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WTF is... up with e-book pricing?

Electronic books are a topic that never fails to generate comment on Reg Hardware – most often along the lines of, 'why are they so expensive?'
Nigel Whitfield, 26 Nov 2010
Call of Duty: Black Ops

Gamers demand CoD: Black Ops money back

Growing numbers of groaning gamers have signed an online petition to demand a full refund for the PS3 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops.
Caleb Cox, 26 Nov 2010

Stuxnet code leak to cause CYBER-APOCALYPSE NOW!

Source code for the sophisticated Stuxnet worm has reportedly made it onto underground forums where it is been offered up for sale at some unspecified price.
John Leyden, 26 Nov 2010
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Brussels talks clouds and privacy

Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, warned yesterday that moves to cloud computing must not endanger citizens' rights to privacy and proper data protection.
John Oates, 26 Nov 2010

Regional accent read-outs coming to satnavs

Drivers may soon find their satnav voice change accent as they move between different parts of the country.
Caleb Cox, 26 Nov 2010

EU Parliament backs ACTA with few reservations

The European Parliament has welcomed a controversial international intellectual property treaty as a "step in the right direction" but has reiterated calls for clarity on the impact of the law on existing EU rights.
OUT-LAW.COM, 26 Nov 2010

Dutch twaddle-prof lambasts Google Scholar

A Dutch prof says that search engines - in particular Google's academic-paper search function, Google Scholar - have become "significant co-producers of academic knowledge", and that this is a Bad Thing because nobody knows how they work.
Lewis Page, 26 Nov 2010

Monarchist marks fall for faux royal wedding ticket site

A benign social engineering experiment has proved how easy it would be to make thousands out of gullible monarchists anxious for a chance to attend next April's royal wedding.
John Leyden, 26 Nov 2010
Reg Hardware Awards

Reg Hardware Reader Awards 2010

Golden Vutures and Rusty DodosA friendly reminder, folks: we'll be closing the nominations process for the Reg Hardware Reader Awards 2010 next week, so head on over to the awards suggestion page and tell us which products you loved this year - and which you hated.
Register Hardware, 26 Nov 2010

Ofcom slaps down ham botherer

A 63-year-old man from Hull has pleaded guilty to driving by the homes of radio hams purely for the joy of interfering with their hobby.
Bill Ray, 26 Nov 2010

YouTube shakes hands with French artists

Google’s YouTube inked a deal with three French royalty-collecting outfits yesterday.
Kelly Fiveash, 26 Nov 2010
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BOFH: Pain fear games

Episode 18
Simon Travaglia, 26 Nov 2010

Gamble to win and lose... and win

Jolted out of my savings inertia by the paltry 0.75 per cent I was getting on my Alliance and Leicester ISA, I decided to experiment with another tax efficient investment vehicle – gambling.
Team Register, 26 Nov 2010

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

Reg quizHomes and offices are awash with electromagnetic radiation these days, right across the dial, but do you know what frequencies the gadgets on your desk - and in your home - are spewing out?
Bill Ray, 26 Nov 2010

Hacked Twitter spreads false Tsunami warning

Tiresome miscreants broke into the Twitter account of an Indonesian government advisor on Thursday to spread false warnings of an impending Tsunami.
John Leyden, 26 Nov 2010

Secunia recovers from DNS redirection hack

Security notification firm Secunia has confirmed that a DNS redirection hack was to blame for the redirection of surfers to a hacker site on Thursday.
John Leyden, 26 Nov 2010

Start-up pitches low-cost no-glasses 3D for iPad

Want to view 3D content on your iDevice without having to wear specs? US-based GRilli3D claims it has the technology to make it so.
Tony Smith, 26 Nov 2010
Compaq interior coated in strange dust

Filthy PCs: The X-rated circus of horrors

Ventblockers IIWell, you lovely people, it's time to pour yourselves a stiff brandy before entering the circus of horrors that is Ventblockers II.
Lester Haines, 26 Nov 2010

Pirate Bay verdict: Three operators lose appeal

Three men who were found guilty of being accessories to breaching copyright laws in The Pirate Bay trial in April 2009 today lost their appeal against the ruling in a Swedish court.
Kelly Fiveash, 26 Nov 2010

Android out-runs Windows Phone 7 on price comparison site

Figures from comparison service Mobiles Please show Windows Phone 7 being outsold by Android more than 15 times over and by Symbian three times.
Bill Ray, 26 Nov 2010

ISPs under pressure to control online porn

Campaigners will meet with the internet minister, Ed Vaizey, to lobby for ISPs to be forced to control access to pornography.
Christopher Williams, 26 Nov 2010

Virgin skins up Tivo box

Virgin Media has posted a set of screens showing the UI that its upcoming Tivo-based set-top box will use.
Hard Reg, 26 Nov 2010

'Mad captain' sole entrant in Vodafone compo

A competition to find mobile apps for women appears to have received received no entries, so an ex-pirate has knocked one up to help women in the third world enter similar competitions more easily.
Bill Ray, 26 Nov 2010
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

ReviewPigs, gavvers, filth, babylon, bizzies. The sheer wealth of familiar pejoratives suggests few people admire the police. Even fewer, I suspect, admire traffic cops. But despite an incongruous contempt for those who uphold the law, I'm sure many people share my fantasy of a night spent behind the wheel of a lumbering Volvo Estate, bringing justice to the streets of our inner-city Asbo-farms.
Andrew Bailey, 26 Nov 2010
vulture tv reporter

'Looking and acting like an employee' didn't make him one

There was no need to imply a direct contract between an agency worker and an employer just because the worker's conditions did not exactly match those described in the agency agreement, the Court of Appeal has said.
OUT-LAW.COM, 26 Nov 2010

Yes! It's the Reg Top 5 FUTURISTIC GUNS Thanksgiving Roundup!

As anyone with their finger on the pulse of our former transatlantic colonies knows, yesterday was Thanksgiving: a traditional American ritual in which families come together to celebrate the fact that they have plenty of food for the year ahead by eating most of it in one day, the while watching enormous men crashing into one another on TV.
Lewis Page, 26 Nov 2010

Pushing service delivery beyond the enterprise boundary

WorkshopSo far in this series we’ve been considering all things service delivery, with an emphasis on how the various elements of IT infrastructure can be managed as a single whole.
Jon Collins, 26 Nov 2010

Payback orders for eBay squaddie

A former Army quartermaster has been ordered to pay back £6,000 he made from selling military clobber on eBay.
John Oates, 26 Nov 2010
Pure Twilight

Pure Twilight DAB/FM radio and dawn simulator

ReviewHere in Blighty we’re rather proud of our broadcasting heritage, the BBC was the first to offer national radio after all, and remains the world's largest public service broadcaster too. Yet, while the US managed colour TV in the 1950s, the UK had to wait until 1960s. Half a century on, DAB radio pioneer Pure is keen to ensure we’ll not be left behind this time with its latest innovation, colour radio.
Bob Dormon, 26 Nov 2010

Seagate DeLorean: World's priciest hard drive?

Spin up this Flash Rods model DeLorean stainless steel hard drive car and go back to the future with MBs costing seven times more than they need to.
Chris Mellor, 26 Nov 2010

Reg hack tickled by Kent schoolgirl

I'm delighted to report that my world-beating journalism has finally received the recognition it deserves, at least in one small corner of the Garden of England.
Lester Haines, 26 Nov 2010

Microsoft and Attachmate were not Novell's destiny

Open...and ShutNovell, a collection of mostly legacy software businesses, has announced that it will be devoured by another collection of legacy software businesses, Attachmate.
Matt Asay, 26 Nov 2010

Europe's broadband bird goes up tonight

The Hylas-1 telecoms satellite is fired into space tonight, with the mission to provide satellite broadband everywhere in Europe.
Bill Ray, 26 Nov 2010

Petabyte-chomping big sky telescope sucks down baby code

Robert Heinlein was right to be worried. What if there really is a planet of giant, psychic, human-hating bugs out there, getting ready to hurl planet-busting rocks in our general direction? Surely we would want to know?
Matt Stephens, 26 Nov 2010
apple music

Fanboi primer: How to move your iTunes from PC to Mac

With Steve Jobs's world domination plan proceeding on schedule, I can't be the only iTunes user who wants to transfer my Windows-based music library to a Mac. For all the talk about the ease of switching to OS X, I've been unable to find any Apple-sanctioned way to take my playlists, song ratings, and number of plays with me. And while a variety of downloads promise to do just that, I've found them klugey and unreliable.
Dan Goodin, 26 Nov 2010

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