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AMD plays it cool with low-volt Istanbuls

AMD is today expected to complete its rollout of the six-core Istanbul series of Opteron processors with the final chip in the family: a low-voltage part for two-socket servers.

Feds break Apple's code of App Store silence

Fail and YouOh, Apple Computer. What sorts of antics are you into this month?
Ted Dziuba, 31 Aug 2009

Spotify, DRM and the celestial jukebox

With Spotify launching a new offline music player for iPhones, it has taken a big step forward to giving itself a future. Now it faces the same dilemma as Real's Rhapsody: why pay for a universal jukebox when your music will disappear when the sub runs out?
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Aug 2009

Japan gives the wheelchair a hi-tech overhaul

A Japanese firm has developed a hi-tech wheelchair that's able to avoid obstacles and find its way around - while being more comfortable for the passenger.
James Sherwood, 31 Aug 2009

Apple joins expanded HTML 5 leadership team

Apple is stepping up to an expanded leadership team helping steward the magnum opus that is HTML 5.
Gavin Clarke, 31 Aug 2009
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'Grid computing Red Hat' lands elephant on VMware cloud

Cloudera - the star-studded Silicon Valley startup that commercialized the epic number crunching of the open source Hadoop project - is now offering a version of its stuffed elephant distro for use on VMWare's imminent vCloud.
Cade Metz, 31 Aug 2009
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Intel says data centers much too cold

Intel wants you to know that data centers are wasting energy - and money - by over-cooling their servers, burdened by warranties that may prevent them from aggressively raising their temperature.
Rik Myslewski, 31 Aug 2009
Soundcast Outcast Junior

Soundcast Outcast Junior

ReviewAimed at outdoor music lovers, the Outcast Junior comes from American manufacturer Soundcast Systems and, compared to the larger Outcast model, is the more compact and affordable version. It features four 3in drivers at the top of the unit and a 6.5in sub-woofer in the base, all powered by a 60W digital amplifier. Despite looking like a cross between a parking bollard and a pedal bin, its form is borne from its genuine ruggedness.
Lewis Caliburn, 31 Aug 2009
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Sun sales plummet 30.6% in Q4

If the impending acquisition of Sun Microsystems by Oracle was meant to be reassuring to Sun's customers and to stabilize its sales, that sure didn't work. Not with revenues down 30.6 per cent to $2.62bn and the company posting a $147m net loss in the fiscal fourth quarter ended in June.

Iomega desktop NAS getting iSCSI support

Iomega has introduced an updated desktop NAS box, a kind of pre-loaded Drobo with added iSCSI block storage access.
Chris Mellor, 31 Aug 2009

US health-care debate clogged world's inboxes

When the US debates health care reform, the world's inboxes get clogged with health-related spam.
Austin Modine, 31 Aug 2009

Microsoft denies "screw-Google" political lobbying

Microsoft is certainly working to outflank Google in Washington, DC, but it has dismissed the notion that it holds regular "screw Google" meetings.
Gavin Clarke, 31 Aug 2009

Semiconductor sales rise 5.3% in July

Sometimes, the good news is that things are getting less bad. So it seems to be with the semiconductor industry. According to a report from the Semiconductor Manufacturing Association today, worldwide chip sales hit $18.2bn in July, up 5.3 per cent sequentially from the $17.2bn level set in June.

AppleT&T's MMS legal woes double

Two lawsuits filed earlier this month against Apple and AT&T Mobility alleging that the companies misrepresented the iPhone's ability to send MMS message have been joined by two more.
Rik Myslewski, 31 Aug 2009
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SMBs unimpressed by netbooks

Netbooks might be gaining popularity among consumers and college kids, but small and medium businesses (SMBs) are proving immune to their charms.
Gavin Clarke, 31 Aug 2009

German state election exit polls leaked on Twitter

German election officials are once again shaking their fists at Twitter after forecasts for several state elections were leaked ahead of schedule.
Austin Modine, 31 Aug 2009

VMware vSphere gets more gadgets

Server virtualization juggernaut VMware kicks off its VMworld fest in San Francisco today by rounding out its vCenter management tools for the new vSphere 4.0 stack, which wraps around the new ESX Server 4.0 hypervisor.

IIS bug gives attackers complete server control

A hacker has uncovered a previously unknown bug in Microsoft's Internet Information Services webserver that in some cases gives attackers complete control of vulnerable machines.
Dan Goodin, 31 Aug 2009

iPhone thieves collared by Jobsian GPS

A trio of blundering brigands have been busted after an iPhone they had stolen betrayed their whereabouts.
Rik Myslewski, 31 Aug 2009
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IT test cloud follows Amazon with tunnel to earth

Less than a week after Amazon introduced its Virtual Private Cloud, letting you readily marry your internal IT infrastructure with an external setup floating on its EC2 web service, the Jeff Bezos-backed Silicon Valley startup SkyTap is offering much the same thing on its own infrastructure cloud.
Cade Metz, 31 Aug 2009
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EMC absorbs FastScale Technology

Storage giant and systems management software wannabe EMC added another tool to its data center utility belt today when it snapped up FastScale Technology for an undisclosed sum.
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Japanese boffin boasts electrospray OLEDs

Displays created using self-illuminating organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology "could be manufactured as inexpensively as printing newspapers," according to one of the researchers involved in developing the new manufacturing process.
Rik Myslewski, 31 Aug 2009

Judge acquits mother in MySpace suicide case

A federal judge has officially acquitted Lori Drew, the Missouri mother accused of using MySpace to bully a 13-year-old neighbor girl who later committed suicide.
Austin Modine, 31 Aug 2009

Microsoft says US is top malware target

Windows users based in the United States are the most likely to benefit from Microsoft's malicious software removal tool, which has removed malware from nearly 2.2 million US machines, more than the other nine top countries combined.
Dan Goodin, 31 Aug 2009
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Microsoft throws Hyper-V R2 into the ring

Microsoft has picked a fight with VMware's ESX Server hypervisor, offering up a freebie download of its own Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 hypervisor on the opening day of the VMware-backed VMworld in San Francisco.

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