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Transport Dept wastes millions on shared services deal

Shared services - where several government departments share resources in order to save money - might seem like an easy way to reduce costs within the government. But the Department of Transport's complete failure to link human resources, payroll and finance functions for six departments might sound the death knell for the cunning plan.
John Oates, 23 May 2008
eBay teaser 75

Garage sale genius juices software-hawking eBayers

The world's greatest CAD dowser has successfully defended your right to sell second-hand software.
Cade Metz, 23 May 2008

Facebook battles Google over access to user data

Facebook has suspended the use of a Google service which allowed people to export their Facebook friends list to other websites, claiming that the Google service violates users' privacy.
OUT-LAW.COM, 23 May 2008

Government announces shortlist for ID card contracts

UpdatedThe government released the shortlist of five possible suppliers for its delayed ID card project this morning.
John Oates, 23 May 2008

Illinois gal gives Street View an eyeful

NSFWIt appears that while some people are increasingly concerned that Google's entertaining Street View might visually rape their swimming pool or lay bare their military secrets to black turbans and other jihadist riff-raff, the residents of Illinois have a rather more relaxed attitude to privacy.
Lester Haines, 23 May 2008

Intel to use Centrino 2 to promote solid-state drives

Intel will offer to bundle its promised solid-state drives with its upcoming Centrino 2 platform, it has been claimed. The plan is being portrayed as a bid to push SSDs into the mainstream.
Tony Smith, 23 May 2008

MPs demand US spooks' guarantees on census data

An influential group of MPs has urged the government to seek assurances from Washington that the Patriot Act would not be used to access personal data contained in the UK census, if it is outsourced to US defence contractor Lockheed Martin.
Christopher Williams, 23 May 2008

Brit glitterati offered high-flying handset

Jet-setting professionals often seek out the most exclusive gadgets and what’s more elite than a handset made from materials used to make aeroplanes and sapphire?
James Sherwood, 23 May 2008
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NASA's Phoenix braces for Sunday touch-down

NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander is looking good for a Sunday touch-down on the Red Planet, with all systems "nominal and stable", according to the agency.
Lester Haines, 23 May 2008

AMD to launch 'Puma' laptop platform next month

Intel may be gearing up to release Centrino 2, but let's not forget its arch-rival, AMD, is to release a notebook platform of its own, codenamed 'Puma'. The cat will be let out of the bag at Computex, in Taipei on 3 June.
Tony Smith, 23 May 2008
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Trillian blighted by security bug trio

The discovery of a trio of security bugs means that users of the popular Trillian instant messaging client need to update their software.
John Leyden, 23 May 2008

Revenue admits another IT cock-up

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, the government top provider of IT-related disasters, has blamed programming errors for its failure to make payments to about 100,000 low-income families.
John Oates, 23 May 2008
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BOFH: The Batcave

Episode 19
Simon Travaglia, 23 May 2008

LG designs double-sided TV display

So the missus wants some quality time together, but she wants to watch Emmerdale and you want to watch Battlestar Galactica. What do you do? You get yourself a double-sided telly, of course.
James Sherwood, 23 May 2008

Chinese supplier offers 'cheapest' Linux laptop

Linux-based sub-notebook for $219 (£111/€139), anyone? That's what Hong Kong-based Bestlink is currently offering - if you're prepared to buy in bulk.
Tony Smith, 23 May 2008

HP retains server revs and shipments crown

The boom in demand for big, fat data centres built to churn out web-based apps helped plump up worldwide server revenue to more than $13bn in the first quarter of 2008.
Kelly Fiveash, 23 May 2008

City anti-Scientology protestor avoids court summons

A teenage anti-Scientology protestor who was issued with notice of a court summons by City of London police will not be prosecuted, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has decided.
Christopher Williams, 23 May 2008

Dell XPS M1730 17in gaming laptop

ReviewDell’s acquisition of Alienware, followed by the introduction of 13.3in and 15.4in laptops to its XPS range, signalled a shift from gaming machines, with the brand targeting the regular consumer instead.
Andrew Tiney, 23 May 2008

RC car puts you in the driving seat

If you haven’t passed your driving test yet or live in London then driving a car is probably a pretty alien experience to you. Now a radio-controlled car puts you in the driving seat - virtually - thanks to its integrated video camera.
James Sherwood, 23 May 2008

Incredible folding laptop untucked on eBay

Laptops are designed to be portable, so a 19.5in machine is really defeating the object. Unless, that is you buy one that folds up. Now, thanks to one eBayer, you can.
James Sherwood, 23 May 2008

Naomi Campbell could face Heathrow charges

WSABattling Streatham clotheshorse Naomi Campbell could face charges over the incident at Heathrow early last month which saw her forcibly removed from an LA-bound British Airways flight and subsequently held "on suspicion of assaulting a police officer".
Lester Haines, 23 May 2008
Windows Vista teaser

Reg readers split on Vista readiness

Reg Tech PanelThe first of our three polls on desktop operating systems is now complete. The poll looked at Reg reader opinions on the readiness of Windows Vista for business use. We’ll be putting together a complete analysis once the other two polls - on desktop Linux and OS X - are done. In the meantime, here are some headline findings from looking at the views of over 5,000 of you on the latest desktop offering from Microsoft.
Dale Vile, 23 May 2008
Warning: electricity

National Grid computers locked-down in outage cock-up

National Grid suffered a major computer system outage last week, leaving many of its staff twiddling their fingers while services supplier Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) scurried to provide a fix.
Kelly Fiveash, 23 May 2008

US firms use own staff to snoop on co-workers

The UK may have more CCTV cameras than anywhere else in the world but US workers are kept under even closer tabs over internet use at work, according to a new survey.
John Leyden, 23 May 2008

Asus to release desktop Eee PC as Ebox

Asus will finally launch the desktop version of its elfin Eee PC early next month. Once dubbed the E-DT, the unit is set to retail as the Ebox, we understand.
Tony Smith, 23 May 2008

Yahoo! vs Icahn, Yahoo! blinks first

Yahoo! has delayed its general meeting scheduled for 3 July and is facing another attack on its board. No new date has been set, but the meeting is expected to be held towards the end of July.
John Oates, 23 May 2008

Electrosticky droid boffin in spider-gecko tech bitchslap

A California-based researcher says he has developed "electro-adhesion" tech which will allow robots to crawl up walls and perhaps hang from ceilings with ease. Nonprofit R&D group SRI reckons its switchable stickiness kit would be handy for military and disaster-relief applications - and ultimately, for special forces operators, skyscraper window cleaners and caped crimefighters.
Lewis Page, 23 May 2008

Bittorrent tosses Orb into Apple's walled garden

Bittorrent Inc. announced a deal with Orb yesterday to bundle the streaming media centre software with its own P2P client, and both parties used the opportunities to goad Apple over its "walled garden" approach to media.
Andrew Orlowski, 23 May 2008

BT industrial action is off - for now

Union Connect has suspended industrial action at BT which was due to start Tuesday 27 May.
John Oates, 23 May 2008

Mobile money - a helping hand for the poor?

OpinionBrowsing the NARS counter at Selfridges, I was quite taken by some eye shadow and was just picturing myself as Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra when my friend Rod called from Cairo. I’m a bit psychic like that.
Cat Keynes, 23 May 2008

Microsoft needs Windows Home Server test dummies

Microsoft is looking for Windows Home Server guinea pigs to test a public beta of a patch to a major corruption bug that has blighted the product since late last year.
Kelly Fiveash, 23 May 2008

American auto dealer offers free handguns

Max Motors is aware of America's crime problem. And it wants to be part of the solution. With this in mind, the Butler, Missouri auto dealership is offering a free handgun to anyone in the market for a new car or truck.
Cade Metz, 23 May 2008

Facebook poked by XSS flaw

UpdatedFacebook has fixed a cross site scripting flaw that left its users at risk from scripting attacks.
John Leyden, 23 May 2008
MSI NX8600GTS-T2D256E-HD-OC graphics card

Nvidia to acquire ray tracing startup

Nvidia in the past has jeered Intel's heavy investments in ray tracing as a successor of rasterization for graphics rendering — but it's always stopped short of dismissing the technology completely.
Austin Modine, 23 May 2008

Windows XP bests OS X in RIA test on Intel

A benchmark test for rich internet application (RIA) frameworks claims Apple's OS X lags Microsoft's Windows XP on Intel when rendering HTML, being just over half as fast.
Phil Manchester, 23 May 2008

TJX employee fired for exposing shoddy security practices

TJX Companies, the mammoth US retailer whose substandard security led to the world's biggest credit card heist, has fired an employee after he left posts in an online forum that made disturbing claims about security practices at the store where he worked.
Dan Goodin, 23 May 2008

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