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How the iPhone puts a bomb under mobile networks

If you think everything that could have been written about the iPhone already has been written, prepare to be surprised. One vital aspect of Apple's strategy has been overlooked - with multi-billion consequences for complacent network operators.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Jun 2008

What I learned from a dumb terminal

D'oh!There is a (probably apocryphal) entry in a naval officer's fitness report that reads: "This officer never makes the same mistake twice. However, he appears to be attempting to make them all once."
Mark Whitehorn, 20 Jun 2008
Oracle logo, image by GongTo via Shutterstock

Oracle hikes middleware license fees

Oracle customers are starting to pay the price for its $23bn plus acquisition spree, with licensing hikes across all core middleware products.
Gavin Clarke, 20 Jun 2008

Flirty texting could land Scots in jail for 10 years

Scots face up to 10 years in jail for sending text messages or emails with sexual content. Scotland's just-published Sexual Offences Bill contains stiff penalties for any sexual messages whose intent is to humiliate the recipient.
OUT-LAW.COM, 20 Jun 2008

Snoop bill opponents post Swedish spy IDs on net

The chief of Sweden's defense intelligence agency admitted Thursday that about 20 of its staff members have had personal information about themselves posted on the internet as part of a mud-slinging campaign. According to Swedish blog Politikerbloggen the information included addresses, phone numbers and even credit card numbers.
Jan Libbenga, 20 Jun 2008

Nvidia moves to 55nm with GeForce 9800 GTX re-spin

Nvidia's first 55nm GPU will be the GeForce 9800 GTX+, the chip maker has confirmed.
Tony Smith, 20 Jun 2008

Yahoo! exec! exodus! continues!

Delicious founder Joshua Schacter yesterday joined the swelling ranks of executives quitting Yahoo!.
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Jun 2008

Yes! It's the RC beer delivery system!

Fridges are a great invention, but the major drawback is that you’ve got to get out of the armchair and walk all the way across to them for an ice-cold beer. Well, not any more, because an remote-control booze cooler’s rolled onto the scene.
James Sherwood, 20 Jun 2008

Sony confirms major PS3 firmware update features

It’s been rumoured that Sony’s set to overhaul the PlayStation 3 with a grand-scale firmware release in the near future, and now the electronics giant has gone on record and confirmed the juicy features gamers can expect.
James Sherwood, 20 Jun 2008

E-food crisis abates as Sainsbury's online sparks into life

The UK’s net population narrowly escaped starvation today as Sainsbury’s finally got its e-commerce site up and running again.
Joe Fay, 20 Jun 2008

Liberty director threatens to sue Burnham over 'tawdry smear'

Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti has demanded a grovelling apology from culture secretary Andy Burnham, following a bizarre reference by the latter to "late night, handwringing, heart-melting phone calls" between Chakrabarti and David Davis, formerly Tory home affairs spokesman, latterly libertarian pin-up. This, says Chakrabarti, is innuendo and character assassination, and if Burnham doesn't come out with his hands up she'll sue.
John Lettice, 20 Jun 2008

Brando attempts to get climbers hooked to storage

Register Hardware never have thought you’d need much storage half-way up a craggy rockface, but quirky online retailer Brando thinks differently.
James Sherwood, 20 Jun 2008

MSI Wind Windows XP Edition sub-notebook

ReviewNothing has caught the imagination of techies of late as much as the Asus Eee PC has. Its tiny dimensions, unique design and true bargain-basement price has rocked the laptop business to the core.
Andrew Tiney, 20 Jun 2008

BOFH: The all-clicking, all-whirring Roboboss

Episode 23
Simon Travaglia, 20 Jun 2008

UK.gov ready to get muddy again on GM foods

AnalysisAdvocates of genetically modified crops are growing more confident that the problems facing the world will soon override "Frankenstein food" fears, and now they appear to have convinced the government to once again brave the controversy.
Christopher Williams, 20 Jun 2008

Shopper connects to Jesus via Denon link cable

There's plenty of merriment on offer down at Amazon this week, where net wags have been having a bit of a field day with the Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable - modestly priced at $499.99:
Lester Haines, 20 Jun 2008

Naomi Campbell pleads guilty to assault

WSANaomi Campbell this morning pleaded guilty to "three counts of assaulting a constable and one count of disorderly conduct likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress" at Uxbridge Magistrates' Court, the BBC reports.
Lester Haines, 20 Jun 2008

MS tries again after faulty Bluetooth security fix

Microsoft has pushed out a revised version of a security update issued earlier this month after realising its first attempt at cracking a Bluetooth security bug failed to do the business.
John Leyden, 20 Jun 2008

Post Office aims to collect ID card fingerprints?

Ministers are in talks with the Post Office over proposals for the latter to handle biometric enrolment and distribution for ID cards and biometric passports, reports the Guardian.
John Lettice, 20 Jun 2008

Congress bails out telcos for illegal snooping

Congress has largely capitulated to White House demands for widespread immunity for the telecoms industry, the New York Times reported on Thursday.
Burke Hansen, 20 Jun 2008

Sixth British Columbia stray foot a hoax

The sixth "foot" discovered wearing an Adidas trainer on the shores of British Columbia earlier this week was not human, but rather "a skeletonised animal paw ... inserted into the shoe with a sock and packed with dried seaweed", the BC Coroners Service (BCCS) reports (pdf).
Lester Haines, 20 Jun 2008

Virgin Media collects customer banking details on CD, then loses it

Virgin Media is conducting an internal inquiry into why 3,000 customers' bank details were burned to a CD which was then lost, it emerged today.
Christopher Williams, 20 Jun 2008

Circuit City reports Q1 loss as US shoppers unplug

Ailing US electronics retailer Circuit City yesterday posted a first quarter loss and another slide in revenues.
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Jun 2008

Croydon devil dog execution: Exclusive photo

The shocking case earlier this week of the Croydon devil dog - shot dead by armed officers after unsportingly failing to succumb to a robust tasering - provoked a flurry of reader emails demanding El Reg provide the now traditional CCTV evidence of the incident.
Lester Haines, 20 Jun 2008

Third Brigade annexes open source intrusion detection tech

OSSEC, the open source host-based intrusion detection project, has been snapped up by Third Brigade, a commercial firm in the same information security sub-market. Terms of the deal, announced on Tuesday, were undisclosed.
John Leyden, 20 Jun 2008

EU Commission plots to end rip-off Britain online

The EU will impose a single system of consumer laws across the bloc in a bid to encourage cross-border shopping online, Commissioner Meglena Kuneva said today.
Christopher Williams, 20 Jun 2008

Limbo of the Lost music not stolen, claims composer

The composer of the music used in controversial adventure game Limbo of the Lost has confirmed that his music was used within the title legitimately.
Tony Smith, 20 Jun 2008

Samsung gets some pink Soul

Dress a product in pink and it’s pretty clear who the target audience is. So, here you are ladies, get yourself a feminine Samsung Soul.
James Sherwood, 20 Jun 2008

Enraged devil dog lover locks on to Reg photo team

Double FoTWOur photographer's unprecedented access to the world's trouble spots and glamorous events has been a big hit with Reg readers in recent weeks.
Christopher Williams, 20 Jun 2008

A.M.P - the ultimate musical robot?

If you can’t convince your partner to go to salsa lessons with you, why not trade them in for a robot? Or, to be more specific, an Automated Music Personality (AMP) that knows all the moves.
James Sherwood, 20 Jun 2008

Gumshoes fined for debt collection pretexting blag

Two private investigators have been slapped with fines for unlawfully obtaining and selling personal information by a court in south London today.
Christopher Williams, 20 Jun 2008

Mandriva's Linux on a stick will wow all the ladies this Summer

ReviewMandriva Linux recently announced the Mandriva Flash 2008 Spring operating system, the latest version of its Linux-on-a-USB-stick distro.
Scott Gilbertson, 20 Jun 2008
graph up

Fujitsu preps 700 redundancies in NHS IT debacle

Fujitsu could make up to 700 people working on the NHS IT contract redundant, the company told workers today.
Drew Cullen, 20 Jun 2008

Microsoft should buy Rackable instead of building custom computers

CommentWe're in the midst of some very strange times. An online book seller owns the leading utility computing service. An advertising company manufactures its own servers and switches. And spots in rural America best known for being, well, rural are turning into technology heavyweights because they have access to cheap power and generous taxpayers.
Ashlee Vance, 20 Jun 2008

NebuAd looks to 'spyware' firm for recruits

In Silicon Valley, the world's tech capital, the job market is tight, with sales people and engineers in short supply. So what's an ambitious startup like NebuAd to do?
Cade Metz, 20 Jun 2008

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