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Citrix undercuts VMware with XenServer giveaway

IT vendors like to try to steal each other's thunder when they know their rival is making announcements. But Citrix Systems today might have stole some lightening too as it revamps its XenServer stack and announces a deep partnership with Microsoft concerned with server virtualization.
Klipsch Image X5

Ten of the best... noise-isolating earphones

Round-upOne of the reasons that noise-cancelling headphones tend to be so expensive is that they use sophisticated electronics to generate their own sound waves that can cancel out background noise such as the drone of an aircraft engine. Noise-isolating earphones take a much more low-tech approach. They simply use rubber or foam earpieces to plug up your lughole so that outside noise can’t get in.
Cliff Joseph, 23 Feb 2009

Spooks and techies to be vetted for their online networks

Be careful who your online friends are, as they could well damage your career. That is the slightly chilling warning sent to us this week by a reader who works at a senior level providing IT support on a range of Government projects.
Jane Fae , 23 Feb 2009

Paris Hilton scoops triple Razzie dishonour

Paris Hilton has made movie history by scooping the worst actress and worst supporting actress gongs in the Golden Raspberries.
John Leyden, 23 Feb 2009

Nexsan unparks iSCSI attack on EMC and NetApp

Nexsan has introduced SAN support with the iSeries, a virtualising iSCSI head sitting on top of its SATA and SAS arrays, which include AutoMAID spin-down technology.
Chris Mellor, 23 Feb 2009
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EMC to serve up fresh Celerras today

Reports are emerging that EMC is going to announce its upgraded Celerra range today, as foreshadowed here. Late surprises include coming 400GB flash drives and an expanded role for Iomega NAS below the Celerra NX4 entry-level product.
Chris Mellor, 23 Feb 2009

NASA postpones Discovery ISS jaunt

NASA has postponed the Discovery STS-119 mission to the International Space Station while it ponders a possibly troublesome hydrogen flow control valve.
Lester Haines, 23 Feb 2009

Boffins to unveil gesture-controlled 3D TV

A 3D TV with incorporated gesture-based controls is set to be unveiled in Germany next month.
James Sherwood, 23 Feb 2009

Yahoo! boss warns of reorg ahead

Yahoo!'s new CEO Carol Bartz is to announce a major reorganisation at the firm she took control of in January.
John Oates, 23 Feb 2009

Woolies Pic'n'Mix goes for £14,500

The last bag of Woolworths Pic'n'Mix has sold for a cool £14,500.10 down at the world's favourite tat bazaar.
Lester Haines, 23 Feb 2009

5Mp Moto pictures spied online

Images of a previously unseen Motorola touchscreen handset have made their way onto the web.
James Sherwood, 23 Feb 2009

Blunkett and ex-CPS chief turn on Home Office

David Blunkett, who as Home Secretary led the government's push for compulsory ID cards, will tomorrow call for the scheme to be curtailed, according to a report.
Christopher Williams, 23 Feb 2009

No writing on the wall is bad news for the GSMA

CommentI've been trying to work out what GSMA does – apart from Mobile World Congress, that is. The list is rather impressive: it does a lot of very wonderful things.
Guy Kewney, 23 Feb 2009
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Making IT security matter

Tech PanelLast year, Freeform Dynamics surveyed the attitudes of tech professionals into IT security.
Jon Collins, 23 Feb 2009

Microsoft asks laid-off staff to refund overpaid redundo cash

Microsoft has asked some former employees it recently laid off to return a wad of their severance pay after the software giant made an embarrassing accounting cock-up.
Kelly Fiveash, 23 Feb 2009

Father of ID cards moots compulsory passports instead

CommentFormer Home Secretary and career ID-card enthusiast David Blunkett is to switch horses to passports, in what The Independent claims is a "U-turn." But it looks distinctly more like a cunning plan to get everyone onto the ID database faster - by making passports compulsory.
John Lettice, 23 Feb 2009

Nikon DLSRs to get more expensive - again

If you’re thinking of buying a top-end Nikon camera then you’d be wise to buy before Sunday. The firm has announced it'll put up its UK prices on that day.
James Sherwood, 23 Feb 2009

Italian media firm grabs French shop site

Italian network GoAdv is buying French comparison site LeGuide.com for about €50m in cash and shares.
John Oates, 23 Feb 2009

Gadget-buying Taliban 5th column in Blighty - shock!

CommentWidespread media reports suggest Taliban bomb-makers in Afghanistan use electronics sourced in the UK - perhaps bought by British or British-resident Muslim sympathisers.
Lewis Page, 23 Feb 2009

War, Web 2.0 and the Fail Loop

CyburbiaThe Twitterings of Web 2.0 may seem a million miles from battlefield skirmishes in Lebanon, but they both have something in common. Both illustrate perils of continuous electronic feedback loops.
James Harkin, 23 Feb 2009

Life hands Sun steaming sack of...

Fail and You"When life hands you lemons, make lemonade." The chorus of a person who gives just enough of a shit about your problems to console you, but not enough to actually help. Lately, somebody has been consoling Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz, but nobody is helping. When Schwartz took over for Scott McNealy in 2006, he inherited the Java ME clusterfuck, along with a host of other dreams that never were.
Ted Dziuba, 23 Feb 2009
Devolo AVEasy

Devolo dLAN AVEasy Wireless G

ReviewExpanding its portfolio of powerline networking devices, Devolo’s new dLAN 200 AV Wireless G Starter Kit is designed to cover the parts other gear cannot reach. Relying on the HomePlug AV 2.0 standard, the kit uses domestic mains wiring to pump internet, IPTV and VoIP connectivity to any room in the home. The additional Wi-Fi functions carry 802.11b/g signals up to 300m beyond these bounds, enabling the Starter Kit to cover just about any nook and cranny in an Englishman’s castle.
Bob Dormon, 23 Feb 2009

Conficker variant dispenses with need to phone home

Virus authors have released a new variant of the infamous Conficker (Downadup) worm with enhanced auto-update features.
John Leyden, 23 Feb 2009

Hitler ordered Luftwaffe to spare Blackpool

The reason Hitler didn't do the decent thing and order his Luftwaffe to reduce Blackpool to smouldering rubble has now been revealed: The Fuhrer wanted the resort as his "personal playground", as the Daily Mail puts it.
Lester Haines, 23 Feb 2009

Trimble touts tough Vista UMPC

Trimble has bashed out a ruggedised Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) running not the customary Windows XP but Vista. The firm claimed the machine will let you take your desktop into the harshest of outdoor environments.
James Sherwood, 23 Feb 2009
KTM Enduro

KTM: electric dirt-bike out next year

'Leccy TechThe race to get the first mass-produced electric motorbike onto the road is revving up. Renowned mud-pluggers KTM has announced it will have a race-ready dual sport machine, the KTM Electro Enduro, in production sometime during 2010.
Alun Taylor, 23 Feb 2009

Xbox 360 killer gets life

A teenager’s been sentenced to life behind bars for killing another boy in a row over an Xbox 360.
James Sherwood, 23 Feb 2009

Axe poised to swing at Vodafone

Vodafone UK will tomorrow announce plans to cut hundreds of UK jobs, according to reports on Bloomberg. The cuts will be part of the ongoing cost reduction intended to reduce expenses by a billion pounds over the next 14 months.
Bill Ray, 23 Feb 2009

Hurlable 360° cam-grenades used by IDF in Gaza

Israeli war-tech boffins appear to have stolen a march on those of Blighty in the matter of the long-sought 360° wireless camera grenade, which can be hurled or shot through a door, window etc and so give combat troops a picture of what lies beyond.
Lewis Page, 23 Feb 2009

Channel veteran off to Avaya

Jan Lawford is joining Avaya to head up its Europe, Middle East and Africa channel programme.
John Oates, 23 Feb 2009
Dell Inspiron Mini 10

Dell introduces 10in netbook

Dell has formally rolled out its latest Inspiron Mini netbook - the 10in model that popped up on shopping channel QVC a week or so back.
Tony Smith, 23 Feb 2009

Chicago Bears fan hit for thirty grand for a bit of Slingbox

A hapless Slingbox user managed to run up a data bill of $28,067.31 watching a game of American football, despite being aboard a docked cruise liner and having an unlimited data tariff, thanks to a technical hitch or two.
Bill Ray, 23 Feb 2009
Comet Lulin in a composite Swift/Digital Sky Survey image

Comet Lulin poses for NASA's Swift

Comet Lulin will over the next couple of nights be visible to the naked eye as it approaches to within 38m miles of Earth, although sky gazers shouldn't expect to see more than a "fuzzball".
Lester Haines, 23 Feb 2009

Samsung showcases PMP camera

Samsung has unveiled a “multimedia camera” for photography enthusiasts and amateurs alike.
James Sherwood, 23 Feb 2009

LG wristphone reportedly priced at £1000

LG’s wristphone could cost upwards of £1000 ($1458/€1140) when launched later this year, it has emerged.
James Sherwood, 23 Feb 2009

Eircom to block Pirate Bay

Eircom, Ireland's biggest internet provider, has agreed to block access to any website the music industry says is responsible for illegal music-swapping.
Austin Modine, 23 Feb 2009

Proxy server bug exposes websites' private parts

UpdatedComputer networks that use proxy servers to automatically redirect browser connections should be on the lookout for a serious architectural flaw that could allow attackers to remotely access intranets and other website resources that are normally off limits, security experts are warning.
Dan Goodin, 23 Feb 2009

Last.fm denies data handover to RIAA

Last.fm has hit out at an uncorroborated report that alleged the music streaming website passed user data over to the Recording Industry Ass. of America (RIAA).
Kelly Fiveash, 23 Feb 2009

Feds forge gold standard for cybersecurity

A consortium of US federal agencies have drawn up a list of critical security controls they hope will serve as a gold standard for cybersecurity.
John Leyden, 23 Feb 2009

Former staff swipe confidential company data

More than half - 59 per cent - of US workers made redundant or who left their job last year admitted swiping confidential corporate data, such as customer list, before they left, a new study claims.
John Leyden, 23 Feb 2009
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Red Hat cranks virtualization power play

Red Hat is a player in operating systems and middleware, and it wants to be a player in server virtualization - at least more of a player than it has been since it parked the Xen hypervisor inside its Enterprise Linux 5 distro back in March 2007.

Supremes reject Rambus 'patent ambush' case

US regulators have run out of higher courts to appeal their long-standing case that memory maker Rambus tricked industry groups into an anticompetitive "patent ambush."
Austin Modine, 23 Feb 2009

'Full' SQL Server planned for Microsoft's Azure cloud

MSDN Developer ConferenceMicrosoft plans to make a full version of its popular SQL Server database available in the cloud in response to pressure from partners.
Gavin Clarke, 23 Feb 2009

Universal taps iPhone App Store for tunes sales

A division of the mega-music multinational Universal Music Group (UMG) has introduced a new way to seduce music lovers into spending more on digital-music downloads.
Rik Myslewski, 23 Feb 2009

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