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Google hosting Frenchified Miami Vice episode

Google continues to fight allegations that it's promoting video piracy. In March, entertainment giant Viacom slapped Google with a $1bn lawsuit over copyrighted videos posted to YouTube, the site Google purchased last fall, and now, the National Legal and Policy Center is asking whether the search engine cum world power is facilitating copyright infringement on its home-grown video-sharing site, Google Video.
Cade Metz, 12 Jul 2007
Beginning Unix

IBM performs AIX6 peep show

Packed with pride over the release of the Power6 chip, IBM has decided to go bold with its complementary AIX6 operating system. It's putting the OS up for public beta - a first for Big Blue.
Ashlee Vance, 12 Jul 2007
Recycle sign

MEPs back green procurement

Public sector buyers of office equipment will have to apply strict energy efficiency criteria after MEPs passed new procurement rules.
Kablenet, 12 Jul 2007

Laois takes 'All Ireland eBay Champion' crown

Laois residents are the top eBay users in Ireland, beating out neighbours Carlow to take first place, new statistics have revealed.
Ciara O'Brien, 12 Jul 2007
BBC logo 75

BBC Trust to hear open sourcers' iPlayer gripes

ExclusiveThe BBC Trust has asked to meet open source advocates to discuss their complaints over the corporation's Windows-only on demand broadband TV service, iPlayer.
Christopher Williams, 12 Jul 2007
Flag Germany

Resellers warn of more expensive PCs

An international group of resellers is warning that changes to German copyright laws are likely to mean more expensive PCs.
John Oates, 12 Jul 2007

Beeb reveals Kylie as Titanic waitress

The BBC has released the first still from Doctor Who Xmas special Voyage of the Damned, showing Oz popstress Kylie Minogue as a waitress on the Titanic.
Lester Haines, 12 Jul 2007

Why the iPhone is a success

ColumnTwo weeks after the iPhone virus started spreading, the verdict has to be that Steve Jobs has got it right.
Guy Kewney, 12 Jul 2007

LG goes Goth with black Shine

LG has introduced its latest Shine handset: a Goth-friendly dark metal machine dubbed the Titanium Black model - a phone with 'something of the night' about it.
Tony Smith, 12 Jul 2007
Smart and gets things done

'Smart and gets things done'

Book reviewSmart and gets things done is a pretty apt description of the kind of people we want to recruit into our development teams.
Dr Pan Pantziarka, 12 Jul 2007

Second-generation Sony PSP unveiled

It seems that Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP) has been working out and lost some of its puppy fat, resulting in a re-designed Sony handheld console that's 33 per cent lighter and 19 per cent slimmer - as predicted almost a year ago.
James Sherwood, 12 Jul 2007

Water found on extrasolar planet

For the first time ever, water has been conclusively identified in the atmosphere of a planet outside our solar system.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Jul 2007

Belkin builds download 'speedometer' into next-gen Wi-Fi box

Accessory specialist Belkin will this month connect consumers with the latest incarnation of its shiny black N1 802.11n Wi-Fi router - a slimline system with a built-in download speedometer.
Tony Smith, 12 Jul 2007

South Dakota rejoins the execution club

South Dakota yesterday executed its first prisoner in 60 years, 25-year-old Elijah Page, who succumbed to a "lethal combination of three drugs at the state penitentiary in Sioux Falls", the local Argus Leader reports.
Lester Haines, 12 Jul 2007
Warning Stop

Stopping integration as an 'accident'

Look at any schematic diagram of the integration needed to ensure good communications between different collaborating applications and you instantly see the meaning behind the phrase "accidental architecture".
Martin Banks, 12 Jul 2007

Brit troops release badger plague on Basra

British forces in the lively Iraqi city of Basra are denying claims they are responsible for a "plague" of "vicious badger-like creatures which have attacked livestock - and even humans", the Telegraph reports.
Lester Haines, 12 Jul 2007

If no news is good news, why do we have so many stories every week?

Billy MacInnes, 12 Jul 2007

Logitech launches Wii Mote-like 'in-air' mouse

UpdatedWith a rather ostentatious claim that "the future of PC navigation starts now", mouse-maker Logitech today unveiled an input device that's as at home being waved around in the air as it is being pushed around a desk.
Tony Smith, 12 Jul 2007

Nintendo to let Wii gamers go for their guns

With a look that's a little reminiscent of the Austrian Steyr Aug 9mm assault rifle, Nintendo's Wii Zapper is set to help gamers dive into the melee, lock 'n' load, lay down suppressing fire and, it's hoped... survive.
James Sherwood, 12 Jul 2007

What's al-Qaeda's take on the iPhone?

In-depth analysisIn a fortnight during which just about everyone on the planet, excluding naturally those in a coma or temporarily indisposed up some tributary of the Amazon, has offered their two bits' worth on the launch of Apple's iPhone, it comes as a bit of a surprise that al-Qaeda has dismally failed to contribute to the brouhaha.
Jefferson Alberry II, 12 Jul 2007
Warning Speed Camera

Plods to get helmet cams

Police officers are to be equipped with head cameras under the government's latest crime fighting initiative.
Kablenet, 12 Jul 2007

EU info group probes UK.gov IT strategy

A parliamentary organisation is planning an inquiry into the Transformational Government strategy.
Kablenet, 12 Jul 2007

Samsung extends snapper series

Samsung has launched four digital cameras, all aluminium-clad and ranging between 7- and 8-megapixel models.
James Sherwood, 12 Jul 2007

Etymotic touts 'world's first' Bluetooth earphones

Congratulations to Etymotic for creating Ety8, the world's first Bluetooth in-the-ear earphones - the antidote, it reckons, to the bulky Bluetooth cans we've seen on the market to date.
James Sherwood, 12 Jul 2007
no entry 75

UK2.net hack cuts off email

Cut-rate internet host UK2.net has become the subject of a hacking attack, leaving customers temporarily unable to access their email.
John Leyden, 12 Jul 2007
Sybase logo

Sybase tools up for enterprise drive

US software tools builder Sybase plans to move beyond its database roots and challenge the leaders in enterprise software development.
Phil Manchester, 12 Jul 2007

Parliament's sci-tech committee faces permanent recess

The Science and Technology Committee is fighting a rearguard action to save itself after Gordon Brown’s overhaul of government departments terminated the Whitehall tentacle it was covering.
Joe Fay, 12 Jul 2007

Lib Dems call for NPfIT review

The Liberal Democrat Party has repeated its call for a review of the NHS National Programme for IT.
Kablenet, 12 Jul 2007

'Suspicious looking' man hauled off translatlantic flight

An American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to London this morning made an unscheduled stop at New York's John F Kennedy International Airport after a member of the flight crew "alerted security on the ground that there may be a suspicious person on board, and the decision was made to divert the flight", Flight International reports.
Lester Haines, 12 Jul 2007

Experian rejects ID theft notification proposal

Credit rating giant Experian has rejected the notion of automatically informing UK citizens when their ID details may have been hijacked.
Joe Fay, 12 Jul 2007

Lightweight Java security app aims to pep up m-commerce

UK mobile application developer Masabi has launched a lightweight Java security package for mobile phones in a bid to make m-commerce applications more user-friendly and secure.
John Leyden, 12 Jul 2007

Oz watchdog accuses Google of misleading public

The Australian competition watchdog has accused Google of "misleading and deceptive conduct".
Tracey Cooper, 12 Jul 2007

Salesforce.com takes corp-anthems into the developer ghetto

The barrel-scraping netherworld of corporate anthems is agog at Salesforce.com's groundbreaking new hip-hop opus, "Dev Life".
Christopher Williams, 12 Jul 2007

Evesham re-packs e-box for HD era

Evesham has given its 'black box' e-box Windows Media Center system a technology face-lift with the addition of hi-def its multimedia capabilities. That means a single HDMI port for connecting it up to an HDTV. Nope, there's no HD optical disc support.
James Sherwood, 12 Jul 2007

MS update sends PCs 'haywire'

Early reports are suggesting problems after users apply one of the six patches issued by Microsoft on Tuesday.
John Leyden, 12 Jul 2007

Microsoft's software IP prophylactic

Microsoft told delegates at its Worldwide Partner Conference in Denver this week that it would deliver new software protection technology for developers and ISVs in October. But it won't be the same technology it currently uses to protect its own software.
Phil Manchester, 12 Jul 2007
Microsoft Office logo

Microsoft pushes Office 2007 with 'try-before-you-buy'

WPCMicrosoft is shipping limited-use copies of Office 2007 with PCs in a try-before-you-buy scheme to seed the market with its latest suite and drive Windows server and client software sales.
Gavin Clarke, 12 Jul 2007

Aussies face the threat of Robo-Pacinos

If reporting from The Age newspaper is to be believed, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner, Mick Keelty, briefed a Parliamentary Inquiry into the future impact of organised crime that Australians would be facing the threat of part-robot humans involved in organised crime in the future.
Sûnnet Beskerming, 12 Jul 2007

Student's suspension for IM buddy icon upheld by US court

Student speech in the US continues to take a beating.
Kevin Fayle, 12 Jul 2007

Court denies stay of internet radio execution

The internet radio death watch continues. Late yesterday, a federal appeals court denied an emergency stay petition from webcasters, refusing to delay the arrival of massive royalty hikes that threaten to bring down online radio as we know it. The new royalty rates - which could mean a 300 per cent payment increase for large stations, 1200 per cent for smaller broadcasters - are due to kick in this Sunday.
Cade Metz, 12 Jul 2007
graph up

75-year-old has world's fastest private internet connection

75-year-old Sibritt Löthberg from Karlstad Sweden just got her first computer, but it didn't take her long to download all the necessary patches.
Austin Modine, 12 Jul 2007

Dell promises 'radical,' two-year metamorphosis

AnalysisIBM has its On Demand, we'll-service-the-hell-out-of-you thing. HP has its Business Technology, we'll-ink-the-hell-out-of-you thing. Sun Microsystems has its Participation Age, red-shifting, we'll-network-the-hell-out-of-you thing. And now Dell has the we're-tired-of-direct-modeling-the-hell-out-of-you Dell 2.0.
Ashlee Vance, 12 Jul 2007
Wizard of Oz, man behind the curtain

Whole Foods CEO went after rival as a message board troll

Court documents reveal that organic grocer Whole Foods CEO John Mackey was an internet forum troll intent on undermining his main competitor through chatter.
Austin Modine, 12 Jul 2007

Warner rescues imeem from indie-music hell

Just two months after Warner Music Group sued online media-sharer imeem, claiming copyright infringement, the two companies have announced a rapprochement. That's French for "the big record labels are beginning to like this Web 2.0 thing."
Cade Metz, 12 Jul 2007

Fujitsu Siemens makes tiny, quiet, green tower server

Fujitsu Siemens says it has launched the world's smallest, quietest and most cost efficient tower server.
Austin Modine, 12 Jul 2007

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