can it fare any better?
Tony Smith, 07 Jan 2011

Facebook riddled by 'my first ever status message' scam app

A new survey scam has hoodwinked thousands on Facebook.
John Leyden, 07 Jan 2011

Ptable: It’s all about the interface

With no insult to El Reg’s skilled and resourceful interblag guru Murray Walker, I have recently run across potentially the coolest and most useful site currently available on the web. It’s called ptable. It is everything you ever wanted to know about the periodic table of elements presented in an easy to navigate format and it’s done entirely in HTML and CSS.
Trevor Pott, 07 Jan 2011

EU law not tough enough for online piracy, says Brussels

Rates of intellectual property infringement in the EU are "alarming", according to the European Commission. It says that an EU law on IP rights has had some effect, but that the legal measure was not designed to deal with online piracy.
OUT-LAW.COM, 07 Jan 2011

Fujifilm focuses on fresh FinePix range

CES 2011Fujifilm clicked off 2011 with a major launch of 16 FinePix digital cameras, revealed at CES this week.
Caleb Cox, 07 Jan 2011
arrow pointing up

Tech veep denies Xiotech ISE controller strategy change

CommentRob Peglar, Xiotech's VP for technology, took issue with some aspects of the story about the ISE NAS Controller Node.
Chris Mellor, 07 Jan 2011

Nazis 'became obsessed' with piss-taking Finnish dog

Newly discovered documents have revealed that Nazi officials got themselves into a bit of a tizz over a Finnish dog which raised its paw in response to the command "Hitler".
Lester Haines, 07 Jan 2011

'Methanotroph' bacteria feasted on blown BP rig's methane belch

Scientists believe they have solved the mystery over what happened to the hundreds of thousands of tons of methane that belched into the Gulf of Mexico following the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion last April.
Christopher Williams, 07 Jan 2011

Vegas vid-poker hackjackpot bonanza duo face charges

A duo who used a software bug in video poker machines to milk thousands in unearned jackpots have been charged with computer hacking and conspiracy offences.
John Leyden, 07 Jan 2011

Hoxton social media types hit by Silicon Roundabout power cut

Web 2.0 consultants and SEO specialists residing in the increasingly crowded hub of London's social media universe were left without electricity in Hoxton yesterday.
Kelly Fiveash, 07 Jan 2011

Oz net filter jams up with smut, may be pulled out altogether

A former Australian regulator recently speculated that there may be changes in the works for Australia's smut regulation, suggesting that self-regulation may eventually follow. This is ahead of a review of the classification system that is being conducted by the Australian Law Review Commission (ALRC).
Jane Fae , 07 Jan 2011

iConnectivity brings MIDI interfacing to iOS devices

CES 2011Music composition on iOS devices has been around for a while but for meticulous musicians, touchscreen tune tapping just doesn’t cut it. For more serious work it seem that iConnectivity has the answer.
Bob Dormon, 07 Jan 2011

Feds relax export curbs on open-source crypto

Federal restrictions will be relaxed on the export of open-source software that incorporates strong encryption, the US government announced on Friday in a lengthy disclosure.
Dan Goodin, 07 Jan 2011

US job market still limp

The US economy added 103,000 non-farm jobs in December, but just as in November, American employers added significantly fewer jobs than economists had been expecting.

Drupal 7 dives into machine-readable web

The machine-readable web has come a step closer thanks to open sourcers in the Drupal community.
Gavin Clarke, 07 Jan 2011
Ford Focus Electric

Ford unveils all-electric Focus for 2012

CES 2011Ford has formally wheeled its new all-electric Focus out of the garage, and promised to put it onto European forecourts in 2012.
Tony Smith, 07 Jan 2011

Motorola dual-core Android phone to pull off laptop trick?

CES 2011Motorola's Atrix smartphone will be coming to the UK courtesy of Orange. Just another Android handset, you say, but it's the Atrix's accessories that make this gadget stand out as much as its spec.
Tony Smith, 07 Jan 2011

If you open source an old market, are you doomed to fail?

Open...and ShutA few years back, a host of open-source businesses raised hundreds of millions of dollars on the promise that they would commoditize old, dying markets, and make a bundle of money in the process. Missing from this thesis, however, was its logical conclusion: winning in a fading market is tantamount to losing, as the commoditizing vendor goes down with the sinking ship.
Matt Asay, 07 Jan 2011

For sale: 50,000 compromised iTunes accounts

Users of a Chinese auction site are brazenly selling access to compromised iTunes accounts that offer downloads of movies and music for pennies on the dollar.
Dan Goodin, 07 Jan 2011

Verizon to sell iPhone 4 this month

The cat is near as darn it out of the bag. US carrier Verizon will announce next week that it's going to offer the iPhone 4.
Tony Smith, 07 Jan 2011

DisplayLink tools up iPad as wireless Windows screen

CES 2011DisplayLink, the company best known for gadgets that connect monitors through USB ports, has released software that will allow a Windows 7 machine to use an iPad as a secondary display.
Tony Smith, 07 Jan 2011

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