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Sun's JavaFX must toolup against Adobe - pronto

JavaFX, part 2Sun Microsystems lost the first Rich Internet Application (RIA) war when Macromedia (now part of Adobe) ate its applets for lunch following a schoolyard brawl. Now Sun has a second chance.
Matt Stephens, 14 Jul 2008

Sun and Fujitsu ride Unix boxes to four-core country

Now is about the time Sun Microsystems was meant to start telling the world of the wonders inherent in the Rock processor. No such luck. Instead, Sun and Fujitsu are celebrating the arrival of Version VII of the SPARC64 processor.
Ashlee Vance, 14 Jul 2008

Relay server attack tactic dupes auto-reporting

Sysadmins have begun noticing a coordinated attack on servers with open SSH ports that tries to stay under the radar by only attempting to guess a password three times from any compromised machine. Instead of mounting an attack form a single compromised host, hackers have worked out a means to relay a brute force attack between multiple assault machines.
John Leyden, 14 Jul 2008

Criminal record checks could hit over 14 million people

AnalysisIf we had suggested, ten years ago, that one day soon, the government would draw up a list of prescribed occupations: that they would build a database of millions of people who would need to register for those occupations; and that a committee of Public Safety would be set up with power of absolute veto over every individual on the database; it is just possible that you would have decided that even El Reg had taken leave of its oh-so-cynical senses.
Jane Fae , 14 Jul 2008

Initial Intel 'Nehalem' CPUs as cheap as chips

Pssst! Want an Intel 'Nehalem' processor on the cheap? Well, just go and ask the chip giant for one. It's 2.66GHz 'Bloomfield' CPU has been price at just $284, it has been claimed.
Tony Smith, 14 Jul 2008

Microsoft confirms 60GB Xbox 360

Microsoft has broken its silence and officially unveiled the latest addition to its Xbox 360 line-up: a 60GB HDD-equipped console.
James Sherwood, 14 Jul 2008

Oyster system failure causes travel misery

UpdatedLondon commuters are suffering more problems than usual this morning, thanks to the weekend failure of the Oyster card readers at tube stations and on buses.
John Oates, 14 Jul 2008

Baptist church in assault rifle giveaway

An Oklahoma baptist church has insisted it will proceed with its controversial plan to give away an AR-15 semiautomatic assault rifle* during a youth conference - a move described as "a way of trying to encourage young people to attend the event", according to local Koko 5 news.
Lester Haines, 14 Jul 2008

Asus blames lack of Linux Eee PCs on Atom hold-ups

Asus has blamed Intel not Microsoft for the apparent absence of the Atom-based Eee PC 901 from UK suppliers' shelves.
Tony Smith, 14 Jul 2008

3 days on: The iPhone users still to make a call

UK customers who queued up to get Apple's shiny new iPhone last week are still waiting for a connection as O2 struggles to get their SIMs registered and activated on the network.
Bill Ray, 14 Jul 2008

Busts 4 Justice battles Bulgarian airbag tax

Enraged bearers of DD+ chesticles have launched a Facebook campaign aimed at shaming Marks & Spencer into dropping the ample Bulgarian airbag tax it imposes on well-endowed brassiere customers.
Lester Haines, 14 Jul 2008

Yahoo! rejects! Microsoft! again!

Yahoo! rejected another takeover offer from Microsoft and Carl Icahn on Saturday after it was given less than 24 hours to respond to the joint offer.
John Oates, 14 Jul 2008
For Sale sign detail

Homer Simpson's email address hacked

Turkish hackers have taken advantage of an email address that appeared in The Simpsons to recruit marks onto the Kimya botnet.
John Leyden, 14 Jul 2008

Mozilla insists Firefox 3.1 won't hit bum note for developers

Mozilla Corporation has claimed that the transition to Firefox 3.1 won’t be “a major pain-in-the-ass” and pledged developers will not be hit by “surprises along the way”, after royally hacking off users with the 3.0 launch.
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Jul 2008

iRiver Lplayer 8GB MP3 player

ReviewAfter the disappointing E100 we're happy to report that iRiver's is getting back into its groove with the second device to hit the UK this year, the tiny Lplayer.
Alun Taylor, 14 Jul 2008

Casio claims 'world's slimmest' camera crown

If you’re considering a Casio for your next compact camera, then it’ll be slim pickings. But not in a negative way, because the firm’s latest snapper is supposedly the world’s thinnest shooter available.
James Sherwood, 14 Jul 2008

PSP firmware update en route

Sony has a treat in store for PlayStation Portable (PSP) fans, but the electronics giant’s keeping the surprise's full details firmly under wraps for now.
James Sherwood, 14 Jul 2008

Samsung to join 8Mp cameraphone crowd?

Sony Ericsson’s already launched one, the C905. Both Motorola and LG are thought to be prepping their own versions, and now Samsung’s been added to the list. What are we talking about? Eight-megapixel cameraphones, of course.
James Sherwood, 14 Jul 2008
Flag China

Chinese earthquake hack scammer jailed

A Chinese man convicted of hacking into a Red Cross website as part of a money-making scam in the wake of the Sichuan earthquake has being jailed for two years.
John Leyden, 14 Jul 2008

AMD sticks four two-GPU cards into gaming PC

AMD is working on eight-way GPU co-operative rendering, the chip maker has revealed.
Tony Smith, 14 Jul 2008

AMD 4800-series mobile GPUs gain PCIe approval

AMD's next-gen laptop graphics chips, the 'M96' and the 'M98-L', have been approved by the PCI SIG - the body that oversees the PCI Express bus.
Tony Smith, 14 Jul 2008

Quirky blank Qwerty keyboard goes on sale

Many distractions can occur when you’re sat at the computer and trying to concentrate. But if the keyboard’s white letters are one of them, then a solution’s now at your fingertips.
James Sherwood, 14 Jul 2008

Belkin preps DIY NAS wireless router

Belkin has upgraded its top-of-the-line 802.11n Wi-Fi router with a USB port and the ability to hang a hard drive off the WLAN.
Tony Smith, 14 Jul 2008

Google releases serialization scheme

Fail and YouProtocol buffer: it’s the object serialization scheme the pretentious little shit on your development team has been talking at you about during lunch hours for the past couple of days. You’ve been feigning interest with a steady stream of “oh-yeahs” and “that-sounds-cools”, so you don’t really know what it is.
Ted Dziuba, 14 Jul 2008

Rebellious BT computers refuse to take orders

Updated:Hot on the heels of O2's iPhone debacle, the company's former parent BT has spent the last week telling punters who want a new fixed phone line they'll have to call back in a few days, when the computers might be working again.
Bill Ray, 14 Jul 2008

Creative's Wi-Fi media player streams in

Creative has taken the wraps off its latest portable media players (PMPs) and hopes the range will have you rockin’ out over Wi-Fi.
James Sherwood, 14 Jul 2008

Belkin readies three-port 200Mb/s powerline Ethernet adaptor

Belkin will release a 200Mb/s powerline Ethernet adaptor this autumn that's capable of linking in up to three devices across your network.
Tony Smith, 14 Jul 2008

FCC boss reshapes hardline stance on Comcast

FCC boss Kevin Martin has said he doesn't want the regulator to fine Comcast for deploying traffic shaping its cable network.
Joe Fay, 14 Jul 2008

Icahn writes another bloody letter

Yahoo! shareholders will be picking yet another letter from Carl Icahn off their doormats today, as his attempted takeover bid gets ever more bad-tempered.
John Oates, 14 Jul 2008

Airshow Blighty hits town - 100 years of UK powered flight

FarnboroughToday is the opening day of the Farnborough Air Show, and the world's aerospace biz bigwigs - with attendant flacks, hacks, booth babes and renta-celebs - have all descended on this little corner of Hampshire to show off their stuff, complain about crappy British event organisation* and try to get a little business done. It's also the centennial of powered flight in Blighty today. Since a lot of the technology on display today is the world's most advanced - and some of it even involves IT - the Vulture overlords have agreed to dispatch the entire Reg flying car desk to cover the event.
Lewis Page, 14 Jul 2008
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Open source quality checker released

An open source software project, originally propped up by European Commission (EC) funds, has released an alpha version of its quality control program, Alitheia Core.
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Jul 2008
Fujitsu Siemens

Marathon poker game begins over fate of Fujitsu Siemens

A massive question mark settled over Fujitsu Siemens Computers this weekend, as its parents reportedly pondered whether to continue supporting the Germany-based PC manufacturer.
Joe Fay, 14 Jul 2008

Raptor and Eurofighter go head to head

FarnboroughThere were a lot of things on show today at Farnborough, but probably if they were honest there was only one event which absolutely everyone here was determined not to miss. That was the first ever overseas (public) appearance of the F-22 Raptor, the latest, most unbelievably expensive uberfighter from the USA. In a scheduling decision which was certainly no accident, an RAF Eurofighter Typhoon went through its paces above the trade-only crowd immediately before the Raptor's appearance.
Lewis Page, 14 Jul 2008

Sun unfolds 1TB of tape

Sun has introduced the world's first tape kit to hold one terabyte of raw data, the StorageTek T10000B.
Paul Roberts, 14 Jul 2008

Missing Webroot founder found dead

Police have recovered the body of missing technology entrepreneur Steven Thomas, the founder of anti-spyware firm Webroot Software.
John Leyden, 14 Jul 2008

Ubuntu trumpets aromatic pistou of borage

You thought Ubuntu Linux was bad enough, right? What with the freedom-loving Mark Shuttleworth behind it and all the peacenik developers. Baked Beaver and Stoned Salamander could only be a couple of releases away.
Ashlee Vance, 14 Jul 2008
Broken CD with wrench

Putting a mule on a cloud: one man's battle with Amazon S3

The phrase “cloud computing” has been subjected to unnatural forms of marketing abuse. The buzzword pros have taken two nouns that we all recognize, combined them and formed a nebulous, hideous beast that means many things to many people.
Dave Rosenberg, 14 Jul 2008

Judge sides with eBay in fake jewelry spat

A federal judge has sided with eBay in its long-running legal battle with jewelry giant Tiffany & Co.
Cade Metz, 14 Jul 2008

Nvidia concedes SLI for Nehalem chips

Nvidia is the first to blink in its standoff with Intel over the terms of licensing each others' wares. The graphics chip maker is conceding support for its multi-GPU technology on Intel's upcoming 'Nehalem' processor platform without getting much contractual love in return.
Austin Modine, 14 Jul 2008

Google plays Hide and Seek with Android SDK

Google's strict code of secrecy may work fine for protecting its internal operations. But the company isn't ingratiating itself to software developers by keeping major updates to its Android mobile software platform locked away in a Mountain View dungeon. Now, even those developers once very committed to pushing Google's technology forward are thinking about abandoning Android – the most closed open platform to not yet exist.
Cade Metz, 14 Jul 2008

Salesforce.com pulls plug on Sun's flagship Unix servers

ExclusiveSalesforce.com is chucking out the last of it Sun Microsystems' Sun Fire servers this week, ending one of Sun's most bragged about relationships.
Gavin Clarke, 14 Jul 2008

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