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Yahoo! Flickr video play sparks online revolt

Yahoo! tries ever so hard to be like Google. But it's always a struggle.
Cade Metz, 10 Apr 2008

Symantec gobbles AppStream

Symatec said today it intends to buy AppStream, a Palo Alto, California-based developer of application streaming software.
Austin Modine, 10 Apr 2008

Nokia promotes N-Gage innovation with €70,000 bait

Nokia is looking for new concepts in mobile phone gaming, and has launched a competition with €70,000 in prizes for the best games concept. However, it is limiting entry to those already in the games business.
Bill Ray, 10 Apr 2008
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UK.biz flunks app security tests

Weak encryption or cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities remain a big problem for UK firms. Tests on web application security by UK penetration testing firm NTA Monitor on its clients uncovered problems in three out of five cases.
John Leyden, 10 Apr 2008
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RM to push new HP sub-laptop to schools

RM has been signed up as HP’s only UK distie for its 2133 Mini-Note laptop intended for the education market.
Kelly Fiveash, 10 Apr 2008
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Old people can sabotage software too

RSASoftware teams must act to protect systems and development projects from revenge attacks by disgruntled current and former employees.
Gavin Clarke, 10 Apr 2008

Spam filtering services throttle Gmail to fight spammers

The growing abuse of webmail services to send spam has led anti-spam services to throttle messages from Gmail and Yahoo!
John Leyden, 10 Apr 2008

Designer condenses 3D mouse for laptop users

The SpaceNavigator may look like something that fell off from the Starship Enterprise, but it’s actually a high-end notebook mouse.
James Sherwood, 10 Apr 2008

Guitar maker Gibson thrashes out more robo-axes

'Leccy guitar pioneer Gibson has unveiled two additional automated strummers in its self-tuning Robot line.
James Sherwood, 10 Apr 2008

Microhoo! deal roadmap goes round in circles

Microsoft's hostile takeover bid for Yahoo! is starting to resemble a corporate speed-dating night, as rival suitors jump back in the running.
John Oates, 10 Apr 2008

Biologists track down elusive lungless frog

Scientists from the National University of Singapore have described a rare lungless frog which appears to absorb oxygen through its skin.
Lester Haines, 10 Apr 2008

Civil liberties groups challenge Data Retention Directive in ECJ

European civil liberties groups have lodged an objection to the EU's Data Retention Directive with the European Court of Justice, claiming that the Directive breaches a fundamental right to privacy guaranteed in the European Convention on Human Rights.
OUT-LAW.COM, 10 Apr 2008

Minister: Waste wood is 'huge potential resource'

UK Minister for Climate Change and Waste Joan Ruddock reckons that the government has cracked - or anyway, largely cracked - the tricky problems of keeping the lights on, saving carbon emissions and minimising landfill. The answer is to burn wood - specifically waste wood which is normally thrown away.
Lewis Page, 10 Apr 2008

Sales slide at PC World, Currys

DSG International (DSGi) shares fell nine per cent this morning following the retail giant’s second profit warning in under four months.
Kelly Fiveash, 10 Apr 2008

VIA and Nvidia partner to bomb Intel's Atom

Under pressure from Intel's Atom, chip makers VIA and Nvidia have apparently agreed that their interests should undergo fusion, and have agreed to brings their respective processors and integrated chipsets into orbit around each other.
Tony Smith, 10 Apr 2008

NASA gets intimate with Phobos

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has returned some rather nice snaps of Martian moon Phobos, captured by the vehicle's High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE):
Lester Haines, 10 Apr 2008
Web 2.0

ID and the triple-A challenge of mashup security

The loose coupling of data drawn from different systems is one of the enduring appeals of mashups. However, what if some of that data needs to be handled securely, or it is necessary to log in to some or all of the data feeds? What if the mashup as a whole represents some form of sensitive system - now security is an issue.
John Hunt, 10 Apr 2008

Horror bestseller condemns videogame sales limit law

Horror writer Stephen King has dennounced moves to introduce a law that would ban the sale of violent videogames to kids.
James Sherwood, 10 Apr 2008

WD pitches 'rainbow' selection of coloured hard drives

Western Digital has re-released its My Passport Essential 320GB external hard drive line in a range of ten new colours.
Tony Smith, 10 Apr 2008
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Lieberman's campaign to blame for website crash

Technical mistakes by Senator Joe Lieberman's re-election campaign team - not an attack by opponents - were responsible for the crash of his website on the eve of the August 2006 Connecticut primary election, federal investigators discovered.
John Leyden, 10 Apr 2008

London store brews £50-a-poop cat-crap coffee

London's Peter Jones department store is offering discerning customers the chance to stump £50 a pop to taste Caffé Raro - an exotic blend of Jamaican Blue Mountain and Kupi Luwak beans, the latter having passed through the digestive tract of jungle cats.
Lester Haines, 10 Apr 2008

Phone insurance firm reveals Sharia rules policy

Been searching for ethical mobile phone insurance, based on Sharia rules? Well stop, because FoneShield UK has launched just such a product, though you may find yourself splitting hairs over what "ethical" actually means.
Bill Ray, 10 Apr 2008

Aussies to get 3G iPhone in June... and unlocked?

Australians may not only be among the first folk to get their mitts on the upcoming 3G iPhone, but they may also be offered the handset without ties to networks.
Tony Smith, 10 Apr 2008

FCC builds giant text spam engine for terror warnings

The Federal Communications Commission is set to announce the launch of a national alert system, using text messaging and other mobile technologies to tell Americans when to panic.
Bill Ray, 10 Apr 2008

American ISPs already sharing data with outside ad firms

Multiple American ISPs are sharing customer data with outside firms that deal in so-called behavioral ad targeting, and according to one of these firms, the Silicon Valley-based NebuAd, roughly 10 per cent of all US web surfers are affected.
Cade Metz, 10 Apr 2008

Sanyo satnav offers anti-theft advice

If you don’t already know that dark alleyways and tower-block estates are dangerous places to park your Porsche, then Sanyo’s latest satnav system will warn you before you pull up into a joy-riding hotspot.
James Sherwood, 10 Apr 2008

NHS IT loses its interim head

Mathew Swindells, the interim chief information officer for the NHS technology programme, has left the organisation to join a private sector consultancy.
John Oates, 10 Apr 2008

Nikon downloads Wi-Fi compact camera

Nikon clearly wants a piece of Panasonic’s Wi-Fi compact camera action and has unveiled its own wireless rival to Panasonic’s recently released WLAN-linked capable Lumix TZ50.
James Sherwood, 10 Apr 2008

Courts slam Blair's 'abject surrender' to Saudi prince

UpdatedThe UK High Court has ruled that a controversial government decision to stop investigating allegations of arms industry bribery in Saudi Arabia violated both British and international law. Despite the judgement, it remains unclear whether the investigation will restart.
Lewis Page, 10 Apr 2008

IBM backs the truth up out there with FilesX

Big Blue today beefed up its storage software offerings by agreeing to buy privately-held FilesX – which protects data on Microsoft's operating systems – for an undisclosed sum.
Kelly Fiveash, 10 Apr 2008

Boffins build safer, more capacious lithium-ion battery

Scientists in the States have come up with a new take on the design of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. They claim their version makes the power packs not only less prone to combustion but also able to hold up to 50 per cent more energy.
Tony Smith, 10 Apr 2008

eBay forces Aussies to use Paypal

eBay is forcing all its Australian users to use its Paypal service from the middle of this year sparking outrage over the percentrage of their sales that will now flow back to the auctions giant.
Barbara Axt, 10 Apr 2008

US student planned to ice Chuck Norris

A New Jersey high school student has been suspended for allegedly drawing up a hit list which included the names of "three students and a school administrator" and, rather ill-advisedly, roundhouse-kicking death machine Chuck Norris.
Lester Haines, 10 Apr 2008
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Phishers offer credit card discounts to prospective marks

Phishing fraudsters are using promises of financial discounts to trick unwary users into handing over their credit card details.
John Leyden, 10 Apr 2008

Sony Ericsson Walkman W380i budget music phone

ReviewHaving revamped its high-end Walkman line-up with the W890i and the W960i, now it’s budget music mobile buyers' turn to get a fresh deal, with the W380i clamshell. But are its smart design and novel features enough to give it pocket pulling power?
Phil Lattimore, 10 Apr 2008

3D TV debuts in Japan

Chuck out your HD TV because 3D TV is fast becoming a reality - provided you live in Japan that is.
James Sherwood, 10 Apr 2008

A380 passengers to enjoy 'military-style' urinals

Airbus A380 cabin component manufacturer Dasell Cabin Interiors has announced it will supply "space-saving military-style" urinals to an unnamed A380 customer, as it unveiled its "concept urinal" (pictured) at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2008 in Hamburg.
Lester Haines, 10 Apr 2008

US will sky spy-sat to eye spy-sats

Announcements from the Pentagon have put a price and an initial schedule on a new American military satellite which will be used to keep track of other countries' spy satellites.
Lewis Page, 10 Apr 2008
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Opera tunes itself for Android

Opera Software has ported the mini version of its eponymous browser onto Google's Android platform.
Bill Ray, 10 Apr 2008

Ofcom questions BBC licence fee for worthy TV

Ofcom has launched its long awaited consultation into Public Service Broadcasting - with something to annoy everyone.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Apr 2008

Boffins chomp noggin-nobbling narcotics

Shocking research by Nature has revealed that many of the world's boffins are routinely taking psychoactive drugs to boost their brain power.
Christopher Williams, 10 Apr 2008

Soyuz capsule docks with ISS

The Soyuz TMA-12 capsule of Expedition 17 to the ISS today docked successfully with the station at 08:57 EDT (12:57 GMT).
Lester Haines, 10 Apr 2008

Intel builds software engine to shrink laptops and mobiles

Intel has given a glimpse of the software its building so mobile computers can detect and communicate with a variety of devices, reducing the size of machine you need to lug about.
Phil Manchester, 10 Apr 2008

IBM hopes to patent 'dealing with chaos'

IBM wants to patent a means of responding to hurricanes, earthquakes, tidal waves, solar flares, flooding, terrorism, war, pandemics, and other situations where you would hope companies aren't worried about patents.
Cade Metz, 10 Apr 2008

HP goes bundle mad with quicker HP-UX

Hewlett-Packard's Unix team has rolled out a fresh release of the HP-UX operating system, and has yet again fiddled with the various flavors of the software that customers can acquire.
Austin Modine, 10 Apr 2008
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Al Gore dodges inconvenient green-tech questions

RSAWant to know environmental crusader and Nobel laureate Al Gore's views on green technology? Tough.
Gavin Clarke, 10 Apr 2008

Google and Yahoo! skewer anti-DoubleClick law

Yahoo! and Google have teamed up again - this time to oppose a New York State bill that would regulate web-based targeted advertising.
Cade Metz, 10 Apr 2008
Paul Otellini

Can the Atom help Intel's CEO meet otherworldly demands?

Interview ExclusiveStrolling towards Intel's headquarters, I hoped my meeting with Paul Otellini would not be as awkward as the last encounter with an acting Intel CEO.
Ashlee Vance, 10 Apr 2008

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