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Top-secret Android handset surfaces on YouTube

Defying Google's pathologically closed approach to its open mobile platform, someone has posted video of a top-secret Android phone to YouTube.
Cade Metz, 11 Aug 2008

Intel to brand next-gen CPUs 'Core i7'

Intel's next generation of desktop - and, undoubtedly, mobile - processors will retain the chip giant's Core brand, the company said this morning. No great surprise there, but they won't be 'Core 3' parts.
Tony Smith, 11 Aug 2008

Pirate Bay evades Italian blockade

Italian ISPs are doing their best to block access to torrent site the Pirate Bay, but the Swedish site has already acted to help Italians evade the ban.
John Oates, 11 Aug 2008

Hull falls off the internet

KCom, previously known as Kingston Communications, lost all internet access on Saturday afternoon at 3pm and was not able to restore it until 10pm that evening.
John Oates, 11 Aug 2008

Aussies: Eat roos, save the planet

Australian scientists have recommended their beef-loving compatriots switch to kangaroo meat to clamp down on the methane emissions that bovine burger precursors pump out into the atmosphere.
Joe Fay, 11 Aug 2008

Google maps Russian assault on Savannah

Google may have plans to catalogue all the world's information, but it's found itself a bit confused between the former Soviet republic of Georgia and the southern US state.
John Leyden, 11 Aug 2008

Ten of the Best... Bluetooth Headsets

Round-upWe used to laugh when Lt Uhura would sit at her station with a lump of metal in her lughole. Yet here we are, sticking our fingers in our ear so we can take calls on our teeny-tiny Bluetooth headsets.
Cliff Joseph, 11 Aug 2008

Fake feet trip up Olympic opening coverage

Video footage of the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Beijing included CGI images because of worries that broadcasters would not be able to properly film parts of the firework display.
John Oates, 11 Aug 2008

Samsung Tocco SGH-F480 touchscreen phone

ReviewSamsung has been keen to tap into the touchscreen trend, with recent models like the F700, F490 and its Armani phone collaboration all following the iPhone’s lead into fingertip-tapping control.
Phil Lattimore, 11 Aug 2008

Freecom pitches netbook-friendly skinny DVD drive

A laptop’s footprint can be dramatically reduced by removing the optical drive, so Freecom’s launched a slimline unit that it claims slides right into your pocket.
James Sherwood, 11 Aug 2008

UK employers sharpen job axe

Employers expect a dismal time ahead in the jobs market because of a rise in redundancies accompanied by a downturn in recruitment.
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Aug 2008

SMS used to land plane

In what could be a world first, an air-traffic controller (ATC) in Ireland has used text messaging to successfully bring home a stricken plane.
James Sherwood, 11 Aug 2008

MessageLabs mulls float as economy sinks

MessageLabs, the utility messaging service, said it is ready for an IPO if and when market conditions improve.
John Oates, 11 Aug 2008

Phorm papers reveal BT's backwards approach to wiretap law

ExclusiveBT's long-held claim that legal advice said its Phorm trials did not breach wiretapping laws came under renewed scrutiny today, as documents revealed the firm approached government experts after it had secretly co-opted 18,000 broadband customers into the advertising targeting system.
Christopher Williams, 11 Aug 2008

Intel papers over remote attack chip flaws ahead of demo

Intel has fixed a pair of flaws in its chips ahead of a planned demonstration of remote attacks on them by security researcher Kris Kaspersky.
Joe Fay, 11 Aug 2008

Four high-end iPod Docks

Video Round-upToday on the testing bench we’re looking at speaker docks for your iPod - but not the average thing you might splash 50 quid on and stick in your kitchen.

Samsung slides out Messager budget talker

Samsung has bucked the trend for keyless touchscreen mobiles and launched a handset with a slide-out Qwerty keypad.
James Sherwood, 11 Aug 2008

Fringe organisers launch inquiry into ticketing fiasco

Officials at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe are to launch an independent inquiry into the failure of its box office system.
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Aug 2008

Russian cybercrooks turn on Georgia

Conflict between Georgia and Russia on the ground has been accompanied by the relaunch of cyber-attacks against Georgian government websites.
John Leyden, 11 Aug 2008

Hadoop: When grownups do open source

Fail and YouHadoop is a library for writing distributed data processing programs using the MapReduce framework. It's got all the makings of a blogosphere hit: cluster computing, large datasets, parallelism, algorithms published by Google, and open source. Every four days or so, a nerd will discover Hadoop, write a “Basic MapReduce Tutorial with Hadoop” tutorial on his blog with some trivial examples, and feel satisfied with himself for educating the world about a yet-undiscovered gem. Comparatively, very few people actually use Hadoop in practice, and those who do don't write about it. Why? Because they're adults who don't care about getting on the front page of Digg.
Ted Dziuba, 11 Aug 2008

Teens admit to Grand Theft Auto-inspired petrol bombfest

Three US teenagers who recently went on a Molotov Cocktail crime spree claim to have perfected their weapons manufacturing skills by playing the Grand Theft Auto games.
James Sherwood, 11 Aug 2008

Nokia readies video conferencing robot

Nokia has designed an interactive video conferencing robot that can be controlled through its N800 internet tablet.
James Sherwood, 11 Aug 2008

Home Office lost CDs on 3,000 workers

The Home Office has lost the names, nationalities, passport numbers and dates of birth of 3,000 seasonal agricultural workers on two CDs in transit to the UK Borders Authority.
Kablenet, 11 Aug 2008

'I've cracked Nokia S40 security', claims researcher

UpdatedA lone researcher claims to have discovered a raft of security issues with Nokia's mid-range handsets, allowing him to remotely install malicious applications with unprecedented capabilities - but he's asking for €20,000 for the details.
Bill Ray, 11 Aug 2008

Sun quietly sets mobile middleware bait

Yes, Apple has a lot to answer for. Having hooked the iPhone into Microsoft's Exchange email server, so business types can now read corporate emails horizontally, more tried-and-tested enterprise vendors are revisiting the concept of mobile business computing.
Phil Manchester, 11 Aug 2008

Yes! It's Joyce McKinney, admits Joyce McKinney

The mystery that has gripped the world for days on end is finally resolved today as Bernann McKinney, keeper of cloned canids, admitted to being Joyce McKinney, molester of Mormon missionaries.
Sarah Bee, 11 Aug 2008

VIA heralds end of third-party PC chipset biz

VIA has tacitly confirmed that it's quitting the PC chipset business, claiming that there's no longer a third-party chipset market worth the name.
Tony Smith, 11 Aug 2008

UK to get 60GB Xbox 360 on Friday

Microsoft has confirmed that its much hyped 60GB Xbox 360 will be available in the UK on 15th August for £200 (€255/$400). That’s this coming Friday, folks.
James Sherwood, 11 Aug 2008

iPhone apps selling like hot cakes

Apple has been selling $1m worth of iPhone apps every day, Steve Jobs told the Wall Street Journal. He also confirmed Apple's ability to reach out and disappear applications previously installed on punters' iPhones.
Bill Ray, 11 Aug 2008

Wikimadness XVII: The Return of Byrne

We spoke too soon. The web's longest running farce is alive and well.
Cade Metz, 11 Aug 2008

HP Procurve people buy into 802.11n

Hewlett-Packard's Procurve switching business plans to buy wireless access kit provider Colubris Networks for an undisclosed sum.
Austin Modine, 11 Aug 2008
eBay teaser 75

Tiffany demands reappraisal of eBay counterfeit decision

Jewelry giant Tiffany & Co. is appealing a recent federal court decision that cleared eBay from responsibility for counterfeit items which appear on the online auction site.
Austin Modine, 11 Aug 2008

Patched DNS servers still vulnerable to cache poisoning

Large swaths of the internet remain at risk from a potentially crippling vulnerability in the net's address lookup system even after installing emergency patches, a researcher has warned.
Dan Goodin, 11 Aug 2008

'Milestone' Microsoft service pack staples .NET's stomach

Microsoft's "milestone" first-service pack for Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 has been released as the company shows concern over growing code bloat.
Gavin Clarke, 11 Aug 2008

Napster bullish on user engagement

Napster continues to bumble along as one of those curious technology oddities haunting the NASDAQ exchange.
Ashlee Vance, 11 Aug 2008

Virtual Iron presses energy savings into fresh Xen-based code

Austin Modine, 11 Aug 2008

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