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BitTorrent busts Comcast BitTorrent busting

Unhappy that Comcast is busting BitTorrents, BitTorrent has decided to bust this BitTorrent busting.
Cade Metz, 19 Feb 2008

Google absolved of 'crimes against humanity'

Burke Hansen, 19 Feb 2008

US judge arranges summary execution of Wikileaks.org

The US arm of Wikileaks, a website that makes it easy for whistleblowers to leak documents, has been cut off after hosting evidence that claimed a bank located in the Cayman Islands engaged in money laundering and tax evasion.
Dan Goodin, 19 Feb 2008
Warning: slippery road

Counterfeit vans: A little-known online grocery scam

Upscale online supermarket Ocado has alerted its customers to the hitherto unknown threat of fake delivery vans and drivers. Its "security-conscious customers", says the company in an email, can now arrange to be sent the registration number of the van and the name of the driver a few hours before the deliver is due.
John Lettice, 19 Feb 2008

BT business customer contracts to change Thursday

Updated:BT customers with Business PSTN lines will find their contract upgraded to include BT Business Line Divert come Thursday - but will find that upgrade locks them into a 12-month repeating contract unless they opt out before it kicks in.
Bill Ray, 19 Feb 2008

NASA, UK boffins plan tunnelling Moon mole robot

A joint working group set up by the British government and US space agency NASA has recommended that the two countries cooperate on a "UK-led" unmanned moon mission.
Lewis Page, 19 Feb 2008

Official: Toshiba discontinues HD DVD

Toshiba has abandoned HD DVD "following recent major changes in the market", it announced this morning. The company spun the failure of its favourite format as a move made to strengthen the industry.

Heathrow 777 crash: 'No anomalies in the major aircraft systems'

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch has issued an update (pdf) on its investigation into the 17 January crash-landing of a Boeing 777 at Heathrow, indicating that there "were no anomalies in the major aircraft systems" and that the "autopilot and the autothrottle systems behaved correctly and the engine control systems were providing the correct commands prior to, during, and after, the reduction in thrust".
Lester Haines, 19 Feb 2008

US declares 1400-mile Pacific sat-shoot exclusion zone

The US military has issued a warning notice barring flights above a large area of the northern Pacific for two and a half hours early on Thursday morning. The stricken spy satellite marked for destruction by US warships will pass over the taped-off area just at this time, indicating that the first shot will take place then.
Lewis Page, 19 Feb 2008
homeless man with sign

Microsoft poised to unveil WorldWide Telescope?

On 27 February, Microsoft will use the TED Conference in Monterey, California, to launch its "WorldWide Telescope" - a downloadable Google Sky-busting app allowing users to "pan around the nighttime sky and zoom as far in to any one area as the data will allow".
Lester Haines, 19 Feb 2008

Gates! says! Yahoo! offer! fair!

!!!!!Microsoft's offer for Yahoo! is fair, it's not going up and the company should take a long, hard look at it, Bill Gates reckons.
John Oates, 19 Feb 2008

BBC commercial tentacle confirms iTunes store push

BBC shows including Life on Mars, Spooks and The Mighty Boosh have today been made available to buy on the iTunes video store, as first revealed by The Register on Friday last week.
Christopher Williams, 19 Feb 2008

Piscine killer menaces UK rivers

A UK angler has provoked a piscine killer invasion alert by landing a 2ft snakehead in a Lincolnshire river - the first recorded example in British waterways of the highly-invasive southeast Asian species which will reportedly eat anything which crosses its path.
Lester Haines, 19 Feb 2008
triangular warning sign featuring exclamation mark

Get some respect in data management

Having worked in the data-management field for more than ten years, the most common complaint I've heard voiced by data architects is: "Why don't we get more visibility, respect, and funding?" Data managers and architects often feel like second-class citizens compared to their counterparts programming new applications, using new tools and techniques.
Donna Burbank, 19 Feb 2008

Elonex punts £99 Linux laptop

UK PC maker Elonex will next week launch an offensive against Asus' elfin Eee PC by offering a compact Linux laptop for just £99 ($193/€132).
Tony Smith, 19 Feb 2008

Orange to shift the Shift

Orange has confirmed that it will exclusively offer HTC's Shift Windows Vista-running UMPC to Brits from the end of this month.
James Sherwood, 19 Feb 2008

Claimed ignorance foils Economist domain case

Financial magazine The Economist has failed in its attempt to gain control of the internet address theeconomist.com.
OUT-LAW.COM, 19 Feb 2008

Cowon iAudio A3 personal media player

ReviewThere's something almost bespoke about the Cowon A3 media player, a device that seems unapologetically to have had time and money lavished on its technical ability rather than its packaging.
Alun Taylor, 19 Feb 2008

Häagen-Dazs battles honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder

Ice cream manufacturer Häagen-Dazs is stumping up a $250,000 research grant to university researchers in California and Pennsylvania to probe the cause of "Colony Collapse Disorder" (CCD) - the unexplained sudden disappearance of millions of honeybees which has affected hives around the world since 2006.
Lester Haines, 19 Feb 2008

Nvidia to unveil GeForce 9600 this week?

Nvidia's first GeForce 9-series GPU will be launched in two days' time, it has been claimed. But the anticipated 9800 GX2 will not be joining it.
Tony Smith, 19 Feb 2008

Researchers probe Southern Ocean's icy depths

Researchers from Australia, France and Japan have returned to port from the Southern Ocean following a two-month jaunt to probe the icy depths, which yielded some impressive footage of the abyss as well as a range of hitherto-unknown Antarctic sea monsters.
Lester Haines, 19 Feb 2008

Porsche to challenge London CO2 penalty in court

Prestige/performance car maker Porsche is to challenge London Mayor Ken Livingstone's punitive £25-a-day "gas guzzler" traffic-charge, to be levied on cars with high CO2 emissions. The car firm will seek a judicial review of the mayor's policy.
Lewis Page, 19 Feb 2008

Please don't leave me... bitch

It was a long time coming but the web's favourite has-been-in-the-making, Facebook, has finally agreed to let users who are bored with it wrest their personal information from its advertising salesmens' clutches.
Christopher Williams, 19 Feb 2008

Ofcom cracks down on London pirates

Ofcom has shut down 22 pirate radio stations in a combined operation with Hackney, Haringey, Tower Hamlets, and Islington boroughs, arresting three people, raiding one studio, and writing angry letters to 20 night clubs whose advertising was funding the broadcasts.
Bill Ray, 19 Feb 2008

Symantec heads for the cloud with storage and back-up service

Symantec had been winding this pitch for a while now, but the data security giant just lobbed a web-hosted storage and backup service of its very own into play.
Austin Modine, 19 Feb 2008

Intel plays matchmaker with Sprint and Clearwire

It looks like Intel has saved American WiMAX from certain destruction.
Cade Metz, 19 Feb 2008

DVD Jon aims to smash digital Tower of Babel

doubleTwist, the firm founded by scourge of DRM manufacturers Jon Lech Johansen (AKA DVD Jon) last March, has released software designed to allow users to share digital media files - including copy protected content - across devices.
John Leyden, 19 Feb 2008

Opera CTO: How to fix Microsoft's browser issues

If there was a functioning market for web browsers and operating systems, the past few weeks would have seen two announcements from Microsoft. After a firestorm of criticism from the web design community about Internet Explorer 8's misguided mode switching proposal, Redmond would have publicly backed down. Second, Microsoft would have bowed to 90,000 users demanding that Windows XP continue to be sold.
Håkon Wium Lie, 19 Feb 2008

Obituary: HD DVD 2002-2008

(Almost) Forgotten TechToshiba's decision to end its production of HD DVD players and recorders effectively marks the death of the optical disc format once touted as the natural successor to the phenomenally popular DVD.
Tony Smith, 19 Feb 2008

MS showcases Red Ring of Death Xbox 360 at expo

Microsoft executives will be a little red-faced today after an Xbox 360 on display at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco contracted the infamous ‘Red Ring of Death’ disease.
James Sherwood, 19 Feb 2008

Sony to pump ¥22bn into OLED production

Sony will spend ¥22bn (£105m/€140m/$205m) on OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) panel production, part of its attempt to position the ultra-thin display technology as the successor to LCD.
James Sherwood, 19 Feb 2008

RIM and Motorola square up over patents

RIM and Motorola are suing each other for patent infringement, with both companies refusing to pay the other for using their patented technologies. RIM is also complaining that Motorola is demanding "exorbitant" fees with the intention of damaging its business.
Bill Ray, 19 Feb 2008

Japan brings down Godzilla of spam

Japanese police have arrested a "prolific spammer" who allegedly bombarded inboxes with hundreds of millions of messages punting internet gambling and dating sites.
John Leyden, 19 Feb 2008

Apple doubles iPod Shuffle song space

Apple today refreshed its iPod Shuffle range and added a 2GB version of the miniature player. It also dropped the price of the 1GB Shuffle.
James Sherwood, 19 Feb 2008

Fire extinguisher resolves German smoking dispute

An anti-smoking German man earned himself a light cuffing last Sunday after his girlfriend declined a request to stop smoking in his flat, and he responded by emptying a fire extinguisher over her and the Bielefeld domicile.
Lester Haines, 19 Feb 2008
arrow pointing up

Consumer group slams 'unfair' software licenses

Some of the world's biggest software companies are facing possible investigation by the UK's Office of Fair Trading because their licensing agreements are unfair.
John Oates, 19 Feb 2008

HP's Linux sub-notebook spied on web

HP's going after the Eee PC with a compact laptop that sports an 8.9in display and more connectivity options than the elfin Asus machine currently offers.
Tony Smith, 19 Feb 2008

Vodafone, Orange to share UK mast sites

UK mobile operators Vodafone and Orange have announced a plan to share mast sites while continuing to compete with each other. The two telcos said today that joint sites would begin operating later this year.
Lewis Page, 19 Feb 2008

Sun decides TI's not so ab fab

Sun Microsystems' long, wafer-wrapped embrace with TI will start coming to a close. Earlier today, Sun announced that TSMC will manufacture future versions of its UltraSPARC processors.
Ashlee Vance, 19 Feb 2008

Samsung U940 spied online

Pictures and details of Samsung's US-oriented Qwerty keyboard-equipped slider handset have been revealed in documents filed with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
James Sherwood, 19 Feb 2008

Mosso's utility hosting turns Impressionistic

As web-based, on-demand computing continues to grow in popularity, there will be plenty of twisting and turning as companies feel the market out.
Austin Modine, 19 Feb 2008
For Sale sign detail

Hacker holds onto ill-gotten gains thanks to US courts

This story was updated to correct an error in an earlier version. Dorozhko was never accused of breaking into networks belonging to IMS Health.
Dan Goodin, 19 Feb 2008

Giant PC outsourcer throws in the towel

Sanmina-SCI, the US electronics contract manufacturing company, has sold its PC business to Foxconn, a major Taiwanese competitor, for between $80m-$90m. It is also selling its Mexican PC plant to Lenovo, for an undisclosed sum.
Drew Cullen, 19 Feb 2008

ICANN grills domain-hogging Network Solutions

Is Network Solutions attempting to reinvent reality? ICANN's looking into it.
Cade Metz, 19 Feb 2008
Mark Hurd headshot

Fat cat HP cashes in on PCs, servers and printers in Q1

Go ahead, Mark Hurd. Rip off those studious glasses and unbutton that blue Oxford shirt. We know there's a Superman costume lurking under the Clark Kent facade.
Ashlee Vance, 19 Feb 2008

Apple gives Xsan file system a sequel

Apple is offering the first major upgrade to its Storage Area Network (SAN) file system today, while kicking its RAID storage hardware out into the cold.
Austin Modine, 19 Feb 2008

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