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UK punters scowl at webmail ad targeting

Two in five Brits are worried that free webmail comes at the expense of privacy because firms are scanning their messages in order to serve up targeted ads.
John Leyden, 02 Sep 2008

Google releases open source browser

Google is releasing an open source browser called Google Chrome which it promises will be small, fast and stable.
John Oates, 02 Sep 2008

The Google-isation of all the net's access points

Google is creating its own open source Chrome browser and so spreading its influence over access points to its core search, mail, docs, photo-sharing and other services.
Chris Mellor, 02 Sep 2008

Mimosa adds files to archive cocktail

Mimosa, an email archiving software company, is adding file archiving to its NearPoint product, this way striking out on a unified archiving strategy.
Chris Mellor, 02 Sep 2008

Road warriors offered office in a suitcase

Travelling salespeople have a hard time, often working from their car, without enough space for laptop, let alone use of a printer. But now all their problems have been solved - with one suitcase.
James Sherwood, 02 Sep 2008

Last days of Symbian - business ticking over

Symbian has published its unaudited results for the first half of 2008, the last time the company will be doing so before it becomes part of the Nokia empire later this year. They show things are slightly slower than this time last year, but overall doing fine.
Bill Ray, 02 Sep 2008

Fujitsu wants NHS exit payment

Fujitsu Services has submitted a claim for payment to the NHS, following its sacking in May from the National Programme for IT.
Kablenet, 02 Sep 2008

Arrest made over data-stuffed eBay laptop hard drive

Police have made an arrest in connection with last week's eBay sale of a computer hard drive containing personal data.
OUT-LAW.COM, 02 Sep 2008

Owner alleges iPhone 3G became red hot

A German Swiss man has alleged his recently purchased iPhone 3G mysteriously overheated, almost to the point of catching fire, he said.
Tony Smith, 02 Sep 2008
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Ex-BT boss off to Alcatel-Lucent

Ben Verwaayen, who spent six years as CEO of BT, is joining Alcatel-Lucent as chief executive.
John Oates, 02 Sep 2008

Aussie Customs in presentational-aid crackdown

Australian customs officials have made their first seizure of possibly-deadly "high intensity" laser pointers under newly introduced federal regulations. Some 1,200 of the fearful photon weapons were intercepted in the crackdown.
Lewis Page, 02 Sep 2008

3PAR thins storage arrays

Today 3PAR is doing its bit to solve the storage obesity problem with new T-class InServ storage servers featuring a third-generation ASIC and hardware-assisted fat-to-thin volume transformation.
Chris Mellor, 02 Sep 2008

Nokia pitches 'free music with old phone' offer

Nokia has said its Comes With Music free song download service is coming to the UK. The only snag: you’ll have to buy a phone that’s more than 12 months old.
James Sherwood, 02 Sep 2008

Add-on to turn iPhone into games console

A picture has emerged of what's claimed to be a Belkin clip-on gaming case for the iPhone that, if legit, gives the handset more of a PlayStation Portable look'n'feel.
James Sherwood, 02 Sep 2008

Microsoft eyes mobile app store

Microsoft is looking like it may launch an application repository in response to the success of Apple's iTunes application store and Google's announcement that Android will be similarly endowed. Or is it?
Bill Ray, 02 Sep 2008

Scotland's oldest newspaper exposes readers' smalls in public

UpdatedScottish newspaper The Aberdeen Press and Journal inadvertently made it easy to harvest sensitive information about registered users from its site as a result of a basic information security mistake.
John Leyden, 02 Sep 2008

GNU turns 25

No longer will the Free Software Foundation be the target of advertisements for novelty condoms, Ibiza package holidays and extreme sports gear. It's leaving the 16-24 yoof demographic behind.
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Sep 2008

Commodore launches little laptop

The famous Commodore brand is to be attached to the lid of a Small, Cheap Computer.
Tony Smith, 02 Sep 2008

Zombie network explosion

The number of compromised zombie PCs in botnet networks has quadrupled over the last three months, according to figures from the Shadowserver Foundation.
John Leyden, 02 Sep 2008
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Judge slaps Fasthosts for rubbish kit and support

A county court judge has awarded a disgruntled Fasthosts customer almost £1,500 in damages and costs, after the Gloucester firm failed to meet its uptime and customer service guarantees.
Christopher Williams, 02 Sep 2008

Why the US faces broadband price hikes

CommentPeer-to-peer file sharing just got a lot more expensive in the US. The FCC has ordered Comcast to refrain from capping P2P traffic, endorsing a volume-based pricing scheme that would “charge the most aggressive users overage fees” instead. BitTorrent, Inc. reacted to the ruling by laying-off 15 per cent of its workforce, while network neutrality buffs declared victory and phone companies quietly celebrated. Former FCC Chairman Bill Kennard says the legal basis of the order is “murky.”
Richard Bennett, 02 Sep 2008

Furniture firm offers seat formed from old PS2s

Swanky suburban store Selfridges is to sell a chair made from recycled PlayStation 2 games consoles.
James Sherwood, 02 Sep 2008

Women turn on to a throbbing Maserati

It's official: If you want to turn a woman on, ditch the Volkswagen Polo and get yourself a Maserati, which is 100 per cent guaranteed to get those vital testosterone secretions flowing.
Lester Haines, 02 Sep 2008

Boffins produce aerobatic copycat-copter pilotware

Researchers at Stanford University have developed technology which lets computers handling remote-control helicopters achieve complex manoeuvres by copying a human pilot. Having "seen" a move carried out successfully once, the pilot-ware can then repeat it more consistently than the human.
Lewis Page, 02 Sep 2008

Sony Ericsson Walkman W980 music phone

ReviewThe extensive Walkman phone line-up now has a new flagship: the W980, a glossily stylish clamshell that features 8GB of built-in storage among its spread of music-centric features.
Phil Lattimore, 02 Sep 2008

Google cedes Belgium to Germany

We've got some rather shocking news this afternoon for those of you who've spent years believing you're Austrian, Belgian, Danish or Dutch - you're not.
Lester Haines, 02 Sep 2008

Sony pairs PS3 with Bluetooth headset

PlayStation 3 gaming looks set to become yet more immersive, because Sony has launched a Bluetooth headset for the console.
James Sherwood, 02 Sep 2008

Discover OS X's hidden artistic side

Mac secretsOne of the most frequently used Cocoa classes is NSImage which, as the name suggests, is all about displaying and manipulating image data. The imageNamed: method of this class retrieves an image reference for you - provided that you know the name of the image you're after.
Dave Jewell, 02 Sep 2008

Intel adds cheap dual-core, quad-core chips

Intel has quietly updated its processor price list over the weekend, making a 45nm addition to its economy quad-cores, a new entry-level dual-core chip, and an upgrade to the Celeron D family.
Austin Modine, 02 Sep 2008

VMware R&D chief goes home again

After only nine months on the job, VMware's head of research and development is packing his bags and returning to Oracle.
Austin Modine, 02 Sep 2008

Skype ignores PayPal siphoning hijack scheme

One day last month, when Klaus Zimmerman tried to log into his Skype account, he got an error message indicating his username and password didn't match. Concerned something was awry, Zimmerman, a computer repairman living in Wexford County, Ireland, phoned his brother and asked him to check his online status.
Dan Goodin, 02 Sep 2008

Google's comic capers: what they really meant to say

Google publicised its new browser Chrome with a 38-page comic book. It's a gift to satirists, and already, our inboxes are buzzing with slightly less saintly interpretations.
Team Register, 02 Sep 2008

Google remodels top secret money machine

Nowadays, even Google is questioning Google's rose-colored portrait of its ever-expanding search advertising monopoly.
Cade Metz, 02 Sep 2008

IBM pitches 'network security' blade server

IBM is rolling out a blade server made to support deep packet inspection tools, so that service providers and other operations can better shield themselves against viruses, denial of service attacks, and, yes, throttle peer-to-peer bandwidth.
Austin Modine, 02 Sep 2008

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