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Archos 7 Android Home Tablet

Archos 7 Android tablet

ReviewDespite the iPad being upon us and plenty of Windows 7 and Android tablets on the horizon – not to mention whatever HP's tablet plans are for webOS – the question: "What's a tablet for?" remains a question without a definitive answer.
Alun Taylor, 16 Aug 2010

Hurd snubbed HP board to settle claims

The board of HP felt snubbed by Mark Hurd's solo efforts to settle a sexual harassment case brought by contractor Jodie Fisher.
John Oates, 16 Aug 2010

George Lucas names Star Wars Blu-ray release date

All six Star Wars movies will be released on Blu-ray, George Lucas has confirmed, but not until October... 2011.
Hard Reg, 16 Aug 2010
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Intel's SSD roadmap leaked

A leaked slide of Intel's nine-month solid state drive (SSD) roadmap shows a 400GB multi-level cell (MLC) enterprise solid state drive due in the first quarter of next year.
Chris Mellor, 16 Aug 2010
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Apple staff allegedly sold secrets worth $1m

Asian companies negotiating contracts with Apple allegedly paid more than $1m in kickbacks to an Apple manager in exchange for confidential information about what Cupertino would be buying.
Bill Ray, 16 Aug 2010

Underground credit card clearing house hacked

An underground credit card clearing house has itself been hacked, an investigation by Trend Micro has confirmed.
John Leyden, 16 Aug 2010

Toshiba preps profusion of ports punted via Wireless USB

Congratulations, owners of laptops with under-utilised Wireless USB radios - thanks to Toshiba, you'll soon be able to make use of the technology.
Hard Reg, 16 Aug 2010

Buxom buttocks bolster Beemer bonnet

NSFWLet's face it, carbon fibre car bonnets aren't the most visually stimulating items, so if you're attempting to punt one down at the world's fave tat bazaar, why not give your auction a bit of added va-va-voom?
Lester Haines, 16 Aug 2010

Survey scammers exploit Facebook dislike lure

Chancers are punting a survey scam on Facebook that poses as a curmudgeonly response to the social network's 'Like' button.
John Leyden, 16 Aug 2010

Apple waves NFC veteran into Mobile Commerce role

Apple has appointed an NFC expert as its head of Mobile Commerce, underlining Cupertino's commitment to making proximity payments part of the iPhone architecture.
Bill Ray, 16 Aug 2010

BT Tower to open for first time in 29 years

The BT Tower will open to the public next month for the first time in almost thirty years as part of an architecture festival.
Christopher Williams, 16 Aug 2010

Google drops cash on virtual currency firm Jambool

Google has bought a virtual currency software firm as part of its latest effort to build a Web 2.0 empire by scooping up social networking outfits.
Kelly Fiveash, 16 Aug 2010

Craigslist 'killer' kills himself

Philip Markoff, the man accused of using Craigslist to hire sex workers who he then attacked, has been found dead in his cell where he was awaiting trial.
John Oates, 16 Aug 2010

Virgin Media to warn malware-infected customers

Virgin Media subscribers whose computers are part of a botnet can expect a letter warning them to tighten up their security, under a new initiative based on data collected by independent malware trackers.
Christopher Williams, 16 Aug 2010

Prototype semi-hovership delivered to Commandos

Blighty's elite Royal Marine Commandos have just taken delivery of a prototype semi-aircushion hover assault craft, intended to speed up the amphibious landings of the future.
Lewis Page, 16 Aug 2010

Dell shakes up storage array game with 3PAR buy

Dell is changing the enterprise storage array supplier landscape by buying 3PAR for $1.15bn, adding an enterprise block storage array to its storage product roster and complementing the iSCSI EqualLogic storage arrays it bought in 2007.
Chris Mellor, 16 Aug 2010
vulture tv reporter

UK.gov awards managed services deal to lucky dozen

Buying Solutions has announced that it has awarded a two-year IT managed services framework agreement to 12 suppliers.
Kable, 16 Aug 2010

Schmidt: Erase your identity to escape Google shame

Increasingly bonkers Google governor Eric Schmidt has seen the future, and you might have to change your name to be a part of it.
Christopher Williams, 16 Aug 2010

Google's Inventor gets short shrift

Veteran tech watcher David Pogue has taken a look at Google's new building-block based development environment for Android, and he's not impressed.
Bill Ray, 16 Aug 2010

Short passwords 'hopelessly inadequate', say boffins

The availability of password-cracking tools based on increasingly powerful graphics processors means that even carefully chosen short passwords are liable to crack under a brute-force attack.
John Leyden, 16 Aug 2010
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ARM server chip startup gets big backers

There are a number of ways to create a power-efficient server chip for hyperscale applications like those that run at Google, eBay, Facebook, and so on.
Three Free Laptop

'Free' laptop deals compared

Following last week's claims that 'free' laptop deals were still popular with British consumers, we thought we'd dig deep and find out just how much customers are really forking out.
Caleb Cox, 16 Aug 2010

Hackers: 'ColdFusion bug more serious than Adobe says'

A recently patched vulnerability in Adobe's ColdFusion application server may be more serious than previously thought following the public release of exploit code and blog posts claiming it can be used to take full control of systems running the software.
Dan Goodin, 16 Aug 2010
Cat 5 cable

Chipzilla borgs TI cable-modem group

In an effort to enhance its position in the burgeoning consumer electronics market, Intel today announced that it will acquire Texas Instruments' cable-modem group.
Rik Myslewski, 16 Aug 2010

NASA 'nauts wrap ISS pump job

Spacewalkers Tracy Caldwell Dyson and Doug Wheelock have successfully installed a new ammonia pump module to replace the one which failed on 31 July, taking out half of the International Space Stations's cooling system.
Lester Haines, 16 Aug 2010

Wikileaks double dares Pentagon hawks

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said his whistle-blower site won't be silenced by the Pentagon or any other group seeking to prevent it from airing more than 15,000 secret documents relating to the war in Afghanistan.
Dan Goodin, 16 Aug 2010

Android app secretly uploads GPS data, warns Symantec

Researchers from anti-virus provider Symantec have outted a gaming application in Google's Android Market that tracks users' whereabouts so they can be secretly monitored in real-time.
Dan Goodin, 16 Aug 2010

Canonical reveals next Ubuntu's touchy side

Touchy tablets are hogging the headlines and giving Steve Ballmer sleepless nights, but Linux netbooks are the focus of Canonical's latest push.
Gavin Clarke, 16 Aug 2010

Google dubs Oracle suit 'attack on Java community'

Google has called Oracle's Android lawsuit an attack not only on Google but also on the open-source Java community.
Cade Metz, 16 Aug 2010

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