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Max Vision hit with hacking charges (again)

Computer security consultant and convicted cyber intruder Max Butler has been indicted on counts of wire-fraud and identity theft, just five years after being released from prison for hacking into military and defense contractor computers.
Austin Modine, 12 Sep 2007

Software developer sues to muzzle website users

An Australian accounting software developer blames a "severe downturn in sales" on people who bad-mouthed its products in online user forums. It wants a judge to muzzle their comments.
Dan Goodin, 12 Sep 2007

AMD takes world CPU share from Intel

AMD regained a few percentage points of world microprocessor market share from its arch-rival, Intel, the latest, second-quarter figures from market watcher iSuppli show.
Tony Smith, 12 Sep 2007

Dell, Alienware price up Samsung solid-state drive options

Want to equip your next laptop with a Flash-based solid-state hard drive? You can if you're after a Dell XPS or an Alienware m9750. Samsung said this week it's sending 32GB and 64GB SSDs to both companies. But fitting them will cost you.
Tony Smith, 12 Sep 2007

iPhone software-unlocked, easy-to-use tool to follow

Calling all iPhone owners. The first free easy to use - well, relatively easy to use - software to unlock your Apple handset has arrived, mere hours after a rather more tortuous process. Well, almost. It's not quite ready for release, but folk who have seen it claim it does the business.
Tony Smith, 12 Sep 2007

HP gets Mickey Mouse marketing man

HP has appointed a long-time Disney executive, Michael Mendenhall, as its new marketing boss.
John Oates, 12 Sep 2007

Sony loses privacy complaint over Unfit Kids

A documentary that cited video games among the reasons for childhood obesity did not treat Sony unfairly when criticising the PlayStation maker's refusal to sponsor a fitness scheme for kids. Sony also lost a claim that the company's privacy was breached.
OUT-LAW.COM, 12 Sep 2007

BT says ooh la la to INS

Telecoms giant BT has acquired Belgian-based network systems integrator INS Group S.A. as it continues to push the brand beyond British shores.
Kelly Fiveash, 12 Sep 2007

Sony slides out PSP software update

Sony has updated the UK PlayStation Portable firmware taking the handheld console's on-board system software to version 3.70 days after the Japanese code was released.
Tony Smith, 12 Sep 2007

Sony Ericsson ponders PlayStation phone

Sony Ericsson is considering the application of the PlayStation brand to a series of phones, the company's outgoing President has confirmed.
Tony Smith, 12 Sep 2007

Vodafone certifies corporate snooping software

Compliant Voice has received Vodafone Certification for its voice-recording application, which can catch calls made from mobiles and commit them to the memory of an intercepting server.
Bill Ray, 12 Sep 2007

Sage takes lion's share of XRT

Sage, the UK-based biz management software maker, has acquired a majority stake in French firm XRT.
Kelly Fiveash, 12 Sep 2007

Aztech V500DS-S1 Skype DECT phone

ReviewThe concept of the PC-free Skype-supporting DECT phone went straight to the top of our How Did We Survive Without One? list on the first day we used such a device, the Netgear SPH200D - reviewed here. Now, from Singapore-based Aztech, we have the V500DS-S1, another all-singing, all-dancing, Skype'n'DECT phone capable of making calls via either a run-of-the-mill landline or VoiP.
Alun Taylor, 12 Sep 2007

Palm, Vodafone launch slinky Treo 500v

Palm and Vodafone have, as expected, just announced the Treo 500v, a 3G smartphone aimed at the YouTube and MySpace generation and which sports Palm's curvy new handset design in iPod-like white and black versions.
Tony Smith, 12 Sep 2007

Astronomers detect red giant survivor planet

Italian astronomers have detected a planet that survived the red giant expansion of its home star. The researchers say that the discovery could be a sneak peek at the fate that awaits the Earth, some four or five billion years from now.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Sep 2007

The mole people surface in Macau

Burke Hansen, 12 Sep 2007

Firefox hits 400m download milestone

Firefox hit a significant milestone on Friday as it crossed the 400m download mark.
John Leyden, 12 Sep 2007

Ad agency pays Paddington to ditch marmalade for Marmite

The commercial assault on our childhoods continues with the shocking news that Paddington Bear is ditching his marmalade sandwiches in favour of Marmite, otherwise known as the Devil’s personal lubricant.
Joe Fay, 12 Sep 2007

Is wireless security just a pipe dream?

Reader PollThe security of Wi-Fi hotspots, cellular data connections and other mechanisms for connecting remotely is something that is becoming relevant to more and more organisations. While the advocates and scare mongers put their extreme points of view, what is actually happening on the front line?
Dale Vile, 12 Sep 2007

Forget R&D, Sun buys its Lustre now

Like some sort of file managing addict, Sun Microsystems has acquired yet another high-end file system. The server maker today revealed that it will buy most of Cluster File Systems' intellectual property and business assets, including the Lustre File System.
Ashlee Vance, 12 Sep 2007

Strap-on stealth jetplane for special forces

DSEiOK, so you're an elite special forces type. You're just checking that your beeper shows enough that the girls across the bar will notice it, when the damn thing goes off. You race into the barracks.
Lewis Page, 12 Sep 2007

Facebook application hawks your personal opinions for cash

UpdatedA popular Facebook application that promises users privacy in exchange for opinions on their friends is acting as a stooly by offering the information for others to buy.
Christopher Williams, 12 Sep 2007

Tumbleweed blows across channel

Messaging security vendor Tumbleweed recently adopted a new indirect global market strategy but reckons direct sales will continue to grow.
Kelly Fiveash, 12 Sep 2007

Canada develops motorised parachute delivery bot

DSEiHere at the DSEi killware show there's a constant parade of robots: crawling, flying, swimming or just sitting still and killing people who walk past. It's relatively difficult for a jaded deathmech hack to muster up much interest... sometimes.
Lewis Page, 12 Sep 2007
Flag France

France blames China for hack attacks

UpdatedThree more western nations have blamed China for an upsurge in hacking attacks against government computers.
John Leyden, 12 Sep 2007

Orange leaves UK reseller in the red

Jem Telecom, a Leicestershire reseller specialising in BlackBerrys, has been forced into administration by an outstanding debt from Orange, apparently linked to the network operator's investigation into payments to their channel partners.
Bill Ray, 12 Sep 2007

Getting Google’s Web Toolkit going

Developers looking to build Ajax-style rich internet applications (RIA) are pretty much spoilt for choice at the moment. There are dozens of RIA tools and frameworks littering the development landscape, from those providing minimal sets of JavaScript libraries to heavyweight contenders such as Adobe’s Flex, Microsoft’s Silverlight and Google’s Web Toolkit (GWT). The Google offering, released under an Open Source licence, has quickly picked up a following by combining a wide range of useful and functional browser widgets and by using Java to drive the whole thing. Yep, that’s Java, not Javascript…
Dr Pan Pantziarka, 12 Sep 2007

Zoom up ropes on silent electric drive

DSEiBritish gov-wartech spinoff Qinetiq is showing a bunch of stuff here at the DSEi battleware fest, but one of the most eye-catching displays is undoubtedly the "Upstart" motorised rope-climb rig.
Lewis Page, 12 Sep 2007

Matching genes for criminal injustice

Next week, the Nuffield council on Bioethics is set to publish its thoughts on the ethics of using biometrics as forensic tools. In the lead up to the publication of the report, to be entitled The Forensic Use of Bioinformation: Ethical Issues, the debate about the use of DNA, particularly, has intensified.
Amber Marks, 12 Sep 2007

Java darling Azul Systems is fluxed

A number of notes concerning Azul Systems have reached our inbox - none of them bringing very inspiring news.
Ashlee Vance, 12 Sep 2007

Sun turns Microsoft Windows server OEM

Having recently rediscovered itself as a systems company, Sun Microsystems has been welcomed into Microsoft's vast and growing family of OEM partners.
Gavin Clarke, 12 Sep 2007

Security maven: QuickTime flaw threatens PCs, Macs

A researcher has demonstrated how a security bug in Apple's QuickTime media player that was disclosed a year ago can cause Firefox to install backdoors and other malware on a fully patched computer. He said both Windows and Mac systems are vulnerable.
Dan Goodin, 12 Sep 2007

HP shrinks BladeSystem for mid-market

The mid-market push has definitely been heating up for tech vendors in recent weeks. We've already seen Dell, IBM and Hitachi touting their simplified server and storage lines with SMB-aimed gear, and frankly, we're starting to recite the hard sell for companies with limited budgets and expertise in our sleep.
Austin Modine, 12 Sep 2007

Political blogs escape federal scrutiny

The US presidential race has, maddeningly, already been moving along at full throttle for months, and political bloggers look poised to play an important role in the selection of the new commander in chief.
Kevin Fayle, 12 Sep 2007

Porn-star cop's job not saved by First Amendment

At least he's got a fun career as an internet porn star to fall back on.
Kevin Fayle, 12 Sep 2007
For Sale sign detail

Azul puts itself on the block

ExclusiveThings at Azul Systems are as bad as we feared, according to numerous sources.
Ashlee Vance, 12 Sep 2007

Firefox-Google marriage on shaky ground?

CommentYes, Firefox reached a major milestone this week, surpassing 400 million downloads worldwide. But that's just the good news. There's another story swirling around the famously open source web browser - and it's a little less sunny.
Cade Metz, 12 Sep 2007

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