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Feds tell (other) feds to kill net neutrality

The US Department of Justice is badmouthing net neutrality.
Cade Metz, 07 Sep 2007
Warning: train

Euro trains gets broadband internet

Thalys will introduce broadband internet access to passengers travelling between Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Cologne by 2008, the company announced today. It will be the first international high-speed train to provide this service across European borders.
Jan Libbenga, 07 Sep 2007

Walkman completes Sony conspiracy to hammer iTunes

The newspapers were full of stories during 2004 about how Microsoft or RealNetworks or Napster were going to knock Apple's iTunes off its perch, and time and time again, nothing really happened. Now we have the reverse.
Faultline, 07 Sep 2007

Missing DNA fails to kill mice

DNA sequences we share with mice might not be as important as researchers previously thought. A series of experiments on mice at Berkeley have cast doubt on the notion that these so-called ultraconserved elements of DNA are indispensable, after test mice with sequences snipped out managed to grow up just fine.
Lucy Sherriff, 07 Sep 2007

Renewing the mythology of the London ricin cell

AnalysisA significant and noticeable part of the US and European academy of terrorism studies is like a shark. If it stops swimming forward, it dies. This has two consequences: a drive to publish or perish which, in turn, motivates it to creep onto past battlefields, assessing which bodies can be ignored for the sake of renewing mythologies; or new terror analyses that purport to show Byzantine networks and capabilities.

Intel chops mobile CPU prices, intros Core 2 Solo line

Intel has confirmed yesterday's processor price cuts, which saw up to 40 per cent knocked off what the chip giant charges for some of its CPUs. A batch of new ones were released too, including the first single-core Core 2 processors.
Tony Smith, 07 Sep 2007
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UK hit by one online crime every 10 seconds

More than three million online crimes were carried out last year, according to estimates published today. These included more than 200,000 cases of financial fraud, twice the official number of real-world robberies carried out during the same period.
OUT-LAW.COM, 07 Sep 2007
Warning: fire

Arsonists target Cornish housing developments

Police suspect Cornish separatists are behind three arson attacks on housing development sites in Truro and Penryn during the last week, the Cornishman reports.
Lester Haines, 07 Sep 2007

Apple patches critical iTunes bug

In all the hoopla surrounding Apple's announcement of its revamped line of iPods on Wednesday, many users might have missed the company's update to iTunes, which includes a fix for a serious security flaw.
SecurityFocus, 07 Sep 2007

Dell laptop burns in China

Another Dell laptop has gone to the great warehouse in the sky, wafted aloft on a cloud of smoke produced by a burning battery. The incident took place last week in China.
Tony Smith, 07 Sep 2007

Drunk-astronauts doc says NASA is in denial

The US Air Force doctor who led an investigation which reported that NASA astronauts flew drunk has criticised the space agency's subsequent review, which concluded that he was wrong. Colonel Richard Bachmann also suggested that management attitudes indicated a culture of silence at NASA.
Lewis Page, 07 Sep 2007

Nokia braces for Trade Commission patent probe

Nokia will be investigated by the US International Trade Commission (ITC) over claims that some of its mobile phones violate another company's patents. Nokia said the patented technologies were agreed parts of a standardised technology.
OUT-LAW.COM, 07 Sep 2007

iPod Touch: how the Jesus Phone was really John the Baptist

CommentSo was nine months of relentless iPhone hype and froth just a distraction? Not quite, but you could be forgiven for thinking so. I believe Apple's most important product of 2007 was actually announced this week, and its significance has been slow to sink in. It might be one of the cleverest moves Apple's ever made.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Sep 2007

Swiss deploy glass airliner

A certain Harry Lime once famously explained that "in Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance", whereas in Switzerland they had "brotherly love ... 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock".
Lester Haines, 07 Sep 2007

Ericsson fined over Olympic phone tap scandal

Ericsson has been hit with a €7.36m ($10m) fine for its role in tapping mobile phones belonging to the Greek prime minister and members of his Cabinet.
John Oates, 07 Sep 2007

Lenovo unwraps Reserve Edition ThinkPad

It's been 15 years since IBM first unveiled the ThinkPad laptop and about two years since Lenovo acquired it as part of a $1.25bn spending spree. So, in an attempt to capitalise on its purchase, Lenovo has unveiled a leather-bound, 5000-unit limited edition ThinkPad.
James Sherwood, 07 Sep 2007

US special forces buy electric stealth golf carts

The US Air Force (USAF) is trialling battery-powered off-road vehicles for use by its special-forces ground units, according to reports - and you can buy one yourself for just $100,000 plus shipping.
Lewis Page, 07 Sep 2007

Developers to Mr Jobs: tear down this wall!

Office 2.0 ConferenceApple is facing fresh calls to open the iPhone as new evidence emerged of the technical and legal challenges developers face putting their software on the device.
Gavin Clarke, 07 Sep 2007

Original thinking in a derivatives market

AnalysisAt some point in the latter decades of the 20th century, someone sat down and thought: wouldn't it be nice if all the money in the world was controlled by scientists rather than accountants and nice chaps from Eton?
Dominic Connor, 07 Sep 2007

Dell's Linux sleight of hand

Pssst, pass it on… Dell is selling Linux-based home PCs and laptops to its UK customers, but you’ll need a very good eye and probably a magnifying glass to find the systems on the direct seller's website.
Kelly Fiveash, 07 Sep 2007

Retrieving RSS/Atom Feeds with the Google AJAX Feed API

Keeping up to date with updates to different news websites can be a major burden – which can be ameliorated with an RSS feed. With an RSS feed, the updates are pushed to you as they become available.
Deepak Vohra, 07 Sep 2007

Does 'Size Zero' desktop turn back the clock?

You can never be too rich or too thin and it's hard not to be impressed by Pano Logic's arguments for a Size Zero desktop. Announced last week, the world's 'first truly virtualised desktop' has no software at all - operating across the network to a server-based instance of Microsoft Vista or XP. This makes it more secure (no local software to get corrupted), cheap (no local software to upgrade) and green (low power consumption). Pano Logic reckons it cuts total cost of ownership by 70 per cent - saving as much as $3,200 per desktop over three years.
Phil Manchester, 07 Sep 2007

Denon confirms Euro Blu-ray set-back

Denon has confirmed to Register Hardware that any European consumers hoping to snap-up its first Blu-ray Disc player before Christmas will have to wait a while longer. The 3800BDCI player is now scheduled for release at some point in 2008, rather than the November 2007 timeframe Denon originally quoted.
James Sherwood, 07 Sep 2007

Virgin counting by the minute

Virgin Media are to start rounding up fixed-line calls to the nearest minute: something they've been doing for ex-Telewest customers since May, and something BT, Sky and Talk Talk have been doing for a while.
Bill Ray, 07 Sep 2007

Orange network throws a wobbler

Segments of the Orange mobile network flaked out during the week; particularly on Wednesday night, but Orange says everything's fine now and not to worry about a thing.
Bill Ray, 07 Sep 2007

3 Ireland's broadband stumbles to its knees

3 Ireland's fixed broadband service is still unable to provide consistent connections, decent speeds, or access to standard e-mail interfaces, according to their users, despite repeated promises and assurances that everything is working fine.
Bill Ray, 07 Sep 2007

Greens walk out of nuclear debate

Green groups have said they are ready to walk out on a public consultation on the future use of nuclear power, describing it as "seriously flawed", just ahead of public meetings arranged to air the debate.
Lucy Sherriff, 07 Sep 2007

Toddler flexibility at risk as rock stars and goats die young

Comments:Toddlers have been banned from practicing yoga in a Somerset church hall, because the activity is "unchristian" and promotes other spiritualities. The interesting image of toddlers doing yoga aside, at least one of you dove straight into the gutter:
Robin Lettice, 07 Sep 2007

Virtualization and the Art of Patience with HP, IBM, Sun and Dell

Radio RegIf an analyst's brain is vacuumed in a forest, does it make a noise? We answer that very question in Episode 6 - code-named Toe-Tapping Senator - of Semi-Coherent Computing.
Ashlee Vance, 07 Sep 2007

Coming Tuesday: 5 Microsoft patches

Microsoft's Security Response Center has provided advanced notification of the patches that are expected for release next week as part of the September Security Patch Release.
Sûnnet Beskerming, 07 Sep 2007

Cutting USS Wireless adrift

More dismal news for the US consumer. After the simultaneous failure of Municipal Wi-Fi projects in three major US cities - something we predicted four years ago - faster, cheaper mobile data looks further away than ever.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Sep 2007

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