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'Virtual sit-in' tests line between DDoS and free speech

A University of California professor who organized a "virtual sit-in" that targeted the university president's website has been told he may face criminal charges for mounting a distributed denial of service attack.
Dan Goodin, 09 Apr 2010

iPhone 4.0 SDK bars un-Jobsian code translation

Apple's new SDK for the iPhone 4.0 OS bars developers from accessing the company's APIs through any sort of intermediary layer that translates applications written in ways Steve Jobs doesn't approve of.
Cade Metz, 09 Apr 2010

Cisco ratchets networking for unified servers

Cisco Systems did more than launch two new servers earlier this week. It also rejiggered some of the networking gear used in conjunction with its Unified Computing System wares and talked a bit about its customers.

Microsoft: Silverlight youth beats Flash experience

It sounds like Microsoft is getting the same treatment from Apple as Adobe Systems when it comes to putting its media player on the iPad and iPhone.
Gavin Clarke, 09 Apr 2010

Mozilla betas Flash flak jacket with 'Lorentz'

Mozilla has released a public beta of Firefox "Lorentz," a test version of Firefox 3.6 designed to minimize crashes by running Flash, Silverlight, Java, and other plug-ins as processes separate from the core browser.
Cade Metz, 09 Apr 2010

Has Compellent caught a cold?

Compellent is ending seventeen quarters of revenue growth with an expected $4.3m to $4.8m sequential revenue decrease for its first 2010 quarter.
Chris Mellor, 09 Apr 2010

LG slashes cost of OLED TVs

LG has revealed how much it expects its upcoming 15in OLED HD TV to cost consumers. The good news: it's a lot less than Sony wants for its 11in Xel-1 OLED telly.
Tony Smith, 09 Apr 2010

Lenovo delays ARM-based netbook?

Lenovo may have delayed its eagerly anticipated ARM-based netbook, the Skylight, it has been claimed.
Tony Smith, 09 Apr 2010

DWP admits multiple fraud system failures

A Department for Work and Pensions minister has disclosed that the department's Fraims system has experienced numerous instances of disruption since January.
Kable, 09 Apr 2010

Lenovo intros third-gen netbook

Lenovo has introduced the third generation of its IdeaPad S10 netbook. The new model brings Intel's latest Atom technology to the series.
Tony Smith, 09 Apr 2010

Controlling the fallout of a data loss

If readers want to examine an interesting example of how to manage a data loss, have a look at what happened at the London Borough of Barnet. A data loss involving 9,000 children followed a burglary of the home of a member of staff. The loss included the council’s computer equipment (a laptop), CD Roms and memory sticks, along with other items from the house.
Amberhawk Training, 09 Apr 2010

Power management and carbon footprints

WorkshopApril 1, 2010 was a not classic All Fools' day in the UK press, although The Register did pull off a few half-decent pranks itself, including news of an alien invasion through the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. Now that the April Fools' jokes have been exposed it should be safe to confirm something that wasn't one - the "Carbon Reduction Commitment To Energy Efficiency Scheme", which is now in force in the UK.
Tony Lock, 09 Apr 2010

A user's timetable to the Digital Economy Act

Now that the Digital Economy Act has been passed by both Houses, what can internet users expect, and when? Quick answer: nothing much soon.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Apr 2010
homeless man with sign

Texas Memory Systems launches 10TB flash array

A year after launching a 5TB, 250,000 IOPS RamSan-620, flash storage co Texas Memory Systems is bringing out a doubled-up product, boasting 10 terabytes and half a million sustained IOPS.
Chris Mellor, 09 Apr 2010

Ofcom consultation brings out the tinfoil hatters

Quadrupling the transmission power of 3G networks will lead to famine, mass starvation and scurvy for all, not to mention annoying cameramen and the MoD, if the hysterical response to Ofcom's new proposals is to be believed.
Bill Ray, 09 Apr 2010

TalkTalk, ORG see cash from Mandybill chaos

Never let the facts, or taste, get in the way of a marketing campaign, we say.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Apr 2010

Yahoo! tech! boss! quits!

Yahoo’s! CTO and head of products has quit the company citing personal reasons, it was confirmed yesterday.
Kelly Fiveash, 09 Apr 2010
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MS preps 5 Windows critical fixes for busy Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has lined up 11 patches that collectively address 25 security vulnerabilities as part of its April Patch Tuesday security update.
John Leyden, 09 Apr 2010

CEOP renews attack on Facebook

The chief of the national anti-paedophile agency has launched another scathing attack on Facebook, branding its refusal to publish an official "panic button" on users' profiles as "arrogant".
Christopher Williams, 09 Apr 2010

Austrian takes pickaxe to Street View spymobile

An Austrian old timer could be in a spot of bother with police after he chased a Street View spymobile with a pickaxe, the Austrian Times reports.
Lester Haines, 09 Apr 2010

eBay trumps Tiffany in trade mark ruling

eBay does not infringe jewellery shop Tiffany's trade marks when counterfeits are sold by sellers at the online auction site. Tiffany has lost its appeal in the US against the same decision as made by a lower court.
OUT-LAW.COM, 09 Apr 2010

The great desktop refresh debate

On DemandLast week in a secret central London studio, somewhere beneath the bells of St Pauls, a crack squad of desktop experts gathered round the fireside for a mid-afernoon discussion on the desktop refresh.
Phil Mitchell, 09 Apr 2010

Murdoch hacks grumble over outsourced IT failures

To picturesque Wapping, where unrest among hacks and techies about recent IT cuts at News International is bubbling following a 24-hour email outage yesterday that crippled newsrooms and commercial operations alike.
Team Register, 09 Apr 2010

Bloke threatens BT with giant plywood cheque

It's Friday, so we're sure the following heartwarming tale will cheer your final slog into the weekend: how Reg reader David Humpage is giving BT some serious grief with giant novelty cheques.
Lester Haines, 09 Apr 2010

Wi-LAN throws down Bluetooth patent glove

UpdatedFighting everyone involved in Wi-Fi and WiMAX is not enough for Canadian patent hoarder Wi-LAN, which is now also slapping a suit on 31 companies connected to Bluetooth.
Bill Ray, 09 Apr 2010

Google slots nested labels, sneak peek experiments into Gmail

Mountain View has plonked two more experimental features into its Google Labs for Gmail.
Kelly Fiveash, 09 Apr 2010
Sony Internet TV

Get ready for the revolution: internet TVs

Not so long ago, a TV was just something for presenting broadcast programmes or content from devices like DVD players. If you wanted anything more exotic, you had to hook up a media player or perhaps a PC. More and more sets sprouted DVI or VGA ports to make that easier.
Nigel Whitfield, 09 Apr 2010

Labour unfriends Twitter rant candidate

The Labour Party has unfriended a wannabe Scottish MP who used Twitter to broadside fellow politicos, potential voters and Johnnie Walker Red Label.
Lester Haines, 09 Apr 2010

China routing snafu briefly mangles interweb

Bad routing information sourced from China has disrupted the internet for the second time in a fortnight.
John Leyden, 09 Apr 2010

Discovery team wrap first ISS spacewalk

Mission specialists Clayton Anderson and Rick Mastracchio (seen below) earlier today ventured outside the International Space Station on the first of three planned spacewalks for space shuttle Discovery's STS-131 mission.
Lester Haines, 09 Apr 2010

Tories offer automated boring of friends and neighbours

The Tories launched a Facebook app this morning that allows supporters to harangue their friends and neighbours without having to think too hard or knock on people's doors.
Joe Fay, 09 Apr 2010

Toshiba teams up with Violin for an enterprise storage revolution

CommentToshiba has completed a funding round that will see it investing $20m in Violin Memory and bringing its multi-level cell (MLC) flash technology to the table.
Chris Mellor, 09 Apr 2010

Tory £12bn public sector cuts proposal would claim IT scalps

A Tory government would cut spending on public sector IT projects, office costs, contracts and hiring of new staff in an effort to hold back £12bn and swerve a rise in National Insurance contributions.
Kelly Fiveash, 09 Apr 2010

What’s new and improving about IT today?

LabFor anyone who has been in IT for a while, all that new and improved stuff can quite quickly feel like the same-old-same-old, repackaged for the latest generation of supposedly tech-literate masses. Still, the “I’ve seen it all before” game can be a dangerous one to play.
Jon Collins, 09 Apr 2010

World's biggest app store starts stocking shelves

Vodafone's Joint Innovation Labs is open for business, promising to approve applications in ten days and eventually provide access to more than a billion customers.
Bill Ray, 09 Apr 2010

Bribery Act passed by Parliament

A new bribery law has been passed by the Houses of Commons and Lords but is not yet in force. The Bribery Act can penalise companies whose employees engage in bribery if the company did not have adequate policies in place to prevent it.
OUT-LAW.COM, 09 Apr 2010

Windows mobile Trojan poses as war game

Miscreants have created a Trojaned version of a Windows mobile game that makes expensive international phone calls from compromised smartphones.
John Leyden, 09 Apr 2010

Java bug exposes users to serious code-execution risk

Researchers have discovered a flaw in the latest version of Oracle's Java runtime environment that attackers can exploit to remotely execute malicious code on end user machines.
Dan Goodin, 09 Apr 2010

Wikifounder reports Wikiparent to FBI over 'child porn'

UpdatedUpdate: This story has been updated to show that Larry Sanger now says that the images in question do not depict real people and to include additional legal clarification. And it was later updated a second time with additional clarification about federal law 18USC 2258A, which requires electronic service providers to notify the NCMEC if they are made aware of child pronography.
Cade Metz, 09 Apr 2010

Super Micro goes platinum

Super Micro, the king of the whitebox server makers, has launched a new platinum series of server platforms that feature super-efficient power supplies.
For Sale sign detail

Nexsan postpones IPO - again

AutoMAID spindown storage startup Nexsan has postponed its planned IPO due to poor market conditions.
Chris Mellor, 09 Apr 2010

Google tweaks search results with mystery site speedometer

Google is now using site speed - "how quickly a site responds to web requests" - as part of the criteria for ranking links on its world-dominating search engine.
Cade Metz, 09 Apr 2010

Fanboi's delight - the top ten free iPad apps

Either you just bought an iPad and you wallet is now depleted, you're thinking of buying one and you'd like to know how you can stuff it with apps for zero dollars, or you're simply curious about how free iPad apps compare with free iPhone apps.
Rik Myslewski, 09 Apr 2010

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