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Perfect prints, the Wii way

What do you get when you combine Nintendo with Fujifilm? Why it’s the online Wii Photo Channel, of course.
James Sherwood, 24 Jul 2008

HMV lines up a few VAT-free CDs and DVDs

HMV is planning to put kiosks into some of its stores to allow customers to order out-of-stock CDs and DVDs which will be fulfilled VAT-free from the Channel Islands.
John Oates, 24 Jul 2008

Cannibal's legal objection hamstrings German horror film

A horror film has been banned in Germany because it infringes on the personality rights of the German man who killed and ate a voluntary victim on Christmas Day in 2001.
OUT-LAW.COM, 24 Jul 2008

MPs probe MoD accountancy shenanigans

AnalysisThe UK Ministry of Defence has taken yet another lengthy roasting from the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee, PAC, which has been examining its recently audited accounts. The MoD is accused of "masking" the costs of its biggest and most expensive equipment projects by creative accounting, and responds by pointing out that some of these costs are not of its own making but result from political meddling.
Lewis Page, 24 Jul 2008

'Contagious' fungus threatens videotape collections

Video digitising hardware makers are leaping for joy over news ye olde VHS tapes are becoming unwatchable thanks to an outbreak of mould.
Tony Smith, 24 Jul 2008

Nokia and Qualcomm end patent war

Nokia and Qualcomm have agreed to end their worldwide legal battle over patents.
John Oates, 24 Jul 2008

Creative continues ZEN range with Mozaic media player

Creative today announced the launch of the ZEN Mozaic portable media player for music, photos and video, featuring a 1.8in LCD colour screen, FM radio, voice recorder and built-in speaker.
Scott Snowden, 24 Jul 2008

Sony Ericsson C702 rugged handset

ReviewThe C702's moniker might give the impression that it's a stripped-down version of the 5mp camera-toting C902. But while it shares some features, the C702 is very much its own model.
Dave Oliver, 24 Jul 2008
Warning! Black Helicopters

Norwegians demo 10cm video & GPS pocket-chopper

"The world's smallest full authority helicopter", with rotors just 10cm across, has been successfully flight tested in Norway. Scandinavian microcopter developers hailed the debut of the prototype PD-100 Black Hornet as "a major success".
Lewis Page, 24 Jul 2008

Feargal Sharkey on the ISP filesharer MoU

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between ISPs and the music business will lead to radically new "legal P2P" services, British Music Rights' Feargal Sharkey told us this morning. Licensing deals have already been signed, we reported recently.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Jul 2008

Apple account hijacks spread to developers

Account hijackers have targeted Apple iTunes for months, but now they're hitting Apple developers as well.
John Leyden, 24 Jul 2008

NZ judge saves girl from bloody silly name

An NZ judge has done the decent thing and made a nine-year-old girl a ward of court to allow her to ditch what must rate among the most preposterous names of all time - Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii.
Lester Haines, 24 Jul 2008

Cheque-red flag for Max Mosley

So the dust has settled, Max Mosley has won his case, and UK privacy law advances a further notch. Does this make any difference at all to the El Reg readers – apart from those few who get their jollies from dressing up in strange uniforms and whipping one another at the weekend?
Jane Fae , 24 Jul 2008

It's official: Samsung shows off i8510 8mp cameraphone

Rumours that the South Korean company was going to join the 8mp cameraphone crowd have been circulating for a while, now Samsung has confirmed it's launching the i8510 in the UK in August.
Scott Snowden, 24 Jul 2008

Microsoft bigwig jumps ship in re-org wake

The man who led Microsoft’s recent failed bid to buy Yahoo! is leaving the software giant after more than 15 years with the company.
Kelly Fiveash, 24 Jul 2008

Airbus A380-800: an airborne treat for gadget fans

I’m writing this sitting in a Singapore Airlines double-decker Airbus A380 bound for the carrier’s home city. We’re at 35,320ft and I’m up in tech heaven.
Tony Smith, 24 Jul 2008

Scientists decry Bletchley Park's decline

A group of the UK's leading computer scientists has demanded government action to save Bletchley Park from further decay, saying that “the ravages of age and a lack of investment” threaten the future of Station X.
Lester Haines, 24 Jul 2008

Facebook faker ordered to pay thousands in libel damages

The High Court has today ordered a man who concocted a Facebook account to attack a former school friend to pay £22,000 in damages.
Christopher Williams, 24 Jul 2008

Spanish doc cuffed for webcam in toilet

A Spanish doctor was last week cuffed for installing a webcam in the toilet of his Barcelona consultancy, a nutritional centre frequented by the likes of motorcyclist Jorge Lorenzo and the sister of former Barcelona ball-worrier Ronaldinho.
Lester Haines, 24 Jul 2008

Southeast London is card fraud cesspool

London is the biggest single centre for credit card fraud with southeast London - particularly Thamesmead (SE28) - becoming notorious as the place with the most fraudulent activity in the UK, according to a new survey.
John Leyden, 24 Jul 2008

The return of Killer Chlorine

NumberwatchAfter many mind-sapping years of trawling through the morass of health scare stories, I formulated a number of laws, one of which was the Law of Beneficial Developments:
John Brignell, 24 Jul 2008

Dell adds multi-touch to Latitude XT

Dell has announced it's incorporating touch-screen functionality - in the form of an easy-to-install firmware upgrade - on it's Latitude XT tablets.
Jan Libbenga, 24 Jul 2008

Eye of newt: Inside Google's AdWords auction

AnalysisWhen Google chief legal officer David Drummond testified before Congress last week, he didn't disappoint. He splattered Capitol Hill with the sort of shameless nonsense we've come to expect from Mountain View's number one huckster. In short, Drummond told all those Congresspeople that if Google is allowed to rule 90 per cent of the search advertising market, the web will be a better place for just about everyone - including advertisers.
Cade Metz, 24 Jul 2008
Steve Ballmer

Ballmer upset by Apple cart

Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer yesterday openly acknowledged Apple's "thriving" success in the lucrative consumer market.
Kelly Fiveash, 24 Jul 2008

HP borgs Voodoo

HP is merging the VoodooPC business it bought two years ago into its consumer PC division. The brand will live on and Voodoo machines will be sold alongside Compaq Presarios and Pavilions.
John Oates, 24 Jul 2008

iPhone Mail bug adds phishing danger

Flaws in the Mail and Safari applications bundled with the iPhone leave users of the device at greater risk of phishing attacks.
John Leyden, 24 Jul 2008

Doctor Who fans told to lay off Hamlet

Fans of Doctor Who and Star Trek have been told to lay off autograph hunting at the stage door of the Courtyard Theatre in Stratford, where David Tennant and Patrick Stewart are thesping it up in a Royal Shakespeare Company production of Hamlet.
Lester Haines, 24 Jul 2008
eBay teaser 75

eBay auction fraudster jailed for four years

An Oregon man who auctioned counterfeit Adobe software on eBay under a variety of false identities has been jailed for four years. Jeremiah Mondello, 23, of Eugene, Oregon, was also sentenced to a further three years on probation following his release and 130 hours of community service a year for three years at a sentencing hearing this week. In addition, Mondello was fined $220,000 in cash and his computers were confiscated by order of US District Court Judge Ann L. Aiken, the Oregonian reports.
John Leyden, 24 Jul 2008
Warning: biohazard

Exploit code for Kaminsky DNS bug goes wild

When Dan Kaminsky disclosed a critical flaw in the net's address lookup system earlier this month, he said it was crucial internet service providers and other organizations install patches immediately. He wasn't kidding.
Dan Goodin, 24 Jul 2008

XM-Sirius merger OKd in fines plus booster-dump deal

Austin Modine, 24 Jul 2008

Court defends America's right to online smut

Ten years after it was rubber stamped by US lawmakers, the free-speech-throttling Child Online Protection Act (COPA) remains in legal limbo, but its chances of survival took another blow this week as a federal appeals court upheld an earlier ban on the statute.
Cade Metz, 24 Jul 2008

Apple is Fisher-Price of sound quality, says Neil Young

Over five decades Neil Young has played a variety of roles including sixties protester, folk singer, Ronald Reagan supporter, grunge rocker and film maker. Now he's donning a new hat: Apple basher.
Dan Goodin, 24 Jul 2008

Cancer doctor cites 'early' data on cell phone danger

The head of a leading US cancer research institute has sent out a warning to his staff to limit their cell phone use because of a risk of developing brain cancer.
Austin Modine, 24 Jul 2008

Poker-faced Ballmer explains Google beating plans

When you report annual revenue of $60bn you'd expect Wall St would give a little credit where credit's due. Not take your stock price outside and rough it up.
Gavin Clarke, 24 Jul 2008

Tory leader's stolen bicycle surfaces on eBay

Hours after Tory leader David Cameron told the world that someone had nicked his bicycle, the much-discussed two-wheeler has turned up on eBay. Or so it seems.
Cade Metz, 24 Jul 2008

American data pimper exposes ad equation

How much notice did American ISPs provide when testing NebuAd's Phorm-like behavioral ad targeter? Not as much as NebuAd CEO Bob Dykes would have you believe.
Cade Metz, 24 Jul 2008

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