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RIAA hits paydirt: wins first music-sharing jury trial

The Recording Industry of America today won its first jury trial against an individual accused of illegally downloading music.
Austin Modine, 05 Oct 2007

Coming to a Windows PC near you: 4 critical security updates

Microsoft plans to roll out four "critical" security updates that stamp out remote execution vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer, Office, Outlook Express and Windows Mail.
Dan Goodin, 05 Oct 2007

Sun patches multiple flaws in Java

Sun Microsystems has issued patches for several vulnerabilities in its Java Runtime Environment that leave users on Windows, Linux and Solaris wide open.
Dan Goodin, 05 Oct 2007

IBM preps Power6-based blade and Blue Business Platform

IBM has some server shenanigans planned in the coming months, and we'd like to share them with you.
Ashlee Vance, 05 Oct 2007

Google and Frontline smack Verizon over US wireless auction (again)

Score one for the anti-Verizons in the ongoing battle for the 700-MHz band, a slice of US wireless spectrum set to be auctioned off by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in mid-January.
Cade Metz, 05 Oct 2007

Betfair catches whiff of tennis match fix

The gentlewomen of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) have gotten their knickers in a twist over some unusual betting activity at the online betting exchange Betfair, the AP reports.
Burke Hansen, 05 Oct 2007

Linux on mobile: manifest destiny?

When the Linux Foundation emerged from the collision of the Open Software Development Labs (ODSL) and the Free Standards Group in January 2007, cynical observers described it, with some justification, as "yet another Linux knitting circle".
Phil Manchester, 05 Oct 2007

Westcon catches Latin American minnow

Westcon, the specialist networking distie, is moving into Mexico and the Caribbean for the first time, through the acquisition of Cernet of America, and a sister Mexican company called Cernet Tecnologia en Telecomunicaciones.
Team Register, 05 Oct 2007

Facebook faces more legal trouble

Social networking site Facebook has been ordered to turn over information on whether registered sex offenders have set up profiles on its site.
Ciara O'Brien, 05 Oct 2007

Birmingham trust signs up to VoIP

The Heart of Birmingham Teaching Primary Care Trust has signed a contract with BT to host its IP telephony services.
Kablenet, 05 Oct 2007

Global Voice hits right note with €32m bond

Irish-owned data network firm Global Voice, which trades as euNetworks, has raised up to €32m in funding through the issuing of a convertible bond.
Charlie Taylor, 05 Oct 2007
PC World

PC superstore puts Microsoft on sale for under £150

The bargains just get better and better at PC World. This week it's got the world's leading software company on sale for a measly £149.99.
Joe Fay, 05 Oct 2007

BT says its Wi-Fi kibbutz isn't targeting 3G

BT has played down suggestions its new Wi-Fi sharing initiative is designed to compete with 3G mobile broadband in future. It will bid to improve coverage by opening the network to other ISPs' customers, however.
Christopher Williams, 05 Oct 2007

Northamber blames Vista, weak dollar for revenue slide

IT distributor Northamber has seen revenue for the year ended 30 June 2007 tumble to £182.2m, down a hefty £22.2m on its 2006 figures.
Kelly Fiveash, 05 Oct 2007

MS claims Halo 3 is world's fastest selling game

Halo 3 has proven to be a shrewd investment for Microsoft. The software behemoth claims the game is the world's fastest-selling video game to date, generating sales in excess of $300m (£150m/€190m) during its first week.
James Sherwood, 05 Oct 2007

O2 Cocoon mobile phone

ReviewO2 may have beaten its rivals to the iPhone, but it’s already launched a first assault on the mobile music market with a distinctively quirky own-brand design, the Cocoon. With 2GB of tune-packing internal memory and 2GB memory card support it’s ready to go toe-to-toe with most other music phones. And, strangely enough, alarm clocks too...
Simon Lorne, 05 Oct 2007

BOFH: Skip diplomacy

Episode 34
Simon Travaglia, 05 Oct 2007

Money men rubbish spooky fears over 3Com deal

Bain Capital Partners, the private equity shop that sounded the death knell for 3Com this week, has moved to kneecap talk of a national security block by the US.
Christopher Williams, 05 Oct 2007

MS drops nagware validation for IE7 installs

Microsoft has dropped the requirement for Windows XP users to go through Windows Genuine Advantage validation in order to get Internet Explorer 7.
John Leyden, 05 Oct 2007

IBM coughs up SMB software

IBM has reached out its sizeable hand to the little people in the biz world with the launch today of a new range of software products.
Kelly Fiveash, 05 Oct 2007

Spammers turn YouTube into spam relay channel

Miscreants have turned a YouTube service into a spam relay channel.
John Leyden, 05 Oct 2007

Pipex-Intel WiMAX emerges as Freedom4

The first serious attempt at a WiMAX ISP is getting tarted up for launch, but keeping its pricing cards close to its bosom.
Christopher Williams, 05 Oct 2007

UK company presents the pop-out post-a-phone

A UK design company has gone eco-friendly with its recyclable landline handset, which is so flat it can be posted through your letterbox. The Post A Phone is just 0.4cm thick and made from recyclable cardboard and plastic.
James Sherwood, 05 Oct 2007

IBM drops attempt to patent outsourcing

IBM has abandoned a ludicrous attempt to patent outsourcing after an internet outcry.
Christopher Williams, 05 Oct 2007

Forget municipal Wi-Fi, welcome to Zigbee City

Utility company Göteborg Energi AB has selected NURI Telecom to provide Zigbee-enabled electricity meters to every home in the Swedish city of Gothenburg.
Bill Ray, 05 Oct 2007

Spammers target hamsters after Ig Nobel winning research

Today is surely the biggest day of the year for boffins and those involved in the pursuit of boffinry. Because today, the Ig Nobel awards are handed out. Well, they were handed out last night, but the boffins will be having their hangovers today, and that is even more important.
Lucy Sherriff, 05 Oct 2007

Doubters fret at Nokia Navteq deal

CommentNokia has spent the greatest part of its life being misunderstood by US stock analysts, and its move to acquire US mapping company Navteq, for a colossal $8.1bn, at $78 a share, is no exception.
Faultline, 05 Oct 2007

Kim Jong Il: dictator, gnome, and now 'internet expert'

This week's historic reconciliation summit between North and South Korea has delivered an unexpected nugget of pure news gold: as well as being a "mad as cheese" bon viveur and the world's greatest golfer, Kim Jong Il considers himself an expert in packet-switched networking.
Christopher Williams, 05 Oct 2007

Orange offers extended network coverage

Orange is to charge customers for extending network coverage into buildings with limited or no coverage, while still billing them for calls carried over their own broadband connection, according to the firm's picocell strategy, announced today.
Bill Ray, 05 Oct 2007
Warning Speed Camera

Geeks and Nerds caught on film lacking geeky nerdiness

Canada was shocked to its honest-to-goodness core this week by the news that the country's PC repairmen are undermining its sweet as maple syrup image.
Kelly Fiveash, 05 Oct 2007

Computer glitch nixes death row appeal in Texas

A Texas inmate was sent to his death after a computer glitch held up his appeal filing, and a presiding judge refused to extend the deadline.
Lucy Sherriff, 05 Oct 2007

DRM on steroids controls backfires on Blu-ray

The introduction of a new form of encryption control for Blu-ray discs last week has been accompanied by playback snags and worse, on a number of players.
John Leyden, 05 Oct 2007

Alcohol makes you smart enough to study it

CommentsStudious teens can now take a course in "alcohol awareness" and earn a certificate equivalent to half a GCSE. The exam appears not to include a practical section, instead focussing on the dangers of drinking to excess. Always willing to discuss alcohol, you bit right in:
Robin Lettice, 05 Oct 2007

Open .NET challenge for iPhone development

It stole the summer and broke hearts, with its empty promises on customization and a hardware lock down that turned some iPhones into bricks.
Gavin Clarke, 05 Oct 2007

Microsoft and Bungie part ways

The whispers and omens of Halo developer, Bungie Studios departing from Microsoft were true. Microsoft announced today it will spin its record-breaking development team back into the wild.
Austin Modine, 05 Oct 2007

Lawmaker shows nudie pic to high school seniors

Ohio state legislator Matthew Barrett was supposed to give a group of high school seniors a civics presentation using PowerPoint slides he had prepared on how a bill becomes a law. What they got was an anatomy lesson when the computer he was using displayed the image of a topless woman.
Dan Goodin, 05 Oct 2007

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