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Cox pulls a Comcast with eDonkey

Comcast isn't the only American ISP throttling peer-to-peer file sharing traffic. Cox Communications is pulling exactly the same trick.
Cade Metz, 20 Nov 2007

Isilon fattens clustered NAS with 1TB disks

Scientifically speaking, storage vendor Isilon systems is hugifying its clustered NAS lineup. The storage firm is expanding its modular storage pool family by fitting 1TB drives into a new pair of nodes, boasting 250TB max capacity in a single rack.
Austin Modine, 20 Nov 2007
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Reg Dev wants your Big Three for 07 and 08

What made 2007 so quintessentially... 2007? Reg Dev wants to hear from you about the news, events and software that defined the year. Also, we'd like to know what you'd like to see happen during the coming year, and - this being the IT industry - what you think will really happen.
Gavin Clarke, 20 Nov 2007
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Xajax and PHP: JavaScript without the pain

Hands onWhen it comes to Web 2.0, PHP’s seen it all before. Birthed before the last great internet boom, PHP has matured and is now one of a triumvirate of languages synonymous with today’s craze for building web sites and online services with Linux and MySQL.
Deepak Vohra, 20 Nov 2007
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Email security: Where are we @?

Reg GuideEmail is no longer an option in the business environment. Like many technologies that have grown by individual demand rather than organisational imposition, email crept up on corporations by stealth, becoming an essential tool before anyone cared to notice.
Jon Collins, 20 Nov 2007
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GPGPUs and FPGAs are now fully implanted in our brains

SC07One topic - even more so than cheap shrimp - dominated this year's Supercomputing conference in Reno: Accelerators.
Ashlee Vance, 20 Nov 2007

Drink rats' milk, suggests battling Heather Mills

Sir Paul McCartney’s ex Heather "Mucca" Mills yesterday used the launch of a planet-hugging billboard campaign to suggest that drinking rats' milk might save our beloved Earth from livestock-provoked apocalypse - much to the derision of UK tabloid The Sun.
Lester Haines, 20 Nov 2007

Vodafone blocks iPhone in Germany

Vodafone has won an injunction preventing T-Mobile from selling the iPhone in Germany. T-Mobile is Apple's exclusive carrier partner in Europe's biggest market.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Nov 2007
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Pressure group: perverts will use tech to track your kids

A pressure group has warned of worsening threats to children's rights in the UK from biometric and tracking technologies.
Lewis Page, 20 Nov 2007

Having a migraine? Blame your brain

People who suffer from migraines have differently structured brains. According to new research, those who suffer from the severe headaches (often accompanied by nausea and "aura" - patterns of lights dancing before the eyes) have a thickening in the region of the brain that processes sensory information.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Nov 2007

Small print is ignored and needs a rethink, govt study says

Information requirements are an irritant for business and consumers routinely ignore the small print overload because it is turgid and confusing, according to a Government study. A new report calls for a rethink by policy-makers and businesses.
OUT-LAW.COM, 20 Nov 2007

Foreign Office on target for £120m efficiency savings

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has insisted that it is on course to deliver on its £120m efficiency savings target by the end of 2007-08.
Kablenet, 20 Nov 2007

Facebook faces UK data probe

Facebook is facing investigation by UK data protection watchdogs after a complaint from a British user who tried, and failed, to delete his account.
John Oates, 20 Nov 2007

Public procurement directive strengthens rights of rejected bidders

A directive has been passed that aims to encourage more businesses to bid for public contracts anywhere in the EU by giving them stronger rights of challenge where they consider that a public authority has awarded a contract unfairly.
OUT-LAW.COM, 20 Nov 2007

Warner puts 'Glu-ray' disc on hold - again

Warner Home Entertainment has once again admitted that its Total HD multi-format next-gen optical disc initiative is "on hold".
Tony Smith, 20 Nov 2007

Adam Curtis: The TV elite has lost the plot

Beeb WeekAdam Curtis is one of the jewels in the BBC's crown - as well as one of its fiercest critics.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Nov 2007

Sony posts PS3 update - two weeks after the last one

Hardly two weeks have passed since Sony released the PS3’s version 2.0 firmware update. However, the electronics giant has now released version 2.01, focusing this time on fixing instability issues.
James Sherwood, 20 Nov 2007

Firefox version 3 makes beta

Version 3 of Firefox, the alternative web browser of choice, is now available to download for its first beta test.
Bill Ray, 20 Nov 2007

Microsoft hires Youngjohns for top sales job

Microsoft said yesterday that it has hired IBM and Sun veteran Robert Youngjohns to head up its North American sales and marketing unit.
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Nov 2007

Arnie's back - in videogame format

He said he’d be back, and he meant it. The company that owns the rights to the Terminator franchise has confirmed that a Terminator video game is being developed.
James Sherwood, 20 Nov 2007
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Hushmail warns users over law enforcement backdoor

Hushmail has updated its terms of service to clarify that encrypted emails sent through the service can still be turned over to law enforcement officials, providing they obtain a court order in Canada.
John Leyden, 20 Nov 2007

Google 'not interested' in bidding for UK spectrum

ExclusiveThe man behind Google's $4.6bn plan to become a national wireless broadband provider in the US has ruled out a similar move in the UK when spectrum is auctioned off over the next two years.
Christopher Williams, 20 Nov 2007
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Brown pledges to be greener than greens

Are we on the brink of a green revolution? One as world changing as the Industrial Revolution, or the invention of the microprocessor? According to Britain's prime minister, Gordon Brown, we had better be.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Nov 2007

Deutsche Telekom eyeing up EDS

Deutsche Telekom could make a bid for services giant EDS in a bid to boost its own services business.
Joe Fay, 20 Nov 2007

Show your faith in USB Flash drives

We can't see Brando's wooden cross USB Flash drive appealing to death metallers - too acoustic, not electric enough - which leaves Christians as the only cross-wearing community likely to be keen on this simple item.
Tony Smith, 20 Nov 2007

Nintendo takes shine to golden DS Lite

Nintendo has unveiled a pair of DS Lite bundle packs, just in time for the Christmas rush.
James Sherwood, 20 Nov 2007

Novell blows kisses to channel

Software provider Novell has kicked off a new partner programme in the hope of pushing up sales and profits at the firm.
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Nov 2007

Trojan spreads using PI wiretapping scare

Miscreants are trying to convince email users that their telephone conversations are being recorded in a ruse designed to scare prospective marks into buying bogus security software. Emails promoting the campaign are laced with a new Trojan horse malware.
John Leyden, 20 Nov 2007

Beer set to hit four quid a pint

Booze industry experts have issued a chilling warning that the British pint could hit £4 a pop - a price hike provoked by crap weather which has forced up the price of hops.
Lester Haines, 20 Nov 2007

Inland Revenue boss quits over 'major ops failure'

Paul Gray, chairman of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, has left his post, apparently taking responsibility for a big data loss by his department.
John Oates, 20 Nov 2007
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What's Auntie for, exactly?

Beeb WeekRecently, we discovered that some of the evidence in Al Gore's film about climate change, An Inconvenient Truth, was fictional. But was this the result of a classic exposé from Panorama, or from Newsnight?
James Woudhuysen, 20 Nov 2007

Sony Ericsson ‘invents’ drag-and-drop for handhelds

Sony Ericsson has applied for a patent that, if granted, would give it ownership of a data-transfer method for portable devices which allows users to send files from one device to another with the flick of a finger.
James Sherwood, 20 Nov 2007

Nokia 6110 Navigator GPS phone

ReviewNokia has decided satellite navigation is where it’s at. The Finnish phone giant released its first GPS-enabled mobiles this year, and is promising a whole heap more for 2008. And its multi-billion dollar purchase of map supplier Navteq leaves no doubt how seriously Nokia is taking sat nav.
Phil Lattimore, 20 Nov 2007

Orange and The Cloud hook up for Wi-Fi

Orange has done a deal with hotspot aggregator and operator The Cloud, which will make an extra 7,500 Wi-Fi hotspots available to is customers.
Bill Ray, 20 Nov 2007

Most doctors plan to dodge health database

The majority of family doctors have said they will shun a government plan to stuff a database full of all our medical records.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Nov 2007

US FCC gets to play with PS3's DualShock 3 controller

Sony has received approval from the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to release what is almost certainly the updated, rumble-added PS3 controller, the DualShock 3.
James Sherwood, 20 Nov 2007

Wii-like motion-control games to come to the PS2

A UK-based video games company is taking advantage of Nintendo’s ongoing Wii shortage, and launching its own range of PS2 motion-controlled video games.
James Sherwood, 20 Nov 2007

Analysts warn of US broadband meltdown

UpdatedAnalysts in the US are warning that the country's broadband infrastructure will not be able to keep up with demand, and without massive investment will have reached maximum capacity by 2010.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Nov 2007

Darling admits Revenue loss of 25 million personal records

UK Identity CrisisAlistair Darling told the House of Commons this afternoon that a police investigation has been launched into how Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs has lost child benefit records relating to 25 million people.
John Oates, 20 Nov 2007

Giuliani: Eye-O-Sauron™ border scan-towers are top idea

Presidential contender Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City, has expressed support for a "virtual fence" scheme in which Eye-of-Sauron-style scanner towers would be used to monitor the southern US border. He sees this as a good alternative to controversial plans for a physical fence in the Rio Grande Valley, which covers part of the border between Texas and Mexico.
Lewis Page, 20 Nov 2007

Brian May appointed university chancellor

Ringlet-topped axe-slinger Brian May (PhD) has been appointed Chancellor of Liverpool's John Moores University, after he was named an honorary fellow of the university last year. Dr. May will take over from Cherie Blair in February next year.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Nov 2007
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DNS security improves as firms tool up to tackle spam

Domain name servers on the net are still often vulnerable to attacks despite some marked improvements, according to a new survey.
John Leyden, 20 Nov 2007

How HMRC gave away the UK's national identity

UK Identity CrisisEarly last month Her Majesty's Customs and Revenue apologised after a laptop containing data on 400 customers was stolen. At the time the Revenue was praised by the security industry for coming clean and its "refreshing level of ethical responsibility".
John Oates, 20 Nov 2007

FSF thickens license soup for SaaS

The complicated world of open source licensing has become a bit more complicated, as the Free Software Foundation (FSF) announced details of the final version of its Affero General Public License GPL (AGPL).
Phil Manchester, 20 Nov 2007

Symantec: Most data centers are a green tease

The majority of data center operators say they're concerned about power consumption, but when it comes to actually implementing a plan, they haven't the energy.
Austin Modine, 20 Nov 2007

Leopard security bug puts Mail users at risk

Programmers have reintroduced a yawning security hole in Leopard, the latest version of Apple's highly regarded operating system, after having patched it more than 20 months ago in an earlier version, a researcher has warned.
Dan Goodin, 20 Nov 2007
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Atari may hit reset button again

Atari is in financial trouble again — or more accurately, the company that spun the Atari brand from the company that bought Atari from the company that merged with the owner of Atari who bought Atari from a split of the original Atari is hurting.
Austin Modine, 20 Nov 2007

TJX consumer settlement sale offer draws scorn

Law enforcement officials have poured cold water on plans by TJX to hold a one-day sale for customers as part of a proposed settlement for a consumer class-action case against the security incident-afflicted retailer.
John Leyden, 20 Nov 2007

Reg readers get physical with virtual machines

Panic no doubt set in for many of you when all of our Virtualization e-Symposium ads disappeared from the site. You'd grown accustomed to the twinkling plugs for our VMware and Intel sponsored show.
Team Register, 20 Nov 2007

Monster.com attack puts users at risk (again)

Portions of Monster.com went black on Monday after attackers hijacked job listings hosted on the popular employment website and used them to spread malware to visitors, a security researcher said.
Dan Goodin, 20 Nov 2007

Sun's OpenSolaris gets CIFS-ilis

Forty years of darkness. Earthquakes, volcanoes...
Austin Modine, 20 Nov 2007

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