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Huawei E176

Huawei E176 Micro SDHC-ready HSUPA 3G modem

ReviewHuawei is the big cheese in the world of USB HSPDA 3G modems, though you might not know it. It makes the modems the likes of Vodafone, BT, 3, T-Mobile and others stamp their own names on before selling them on.
Tony Smith, 02 Jan 2009

Nokia 'Curse of Silence' SMS exploit uncovered

Mobile phone security vendors were rejoicing last night when it emerged that an obscure bug in an old version of the Symbian OS could allow an attacker to crash a target's mobile phone with a specially-formatted text message.
Bill Ray, 02 Jan 2009

South American president found on Facebook

The President of Guyana Bharrat Jagdeo is warning people that an apparent profile of him on Facebook is in fact the work of a dastardly impostor.
John Oates, 02 Jan 2009

Microsoft heralds 'record' prison terms for Chinese pirates

Microsoft patted itself on the back on New Year’s Eve by announcing that the alleged ringleaders of a Chinese piracy gang, who sold at least $2bn worth of counterfeit software, have been sentenced to harsh prison terms.
Kelly Fiveash, 02 Jan 2009

Facebook breastfeeding pic takedown gets backs up

Facebook has made itself ever so unpopular with online mothers after yanking breastfeeding pics from the site.
Sarah Bee, 02 Jan 2009

Norfolk children get £310,000 of free laptops

The Department for Children, Schools and Families has given Norfolk County Council £310,000 to purchase laptops for more than 400 children.
Kablenet, 02 Jan 2009

HMRC gets it wrong on one in ten personal records

Almost one in ten records within the Inland Revenue's frameworks database contain errors, the government has admitted.
John Oates, 02 Jan 2009
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Windows 7 beta washes up on Pirate Bay

Microsoft is set to release the first beta of its upcoming operating system Windows 7 at some point this month, but ahead of that release the trial version has already – unsurprisingly – landed on BitTorrent sites.
Kelly Fiveash, 02 Jan 2009

New Year, new deal for Time Warner and Viacom

Time Warner Cable customers have been saved - they'll still be able to watch SpongeBob Squarepants and other shows from Viacom.
John Oates, 02 Jan 2009

SMS bug: Nokia's Conversation goes mute

CommentDid you have a quiet Christmas? What about New Year? While New Years Eve is the busiest time for text messages, maybe you didn’t get any. And if you're a Nokia user, there may be a reason for that.
Cat Keynes, 02 Jan 2009

SpaceX assembles Falcon 9 rocket

SpaceX has announced that it's completed assembly of its first Falcon 9 rocket - destined to deliver cargo to the ISS following a recently inked supply deal with NASA.
Lester Haines, 02 Jan 2009

Kamikaze ballooning Brazilian soars to Darwin Award

The voting has not yet closed, but kamikaze ballooning Brazilian priest Antonio de Carli looks a dead cert to secure the 2008 Darwin Awards crown for the most impressive contribution to improving the gene pool by removing himself from it.
Lester Haines, 02 Jan 2009
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Lenovo 'planning' to slash 200 jobs

Chinese computer maker Lenovo looks set to axe 200 jobs at the firm’s headquarters in Beijing.
Kelly Fiveash, 02 Jan 2009

Swoopo - eBay's (more) evil twin

I have never expected much out of a Silicon Valley startup with a name that sounds like a baby word, but Swoopo is a rare exception. It's an online auction site with a dastardly twist.
Ted Dziuba, 02 Jan 2009
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2009 - Thomas the Tank's journey to IT Hell

As Sodor wakes to a new year, Thomas and his friends notice some very disturbing things...
Cormac O'Reilly, 02 Jan 2009

Semi-suckalicious semiconductor sales

Chip sales took it on the chin in November, according to a new report by the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), with sales dipping 9.9 per cent worldwide when compared to November of 2007.
Rik Myslewski, 02 Jan 2009

Virgin Galactic leases itself a spaceport

Virgin Galactic has signed with the state of New Mexico to build the nation's first rocketplane spaceport for flinging wealthy customers out of Earth's atmosphere.
Austin Modine, 02 Jan 2009
Apple Glove Patent Illustration

Apple's latest patent brilliance: the iGlove

The US Patent and Trademark Office yesterday released Apple's most recent application, in which the company files for patent protection for ... wait for it ... a glove.
Rik Myslewski, 02 Jan 2009

Wikipedia exceeds $6m donation goal

A personal plea for cash by Wikipedia's founder, Jimmy Wales, has melted enough hearts to keep the ubiquitous online encyclopedia running for another fiscal year – and then some.
Austin Modine, 02 Jan 2009

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