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Microsoft rejiggers EU browser ballot after complaints

Microsoft has updated the algorithm used to generate the browser ballot screen it's pushing out to certain Windows users in the European Union, after some complained that the ostensibly random ballot was far from random.
Cade Metz, 09 Mar 2010

US spreads Web2.0rhea to Iran, Sudan, Cuba

US citizens are now free to invite Iranian, Sudanese, and Cuban citizens into the Web2.0rhea revolution.
Rik Myslewski, 09 Mar 2010

Android native code kit apes iPhone game 3D

Google has opened the door to iPhone-like 3D games on certain Android handsets, offering support for the OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics standard with its latest Android Native Development Kit (NDK).
Cade Metz, 09 Mar 2010

Nazi-doodlebug-powered father of all paintball guns patented

Intriguing and/or terrifying news from the world of paintballing today, as it has emerged that an inventor in America has been granted a patent on a fearsomely powerful new paintball gun, powered by the same "bunker buster" principle as secret World War II Nazi superweapons.
Lewis Page, 09 Mar 2010
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Yellow Dog Linux licks CUDA

Remember Terra Soft and its Yellow Dog Linux for Power processors?

Tilera wins VC from Broadcom, Quanta, NTT

Last November, El Reg told you about how multicore chip maker Tilera was lining up its third round of venture capital funding, a $25m pile of cash that would include $10m from Taiwanese PC maker and server wannabe Quanta Computer. On Monday, when the funding finally closed, it turned out that chip maker Broadcom and the financing arm of Japanese telco NTT are also kicking in some dough.

Mobile-phone wallet stymied by lack of understanding

The financial industry's lack of understanding is what's preventing us from using our phones to pay for things, so the Mobey Forum is going to educate it.
Bill Ray, 09 Mar 2010

Daily Mail commentard out-tw*ts the Tw*t-O-Tron

Fans of the Twat-O-Tron will be delighted and disturbed in equal measure to learn that one Daily Mail commentard has managed to surpass the hideous turdspurts which emanate from Middle England's automated indignation generator.
Lester Haines, 09 Mar 2010

Vodafone cuts more staff

Vodafone will be 375 heads smaller by the end of March, though in the next few months company will apparently be recruiting an additional 170 "customer facing" individuals.
Bill Ray, 09 Mar 2010

Intel Euro boss pledges Brussels-friendly marketing funds

Intel will offer EU-compliant coop marketing funds and discounts to the channel in Europe whatever the outcome of its appeal against a Brussels ruling that it had abused its monopoly.
Joe Fay, 09 Mar 2010

Virtualisation and the private cloud

LabIT, like every industry, is from time to time compelled by those with PR budgets to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous marketing. Over the course of the last two years we have witnessed one of the most over-hyped marketing terms being pushed with such vigour that it is today almost impossible to speak with any vendor without them claiming their solutions are designed to help customers make an inevitable transition to using cloud services.
Tony Lock, 09 Mar 2010

Florida woman prangs car while shaving her privates

A Florida Highway Patrol officer has admitted his incredulity at a woman who pranged her car while shaving her privates.
Lester Haines, 09 Mar 2010

Tories promise medals not money for science and R&D

James Dyson's policy review for the Tory party calls for cultural changes to put science and engineering at the centre of British society.
John Oates, 09 Mar 2010
HTC Magic

Vodafone ships Mariposa-infected HTC Magic

UpdatedVodafone has been blamed for shipping Mariposa botnet malware and other nasties on a HTC Magic Android smartphones it supplied.
John Leyden, 09 Mar 2010
Toshiba Satellite U500

Toshiba Satellite U500 Ducati Edition

ReviewWhen you think of Italian superbike marques, you think of the colour red - a vigorous, powerful, thrusting hue. Yet Toshiba has chosen to deck its Ducati-themed Satellite U500 out in - dare we say it, slightly feminine - white.
Tony Smith, 09 Mar 2010

What's so bad about Samsung's Bada?

Samsung has been showing its first Bada phone, able to download applications from Samsung's version of iTunes and nowhere else. But will Bada really challenge Apple and the iPhone?
Bill Ray, 09 Mar 2010

Windows 7 speculation claims SP1 will land in Q4 2010

Microsoft has pulled the release of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 forward to the final quarter of this year, according to a speculative report.
Kelly Fiveash, 09 Mar 2010

Employers call for end to Mickey Mouse degrees

A recruiters group is calling for an end to government targets to get 50 per cent of school leavers involved in higher education.
John Oates, 09 Mar 2010

Kentucky woman breastfeeds sheriff's deputy

A Kentucky woman cuffed for public intoxication added a third degree assault charge to her rap sheet after allegedly squirting breast milk into a sheriff's deputy's face.
Lester Haines, 09 Mar 2010
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Cisco promises to 'forever change the internet'

Today will see Cisco making an announcement that it claims will "forever change the internet". The stock market certainly believed it, sending the IP giant's shares to their highest level in more than a year ($26.34) yesterday. Given Cisco's heritage and product strategy it has more likelihood than most of delivering on its claim, but remains tightlipped about the details - sparking rumors from a gigabit wholesale network to an extended wireless core play to a set-top box.
Wireless Watch, 09 Mar 2010

UK still lousy on electronic nosiness

A new report highlights a depressingly consistent drift towards ever greater control of the population using new technologies.
Jane Fae , 09 Mar 2010

Critical bug does a Custer on Apache for Windows

Older versions of the Windows flavour of Apache's web server software are vulnerable to a critical code injection flaw as well as a pair of lesser security bugs.
John Leyden, 09 Mar 2010
DVD it in many colours

Android - the winning formula for tablets and netbooks?

What might the iPad have been? Apple announced it as a Magical and Revolutionary Device, defining "an entirely new category". But it actually only addresses a small part of the yawning gap between mobile handsets and notebook computers, where there's still a lot of defining to be done. There's space there for dramatically different reimaginations of the iPhone, for counter-attacks from handset companies, and for diverse devices based on Google's Android.
John Lettice, 09 Mar 2010

Northerners give up ID cards for Lent figures suggest

CommentThe initial rush to join the government's ID card scheme appears to have eased, with applications from people in the Northwest running at an average of as little as 14.5 per working day.
Joe Fay, 09 Mar 2010

Tories ask: Why BBC3, BBC4?

Conservative culture front bencher Jeremy Hunt is asking what’s the point of BBC3 and BBC4? It’s a good time to ask the question. In an interview with the Independent, Hunt queried why £100m was being spent, merely to attract "very, very small" audiences.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Mar 2010

Open source boss quits Sun Oracle

Sun Microsystems' veteran Simon Phipps quit his chief open source officer post at the Oracle-owned company yesterday.
Kelly Fiveash, 09 Mar 2010

Doctors tell government to stop the health records roll-out

The British Medical Association is calling on the Department of Health to suspend the roll-out of summary care records.
John Oates, 09 Mar 2010

Nokia killed free navigation, alleges EU complaint

A customer of the late Nav4All has filed a complaint with the EU, alleging that Nokia abused its market position to drive the competition out of business.
Bill Ray, 09 Mar 2010
Dunce cap

Smartphone app botnet experiment blows up a storm

Security researchers fooled nearly 8,000 iPhone and Android users into joining a mobile smartphone "botnet" under the guise of installing an apparently innocuous weather app.
John Leyden, 09 Mar 2010

PS3 will outsell Wii by 2013

Sony's PlayStation 3 will become the world's most popular gaming platform - but it'll take three more years to get there.
Tony Smith, 09 Mar 2010
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Terracotta's Ehcache back-ends Hibernate

If you want to make money, and perhaps especially in the open source software racket, you have to keep improving your software to help it get more widely adopted among enterprise customers who get nervous if they don't hand over big wads of cash to someone to babysit the code. That's why Terracotta, a maker of systems programs that help Java applications scale, has made a number of acquisitions and has tweaked two key programs in its portfolio.

FA launches security probe after England team bugged

Reported attempts to sell recordings of conversations between England squad players and coaches have sparked a security breach investigation at the FA.
John Leyden, 09 Mar 2010
Dell Vostro 3400

Dell intros restyled biz laptops

Dell has introduced a set of new Vostro notebooks, pitching the products as "a range of new thin, lightweight and durable laptop computers".
Tony Smith, 09 Mar 2010

New Internet Explorer code-execution attacks go wild

Online thugs are exploiting a security bug in earlier versions of Internet Explorer that allows them to remotely execute malicious code, Microsoft warned on Tuesday.
Dan Goodin, 09 Mar 2010

Google tests TV set-top search, says report

Google is privately testing a television set-top box that lets users search satellite TV programming as well as video websites like its very own YouTube, according to a new report.
Cade Metz, 09 Mar 2010
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Cisco 'forever changes internet' with... a router

How will Cisco "forever change the internet"? With a new router.

It's official: Adobe Reader is world's most-exploited app

Adobe's ubiquitous Reader application has replaced Microsoft Word as the program that's most often targeted in malware campaigns, according to figures compiled by F-Secure.
Dan Goodin, 09 Mar 2010

Apple's draconian developer docs revealed

In the 1999 movie Fight Club, Brad Pitt famously tells a huddle of pugilistic aspirants: "The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club."
Rik Myslewski, 09 Mar 2010
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Pillar juices flash drive box

Pillar Data Axiom storage arrays can go a whole lot faster, use less energy and be more reliable, thanks to a range of new features from flash drive enclosures to pre-emptive copies.
Chris Mellor, 09 Mar 2010

Fraud-prevention service ponies up $12m for 'false' ads

An Arizona company that sells services designed to prevent identity theft has agreed to pay $12m to settle charges it oversold their effectiveness and didn't adequately protect sensitive customer data.
Dan Goodin, 09 Mar 2010

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