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EU approves on-board GSM for cruisers

The EU has approved the use of on-boat GSM base stations, but users will have to remain below decks once they're within a couple of miles of the shore.
Bill Ray, 22 Mar 2010

Mandy quango says Apple, Amazon are too obscure

A group sponsored by Lord Mandelson’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills says more money should be spent telling Britons about iTunes and Amazon, because not enough people know about them. It says the music business should pick up the tab, though.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Mar 2010

Siemens union threatens BBC strike

Members of media union Bectu have voted in favour of strike action to oppose a BBC pay freeze for tech staff.
John Oates, 22 Mar 2010

Challenging accepted ERP wisdom

WorkshopSo you've been through an ERP implementation before and you know how it's all done? That’s good to hear, but if your experience was a few years ago, it might be worth taking a look at the way things have been changing. The truth is that anyone reviewing their ERP requirements today won't be doing themselves any favours if they approach the definition of requirements in the traditional manner, and there are two areas of accepted wisdom that need to be seriously challenged in relation to this.
Dale Vile, 22 Mar 2010

Loud sex ASBO woman back on the job

The Tyne and Wear woman earlier this year spared jail for breaching an ASBO requiring her to refrain from unnaturally loud sex has been cuffed after once again failing to put a sock in it.
Lester Haines, 22 Mar 2010

DfT scraps IT projects worth £15.4m

The Department for Transport has cancelled three major IT projects in the last year prior to their completion.
Kable, 22 Mar 2010
vulture tv reporter

Dodgy BitDefender update bricks systems

A dodgy update from BitDefender on Saturday bricked Win 64-Bit systems after it was applied.
John Leyden, 22 Mar 2010

Office IT: One size doesn't fit all?

Workshop“We are all individuals” – Brian
Jon Collins, 22 Mar 2010

Pirates of the Caribbean say 'narrr' to Bulgarian airbags

The director of the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean outing has decreed that actresses with breast implants will not be welcome to swash their buckles alongside the 100 per cent natural and impressive pirate's chest of Penelope Cruz.
Lester Haines, 22 Mar 2010

SpinVox consumer service croaks

Readers have let us know that SpinVox's UK consumer service will soon be croaking its last voicemail. The company translates voice messages to text. Last Thursday UK customers received the following text messages:
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Mar 2010
homeless man with sign

Novell snubs hedge fund's $1bn takeover bid

Novell has spurned an unsolicited $1bn cash takeover bid from Elliot Associates.
Kelly Fiveash, 22 Mar 2010

Pandora plus Endor: Multi hab-moon motherworld discovered

VidsTop astro boffins have announced the discovery of the first planet which could be the real-life parent world of fictional habitable moons Pandora and Endor. According to Blighty's top exomoonologist, there might even be more than one inhabited moon circling the newly discovered gas giant.
Lewis Page, 22 Mar 2010
Acer Aspire One 532

Acer Aspire One 532

ReviewIf you thought the netbook market was already flooded, Intel’s recently-launched 'Pine Trail' platform means you can expect another new batch to come through. We’ve already seen Asus’ take on Pine Trail with the Eee PC 1005PE - reviewed here. Now we have Acer’s Aspire One 532h.
Will Stapley, 22 Mar 2010

Brown creates one UK.gov website to rule them all

The government has announced plans for a personalised web page for every UK citizen to access all public services online in a single location.
Christopher Williams, 22 Mar 2010

WiMAX Forum begs for speedy spectrum release

The WiMAX Forum has called for speedy disposal of the UK's allocated TDD spectrum, so it can take advantage of the standard's ever-decreasing technical lead.
Bill Ray, 22 Mar 2010

The art of optimising VM performance

LabWhile it is unfair to say (as many vendors do), that server virtualisation will take over the world during the course of the next fifteen minutes, we know from the readers of The Register that ever-expanding numbers of virtual machines (VMs) are being spun up by organisations large and small.
Tony Lock, 22 Mar 2010

Sophos sorry for blog comment spam campaign

Sophos has apologised after a third-party marketing agency hired by the anti-virus and anti-spam specialist sprayed link spam on the blog of security expert Gunter Ollmann.
John Leyden, 22 Mar 2010

Windows XP Mode skips virtualisation hardware requirements

Microsoft pushed out a software update late last week that strips away some hardware requirements for running Windows XP Mode on Windows 7 computers, in a move designed to convince more SMBs to upgrade their operating systems.
Kelly Fiveash, 22 Mar 2010
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

Orange claims Xperia X10 exclusive

Orange has said that it has won the exclusive on Sony Ericsson's eagerly anticipated Android-based smartphone, the Xperia X10.
Tony Smith, 22 Mar 2010

Man could face prison over six second 'extreme porn' clip

A man has been warned he faces a custodial sentence after pleading guilty to possession of what prosecutors described as "extreme porn" at Mold Crown Court last week.
Jane Fae , 22 Mar 2010

Greatest Living Briton gets £30m for 'web science'

As an alliance of the desperate, this one takes some beating. The Greatest Living Briton (Sir Timothy Berners Lee) has been thrown £30m of taxpayers' money for a new institute to research "web science".
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Mar 2010

Germany warns surfers against Firefox

German's official cyber-security response team is advising surfers not to use Firefox pending the release of a patch to defend against a critical unpatched vulnerability.
John Leyden, 22 Mar 2010
Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox offers hackers £100,000 challenge

Swiss Army Knife maker Victorinox is asking the best of Britain's hackers to try and beat the biometric security built into its latest USB Flash drive-fitted penknife.
Tony Smith, 22 Mar 2010
Sony Vaio E

Sony grows Vaio E notebook range

Hot on the heels of last week's Vaio M netbook introduction, Sony has today taken the wraps off another Vaio range: the colourful E series.
Tony Smith, 22 Mar 2010

Tory 'Cash Gordon' campaign suffers Web2.0rhea bum rush

UpdatedThe Tories, in their enthusiasm for all things Web2.0rhea, launched an ill-conceived Facebook Connect campaign over the weekend that they hoped would encourage people to gripe about Labour's ties to the Unite union.
Kelly Fiveash, 22 Mar 2010

Geezer eBays 'bastardised, chaved up Skippy mobile'

The seller of a 2005 Renault Clio has brightened a few days with his novel description of the "proper bastardised, chaved up Skippy mobile".
Lester Haines, 22 Mar 2010

'Smart roof' coating made of old takeaway fryer oil

Eco-friendly boffinry entrepreneurs have proposed a radical new scheme to reduce energy consumption in the home. Rooftops should, they say, be coated with a revolutionary "smart roof" temperature-sensitive material made out of used cooking oil.
Lewis Page, 22 Mar 2010

Outlook bleak for NHS IT

The NHS's National Programme for IT - supposedly the world's largest civilian technology project - is looking increasingly unwell.
John Oates, 22 Mar 2010

Mickos new CEO at cloud manager Eucalyptus

If you had any hopes that Marten Mickos might lead the charge to commercialize a fork of the open source MySQL database with MySQL founder Michael "Monty" Widenius, forget it. Mickos has a new job as chief executive officer at cloudy infrastructure management software maker Eucalyptus Systems, and has moved on.

Telegraph trips over the Large Hardon Collider

The Daily Telegraph last Friday showed particle boffins the potentially disastrous effects of meddling with things you don't fully understand - in this case just what "LHC" stands for:
Lester Haines, 22 Mar 2010

Russia arrests three over $9m RBS WorldPay scam

Three men suspected of orchestrating a massive $9m cyber-raid on RBS WorldPay involving cloned payroll cards and hacking have been arrested by Russian's FSB internal security service.
John Leyden, 22 Mar 2010

Pirate Party UK launches manifesto

The Pirate Party UK is launching its manifesto tonight, under embargo: but since we don't believe in antiquated and oppressive IP laws - we're setting it free.
Team Register, 22 Mar 2010
Kindle iPhone

Amazon brews Kindleware for Apple's iPad

Amazon said on Monday that it plans to introduce a new version of its Kindle software for the Apple iPad, going head-to-head with the iBooks ereader Apple intends to bundle with the much-discussed device.
Cade Metz, 22 Mar 2010
vulture tv reporter

Unisys gooses ClearPath mainframes

Mainframe maker Unisys has boosted the process capacity of its ClearPath Libra mainframes, shooting the gap between high-end Libra models based on Unisys' homegrown mainframe engines and entry Libra models based on Intel's quad-core and six-core Xeon MP processors.

Botnet pierces Microsoft Live through audio captchas

The prolific Pushdo spam botnet has found a new way to penetrate Microsoft's Live.com by exploiting weaknesses in the audio captchas designed to prevent automated scripts from accessing the popular email service.
Dan Goodin, 22 Mar 2010

Google redirects China to uncensored Hong Kong servers

Google has shut down its Chinese search engine, Google.cn, and is now redirecting site visitors to its Hong Kong-based engine, Google.com.hk, where it will provide uncensored search results in simplified Chinese designed specifically for users in mainland China.
Cade Metz, 22 Mar 2010

Russians approve, um, Sunacle deal

I guess we all know what Larry Ellison thinks of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, the antitrust regulatory body in Russia.

Russia to crack down on abuse of .ru addresses

The organization that administers Russia's .ru top-level domain names will soon begin verifying the identity of its customers in an attempt to crack down on cybercrime, according to reports.
Dan Goodin, 22 Mar 2010

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