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Apple's Mac - the ghostbuster's choice

Apple's Mac has long been the go-to machine of choice for creative designers and photographers. Scientific apps such as A/G Blast contribute to our understanding of the world around us. And now a tip from MacDailyNews points us to another creative realm in which the Mac is expanding human knowledge: investigation of the paranormal.
Rik Myslewski, 17 Mar 2010

Googlenet dwarfs all but two of world's ISPs

Google handles more internet traffic than all but two of the world's ISPs, according to data from network-security outfit Arbor Networks.
Cade Metz, 17 Mar 2010
LG GW620

LG InTouch Max GW620

ReviewIt's taken a while, but LG has finally got around to releasing an Android handset. We're pleased to see they haven't just gone for a me-too 'droid either – the GW620 is firmly aimed at the lower mid-range rather than the smartphone high end. It puts the focus firmly on social networking, with integrated SNS, a slide-out Qwerty keyboard, plus Wi-Fi, HSDPA 3G, 5Mp camera and GPS.
Dave Oliver, 17 Mar 2010

Ordnance Survey consultation reaches end of line

Public consultation on the future of some Ordnance Survey mapping data ends today, and a government spokeswoman told The Register that it will respond within the next few weeks.
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Mar 2010

Security in the virtualised world

On DemandIf virtualisation is creeping across your organisation then you should tune in to this, the latest webcast in our virtualisation series: Virtualisation and Security: Practical Matters.
Phil Mitchell, 17 Mar 2010

Google's Chinese ad partners demand satisfaction

Twenty-seven of Google's Chinese ad partners have asked the web giant to clarify its position in China, saying their businesses are suffering as Google mulls a possible exit from the country and urging the company to explain how they will be compensated if it does depart.
Cade Metz, 17 Mar 2010

Samsung confirms Android 2.1 update for Galaxy Portal

Samsung has announced it will upgrade its Android-based Galaxy Portal smartphone - aka the Galaxy Spica - to version 2.1 of the Google operating system.
Tony Smith, 17 Mar 2010
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Emulex gets NetApp FCoE blessing

NetApp has blessed the use of Emulex's OneConnect Converged Network Adapter (CNA) for Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), a huge tier 1 storage vendor endorsement for the firm.
Chris Mellor, 17 Mar 2010

Potholes on the road to server virtualisation

LabWhile the broader question of what’s going to prevent server virtualisation going mainstream might be interesting, it's far more pertinent to find out what’s going to prevent virtualisation working in your own organisation.
Jon Collins, 17 Mar 2010

Microsoft cuts out paste

Windows Phone 7 Series won't be able to cut and paste, as Microsoft continues to create something with all the limitations of the iPhone and little of the charm.
Bill Ray, 17 Mar 2010
Consoles & Gadgets Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Controller

Study shows gaming can hinder reading, writing progress

A study has confirmed what any savvy parent could have told you: young boys who are given games consoles may fail to advance as far academically as their Wii, Xbox and PlayStation-less peers.
Tony Smith, 17 Mar 2010

Mafia don suspect tracked down via Facebook

Italian police successfully used Facebook to track down a Mafia suspect.
John Leyden, 17 Mar 2010

Microsoft confirms IE9 will shun Windows XP

UpdatedMicrosoft has confirmed that Internet Explorer 9 will not support Windows XP.
Cade Metz, 17 Mar 2010
Sky teaser 75

Sky gets Five HD

Five may not be coming to Freeview HD any time in the near future, but it will show up on Sky.
Tony Smith, 17 Mar 2010
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Ellison's storage Pillar sits at fork in the road

CommentLarry Ellison founded Pillar Data on the premise it would become the next EMC or NetApp, and go through an IPO or be bought. On its way there it sees a new system that could replace 100 NetApp filers coming by 2012.
Chris Mellor, 17 Mar 2010
For Sale sign detail

WD adds 1TB portable Mac drive

Western Digital has extended its portable drive line for the Mac with 750GB and 1TB models.
Chris Mellor, 17 Mar 2010

How much of a burden is ERP on your IT department?

Mini PollFollowing our discussions earlier in the week on the current state of ERP, we thought it would be useful to gather some structured feedback on the burden such systems place on IT departments. So, if you have a couple of minutes, let us know how things are with your ERP system in the following mini-poll:
Dale Vile, 17 Mar 2010

Virgin Media readies Android attack

Virgin has become the latest mobile phone network to catch the Android bug - it has launched two smartphones based on the Google OS and will release two more next month.
Tony Smith, 17 Mar 2010

Microsoft slapped with $106m patent kipper

Microsoft has been ordered by a US federal jury in Texas to pay nearly $106m to VirnetX Holding Corporation for infringing two internet communication patents.
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Mar 2010

US kiddies treated to Playboy TV

Kids in parts of North Carolina were yesterday treated to previews of Playboy TV featuring "nude women having explicit sexual conversations", as local news outfit WRAL puts it.
Lester Haines, 17 Mar 2010

ATI Graphic cards turbo charge password recovery

Russian password cracking firm ElcomSoft is using the latest graphics cards from ATI to double the speed of its iPhone password breaker and wireless security auditor products.
John Leyden, 17 Mar 2010
Samsing SSG-2100AB

LG backs away from '15,000 3D TVs for pubs' claim

LG isn't going to supply Sky with 15,000 3D TVs so that the broadcaster can enable 15,000 of Blighty's pubs to show their clientele 3D footie matches, the consumer electronics company has claimed.
Tony Smith, 17 Mar 2010

Google China uncensors verboten tank man

Google's Chinese search engine was defying local law on Tuesday by returning links involving the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests and the Xinjiang independence movement, according to a report from NBC News.
Cade Metz, 17 Mar 2010

Incredible Hulk snared on Street View

Even comic book superheroes need to chill out from time to time, and it appears that the Shetland Island's Pierhead Restaurant & Bar is where they let their hair down, along with the Mafia and giant white mice*:
Lester Haines, 17 Mar 2010

Mozilla ditches support for aged SeaMonkey 1.0

Mozilla has dropped support for version 1.0 of its four-year-old internet app suite, SeaMonkey.
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Mar 2010

Game developer's lost electric buggy FOUND ON MOON

A lost, broken-down solar/nuclear robot rover left on the Moon by the Soviet space programme - and nowadays owned by a wealthy computer game developer and space tourist - has been precisely located by NASA's new moon-mapping satellite.
Lewis Page, 17 Mar 2010

Irate Aussies go after US website

The owner of a US website accused of breaking Australian law by the Australian Human Rights Commission has told them to rack right off.
John Oates, 17 Mar 2010

Legless Lithuanian attacks copper with todger

A legless Lithuanian who "assaulted a female police officer with his penis" has been fined £600 for his trouble, the BBC reports.
Lester Haines, 17 Mar 2010

Desktop refresh cycles: How long is yours?

WorkshopDepending on the organisation you work in, the notion of ‘desktop refresh’ will have taken one of several forms. At one end of the spectrum, major ‘one-off’ upgrades can be the norm. The other end may involve nothing formal in the way of a modernisation program, relying more on individual employees making the case for a new desktop or laptop.
Martin Atherton, 17 Mar 2010
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Xiotech throws blocks at hypervisors

Xiotech has got an IAS architecture to embed its storage building blocks better in virtual server environments with snazzy VirtualView automated storage provisioning and management software.
Chris Mellor, 17 Mar 2010

MS virtualisation bug dodges defences

A newly discovered flaw in Microsoft's virtualisation technologies creates a potential mechanism for hackers to sidestep security defences.
John Leyden, 17 Mar 2010

Despite pub massacre, British songwriter revenue nudges up

Performance royalties for British artists increased last year, driven by international agreements. Paid music use overseas was up almost 20 per cent to £166.9m, a healthy part of the £623m recorded by PRS For Music for 2009.
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Mar 2010

Nokia puts hive mind to work on Best Phone Ever

Nokia's "Designed by Community" project is intended to find out what a mobile phone feature set should be, but even the Finns aren't promising to build it.
Bill Ray, 17 Mar 2010

AMD: OEMs primed for Opteron 6100s

This being the week when Intel is rolling out its six-core Xeon 5600 processors for the workhorse two-socket server market, it's a little tough for rival Advanced Micro Devices to get some attention.

Welsh auditor in court over child abuse images

Jeremy Colman, the ex-Auditor General for Wales, has appeared before magistrates on 14 charges of making and possessing child sexual abuse images and failing to disclose a password.
John Oates, 17 Mar 2010

US broadband seeks ISP speed stickers

Government-mandated ISP ratings, a new copyright symbol and a national poll database - just a taste of what you'll find in the new plan for America's next-generation broadband.
Bill Ray, 17 Mar 2010

Debating the power of the Chocolate Factory

The RSA plays host to a debate tomorrow 'Is Google getting too powerful?' with a bumper harvest of Reg staff present.
Team Register, 17 Mar 2010

Flat-pack plug designer wins top award

Young designer Min-Kyo Choi has bagged the Design Museum-backed Brit Insurance Design Award 2010 for his novel take on Britain's bulky three-pin power plug.
Tony Smith, 17 Mar 2010

Muso turfed off train for 'suspicious' set list

A 25-year-old musician was turfed off a South West Trains service after security operatives objected to his "suspicious" set list, The Portsmouth News reports.
Lester Haines, 17 Mar 2010

El Reg insults 'millions of Irish Catholics'

It won't have escaped the attention of our US readers that El Reg Stateside today features an orange masthead - part of a temporary sponsored makeover.
Lester Haines, 17 Mar 2010

Vodafone Spain supplies pre-Mariposa'd smartphone (again)

Vodafone Spain has again supplied a HTC Magic smartphone that came pre-infected with the Mariposa botnet client and other malware crud.
John Leyden, 17 Mar 2010

Microsoft renews vows with JQuery Javascript

Microsoft has put more of its considerable weight behind the open-source JQuery Javascript library, vowing to provide additional code contribution, testing resources, and integration with new versions of its own development tools.
Cade Metz, 17 Mar 2010

FCC plans spectrum-flog to fund broadband

The FCC's National Broadband Plan will be largely funded through the sale of radio spectrum the FCC doesn't own: a good trick if one can pull it off.
Bill Ray, 17 Mar 2010
homeless man with sign

Google Apps punts kill-Microsoft-Exchange-now tool

While Microsoft has been failing to outfox Google in the web search and ad game, Google has - apparently - swiped a few of Redmond's customers away from MS Office.
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Mar 2010

IE9 - the big questions and Microsoft's half answers

“HTML5 will enable a new class of applications,” says Dean Hachamovitch, Microsoft's Internet Explorer general manager, speaking to the press at the company's Mix10 conference in Las Vegas.
Tim Anderson, 17 Mar 2010

Novell, Ingres partner for appliances

In January, Novell released its SUSE Appliance Toolkit after nearly a year of alpha and beta testing. Now begins the difficult task of getting systems, middleware, and database software makers to rejigger their code and make it available through the online tool so companies can spin up and spit out software appliances.

Cybercrime's bulletproof hosting exposed

Researchers at RSA have identified the network framework that endows some of the worlds most notorious botnets with always-on connections that are virtually immune from takedowns.
Dan Goodin, 17 Mar 2010

Mobile apps to earn $17bn by 2012

The market for mobile apps - be they for smartphones, less capable "feature phones," or carry-alongs such as Apple's iPad - will swell to $17.5bn by 2012.
Rik Myslewski, 17 Mar 2010

Cisco beefs up fixed port Ethernet switches

Switch maker and server wannabe Cisco Systems is making big bets that video streaming over the internet will be the next killer app - and one that will drive its revenue and profits in the new decade as voice over IP did in the prior one. Today Cisco put some new fixed-port Ethernet switches into the field to support video streaming better than current products and also to improve energy efficiency and security.

First WiMAX phone to debut next week?

The first WiMAX-capable smartphone is said to be slated for introduction next week by Sprint Nextel.
Rik Myslewski, 17 Mar 2010

Red Hat to be cloud facilitator, not fluffer

OSBCRed Hat will help others build clouds, but is unlikely to following operating-system rival Microsoft by becoming a cloud service provider itself.
Gavin Clarke, 17 Mar 2010

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