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Potential suitors throw Yahoo! to the wolf

Yahoo! can marry Microsoft or remain an old maid with a less than rosy financial outlook. Those are the options. And we're being kind including one of them.
Cade Metz, 06 Feb 2008

Cruise.co.uk stumps £560k to add 's' to domain

British "cruise community" website cruise.co.uk has set a new price record for a .co.uk domain, stumping a cool £560k to secure cruises.co.uk from German travel outfit Nees Reisen, the company announced today.
Lester Haines, 06 Feb 2008

Sun cheers Rock delays

Hopefully someone at Sun Microsystems can still explain why the Rock processor is still a good idea.
Ashlee Vance, 06 Feb 2008

US expat casts ballot from Vienna, wonders if anyone got it

This story was updated to correct the location US expatriate Joanna Bryson voted from.
Dan Goodin, 06 Feb 2008
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Intel's cache gigantism results in 2bn transistor Tukwila

What with being the keeper of Moore's Law and all that, Intel found its rightful place as the first revealer of a 2bn transistor chip this week at the sausage fest that is the International Solid State Circuits Conference in San Francisco.
Ashlee Vance, 06 Feb 2008

Apple iPhone storms world smartphone biz

Apple squeezed itself into third place in the list of world smartphone makers during Q4 2007, pushing ahead of Motorola and Palm and all the Windows Mobile device suppliers.
Tony Smith, 06 Feb 2008

Israel gets kosher phone service

Bezeq Israel Telecom has launched a phone service which will block connections to "improper" destinations, Reuters reports. The blocking will presumably cover "www.porn.mobi", which comes up for auction next week along with a dozen adult-orientated domain names.
Bill Ray, 06 Feb 2008

iPod meets Lego

Are you still a kid at heart? Then brighten-up your iPod with a Lego brick-shaped speaker.
James Sherwood, 06 Feb 2008

The handset that's more diamond than phone

If you’re hoping to save a few bucks on this year’s Valentine’s Day gift, then make sure your missus doesn’t find out about the latest gem-encrusted handset from Japanese carrier Softbank and breakfast-friendly jeweller Tiffany & Co.
James Sherwood, 06 Feb 2008

Cost of pan-European patent protection to plummet in May

The cost of pan-European patent protection will be slashed on 1st May this year, the date when a new agreement on translations comes into effect. Full translations of applications filed in English will no longer be required.
OUT-LAW.COM, 06 Feb 2008

Adobe hands Kevin Lynch keys to CTO door

Adobe Systems said yesterday that it has promoted Kevin Lynch to chief technology officer.
Kelly Fiveash, 06 Feb 2008
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SCO details bleak future

SCO has filed its latest annual report with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and it makes grim reading.
John Oates, 06 Feb 2008

Official: Linux buffs lay out more on marital aids than Mac users

Mac owners spend more money on sex toys than Windows users do, but Linux buffs outspend both of them, even though they visit less pages on pervy product producers' websites.
The Hardware Widow, 06 Feb 2008

Turning a Nokia phone into a hotspot

A new piece of freeware can turn a Symbian S60 handset into a Wi-Fi hotspot, removing the need to muck about with Bluetooth connections to get connected when on the move. Just don't tell your service provider.
Bill Ray, 06 Feb 2008

Brown plans to admit wiretap evidence in court

UpdatedPrime Minister Gordon Brown is expected to announce plans for at least a partial lift of the British ban on use of wiretap evidence in court, according to reports. The conclusions of the government's deliberations following the seven-month Chilcot Review into the policy have leaked to the media ahead of the planned announcement later today.
Lewis Page, 06 Feb 2008

Intel says X48 will ship mid-March

Intel's upcoming gaming-centric chipset, the X48, could finally make it to market by the middle of March, the chip giant has apparently told its mobo-maker customers.
Tony Smith, 06 Feb 2008

HTC Magnum rumours rife following giant phone gag

A group of self-confessed pranksters have admitted that their mock-up of a monster HTC tablet, dubbed the Magnum, doesn’t signal the manufacturer’s release of a super ‘pocket’ PC. However, the web’s now clogged with rumours to the contrary.
James Sherwood, 06 Feb 2008

Exploding Flash catalogue rocks Dutch e-commerce site

Those of you who are not great fans of Flash are advised to stay away from the website of "international retail organisation" HEMA, which features what must rate as the most extravagant abuse of the world's "leading interactive content creation tool":
Lester Haines, 06 Feb 2008

Pentax Optio S10 compact camera

ReviewSome products' claims to be pocket-sized often stretch the imagination - and the material. Pentax describes the Optio S10 as being “ultra compact” but this time it's dead right. This camera isn’t just pocket-sized, or even palm-sized – it’s diddy.
George Cole, 06 Feb 2008

Sony shrinks its Bravia TVs

If you can’t afford a super-sized Sony Bravia HD telly for your living room, then how about a pocket-sized model? The Japanese manufacturer has unveiled two portable TVs featuring dinky versions of its Bravia displays.
James Sherwood, 06 Feb 2008
Skype logo

Skype squishes cross-zone scripting bug

Skype has fixed a cross-zone scripting weakness in its voice over IP client software which spawned a couple of security bugs over recent weeks.
John Leyden, 06 Feb 2008

Freecom Data Tank Gateway WLAN 2TB router and NAS box

Unwired Video ReviewThis chunky bit of kit is is Wi-Fi router, USB print server and 2TB NAS (Network Attached Storage) device. It costs a stonking £680. But is it any good?
Wil Harris, 06 Feb 2008

AOL scoops up online marketing network

America Online (AOL) moved to prop up its web ad operation yesterday with the purchase of online affiliate marketing network Buy.at.
Kelly Fiveash, 06 Feb 2008

Ton-up electric Reliant Robin offered for '09

Californian electrocar firm ZAP has brought down a veritable ink storm in the British press lately regarding its planned new 156mph Alias electric sports "car". The Blighty-side hackswarm could be accounted for by the facts that the car is a) a three-wheeler, allowing (nay, necessitating) Trotters Independent Traders references, and b) has involvement from Lotus.
Lewis Page, 06 Feb 2008

HP gives retooled low-end SAN boxes a virtual touch

Hewlett-Packard has reworked its low-end storage line to make some new systems more virtualization friendly for SMBs and remote offices.
Austin Modine, 06 Feb 2008

eBay gets negative feedback about ban on negative feedback

Online tat-house eBay has enraged some of its regular users by banning negative feedback about buyers and a demand that anyone flogging more than a certain amount from the UK must register as a business.
John Oates, 06 Feb 2008

BT Fusion is alive and well

Despite reports to the contrary, BT assures us that their Fusion product is alive and well. Still, they do admit that it's been something of a learning experience, and that they're testing a revamped service.
Bill Ray, 06 Feb 2008

Egg scrambles to fix network outage

Egg has returned its website to normal operation after a "serious network outage" forced it to temporarily suspend services on Tuesday.
John Leyden, 06 Feb 2008

Unbundling could cost you £125

UpdateUnbundled ISPs are more popular than ever with Sky announcing rapid growth of its broadband service. What they don't tell you is that you could be stung with a £125 charge if you opt for a fully unbundled service.
Christopher Williams, 06 Feb 2008
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Northgate lands mobile deals

Northgate Information Solutions confirmed yesterday that it had won mobile services contracts worth a combined total of £1.2m.
Kelly Fiveash, 06 Feb 2008

Mobile phones and cancer - the latest

If you ever needed more reassurance that endlessly chatting on your mobile won't damage your health, here it is. Two separate studies have found that mobile phones don't increase your risk of developing cancer.
James Sherwood, 06 Feb 2008

Create your own mouse

The computer mouse already has had many, many incarnations, including types optimised for gaming, covered with an anti-bacterial coating, VoIP-enabled and even inflatable. Until now though, users have been unable to shape a mouse precisely to the contours of their palm.
James Sherwood, 06 Feb 2008

IBM and EU get together on a cloud

IBM is working with 17 European organisations to develop its cloud computing initiative.
John Oates, 06 Feb 2008

Google gets involved in Kenya, fights back in China

Not even a bloody ethnic conflict can dampen Google's burning lust for world domination. Kenyan news sources say that the search juggernaut is building up its African headquarters in Nairobi.
Christopher Williams, 06 Feb 2008

Nintendo patent profers wacky Wii add-ons

A European patent application filed by Nintendo has reveals a raft of ways the console giant could extend the use of the Wii Remote, ranging from the strange to the downright ridiculous.
James Sherwood, 06 Feb 2008

Bunker-nobbling US megabomb test delayed

The World War II style 14-tonne conventional bunker-busting penetrator bomb being developed for the US air force has hit development snags, according to reports. Entry to service will be delayed, and costs have risen.
Lewis Page, 06 Feb 2008

Wikipedia ruled by 'Lord of the Universe'

ExclusiveThink of it as Wikipedia’s police department hotline. The "encyclopedia anyone can edit" includes a page where you can instantly alert the site’s brain trust to foul play. It’s called the "Conflict of Interest Noticeboard." If you suspect someone has rigged the system, using the encyclopedia to push their own agenda, this is where you turn.
Cade Metz, 06 Feb 2008

Seven per cent of doctors are mad: Official

British doctors are almost unanimous in not trusting the government to adequately secure patients' medical records.
John Oates, 06 Feb 2008

BBC excludes Grange Hill after 30 years of misbehaviour

The BBC has finally expelled Grange Hill, the school-based drama that for the last 30 years encouraged conscientious school kids to become stroppy little hooligans at best and soap actors at worst.
Joe Fay, 06 Feb 2008

Time Warner splitting up AOL

Time Warner is to split up AOL - the ailing internet service provider and ad platform which paid $165bn for the film studio in 2001.
John Oates, 06 Feb 2008

Archos TV+ launched in UK

First seen at CES in January, the Archos TV+ launched in the UK this afternoon and will be available in two variations: the 80GB and 250GB model, priced at £180 and £250, respectively.
Scott Snowden, 06 Feb 2008

From crunching cans to TechCrunch

CommentLong before he was stroking our collective Web 2.0 consciousness, Michael Arrington, a Young Republican-type of guy from an affluent part of Orange County, studied economics at Claremont McKenna College in Southern California, and generally enjoyed the life of the beer-swilling collegian that many of us led. I know this because I lived down the hallway from the future TechCrunch founder, and did a fair amount of drinking myself at the same college parties.
Burke Hansen, 06 Feb 2008
SanDisk logo

SanDisk readies 43-nanometer NAND Flash bash

SanDisk is ready to begin mass-production of commercial flash memory using 43 nanometer process technology. Its latest shrinkage of chip features can double the density per chip compared to the previous 56nm process.
Austin Modine, 06 Feb 2008

Parallels makes nice with Red Flag and Ubuntu

Parallels - aka the artist formerly known as SWsoft - will continue its march through China in tandem with Linux maker Red Flag Software.
Ashlee Vance, 06 Feb 2008

Green Grid pollutes environment with more white papers

CommentThe Green Grid has been flopping around for about two years and continues to flop.
Ashlee Vance, 06 Feb 2008

Intel nets parellel programmer top picks

What's occupying the minds of developers in systems engineering? Scalable server technology and web development frameworks, according an Intel straw poll.
Phil Manchester, 06 Feb 2008

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